Confirmed: Rafael Nadal Will Play Beijing And Shanghai
by Tom Gainey | September 22nd, 2014, 9:54 am

Rafael Nadal’s PR agency confirmed this morning that the Spanish star will play next week in Beijing and then in two weeks in Shanghai.

On his way to Beijing, Nadal will stop in Kazakhstan for an exo match against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga this Thursday.

Nadal hasn’t played since a stunning Wimbledon loss to Nick Kyrgios at Wimbledon. The former No. 1 then had to withdraw from title defenses in Canada, Cincinnati and the US Open due to a right wrist injury he sustained during practice in July.

Rafa is also expected to play in Basel (with Roger Federer) and the Paris Indoors along with the London ATP Finals. With a busy schedule ahead, Nadal withdrew his name from the IPTL exo league.

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43 Comments for Confirmed: Rafael Nadal Will Play Beijing And Shanghai

Karthick Says:

As an Indian Fan of Rafa, its a bummer to me (and many fans). But his health is first priority so I can console myself keeping his health in mind :)

RZ Says:

Glad he is healthy again, and probably good for him to rest rather than play exos (though commiserations to his fans). Tempted to predict that he will win one of the first 3 tournaments he plays on his return.

jane Says:

^ agree RZ; he’ll win one of them.

Hippy Chic Says:

3 Months without competitive tennis,well i dont think many fans in their right minds believe he will get instantaniuos success straight away,IMO it will be just great to see him back playing,no unrealistic expectations,but plenty of sarcastic comments will come as sure as god made little green apples….

Okiegal Says:

@Chic 1:18

Right again…….I’m waiting for it to begin. If you’ve noticed, chatter on TX has been pretty quiet since the USO but now that Rafa is going to be back on the scene again soon, things will pick up! He is a star, after all!! I’m ready for me some Rafa tennis, it’s been way too long. I feel the same as you, not going to expect too much starting out, but after he gets some match play……BOOM BABY… out!! I hope his wrist is healed! We will soon see!!

nadalista Says:

The rock star returns!!

Tennis is interesting again………..


Steve 27 Says:

Lets hope he can be helathy in London this year and especially to be 100% in Australia next year.
15 is coming anyway.

Steve 27 Says:

healthy, I mean.

Brando Says:

LMFAO: he returns after 3 months, at his toughest period of the season, has never won any of the scheduled events in his entire career barring china open many a year ago and some folks are predicting wins for him: comical stuff! Funny thing is some ‘experts’ are not too hesitant to predict firmly wins for Rafa or others no matter how ridiculous or outright stupid it maybe but when it comes to their fav and reason warrants such statements they are all hesitant, hedging their bets, downplaying such talk. Pathetic stuff indeed from a phony bunch!

Brando Says:

Good to hear Rafa’s back. Completing the schedule and getting some good number of matches under his belt = his fans being happy! Really hope Andy nabs a win though- somewhere- he needs it more me reckons!

Hippy Chic Says:

Brando i wasnt been phony,as you rightly say he hasnt won any of the tournies left on the calendar before,ATM im just happy he will be back playing,with no unrealistic expectations….

Brando Says:

@alison: surprised you commented. You’re a Yorkshire gal, you couldn’t be phony even if you tried! :-)

Hippy Chic Says:

Brando lol,thankyou errr i think?it sounds like theres a compliment hidden in that somewhere :-)….

Hippy Chic Says:

Sorry meant in there somewhere duh….

G Corp Says:

Great for tennis for him to be back.
Somebody says the winner of USO this year
has an asterisk…due to the absence of
Rafa to defend his title. Well it was
Cilic, the deserving winner himself who said
that it was one of the reasons why he won.

jane Says:

for me, it’s based on history after comebacks; usually rafa has done well when he returns to the tour after a break/injury, the most recent example being 2013.

but it’s true that he returned then on clay and this time it will be on hard. still, he might be rejuvenated by his hiatus and raring to go.

i do agree with hippy that sometimes being match grooved is a factor, maybe more so for some players (like, i think, rafa) than others, so it’s unrealistic to expect him to win his first event back.

but like rz said, and i concurred, i don’t think it’s entirely unrealistic (“comical”, “stupid” “ridiculous” “phony” etc…) to think he could – or even will – win one of the first 3 tournaments on his return. rafa is not considered one of the biggest threats in tennis for nothing!

it’s true that rafa has sometimes had a tough go of it in the fall – i.e., post us open season – but by many accounts that’s been because he’s tired out by then, having played a full schedule. (and that too is not always the case.
he’s been in a number of finals in the fall – last year he was in the finals of bejing and the world tour finals and that was after winning canada, cincy and the us open) but this time, given that he has not played since wimbledon, and that he has been practicing, by his own account, it seems reasonable that tiredness won’t be a factor.

i think above all, what remains to be seen, and what could be a mitigating factor in my thinking he’ll win one of those first 3 events back, is the nature of his injury. we don’t know how serious it is / was, and how it’s healed. wrists can be tricky, too, so maybe he will play tentatively and then yeah, i could see him not winning. rafa’s at his best (esp on hard) when he steps in and is not tentative.

anyhow it’ll be interesting to see what happens and it’s clearly good for the sport that all the top guys are playing and healthy.

Steve 27 Says:

Rafa Federer in Basel i want to see, 10 years after his last participation there.

Okiegal Says:

@Jane 8:26

Great post…….

jane Says:

cheers okiegal.

Okiegal Says:

@Jane……..back at cha!!!

Sivaji Says:

Great News!.. Hope he is 100% healthy. Vamos Rafa!

Hippy Chic Says:

Sivaji thats nice,it sounds like your a fan of both Rafa and Roger,either that or your one of those fans of tennis as a whole that doesnt share the annymosity of one or the other like most others do,very rare on this forum these days?

Hippy Chick Says:

Jane i like your summary,as it will be one of the tournies hes never won before,would love a WTF at some point….

Hippy Chick Says:

BTW I think Hippy Chic should have a K on the end?

RZ Says:

I just think that Rafa wouldn’t return unless he was fully fit and healthy to play, and a fully fit and healthy Rafa is always a threat to win on any surface (see last year’s hard court results). He has faded during the indoor season in the past, but that is probably more due to the long season he had played up to that point. Coming in rested, he’s a threat to win the tournaments he enters.

Colin Says:

Hippy, I always wondered why you spelled it without a k (chic being an adjective, not a noun),but your writing is so eccentric I never bothered to ask! As far as I remember, the hippies were not noted for being chic – which you are, I’m sure.

SG1 Says:

Hippy Chic Says:

those fans of tennis as a whole that doesnt share the annymosity of one or the other like most others do,very rare on this forum these days?


I wasn’t a Roger fan initially but I’m more apt to root for him these days as I like how he’s adapted his game.

I am a Rafa fan because he brings an attitude to the tennis court that I think each and everyone of us wish we could.

There’s a lot to admire in the tennis of both of these players.

Okiegal Says:


You are so right…..there is so much to admire about both of them…..dread the day they hang it up….it will be a sad day for tennis, imo…..I’m a selfish sort! I love to see those Fedal finals and you can throw Novak in there too. Andy has also given us some great finals with the other three……looking for him to get it back together too! Hail to the big 4…..I love my tennis!! Looking forward to the first slam of the season…’s hoping the BIG FOUR are in tact!!

Andrew Says:

Interesting that he dropped out of than Indian exo league for health reasons, but is playing three 1000 tournaments. Everyone can read between the lines and figure out he just doesn’t want to play during that time in India.

Hippy Chick Says:

Colin ill take that as a compliment on the eccentric bit,as i am quite eccentric in the real world lol….

Hippy Chick Says:

SG1/Okiegal agree with you both,no need to belittle one in favour of the other,both are really amazing,i would as you rightly say Okiegal also put Nole and Andy in there too….

Okiegal Says:

Maybe he thinks the 1000 tournaments are more important that the Bollywood Bowl…..he has been off with a wrist issue… about cutting him a little slack, for once…..

Okiegal Says:

^^^^Should say……than the Bollywood Bowl….

Hippy Chick Says:

Okiegal exactly,even Skeezer agreed with us on that one,on the other thread….

Okiegal Says:


About your moniker being changed…..
Chic means a very in style person…..very hip!! I feel sure you are both……so Chic works…..and so does Chick…..hmmmm….like “hot” Chick….I’ll bet hubby likes that one best!! LOL. I will honor the one you prefer, Chick!

I am gonna check out what Skeezer had to say too.

Steve 27 Says:

The double career grand slam is the ONLY that MATTERS.
Bollywood or whatever that means is insignicant after all. With all my respect for his Indians fans, a major is MUCH, MUCH more Important than this.
Rafa and his uncle knows that and even a big paycheck is not the same like be one of the best tennis of all time and win AO again is the top priority now.
Btw, who is this woman Gala? Why not Arantxa or Conchita Martínez who had much better careers and trajectory than this woman?
Escañuela is getting mad after that disaster against Brazil.
Bad, bad choice. Shame!

Hippy Chick Says:

Okiegal thanks hubby doesnt really pay any attention to what i write here so it doesnt really matter,but i got our Colins seal of approval so im quite happy yay,i am indeed more chick than chic though TBH lol….

Margot Says:

@Steve 27
But does “having a better career” necessarily translate into being a better coach? Uncle T and Nole’s coach being prime examples of it not mattering.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Regardless of whether it was a good choice, it was a stupid and mean spirited comment to make. I had always thought TOny had more class than to say something like that. Wonder if he was angling for the job?

Felipe Says:

Nadal wants the double slam….he knows that 2015 Aussie Open could be his last chance…and besides the ussual suspects (Federer, Murray, Djokovic) now there are more names in the mix that can do some damage..(Cilic, Dimitrov, Nishikori, Kyrgios, Wawrinka, Gulbis). Maybe Delpo will be back as well. He already trew the towell regarding the year end number 1, so he wil try to be 100% for january, and also he will be fresher when the WTF arrives. This could be his last chance also.

Hippy Chick Says:

Agree with Tennis Vagabond rather sexist to say the very least….

Steve 27 Says:

Felipe, he has 2 more chances I think in Australia and in London.

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