2014 N. American Hardcourt Schedules: Where Will Federer, Nadal And Djokovic Be This Summer?
by Sean Randall | July 23rd, 2014, 5:21 pm

The North American summer hardcourt series kicked off Monday in Atlanta where big men John Isner, Sam Querrey and Kevin Anderson stand tall in a modest field. But the real fun begins next week with Top 10 players like Milos Raonic, Tomas Berdych and Grigor Dimitrov taking the court in D.C. And then it’s back-to-back Masters events in Toronto and Cincinnati in August before week off to make final preparations for the final Slam of the season, the US Open. Yes, time sure flies, doesn’t it?

So here’s what’s to come with the top marquee players:
Federer (2): Aug 4 – Toronto, Aug 10 – Cincinnati
Nadal (2): Aug 4 – Toronto, Aug 10 – Cincinnati
Djokovic (2): Aug 4 – Toronto, Aug 10 – Cincinnati
Murray (2): Aug 4 – Toronto, Aug 10 – Cincinnati
Wawrinka (2): Aug 4 – Toronto, Aug 10 – Cincinnati
Dimitrov (3): Jul 28 – Washington, Aug 4 – Toronto, Aug 10 – Cincinnati
Ferrer (2): Aug 4 – Toronto, Aug 10 – Cincinnati
Raonic (3): Jul 28 – Washington, Aug 4 – Toronto, Aug 10 – Cincinnati
Berdych (3): Jul 28 – Washington, Aug 4 – Toronto, Aug 10 – Cincinnati
Isner (5): Jul 21 – Atlanta, Jul 28 – Washington, Aug 4 – Toronto, Aug 10 – Cincinnati, Aug 17 – Winston Salem

By Week:
Jul 21 (Atlanta)
Isner, Anderson, Querrey

Jul 28 (Washington)
Berdych, Raonic, Dimitrov, Monfils

Aug 4 (Toronto)
Nadal, Djokovic, Murray, Federer, Ferrer

Aug 10 (Cincinnati)
Nadal, Djokovic, Murray, Federer, Ferrer

Aug 17 (Winston Salem)
Isner, Robredo, Pospisil, Janowicz

Aug 25 (US Open)

Aside from Isner – who never misses a chance to play and American event – there’s really nothing of note with the scheduling. A decade ago there seemed to be twice as many events here in the U.S., but as American tennis continues to languish ATP tournaments like L.A., Indianapolis, Long Island, New Haven have disintegrated leaving just a one event per week schedule, which makes things easier to follow at the expense of lost draw for the players.

And after many years, though, the opportunity for the lower ranked players to go deep in these events is finally on the upswing. As we saw in Paris (Ernests Gulbis) and at Wimbledon (Milos Raonic, Grigor Dimitrov, Nick Kyrgios), for a variety of reasons (age, injury, the rise of new wave, etc) the Big Four are no longer the dominant force they once were. Gone are the days when you could write in 3 if not all 4 of the Big Four in the semis. So I have to think we will see more inroads made by this new blossoming crop of youngsters and we should expect more final weekend surprises.

That said, the hardcourt favorites are the usual cast of characters.

1) Novak Djokovic
Clearly he’s the man to beat this summer. After his Wimbledon triumph and recent wedding, I expect Novak to be locked in on a strong run down the homestretch. Unless he gets injured or just slips into a funk, I don’t see anyone wrestling the top ranking away from him. Djokovic’s won his last four hardcourt Masters events including Indian Wells and Miami, so odds are he’ll be favored in every single match from here until the end of the year. And with good reason: hardcourts are his best surface.

2) Rafael Nadal
Aside from his incredible 2013 summer, the North American hardcourts haven’t been particularly kind to Nadal and his troubled knees over the years. Now 28, the Spaniard stares down a 3-tournament title defense next month at Toronto, Cincinnati and then the US Open. I think he’ll be very lucky to win one and with no more clay left this season the French could very well end up as the last title he wins in 2014. But if he can get the MPH’s on his serve up and maybe get some good draws, some timely injuries, he’s never one to count out.

3) Roger Federer
Despite the Wimbledon loss, he has to be feeling good about where he is right now. He’s about to be 33 I know, but he’s healthy, he’s adjusted to the new larger racquet and he’s brimming with confident again. The problem for Roger is there are just more guys out there right now who can beat him on hardcourts (as opposed to grass for instance) than there were a year ago. He’ll have to have some more Wimbledon-like serving day to be playing on the final weekend I think.

4) Andy Murray
I asked this before, have we seen the best of Murray? After that great run with Ivan Lendl, will we see Murray contend again with the Djokovics, Nadals and Federers? It’s hard to say but I guess now we’ll find out. Hardcourts have always been a great surface for Murray and at 27 he’s still in his prime like his good friend and rival Djokovic. I just don’t know if he has the belief and motivation anymore. Not only hasn’t he won a title since Wimbledon last year, he hasn’t beaten a Top 10 player all year!

5) The Vets – Ferrer, Berdych, Tsonga, Wawrinka, Isner, Anderson
Of the experienced “veterans” group, maybe someone like Berdych could have a good run, though I don’t like him much if it gets too hot. Wawrinka should also do well as he tries to return to the US Open semifinals. Tsonga, though, has been a mystery like Murray. Ferrer is slipping on the hardcourts. Isner and Anderson have the game to put up good results but I fear they’ll be exhausted (especially Isner) from overplaying by the time they get to New York. Marin Cilic, maybe Richard Gasquet can surprise. And hopefully Juan Martin Del Potro can return in time for New York.

6) The Youngsters – Raonic, Dimitrov, Nishikori, Kyrgios, Thiem, Pospisil, Sock, etc…
To me Raonic is the top guy to watch this summer among the young guns. The Canadian will be focused on his runner-up defense in Toronto where he’ll be the star attraction. But with his serve, if the courts are quick – they usually are – then Milos could really have a big summer and potentially be a guy in the last four in New York. After Milos, just a notch below I put Dimitrov and Nishikori. And I expect Dimitrov and Nishikori to make a lot of noise as well. I’ll also be keen to see if Kyrgios can get some main draw wildcard spots after his breakthrough Wimbledon. I can’t wait to see more of the kid.

So that’s what’s ahead of us in the next six weeks culminating with the US Open champion. Who will it be? Will it be a former Slam winner or do we end the Slam calendar how we started it by crowing another first time Major champion?

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66 Comments for 2014 N. American Hardcourt Schedules: Where Will Federer, Nadal And Djokovic Be This Summer?

Rafa better than roger Says:

Oh, the idiocy!

What was practically the US media saying about Nadal last year. That Rafa is toast in hardcourts and roger will shine as ever.

Oh, the stupidity!

Rafa won the elusive ‘HC Slam’, (aside from the Clay Slam, Channel Slam, etc), a record prize money and kicked sand to roger h2h again beating rog in Where? INDOORS HC.

and what happened to roger with all hype. ZERO slams and again losing record … like a bfoken record geting beaten by Rafa ( see above) and Novak.

What is appalling how Roger is so much propped up like as if he will win everytime!

Duh…Zero, nil. Kaputo. Not even his much touted Wtf!!

Oh, I see… it is the mirage effect as if we are still in the weak fed era.

skeezer Says:

Last time I saw a Slam the old man Fed made to the finals and almost pulled off a Slam whereas Rafa again got beat by a who?
Ugh, this weak era!

skeezer Says:

“What is appalling how Roger is so much propped up like as if he will win everytime!”
Well ..yeah, he’s won 17 Slams and nearly pulled off #18…..@33! So the “media” doesn’t want to write off the all time marrketable one just yet. Don’t blame them. I wrote Fed off the year he won his last Slam @ Wimby. Thought he was done prior, but he is still relevant and…excuse me? What is his ranking right now?

skeezer Says:

Am interested to see Nole’s level of play after marriage. He seems verry happy. Good for him. What kind of effect will/may it have on his focus and intensitity on the court? If its positive, can’t see anyone taking him down on the USO.

Polo Says:

What is appalling is that there are people who still don’t recognize how great a tennis player Roger is and that he continues to be a force at the age of 32. He even does very well, even better than many players who are years younger. What causes such biased blindness? Envy may be, because try as they may, it will be hard for anybody to equal Federer’s achievements, on court and off court.

skeezer Says:

“What causes such biased blindness?”
Rafa’itis Koolaid, with artificial sweetners.

Notice when a moniker starts with “my player is better than yours” ,
Then you get the biased expected rhetoric rant.

Hippy Chic Says:

Oh well i guess thats that then,not much point anybody else playing?

Lodhi Says:

Communism, Fascism, and Federerism. While Communism and Fascism have been a failed experiment, it is time humans unite to defeat the evil of Federerism, or else we should wait for the day when Federerism turns into Federeranity. And then people will be locked in prisons just for not believing Lord Federer as the savior of humanity.

Oh I fear mankind’s future !

(This of course is a satirical post with a hell lot of pun intended)

roy Says:

too early to write off murray, wouldn’t you say?
he only came back from back surgery at the start of the year.
i think he should do well during the hardcourt season. he’ll probably be motivated and fresh.

roy Says:

we’d have to laugh if nadal won the usopen again, though, wouldn’t we?

Klaas Says:

Murray played extremely well during the early rounds in Wimby. His game is there, but he lacks consistency. That will come with time, so don’t bury him just yet…

Colin Says:

An official announcement is awaited, but Mauresmo is still working with Murray, whom she’s joined at his training camp in Miami.

It would indeed be silly to write him off yet. He has wins in the US Open over Nole and Rafa. The biggest mistake would be to think he has lost his motivation. We can start talking about that if he has bad results for the rest of this season – and I don’t think he will.

van orten Says:

Dubai..fast hard court minimum ad quick ad cincy…fed won it this year..indian Wells he should have won it too ..so my guess is fed will be right there..he just needs a bit of luck to win close matches vs nole and co…

Ben Pronin Says:

You know you’ve gone way off the deep end when you create the term Federerism in order to compare it with Communism and Facism. Seriously, wtf??

I do think Sean is writing off Nadal way too much. But he does have him as the second favorite, which I think is fair, overall. I wouldn’t count him out in Canada at all. He has 3 or 4 titles there? Cincy will be tough, it always has been. Just because he got hot and won it once doesn’t mean he’ll dominate now. At the same time, he’s gotta be feeling better about going there whereas in the past he probably resented it somewhat. He’s also won 2 of the last 4 US Opens which, 4 years ago, I don’t think anyone would’ve thought possible. So again, can’t count him out there.

There, that’s my blurb to make up for Sean’s write-off.

Hippy Chic Says:

Rafas second best surface is now HCs,and his second best GS is the USO having won it twice,and the irony is that he doesnt actually struggle at the AO and USO like he does on grass,i dont know if i would put Novak as the outright favorite for the USO maybe one of them,if he has a good swing then yes,hes made the final every year since 2010 so you cant really see this year been any diferent if all goes to form,although its been a very open GS with the title changing hands the last four years,and Murray also has good numbers at the USO,unlike the AO which Novak has dominated till this year,IMO its the most open GS of all the GS??

Hippy Chic Says:

Lovely picture of Roger BTW….

jonathan Says:

“He’ll have to have some more Wimbledon-like serving day to be playing on the final weekend I think.”

Wimbledon-like “random” DRAWS more like it.

You’re only as good as your competition and, prior to the final (where he should have lost in straights if Nole hadn’t taken his foot of his neck in sets 1 and 4), he simply didn’t have any.

Expect similarly cushy draws this summer though so you never know!

skeezer Says:

“You’re only as good as your competition”
Ahhhh, you left yourself open there ……….but I’ll play nice and digress. Blog on.

jonathan Says:

When is the last time Fed faced even two hard servers b2b in a slam draw?

(Hint: Trick question)

Ben Pronin Says:

If you’re winning, then aren’t you better than your competition?

skeezer Says:

^duh ;).

RZ Says:

Sigh…It would be really nice to read a Tennis-X post and comments and not see the whole Fed vs. Rafa fanatics at each others throats. I would have thought a post on their summer hardcourt schedules wouldn’t lead to another game of “Let’s see how melodramatic we can get while insulting [Nadal/Federer].”

Hippy Chic Says:

RZ true,i wouldnt hold your breath though….

Sean Randall Says:

^^^ Agreed 100%. So I’ve gone and done this: http://www.tennis-x.com/xblog/2014-07-24/16467.php

If you want to talk “Fedal”, go there! Don’t do it here.

courbon Says:

Old Chinese wisdom:
If you want to win, you can not lose…

Hippy Chic Says:

Courbon lol,ive never heard that one before….

RZ Says:

Thanks Sean.

xmike Says:

@ jonathan

about your question, i didn’t check feds career, but going by memory, i don’t recall him ever playing to big servers in a row a slam; this year at wimbledon he got muller and raonic, but not consecutively

is that the trick part of the question? or are you considering “big” servers anyone that occasionally pops an ace at over 200 kph?

occasionally i organize pub quizzes, so would really appreciate it if you could tell us the answer ;)

Josh Says:

I’m excited for the HC season this year. I believe that Novak is the guy to beat of course. Nadal shouldn’t be counted out, but it all depends on how we does in Montreal and Cincinnati. A part of me would also love to have one of the young guns break through and maybe make a final. That would be nice to see.

Roger will still compete, but as we saw at Wimbledon, he’s old, he had Novak on the ropes after that amazing 4th set comeback, and couldn’t finish it out. Grass is his favorite surface, but HC at 33, with younger competition is hard. Playing 5 sets isn’t as easy for him now. I feel Roger can go far in tournaments still, but he’s a long shot of winning another GS.

skeezer Says:


courbon Says:

@ Hippy Chic: Just joking, it is not Chinese wisdom but from cult Italian comic book called Alan Ford ( Wog Boy would know it very well.Our generations grown up on those comics ).
regarding the US Open in my opinion nadal and Novak are co-favorites, closely followed by Murray and Federer.Toronto and Cincinati will tell us where BIG 4 are regarding the form.

@skeezer:What are you doing on this tread??? This is not Fedal Wars tread! (-:
I have a silly question for you-you keep mentioning KoolAid drink that Nadal advertise. I never seen one or tried one-is it good?Is like Red Bull kind of drink or Lucozade??I’m not cynical, I’m just curios.

the DA Says:

Where will Federer, Nadal And Djokovic be this Summer? Lemme guess: the 2 mandatory Masters events in August and the last Slam of the year? Did I guess right?

*sorry, couldn’t resist*

Wog boy Says:

I wish I brought Alan Ford booklets with me when I left the country, my favorite was Sir Oliver:)

What happened to Neil Harman, carma is a b$ch:

skeezer Says:

lol…you’d have to ask them about the effect and whats in it…. ;)
“This is not Fedal Wars tread! (-:”
I didn’t read the thread that way either…until the I read the very first post! ;).
oh wait….dang! wrong thread again!

Polo Says:

Who’s a sure bet to beat Federer outside of Nadal? I can’t think of anybody else. Djokovic? Maybe, but I would not bet my house on it. Murray? In his current form? I don’t think so. Berdych? Maybe, but he’ll likely lose to a no name guy before they get to meet. Anybody else? So, why are people discounting his chance to win another US Open?

Okiegal Says:


I started to ask Skeezer about the Rafa koolaid too. Don’t understand what he meant by that either. I wanted to ask him but he doesn’t talk to me anymore. I also had the thought that you might be just joking around with him. Either way, I was seriously curious.

Wog boy Says:

Hey Frenchie, streetwise Belgrade boy, when you wake up (hopefully not around Pigalle area) read the answer to your question…with a bit of help from my friend Wiki;)

“Drinking the Kool-Aid” is a figure of speech commonly used in the United States that refers to a person or group holding an unquestioned belief, argument, or philosophy without critical examination.

Skeezer, is my friend Wiki right?

skeezer Says:

@Wog boy,
Nailed it ;)

courbon Says:

@ Wog Boy:Tnax for the answer.My favorite-Grunf.

Okiegal Says:

I live in the US and the Kool Aid expression is new to me. I have read lots of comments on TX where it has been mentioned. Thanks for the response, Wog Boy……..now I know!

Patson Says:


The origins of this expression are even more interesting, and quoting wikipedia here:

“The phrase derives from the November 1978 Jonestown deaths, where members of the Peoples Temple, who were followers of the Reverend Jim Jones committed suicide by drinking a mixture of a powdered soft drink flavoring agent laced with cyanide. Although the powder used in the incident included Flavor Aid, it was commonly referred to as Kool-Aid due to its status as a genericized [sic] trademark.”

From a literal perspective, It’s safe to say , noone whether it’s a Fedfan or a Rafa fan or a Nole fan, in his/her right mind, would drink the kool-aid. You have to be as stupid as Revered Jones followers to do that.

Giles Says:

Neil Harman of The Times admitted to plagiarism and I suspect he will pay a heavy price for this act.
How does “carma” come into it? Btw the poster should learn how to spell. The word is “karma” spelt with a “k” not “c”.

Hippy Chic Says:

Have to agree with Roy here in that people are been to quick to write off Murray,if players are said to be due this and deserve that then that should work for all the players,and Murray also has good numbers on HCs,and is a good match up for Novak,and as a two time GS champion i dont see why he too cannot get back into that winners circle….

Wog boy Says:

Mrs Giles, do you have a problem with my spelling? Scroll it Mrs Giles, scroll it!! How is Rafa’s spelling, English is not his first language and is not mine either.

Neil Harman didn’t admit, he was doing that for a few years and then he was cought and confroted by Wimbledon officials and then forced to admit, can you see the difference Mrs Giles:

“Its writer, Ben Rothenberg, found 14 large passages in the 2013 yearbook and other examples in two of Harman’s previous Wimbledon annuals. In total, he claims to have discovered 52 instances of plagiarism in the three books. He writes:

“Of these 52 examples, 28 of the passages were lifted from the Guardian. Six were from the New York Times, five from either the Times of London or the Sunday Times, four from Sports Illustrated, four from the Telegraph, four from the Independent, and one from the New York Daily News.”

Rothenberg goes on to report that Wimbledon officials confronted Harman earlier this year with evidence of his plagiarism and a few days after that meeting Harman informed other members of the British tennis press corps that he would no longer be writing the annual.”

Btw, why are you so touchy about a certain person, what that has to do with you Mrs Giles? Scroll it Mrs Giles, scroll it!!

Hippy Chic Says:

Wogboy English is my 1st language,and my spelling is terrible/terible oh dear?anyway ive been held accountable/acountable?many times for it on this forum,i dont know why its an issue anyway been as its a tennis forum not a spelling forum?

Frankie Says:

If a player gets to the finish line regardless of who he faces and wins then he is the winner.

Debating the way one gets to the finish line is so “old hat” .

And to those who do not have English as their first language but are still brave enough to post here, bravo! Perhaps those who criticize should be a bit more tolerant.

Wog boy Says:

Thanks for nice words. I am pretty proud of myself and my English considering that I was 32 years old when I arrived in English speaking country, in the land of opportuity called Australia. Always worked with Aussies, learning English language on the run and never ever had a problems with true blue Aussie people. I can read, I can write, I can speak English, good enough to work as professional tour operator and do commentary (when required) for American and English tourists in Australia, never ever had a complain and they are pretty demanding customers. Being self emplyed I am always running a risk of losing customers (and money) if I don’t perform, my agents will switch to another operator, it is a cut throat industry.

Not to worry HC, Toronto is only arund the corner:)

Hippy Chic Says:

Wogboy your welcome,TBH yours and most people on this forum,have much better punctuation skills, grammar skills,spelling skills,i havent a clue when to use a commer,and i rarely use paragraphs,even though im British born and bred,never the less if you succeed in getting your point across i suppose all is not lost lol?take it from me your doing fine :))….

Hippy Chic Says:

^And yeah cannot wait for HC season and Toronto to start^….

Patson Says:

One should avoid being a grammar Nazi. It’s bad manners to be one.

Giles Says:

Where’s @Colin when you need him? He’s the real grammar Nazi.

Okiegal Says:

@Patson 4:50

Thanks for that explanation……everything is much easier to understand now…..the Jim Jones cult…..poisoned kool aid……and presto…we have the Rafa fan base cult!! I have been curious why the word cult has been used to describe Rafa’s fan base……now I know…..we Rafa fans are ready to commit suicide if he doesn’t win?? Funny, no?? LOL

I need to consult Wiki more, as per Skeezer’ s suggestion a few months ago.

jonathan Says:

Just noticed that Taylor Townshend is playing quailes in DC.

Strange that a tournament in her own country wouldn’t see fit to give her a wild card.

jonathan Says:

One WC went to American Shelby Rogers who’s higher ranked at 105 compared to 145 for Townsend but the other WC went to a 17 yr old Canadian ranked 220

Steve 27 Says:

Oh Randall, you disrespect has grown and your bias against Nadal is evident
Can you give me a name more succesful than Rafa, except Federer, in north american summer?

Until I know, Rafa has 3 Canada Master 1000 titles, the same of Djokovic, 1 Cincinatti Master 1000 title, better than the Serb, and 2 US Open, better again than the Djokovic, if you mean consistency I will said hes is the third, but the most important are the tiles.

And you afirm the Federer who will be 33 is more likeky to win in hc outdoor than Nadal? Give me a break!

Nadal is the best of this decade and you constantly write bs like draws, luck and this nonsense.
Come on, be serious at least one time!
And stop underestimate the Mental GOAT.
Enough said!

Polo Says:

I thought Sean listed Nadal ahead of Federer?

mem Says:

Steve 27,

nothing surprising about sean’s analysis, particularly in regards to nadal; there’s nothing for rafafans to be upset about either. at least sean is being true to form. it’s just too bad matches/titles are not won based on the content of an article nor are they played on blogs. if that were the case, nadal would not own a title at all. people are free to predict whomever they choose, but I have never seen a player win a match before he actually played the match.

Margot Says:

AAAAHHHH! Wog boy now you’ve done a “Skeezer!”
Casual sexism has always lurked on the bench on this site, now it seems it’s being kicked into play.

Wog boy Says:

No Margot, it’s not sexism. I’m not capable of being sexist.

Giles Says:

This forum is rampant with copy cats and comediens. Won’t mention names but you know who you are. What happened to originality one might ask??

Giles Says:

Sorry misspelt comedians. Slight typo.

Margot Says:

@ Wog boy
I know you were, rightly, annoyed with Giles for picking you up on spelling. I’ve argued b4 that on a multi national web site, especially one without a edit button lol…..as long as folk can understand what you mean, spelling correctly matters not a jot, but why call him “Mrs Giles?”
Was that not a sexist put down?

Wog boy Says:

Mrs Giles was for Mrs Giles, only for shim, shim represents neither women nor men.

jonathan Says:

Oh now this does sound simply fascinating. Please Wog Boy do go on and explain what shim means and how it applies here and how it is neither sexist nor homophobic.

We are all ears!

Giles Says:

Non-existent vocabulary seems to be the norm from posters down under. Hahaha.

Margot Says:

1) Didn’t realise u were married, but congrats anyway
2) How sweet to allow your better half to post on here, but couldn’t you advise her to use another nom de plume? “Mrs Giles” sounds so quaintly old fashioned somehow……;)

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