Roger Federer Wins 8th Different Masters 1000 Title, Ties Djokovic, Moves Ahead Of Nadal

by Staff | October 12th, 2014, 10:48 am

Earlier today Roger Federer beat Gilles Simon 7-6, 7-6 to win his first Shanghai Masters 1000 title. The win was Federer’s 23rd Masters 1000 event of his career and his 8th different, equalling Novak Djokovic for the most among active players.

“It makes me very happy winning here because this tournament means a lot to me,” said Federer. “I’ve always enjoyed coming here. I’ve come close a couple of times, but I’ve always wanted to win it as a Masters 1000.

“I feel unbelievable prestige to win this event. Especially putting my hands on the trophy for the first time is a good feeling, I must say. I’m very happy with the way I’m playing. Overall I’m just extremely happy right now.”

The only Masters 1000 events Federer has yet to win are Monte Carlo and Rome. Djokovic is missing only Cincinnati from the current calendar while Nadal is short of Miami, Shanghai and the Paris Indoors.

Most Different ATP Masters 1000 Titles
8 Roger Federer (23): Hamburg ’02, ’04-05, ’07; Indian Wells ’04-06, ’12; Toronto ’04, ’06, Miami ’05-06; Cincinnati ’05, ’07, ’09-10, ’12, ’14; Madrid ’06, ’09, ’12; Paris ’11; Shanghai ’14

8 Novak Djokovic (19): Miami ’07, ’11, ’12, ’14; Montreal/Toronto ’07, ’11, ’12; Indian Wells ’08, ’11, ’14; Rome ’08, ’11, ’14; Paris ’09, ’13; Madrid ’11; Shanghai ’12-13; Monte-Carlo ’13

7 Rafael Nadal (27): Monte-Carlo ’05-12; Rome ’05-07, ’09-10, ’12-13; Montreal/Toronto ’05, ’08, ’13; Cincinnati ’13; Madrid ’05, ’10, ’13-14; Indian Wells ’07, ’09, ’13; Hamburg ’08

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30 Comments for Roger Federer Wins 8th Different Masters 1000 Title, Ties Djokovic, Moves Ahead Of Nadal

Hippy Chick Says:

Wouldnt it be amazing if all three player actually won all the masters 1000s titles,with a stroke of luck and the stars aligning i can certainly see it happening,especially with how good these guys actually are….

Hippy Chick Says:

Having said that im sure the GS are the titles that these players want the most….

sienna Says:

Well I guess Roger with 2 mp against Rafa in 5th set Rome 2006 came as close as one can get to hold all 9 mandatory masters.

Steve 27 Says:

no sienna, it doesn’t works that way.

skeezer Says:

Unbelivable achievement. Of important note is that Fed did not amass the majority of these titleson one surface, but mutiples. It clearly re states the obvious through this variety of titles, Fed is the most complete greatest player in history. Vamos Fed!

Sirius Says:

^There are only 2 surfaces on which masters are played on.

Giles Says:

Lol skeezer. Think before you speak! What “multiples”? It’s clay and HC not grass. Unless you think Halle is a Masters 1000!!

Hippy Chick Says:

Sirius/Skeezer ive never been one of those Rafa fans that belittles Federers achievements,but Rafa has won quite a few of his Masters 1000s title on HCs too,ok probably not as many as Federer but still not too shabby,agree about Fed been the most complete all round player,and i know this is masters and not GS but Rafa has multiple GS on all surfaces,which IMO i would say Rafas 14 is more impressive than Petes,even Pete himself and some other retired players have said so….

shamboozie Says:

Happy Chick you are confused…..and so is Pete.

Hippy Chick Says:

Shamboozie nah,whichever way you cut it,its quite simple Rafa has multiple GS on all surfaces Pete has not,clay,Grass and HCs,Pete never completed the career GS,but Rafa did :))….

Daniel Says:

HC is a matter o opinion. To m 7 Wimbledon plus 5 US Open and the other 2 is more important than 9 RG and maximum 2 at the other best even with carer Slam.

Actually the “career slam” was never a barometer for geatness s all the past geats “lack” 1 Slam. Apart from Rod Laver whihc won 3 on gass only Agassi achieve the feat in Opera prior to Fedal and it was big but not huge as it is today. Due to Fed and Nadal being so great and potentially Novak in a near future that winning all 4 majors got more ‘importance’ and relevance. Because is guys are breaking all the records.

I in Petes place wouldn’t trade any of his Wimbledon titles for 1 RG and I bet he wouldn’t do the same also. On his days all that matters was Wimbledon and RG was relegated to clay specialist, it has been so for decades apart Borg.

But I am sure Pete would trade 1 AO for 1 RG. US Open not so sure because it was his home turf.

It’s a matter of what you and some criticis think is more important and the time it happened play a role as well. My two cents.

skeezer Says:

Thank u admin.

Hippy Chick Says:

Daniel thanks for the feedback,i dont see how theres an argument,Rafa has multiple GS on all surfaces,and Pete doesnt,i understand people have annymosity for the guy,but to deny whats there in front of them in black and white is completely pointless….

Hippy Chick Says:

And why was Roger so delighted to win the French Open,and why does Novak desperatly want to win the French open,otherwise why bother whats the point?

Giles Says:

Daniel. Sorry but your post at 7 01 pm fails on all counts. JMO
Too biased !!!

Ben Pronin Says:

Federer was in 3 French Open finals before he finally won. Maybe at first it was just another tournament but then it became like his Moby Dick. So yeah, of course he was delighted. But afterwards he didn’t really make a big push for it again. He made the final in 2011 because he was playing great and of course it would have been awesome for him to win, but he never really talks about it or anything. But he still talks about Wimbledon and tries to win it even though he has 7 titles and 2 other runner-ups.

As for Djokovic. I think the French means more to him than it did to Federer for whatever reason. Even in the beginning of his career. Plus, seeing Federer and Nadal complete career slams surely motivates Djokovic to do the same, or at least try to do the same. And since it’s the only slam he hasn’t won he’s very focused on trying to win it.

But like Daniel said, what’s important to the fans and media might not be as important to the players. Nadal, on the other hand, goes all out year after year to win the French even though he has 9 freaking titles there now. What was the previous record? 6? I mean why does Nadal bother? Simply because it means a lot to him. Would Nadal trade one of his French Opens for another one of any of the other slams? Nope. And there’s nothing wrong or right with that. It’s what he wants.

Brando GOAT poster Says:

@Ben: spot on post. For Rafa the French Open is his most desired Grand Slam. Always has been and likely will be. He loves it. It’s the one he truly grew up dreaming of playing at, winning and now with his success there he’s clearly got a natural love, affection for it. For Fed its obviously Wimbledon. Even if it wasn’t as prized as it is he would pick that since all his heroes won there: Becker, Edberg, Sampras. Novak’s a funny one. Now he obviously wants French Open for obvious reasons but really I have no real idea which one he cherishes most. Like Rafa he’ll give the PR answer about Wimbedon to English media but really you know he’s not as mad about it as some others are. I think probably Australian Open. He knows that’s where his greatest legacy his, perfect court, memories, first Slam, greatest slam wins etc. He probably has that as number one. I agree: players do not think a how fans, critics may call it re Slams and have their own feeling, affection for certain Slams even if its not what popular consensus has as number one.

Hippy Chick Says:

Ben and Brando Goat Poster i agree with everything your saying,but i feel you both missed the point,surely completeing the set of winning all four majors is the biggest achievement a player can do in tennis,Roger wanted the french to complete the set,same with Novak,Rafa the USO,and im sure Pete wanted the french to also do the same,its nothing to do with me being a Rafa fan or emotional bias,but Rafa has multiple GS on all surfaces,so IMO his 14 GS are better than Petes….

Hippy Chick Says:

Im sure Federer would dearly love another French Open for a second career GS,same with Rafa regarding another AO,please lets not kid ourselves here….

Sienna Says:

Rafa wants Wimbledon over Garros.

Daniel Says:

We can look at it by some stas:

Of all Slams the one less different players won and had more #1 and all time greats winning is Wimbledon. I think only Lendl and Roddick have finished num er 1 without winning it. and Rios and Rater were numberones wo didn’t won it.


Is not for everybody to see. To you winning all four majors is more important. To me having more Wimbledon is more important in the case of Nadal and Sampras who are tied with 14. Specially cnsidering that Smpras had 5 on ho second best and Nadal only 2 in both US open and Wimbledon.

Of course if Nadal gets to 15 with AO than it chages his status comoared to Sampras. The Grand Slams distribution towards Nadal still shows that he only dominates 1 Slams like never before. He needs to add more different Slams to his tally than RG.

But right now we all want to see if he can get a 10th next year which will be insane.

Perfect fan Says:

I m gonna give my vote to HC in this….IMO, all the GSs are equally important. thrs a reason why all 4 of them are worth 2000 pts.

But every player has a liking to either a particular surface or a particular city or particular ppl….taking the case of fed and pete, they definitely like everything about wimbledon….the atmosphere, the ppl and most importantly the surface, which suits thr playing style and is tailor made for them to exploit it by playing thr attacking game…. which comes naturally to them. pete especially exploited the most, coz in his times the courts were faster, which complimented his pistol serves and sharp volleys, and he cemented his legacy there. fed on the other hand had to adjust his game a lil’ to get success thr, considering the courts slowed down in his time. so rather than going lights out serve n volley, he opted a clever hybrid of both attacking n baseline play to get success thr.

Very similarly, clay brings wonders in rafa’s game, as he feels at home thr. He has unbelievable success on this surface, no one can even dare dream to replicate his glory here. It is almost impossible to beat rafa here, even when he is not at his 100%….thats the reason, why most ppl vl bet their life on a tennis match but with rafa on clay. thats the impact he has on this surface. and thats why he loves RG. ’66-1’….thats a stat in a GS, only players can dream of.

But coming to the point, even with a liking to a particular surface or a particular slam….legends like laver, borg, pete, agassi, fed, rafa, etc. adjusted thr game to get success on other surfaces as well…..but unfortunately only agassi, fed n rafa managed to achieve that (career slam) which shows how difficult it is….and its definitely an elite club that every single player will pine to be a part of….and every retired player will regret to have missed out on same.

So, I definitely feel that rafa’s 14 slams atm are more honourable compared to pete’s, without taking anything from pete….his 7 wimby’s and 5 uso titles are priceless like rafa’s 9 RGs. Say if rafa finishes with 14 and gets tied with pete, I ll place him ahead of pete….my 2 cents!!

Ben Pronin Says:

Dearly love is a strong statement. I really don’t think Federer cares about a second career slam as much as Nadal apparently does. He’s not going to purposely lose at the French but it’s not the event he tries to peak for nowadays.

Nadal does not want Wimbledon over the French. Not at all.

skeezer Says:

Wimby is the most prestigious of all the Slams. That said, on some level they are all equally important, that is why they are called a Grand Slam.

RZ Says:

Ugh, reading this post again makes me more annoyed that Fed didn’t win Monte Carlo this year. He’d have had 9 different Master’s titles.

Giles Says:

RZ. Greedy much, no? Lol

Hippy Chick Says:

Thanks Perfect Fan you perfectly got the gist of what i was talking about,others missed the point i feel….

RZ Says:

@Giles – yes! LOL

Steve 27 Says:

what about Rome, RZ, do you forgot the most important Master 1000?

RZ Says:

@Steve 27, I didn’t forget Rome, it’s that he wasn’t close to winning it this year (though he has been in the past). Fed went out in the first round this year (understandable, as the twin boys had just been born), unlike MC where he was leading in the final, against Wawrinka who ended up not doing much else the rest of the year. But of course I’d love for Fed to win there too.

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