Roger Federer Vacations In The Mountains; Serena Williams Is In Croatia This Week

by Tom Gainey | July 16th, 2014, 9:59 am

17-time Grand Slam champions Roger Federer and Serena Williams are both taking some time off before the busy North American hardcourt swing kicks off in a few weeks.

Federer, who lost in the Wimbledon finals 10 days ago to Novak Djokovic, tweeted photos of himself taking a hike in the mountains of Switzerland. There’s lots of nice scenery…

… and even a cow photobomb!

Two weeks removed from her mysterious ailment we watched at Wimbledon, Serena Williams is reportedly in Croatia. Serena did withdraw from this week’s Bastad event, but she’s feeling well enough to accompany her longtime hitting partner Sasha Bajin for a trip to his Novigrad where he has family and roots.

Serena is expected back on the court at Stanford on July 28. Federer returns on August 4 in Canada.g

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42 Comments for Roger Federer Vacations In The Mountains; Serena Williams Is In Croatia This Week

madmax Says:

Fabulous Photos!

Can’t wait for the American hard swing to begin.

Federer heaven.

#Vamos Federer#
#Numbers count#

Hippy Chic Says:

Beautiful scenery,very wish you were here….

jonathan Says:

A cow and an ex-GOAT. How cute!

skeezer Says:

Always cool that Fed shares his adventures. Better than always being with the little fishies and wishing you went further in tournaments, no?

Hippy Chic Says:

Oh god cant we just all get along for a change?

Giles Says:

@madmax. Can’t you be more original with your hash tags? #StopPinchingMine

jane Says:

serena IS croatia?? wha?

nice place, that switzerland.

mem Says:


it would be nice if roger could think of an idea first for a change instead of waiting until nadal post it.

like you, roger is such a copycat. he can’t seem to think of any ideas until rafa comes up with it, then he copies it and takes the credit. what’s new? rafa posted a picture of himself in mollorca and commented on how beautiful the mountains were in the background and lo and behold, roger has to tell us that he spent time in the mountains in Switzerland, after he finds out that nadal did it of course. oh well, what can I say, some people are leaders and other are followers. im sure you can figure out which category roger falls in.

Hippy Chic Says:

Does it blooody matter for goodness sake?all getting rather childish….

Okiegal Says:

Okiegal is gonna vacation in Kentucky……does anyone give a big hoot??? No, they don’t…..nor do I care where Fed and Serena vacation…..but do love the seaside….boats, fishing, snorkeling, sun bathing, sunrise and sunsets…….and speedos!!! LOL Happy vacations for all of the posters on TX…..friends and enemies!!

Hippy Chic Says:

Okiegal lol exactly,i live a stones throw from the beach,can see the sea the minute i open my curtains,let them all enjoy the holidays away from the tour i say,the next time Hugh visits his grandmother in Norfolk,i just hope he takes a dip in the sea in my neck of the woods ;))….

Hippy Chic Says:

Funny how one can wake up in a good mood,then switch on the computer/laptop and read the posts on tennis-x,and then think crap here we go again,and it ends up spoiling the good mood you were in originally by turning it into a bad mood….

mem Says:

Hippy Chic,

maybe you should direct some of your comments to skeezer. I noticed that you don’t seem to ever find anything childish about his stupid remarks. in fact, I don’t think I have ever read where you called skeezer out for anything. I wonder why!

Hippy Chic Says:

Mem it was a generalisation,but as a matter of fact i have actually FYI….

Hippy Chic Says:

Mem yourself and Giles seem to think of me as some closet Roger/Novak fan masquarading as a Rafa fan,and all because i dare to congratulate them on their achievements,also because i dont think Rafas perfect and kiss his ass and fawn over everything he does either,well newsflash i dont fawn over any of the players,but i will be fair and give them credit for their achievements,but for what its worth Bad Knee Rules believes im some Novak hater,and i did call Daniel out for his remark on Rafa fans all been women as been sexist so did Patson on the other thread,but for what its worth im niether a closet Novak fan nor a Novak hater,but for those that choose to believe otherwise,then thats you all with the problem not me,and nothing i can do about it either….

Gee Says:

This is where he belongs. With Mountain grass and cows that come to him at his beck and call. Too bad, no rain and injured opponents could give him a quick final win vs. djokovic “the junior forehand” shooter.

Two goats of egomania. Fed & serena vacation. I better bow down.

Wog boy Says:

Serena’s “hitting partner” Aleksandar Saša Bajin disscus something interesting with Serena in this video:

skeezer Says:

You are correct and have told me at times your feelings. No harm, no foul. I think you and I know where things stand with fanatics and fans. Just my imo. Just want to add, when deciding to critique, look first where it may have started.
“A cow and an ex-GOAT. How cute!”
If you don’t think Fed is a Leader in his whole career, or has been a copycat his whole career, please, we are all ears, explain. Or are you just saying in this one instance Fed has somehow someway copied Rafa. Do you have evidence?

Gorgeous George Says:

Evidence! I love it. Thought this was a forum to express opinion and all this time it turns out this is a court of law!

Fed criticized the drop shot and added it to his arsenal once he realized how effective it was.

Fed hired an ex-legend of the game shortly after Murray set the trend?

Roger joined twitter after Rafa, Muzza, Nole.

You’re welcome!

Gorgeous George Says:

Federer FINALLY moved to a bigger racquet copying every. other. player!

mem Says:

Hippy Chic,

hopefully, this will clear the air once and for all.

first, I don’t know where you get the idea that I care who you support? actually, I don’t! however, since i have been visiting this site it has been quite obvious that you are reluctant or afraid to call out fans of certain players for their constant derogatory remarks and criticisms directed toward nadal, who you claim is your favorite player. at the same time, you don’t have a problem with calling out certain rafafans (Giles & me)in particular.

im guessing that you probably read comments from this blog on a daily basis. if so, for a long time you have witnessed nadal’s character maligned, denigrated, you name it by the likes of skeezer in particular, madmax, and some others; yet, i have never read anything that suggest you stood up for nadal by calling skeezer and madmax out directly. you pretend like you don’t see their comments. in fact, many times you have joined in with them in their criticisms of nadal.

putting it bluntly, let’s just say that i think you are phony and my reasons don’t have anything to do with you being a closet novak or roger fan or kissing nadal’s butt; again, i don’t care about that! plain and simple, i just get sick of you sucking up to certain posters, saying what they want to hear, then, pointing to Giles and me as if we are the root of the problem on this blog. truth is, if you would work on getting rid of skeezer (the ring leader) from this blog, i believe that you would achieve the harmony that you so desire. in my opinion, skeezer is the main cause of the hostility and dissension that is consistently rampart; he is the author of confusion! he promotes hate and every regular that post here knows it, even if they pretend they don’t.

anyway, let’s be clear; i don’t hate other players. why should i? this is a competition; players are suppose to play to win no matter who the opponent is. believe me, i don’t hate players for beating my favorite player. i understand that wins and losses are a part of the sport. just because i don’t post a congratulatory note every time a certain player wins, doesn’t mean that i hate the player. that is not my thing! once again, as far as im concerned you are free to support as many players as you choose. i never said that you should support rafa ONLY! you made that assumption! also, i never said that rafa is a saint; there are no saints on the atp tour! this is not about you kissing nadal’s backside either. simply put, im calling you out because you made some questionable comments about Giles and me that i thought i should address. that’s it!

skeezer Says:

Uh, ok. Its an opinion?
Fed has an outstanding record of leadership and innovative, inventive, creative tennis skills. My opinion, but it also is a fact.
Its hilarious that u types are resorting to calling Fed a copycat. What else is next, its like saying Rafa invented Poker.

skeezer Says:

Well well… mem is starting a petition to boot the skeeze off. I like it. With my accused “stupid remarks” and all. What say ye all? Who is stupid …er? Arrgggghhh.

mem, ask tennis x to do a poll. You or me? I’ll gladly comply, unless you think it is another one of your conspiracies Against Rafa?
Please keep your remarks about me, directed at me, I’ll gladly respond, instead of hiding behind and trying to coerce innocent posters for you. It’s beneath you. ….I think. Hold that thought….
Regarding your coercing, there is so many false statements I don’t know where to begin. All’s there really is to say is….. you’re mem.
Not asking you to judge or asking anything of you. Your free to give your opinion and stance whenever you want. You are not in a “group”, but you’re a fan of Rafa. Kudos!
Just like the topic has become, are you a leader or a follower? Be your own, and proudly have your own opinion about things, and $ uck everbody else! You’ve always been fair and discuss, cheer, and relate with all players. Out.

skeezer Says:

@wog boy,
Just saw that. So what do u think about that vid? ;)

Wog boy Says:

skeezer, I have to thinks twice (even three times) before I say what I think;)
I just got back on TX and I don’t want to be kicked out, it is better if I say nothing.

skeezer Says:

Get your take. I think the vid speaks for iitself. Thought the same.

Okiegal Says:


Oh my gosh……you get to wake up and see the ocean everyday! How spectacular! I have seen the ocean from Galveston, Texas……very dirty. I wasn’t impressed, but want to go to Florida. There are white sandy beaches and blue water in several areas. Hopefully hubby will take me to Miami to watch Rafa play next year…..He would just love to do that!! Lol…..kidding, of course, he hates tennis and all sports in general. You’ve heard of golf widows? He is a tennis widower!! Lol.

NK Says:

Jane, I have to hand it to you. It must take an awful amount of willpower to never ever fall into the trap of responding to the mindlessness here that passes for intelligent discussion. A supposedly harmless story of federer vacationing and commenting about the beautiful mountains cannot be left alone. No, the Nadal crowd has to find even in this perfectly neutral story a reason to prop up their idol while undermining Federer. Ok, so you want to believe that Federer is a copycat…fine, but so what? Let the rest of us agree for your sake that Federer is indeed a copycat. Feel better, now? If harping on inane and senseless lack of logic helps you to prove your ill-conceived point, so be it. Thankfully, there are a few Janes in this world who have the best answer to this nonsensical chatter. THey respond far more eloquently simply by not responding.

Kudos, Jane!!!

mem Says:


yes I am a part of the nadal crowd and
i’m assuming from your comments you are a part of the federer crowd. it is my understanding that this blog is open to opinions. you are not forced to read them nor are you forced to agree.

skeezer Says:

“yes I am a part of the nadal crowd and
i’m assuming from your comments you are a part of the federer crowd.”
This is the lie of assuming who is part of what. Take notice people.

Michael Says:

It is a lucky cow grazing in the best of natural environment with the company of Roger. The scenary just looks exotic, awesome and captivating. I think players need such mental relaxation to rejunevate themselves as Tennis is such a tough sport, physically as well as mentally. Roger is having the best of both the Worlds. A happy family man as well as a successful sport life. Not many are endowed with such sucess in both their personal and professional life and in a sense Roger is very lucky and a gifted human being.

Okiegal Says:


Enlighten me about the video….I guess I am thick headed……I didn’t get anything from it. You and Wog Boy apparently did…..just curious.

Hippy Chic Says:

Skeezer thankyou….
Mem youve made your point,nothing more to say,or nothing more i want to say….

madmax Says:


There is nothing wrong with your posts. Just be yourself. I woke up in a fairly good mood this morning too, then I saw mem.

Enough to make someone either:

a) run for the hills
b) reach for the bottle

but then the day got better.

I saw giles. This person always makes my day Hippy.

If you are up for taking some advice from anyone, be yourself. Don’t change because mem (who is lost now that TT has died), has nothing better to do than troll around.

jonathan Says:

Michael, lucky cow for the bounty of grassagreed but lucky for the company of Federer?

There’s a good chance that this particular cow doesn’t even follow tennis and, if it does, might not even be a Federer fan.

In addition to his many leadership qualities, is Roger also an accomplished cow whisperer?

Colour me impressed!!!

Margot Says:

Lol darling, you can’t see the “ocean” from Hunstanton, just the English channel, an expanse of grey, cold water, full of shipping.
If you want to gaze at the Atlantic you have to go to the West coast of Britain, Cornwall up to Scotland. Wild and immensely beautiful coast lines they are too. You should be able to gaze from Wales, but the Irish sea seems to get in the way, lol!

skeezer Says:

Here is a qualified opinion;

Maybe your new Fedal war thread? Lol…

Okiegal Says:


Thanks for clearing that up……I suppose it is a big spance of water. My geography knowledge is very limited…..flunked it in college!! But I hated college anyway. I did not flunk sports, however!

My ancestors immigrated from Wales. Oh how I would love to go there……but refuse to fly…..and certainly don’t want to after the latest plane went down…..that is so terrible. Wonder if they will ever find out who and why??

Oh, also have ancestors that came from Scotland….where our dear, loveable Andy hails from. Love that guy. Nice chat……dahling!! Okie

jane Says:

skeezer, that was very nice of boom boom becker. :p
it is cool that there were “4 wimbledon champions in the locker room” for / before the final; that must’ve been a first.

there’s a great video floating around on youtube that has all the wimbledon champions throughout the open era and their match points/winning moment. worth a watch. all the wins are there for each champion too so you can see all 7 of fed’s.

nk, thanks for the kind words.

Gorgeous George Says:

More qualified opinions from JMac, Nole, Sampras and Agassi all of whom are better than Becker.

They all know who the real GOAT is.

Andre Says:

Roger Federer deserves this vacation. One of the best athletes ever and also a very kind person. Kudos.

jonathan Says:

He had an extended vacation from 2003-07.

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