Roger Federer Replaces Rafael Nadal In IPTL, He’ll Play In New Delhi!
by Tom Gainey | September 22nd, 2014, 9:40 am

According to the International Premier Tennis League, Roger Federer as replaced Rafael Nadal on the Indian team after the Spaniard withdrew citing “health reasons”.

Federer will join his “Indian Aces” teammates Pete Sampras, Gael Monfils, Ana Ivanovic and Rohan Bopanna in New Delhi this December.

“There was an injury issue with Rafa, but I am glad Federer was available. Federer is a superstar and has charisma. That will create buzz,” league founder Mahesh Bhupathi said of the Swiss who has never played in India.

The fledgling league runs from November 28 through December 13, 2014 with the New Delhi portion played December 6-8 at Indira Gandhi Indoor stadium.

The other teams are Singapore, Philippines and the UAE. The four teams will meet at the home site of every team for a few days of tennis fun. Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray, Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams are other top players also confirmed in the lucrative competition.

Federer originally was lukewarm to the idea in March, but in the exo tennis business money talks.

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32 Comments for Roger Federer Replaces Rafael Nadal In IPTL, He’ll Play In New Delhi!

skeezer Says:

“Federer is a superstar and has charisma.”
India! No doubt Fed will bring the event increased excitement.
Good for them!

Giles Says:

Remember he is replacing the real Superstar!

SG1 Says:

Giles…you’re right…they were really pining for Djokovic but had to settle for Rafa and then Federer. :)

SG1 Says:

Anyways, they have Sampras. Who else do you really need after that anyway?

Hippy Chic Says:

Roger and Rafa are both tennis box office stars,if one is missing its always great to see the other competing at an event,Roger wasnt too keen earlier this year,they probably made him a great offer to get him on board,sorry Rafas not playing but he probably is listening to his body and getting ready focusing on next year….

Giles Says:

SG1. Lol. Spot on.

Okiegal Says:


You are right, Roger wasn’t giving this venture the time of day a few months ago, I wonder why he changed his mind?

Humble Rafa Says:

Come on, he is playing for the love for the game. Let’s not bring money into this.

End of Sarcasm.

nadalista Says:

My oh, my…….Ben Pronin and Sean Randall will not like this. Remember how they disapproved of Rafa’s South American exhos, foretold that they would lead to all sorts of troubles for him on-court the following season? Of course the same analysis will apply to Fed? Ooops no…………this is Fed, the same ?logic” does not apply to him, never mind he was an after-thought……………..

Hahahahahahha! Fed-ex blog………

Hippy Chic Says:

I wasnt been sarcastic,my post was merely an observation….

Steve 27 Says:

I like milk and so the swiss.

Brando Says:

So Roger gets Rafa’s leftovers…… Some would call that the story of the Swiss post Wimby 2008. It’s funny though: originally when Rafa and co were due to play they were labelled by some as money hungry players but now they withdraw and the saint who was extoled for being above such farcical circus shows now enters its all of sudden: a different thing altogether. Lmao: double standards much no?….

Steve 27 Says:

where is Randall, the most fanatic fan of the Swiss?

skeezer Says:

Not going to speak for Sean or Ben per se here, but why are you trying to compare apples to oranges? Fed doesn’t have a injury history that makes him have to step out of the Tour. Rafa does, and apparently his body is prone to breaking down. So? Playing an Exho to further increase his changes of injury or to aggravate an existing one? Ok, if you say so. Apparently Rafa’s team thinks otherwise, and Sean/Ben’s argument/opinion on the matter back then actually is looking “right on”.
“So Roger gets Rafa’s leftovers”
Silly statement. It’s rather, Fed is helping save the tournament by stepping in and contributing…..leftovers? A step UP.
These wise crack remarks are getting thrown into a wall but they’re not sticking, they slide right down it. The Tournament is estactic Fed is coming…that’s all that matters.

jatin Says:

If I could only see him play…. For once.. Would be a dream come true.

Gannu Says:

Man – I am from Mumbai and i am gonna watchhim play in Delhi at any cost!! ;-) This is really great…Welcome to India Federer…I am sure you will have a great time here….

Humble Rafa Says:

I leave me left overs to a lesser goat out of courtesy and kindness..what do I get?

Some chick, who I have never heard of, is my Davis Cup captain. Wow. We need a “courtship period”.

Hippy Chic Says:

Actually i agree with Skeezer,and im not saying that merely as a Rafa fan trying to curry favour either,Rafa is suceptible to injuries(unfortunatly),so why would he play more tennis that he doesnt need to to that would/could only make things worse?IMO common sense has prevailed here,dissapointing it is but its only an exho anyway,why not pore focus onto whats really important and thats next year AO etc?im just delighted hes playing Beijing,Shanghai,Paris WTF,sod the bloody exho?

jatin Says:

So do I.. Never thought I could have a chance to see him play live in this lifetime. I am not gonna miss this one at all cost .
Nameste roger. We are gonna give you a grand welcome in India. I hope you will have a great time here.. :)

Hippy Chic Says:

Hi Jatin that sounds fantastic,i really hope you have a great time and enjoy watching your favorite,off topic but i buy clothing here in Britain from a firm called Namaste which means fair trade i believe,does it mean the same thing in India,just curious??

Sivaji Says:

Welcome Federer. Good news for Indian tennis fans.They could find optimal alternative. Kudos Mahesh

Frankie Says:

If Nadal was not replaced it would have put the whole league in jeopardy I would think.

Congrats to Roger for saving the day.

Lulu Says:

Whether it’s Rafa or Roger playing, either way it’s incredibly cool that these super stars are promoting the game in India. I’m just glad to see Rafa is coming back for Beijing and Shanghai.

jatin Says:

Hippy chic
Hey thanks for that.
How are you these days
Actually ” namaste” is an Indian way of greeting someone. It has its significance :)
Just like people shake hands or say hi.

I don’t think that firm name has anything to do with actual namaste though.. Lol

James Says:

Good decision from team Nadal. He needs to prepare well for the Australian Open.

Hippy Chick Says:

Jatin im good thanks had a lovely Hippy weekend Pagan retreat recently, the clothing is very ethnic and eccentric in keeping with what im about in the real world,but i knew it meant something nice anyway,i have a lovely patchwork jacket and hat i bought from the company called Namaste,so that saying made me curious lol :-))….

Steve 27 Says:

AO is the real ojcetive anyway for Rafa.
Other players can follow the money, legends chases one place in Hist9ry.

Steve 27 Says:

objective, I mean.

skeezer Says:

“AO is the real ojcetive anyway for Rafa…”
Oh yeah, rafanatics apparently know what is best for Rafa, but they don’t.
Now its all about AO? WTF is an exho? Lol!
Lets all mark the calendar……Anything else you want to say to Rafa’s team that is best for Rafa? LMAO.

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Hippy Chick Says:

I dont know whats best for Rafa only his team know that,but im glad hes back playing anything else after 3 months off tour like winning tournies is secondary ATM,regarding the WTF well hes never won that and i dont know if he ever will but i hope so?so i think its reasonable to suggest that he might be putting more focus on another crack at trying to win the AO,and im not saying the WTF isnt important as history knows it is,just saying he has a better chance there IMO….

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