Watch Serena Williams Fall Into The Stands And On Some Fan’s Lap At Wimbledon [Video]

by Tom Gainey | June 25th, 2014, 7:52 pm

Late in her first round doubles match, all-time great Serena Williams fell into the crowd and onto an unsuspecting fan’s lap while chasing a ball down tonight at Wimbledon.

Serena is not slight by any measure, and the sight of her spilling into the stands and onto the spectators is well…

Luckily no one was hurt.

“I was running and I couldn’t stop,” Serena said. “Had some lovely gents that was able to break my fall, so it was really nice.”

Serena and Venus who have teamed to win five Wimbledon titles took the match over Kalashnikova and Savhuk in three sets.

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7 Comments for Watch Serena Williams Fall Into The Stands And On Some Fan’s Lap At Wimbledon [Video]

Gregoire Gentil Says:

They needed to be two to put her back to court… And she even didn’t turn back to say thank-you/sorry. Or perhaps the video has been cut off too soon. So unclassy.

Jack Lewis Says:

Yes that is quite the uncharitable interpretation of the events in this video.
Very lovely stuff.

Humble Rafa Says:

No one was injured! Poor reporting.

No one died. Can you imaging the Big Lady falling over you. Xisca is so small compared to her.

M Says:


Perhaps the video was cut off too soon.

I’m not really sure that anyone who sees the match needs to be speculating.

And I’m certainly not sure that anyone who has never seen Ree in person at a tournament or event is any position to guess whether she is or isn’t “slight” … and to hint at ugly things by implication.

(Looking at you, Tom Gainey.)

She’s 5’9″, and actually weighs less than Vika Azarenka, though something tells me she wouldn’t be similarly sneered at.

She could have been Domenica Cibulkova – or Gabby Douglass – going at that speed and angle and have had a similar impact.

It’s like Hollywood — or tennis — or tennis writing — in that nobody really knows anything.

M Says:

Correction – that sentence should have read “I’m not sure anyone who *didn’t* see the match needs to be speculating”.

It’s late here.

stinky Says:

Apologize? The guy is hugging her and both are laughing. I wish it had been me.

Colin Says:

M, your use of the abbreviated name Ree usggests (probably wrongly) that you are a personal friend of hers. A little presumptuous, I think.

As for whether she is “slight”, it is frankly absurd to say that is a matter of guesswork. A quick look online found her hip measurement listed as 40 or 44 inches. No doubt you’d say it’s a matter of guesswork whether Sharapova is tall.

Gregoire Gentil may be wrong to call her unclassy in the present context, but the adjective is dead accurate when applied to her revolting ouburst at the US Open a couple of years ago, when she should have been tossed out of the sport for life.

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