Novak Djokovic: Life Cannot Be Better Right Now, I Cannot Ask For More
by Tom Gainey | October 7th, 2014, 10:23 am

Novak Djokovic was understandably in good spirits when he met the press Monday in Shanghai. The World No. 1 just won his fifth Beijing title, recently got married and now he and his new wife are expecting their first child in this fall. So life is good for Djokovic, and he agrees.

“There is a lot happening in my life,” said Djokovic. “Life cannot be better at this moment. I cannot ask for more. I’m really grateful for all the things that I’m experiencing in my private life and professional also as well on the court. I had a lot of amazing achievements in last couple of years. Those are the result of, first of all, great joy of playing this sport, and of course discipline and professionalism from my side and the team of people around me.”

Last season Djokovic finished on a 24-match winning streak, a run he said he cannot replicate.

“I cannot do better than I did last year,” said Djokovic. “I just hope I can repeat the success. Again, it’s a lot to ask at this point. I’m going to try to just kind of concentrate on what I need to do right now, and that is to take it one day at a time and see how far I can go in Shanghai.

“I am feeling great at this point of time with my game. Physically, as I said before, I’m not exhausted. To the contrary, I’m fit. I’m eager to compete, eager to go out there and fight. That encourages me to keep on going and see how far I can get.”

Djokovic also announced a new online apparel shop on Proceeds, he said, will go to his foundation.

“I have no personal economical benefit from this,” he said. “It’s all going to the foundation. It’s all going to improve children’s lives in Serbia, their education. I’m very pleased to announce this and hopefully fans around the world will have an opportunity to have my memorabilia around the world, to have access to it, to buy it.”

Djokovic seeks a third Shanghai title tonight as he opens against Dominic Thiem.

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15 Comments for Novak Djokovic: Life Cannot Be Better Right Now, I Cannot Ask For More

Brando GOAT poster Says:

Yes they are. Good luck on the personal front and well done on the charitable front.

jane Says:

aww, sweet to hear of his happiness; hopefully it inspires him to continue playing well.


he word hajde,ajde sounds nice when used to encourage some body that is fighting:winning or loosing.It is LOL when used by haters to degrade Novak.
There are people who are just the fans of tennis player with 14 GS and just because of that they think they are smarter,better ,greater,classier.They think they could do what ever they want:bullying degrading, destroying.That is how they act on this forum. It is not important if Novak is loosing or winning it is important just to bully,degrade, destroy not only Novak but any thing and every one that like or love Novak. I am glad that there are people willing to be bullied to STOP THIS ILL NATURE.
There is one good thing the haters are learning Serbian language .For them only there is more….

skeezer Says:

“To the contrary, I’m fit. I’m eager to compete, eager to go out there and fight.”
Great attitude. Congrats to him and his fan base.

Okiegal Says:

There seem to be a few posters are down playing this win and I have to wonder why? He obviously played so good that he made Berdy look bad or something. The guy played amazing tennis leave it st that and move on……Nole is good…..end of story. Congrats to him!! I am so happy for Jane…..she’s a nice gal and a sweet poster….fair to all!!

Steve 27 Says:

I cannot do better than I did last year,”

Yes, you can!
You can add Basel or Valencia and win it all.

If he win London again, he will equal Nastase and Lendl as the third tennis player to win the Masters Cup 3 times in a row.
I have to admit that will be an incredible archievment.

Hippy Chick Says:

Fantastic attitude,hes the player of the moment,the humanitarian stuff is going well,and soon there will be Djoker junior on the way,best of luck to the three of them on and off court,but what would i know im just a hater apparantly?….

Hippy Chick Says:

Okiegal completely agree with what you said about Jane whos a classy poster,and put me down as one of those Rafa fans whom also wanted Novak to beat Berdych,its just i had a difference of opinion regarding how Jane and some others viewed the match thats all,but for some reason people seem to think because of that you must be some hater,which im not but sorry not much i can do about that im afraid….

Hippy Chick Says:

Steve 27 a fantastic achievement that would be indeed,i wouldnt put it past him certainly within the realms of possibity with the way Nole plays during this part of the season?


Hippy Chick if You think that my post is to call You hater than read it again.If You find Your self there that is not me to blame. I did not find You to be Nole,s hater.You like Nadal as I like Nole and for me that is OK.
I really want to ask YOU do YOU see how mach hatred some Rafa,s fans have toward Novak in their posts.
I wish You everything the best,to You and Your favour.

Hippy Chick Says:

Anel Bojana no not at all,it was just a generalisation,i had a difference of opinion on the Beijing final is all,but i certainly dont hate Novak,im suprised that after over three years of posting on this forum some people dont know me better than that by now?Novak is an amazing player and so is Rafa,and IMO they both have to stomach their fair share of nasty comments and hatred towards them sometimes not even tennis related either,so right back at you too,have a lovely day,and good luck to your favorite….

Hippy Chick Says:

Anel Bojana to add to be honest im not really concerned with what Rafas doing on a tennis court right now,and win or loose to Lopez or in Shanghai i couldnt care less about,its this latest health issue of his that is really scaring me,everything else takes a back seat prority at the moment….

Noonen Says:

Most marriages that begin this way don’t last. One simply cannot go against Jesus’ ways and be blessed.

Hippy Chick Says:

Nooneen not the time or the place,its Novaks life,let him and Jelena live their lives the way they choose,its none of anybody elses buisness?

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