Serena Williams Hospitalized After Retiring With A Viral Illness In Wuhan [Video]

by Tom Gainey | September 23rd, 2014, 9:45 am

Serena Williams’s injury woes continued Tuesday in Wuhan, China. During her opening round match against Alize Cornet, the World No. 1 had to receive medical attention on court. After her temperature and blood pressure were taken, Serena retired leading 6-5 in the first set.

Tour organizers cited the reason for Serena’s retirement as a “viral illness”. Serena infamously also retired with a similar illness at Wimbledon earlier this year.

The US Open champion was then taken to the hospital for precaution.

“I’m sorry to all the fans in Wuhan that I had to retire from my match against Alizé today,” Serena said in a statement. “I felt dizzy and nauseous in the first set and unfortunately couldn’t continue. But the tournament organizers have done an amazing job preparing the facilities for this year’s event.

“I really hope to come back to the Dongfeng Motor Wuhan Open in 2015.”

Serena is scheduled to play in Beijing next week. Entering today she had won 19 of her last 20 matches since losing to Cornet at Wimbledon.

Serena turns 33 on Friday.

Video of what happened is here (forward to the 6 minute mark):

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27 Comments for Serena Williams Hospitalized After Retiring With A Viral Illness In Wuhan [Video]

Bridgeovertroublewaters Says:

OOOH Serena, first you need to make sure you are healthy…Tennis will be there…come on Serena time for some real medical evaluations….

RZ Says:

This recurring viral illness could be the biggest roadblock between Serena and catching Graf’s 22 slams.

Frankie Says:

This looks nothing like what happened at Wimbledon. The conditions there are hot and humid so hopefully she was just experiencing the extreme conditions.

Okiegal Says:

I fear there is something seriously wrong with her. She better go through a battery of tests and get to the bottom of it. I don’t see how she could help from being fatigued and emotionally stressed out…..and she will soon be 33. Her body maybe trying to tell her something.

fran Says:

I think the drugs that she is taking have finally caught up with her.

Colin Says:

@ fran

Details and evidence, please.
Or is it another of those things “everybody knows”?

Okiegal Says:


Yes, evidence please…..strong statement, especially if you have no proof! Is it because she’s buff?? I know a lot of people who are muscled up that don’t use drugs……and I’m positive there are those who do. Just curious where you got your info.

Okiegal Says:

Let us not forget that Venus has Sjogrens Disease….that is an anti-immune disorder. Maybe Serena is battling something of that nature, unbeknownst to her. If it’s a viral infection, there’s no telling what it could be, whatever, she’s in my thoughts and prayers….hoping nothing too serious.

Serena is a hoss on the tennis court! Get well, Serena!!

SG1 Says:

This is a recent thing…unless Serena isn’t divulging the frequency of it. Not so sure this will necessarily jeopardize her run for 22 slams. Too early to make this assumption.

One other thing. She looked completely disoriented at Wimbledon. Not so much here. Definitely struggling with something. Not so sure it’s the same thing.

SG1 Says:

Colin Says:
@ fran

Details and evidence, please.
Or is it another of those things “everybody knows”?


I don’t think she’s anymore juiced up than anyone else on tour (though I understand the speculation given that her legs, arms and shoulders are freakishly large). The last time I saw someone physically transform like this, it was Barry Bonds. Of course age causes people to naturally “expand” so it’s hard to know exactly what the deal is.

Anyway, just because someone can’t prove something doesn’t necessarily mean they’re wrong. It would be awfully hard to prove anything in regards to anything without some hunches and educated guesses. No one could prove that Ben Johnson was on steroids leading up to the ’88 Olympics but he ultimately was.

SG1 Says:

Wondering if she could have mono. This could definitely sap energy.

Margot Says:

@ SG1
I was wondering that and it recurs so that would fit.

Colin Says:

SG1, if someone claims a phenomenon exists, the onus of proof is on them, not on anyone else to disprove it. The stance you take is dangerous. It has led many parents to refuse vaccination for their kids, thereby putting at risk, not only those kids, but others who mingle with them at school.

Mono is a possibility. It has been mentioned before that the constant travel involved in tennis brings even the top players into contact with hosts of strangers who may be carrying a virus – for instance, when they give autographs after a match. Some ailments are very easily transmitted, as I found a couple of years ago when I picked up the charmingly named Winter Vomiting Virus at the opticians where I went for my annual checkup.

By the way, folks, did you see Sharapova has just lost to a qualifier?

Sean Randall Says:

I would doubt it’s mono. More than likely you could label it as “disinterest”.

With Serena we never really know what’s going on.

Brando 2.0 Says:

Strange happening that. Hope she get’s well ASAP- I don’t think it was disinterest as her body language did suggest she’s not feeling well IMO.

Re Serena generally:

Did not know she turns 33 this year.

I reckon considering her age, how she still- when at her best- is still quite a clear distance ahead of the field I give her 2 more years of winning GS titles.

Surely at age 35 she has to fall off her game or get passed by someone right?

It would be totally unprecedented- as far as I know- for her to still be at the top at that age even in the women’s game I imagine in this modern era.

I cannot see her winning 3/4 Slams next year, but 2 wins is something that could happen for sure.

I think next year will be definitive one for her as to whether she can nab the 22 Slams.

Do not forget:

She has to win 5 to claim the record for herself, and surely asking ANY player to win 5 slams age 33 plus is just far too much.

Hippy Chick Says:

I always find talk of this player surpassing that player,or that player surpassing this player,only realistic/relavent if and when it actually happens,domination can be a today thing but not necassarily a tomorrow thing,and Serena wasnt as dominant winning the GS as she has been in previous years,winning the next one would seem a more realistic target rather than another five ATM IMO….

Hippy Chick Says:

Out of interest,has any player ever won 5 GS at the ripe old age of 33,i mean one is talking an OAP in tennis terms,just curious?

Okiegal Says:

Sod and Fed contracted mono, but not possible for Serena?? When certain fans don’t like certain players……well, I believe their thinking can go awry. Something is definitely wrong. She is too much of a fighter to give in unless she is absolutely forced to……imho.

Get well wishes for her and hope she’s back in the groove real soon!!

RZ Says:

^ Also Mario Ancic and Heather Watson. There have been a lot of players with mono and it seems to take a different toll on them. Some, like Watson, are out for most of a year and then return and seem to do okay. Others like Fed take very little time off. Others, like Soda, sadly have their careers doomed by the illness.

Okiegal Says:

I’ve had friends that have lost a year of college because of it. I’ve been told that complete bed rest is what the doctor orders. My friends were practically lifeless……nasty disease and takes a long time to recover.

Wog boy Says:

Serena has a history of losing matches for unknown reasons, her entire career is on and off, with injury or whatever reasons breaks every now and then. That has nothing to do with mono, that’s just her. Sam Stosur should keep sending Serena Christmas cards until the end of her life for not turning up for that USO final that Stosur won.

Ernestine Howse Says:

Serena my sister and I hope you get well soon

VickyR Says:

I thinks Serena picked up a virus on her flight to
China, it happened to me when I flew from London to Barbados – I was very ill with “Hong Kong flu” and it took 4 weeks before I recovered.

Serena is very competitive and she would not give
up the fight, espeically when she was ahead in the first set.

Hippy Chick Says:

Agree with Wogboy there was a period some years back when Serena went walk about and seemed disinterested in tennis losing a couple of years,if not for that and the year she was off tour through illness,its a pretty safe bet she probably wouldve surpassed Steffi by now,all speculation from my POV but im sure shes kicking herself about those lost oppotunities that went begging,agree with Brando in that the next year will be pivitol for her with regard to achieving that goal,i repeat the question i asked yesterday though,has anyone won 5 GS in their careers past the age of 33 though just curious?

GC Williams Says:

people will always talk no matter the side one find his or her self and besides everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. Serena get well as soon as possible and make history expected of you from the begining. The Lord is your strength. Amen.

Steroidena Williams Says:

She was hiding in her panic room when drug tester show up at her home in the off-season

Steroids can cause pulmonary embolism

Steffi Graff Says:

Steffi Graff won 21 of her 22 grand slam titles before the age of 27 and retired at 29 years old.
also,she won more than 100 titles (serena is just 64 i think) and make it to 31 grand slam finals

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