Nikolay Davydenko Has Announced His Retirement From Tennis

by Staff | October 16th, 2014, 10:51 am

Fifteen year tour veteran and former World No. 3 Nikolay Davydenko announced his retirement from pro tennis earlier today.

“I am 33 years old. I won 21 ATP World Tour tournaments, including three ATP World Tour Masters 1000 tournaments, and the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals in London. I don’t have any regrets about not winning a Grand Slam or not being No. 1 in the world. I was in the Top 10 for some years.

“Unfortunately, for some years now, I have been struggling with injuries. It’s hard for me to talk about it. I have been thinking when to announce it. The time has come. I have my whole life to live. I officially announce my retirement from professional tennis.

“I decided to retire in June after Roland Garros. I felt I could not play at the level I used to play at. I practised twice a day, but I felt I couldn’t achieve the result I wanted. But I was waiting for the moment when I would wake up and say to myself it was enough.”

Davydenko finishes his career with 482 wins, 38 top 10 wins, Grand Slam semifinals twice at the French Open and the US Open. Behind Marat Safin and Yevgeny Kafelnikov, he is one of the all-time great Russian men’s tennis players.

Davydenko will now turn to business and his family life with his wife, Irina daughter, Ekaterina. “I now have set new goals. I can say I will work in business and finance. I will work not only on a national, but also on an international level. I have been playing throughout the world. Time will tell. For me these are new technologies and I have a lot of friends whom I can work with.”

Davydenko’s last match was a first round loss at the French Open to Robin Haase.

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36 Comments for Nikolay Davydenko Has Announced His Retirement From Tennis

Hippy Chick Says:

Good luck and best wishes for the future,to Davey and the lovely Irina and little daughter,a great talent with the game to trouble the top players,a solid career as a top ten player,winning the WTFs was a fantastic achievement,nice highlights too,you with be missed….

Humble Rafa Says:

Great loss to mankind (the tennis kind). Best wishes, Great Davy.

The Great Davy Says:

Thank you Humble one. I go retire now with the greatest H2H in the history. Will think of you when go fishing.

SG1 Says:

What’s Davy’s record against Federer???? Case of selective memory loss perhaps???? Says:

He is the lineal GOAT: he beat the GOAT who beat the GOAT.

He was a great presence on the tour: could challenge anyone in his prime, and had a very exciting game, showing that timing and form could create power as much as size and strength. And he was funny.

Perfect fan Says:

Godspeed Davy….for a glorious life ahead :)

RZ Says:

Best player to never reach a slam final, perhaps?

Daniel Says:

Puerta, the cheat who was on drugs during French Open 2005 and was banned later, prevented Davy from reaching the final that year. He was close to it and wiuld gave gave Nadal a real contest in RG final. Glad at last Nadal was able to win that match otherwise we would have a clear case of a cheater Slam winner.

Now there is none with a postivoe HxH versus Nadal, oh forget about Brown;-)

skeezer Says:

Hows his h2h record against qualifiers?

RZ Says:

@Daniel – don’t forget about Nick Kyrgios! (Really, I don’t put much stock in winning records when only 1 match has been played between the two players).

Brando GOAT poster Says:

All the best Davy. Actually forgot about him until this announcement. 33, still could have eeked out a couple more years had it not been for injuries. He could have won a Slam had he pushed for it I think. Sure his serve was not all that but he could definitely hang with the best of them from the baseline at his best. Always thought he was comfortable being top 10 and making a nice living rather than pushing for more. Still: who can blame him when that earns you $16 million alone in match fees. Set for life and enjoy it Davy!

Steve 27 Says:

Bye bye, GOAT.
Your legaicy is intact now!

Steve 27 Says:

Bye bye, GOAT.
Your legacy is intact now!

skeezer Says:

^ and thats why the h2h argument is a foolish way of thinking in Tennis.

elina Says:

Well I just hope that you not comparing 5-6 with 10-23. Don’t you? Or do you. No you did.

OK. Good.

elina Says:

Well I just hope that you not comparing 5-6 with 10-23. Don’t you? Or do you. No you did.

OK. Good. :)

Humble Rafa Says:

Still: who can blame him when that earns you $16 million alone in match fees. Set for life and enjoy it Davy!

That’s the sad part. Pretty face like Wozy wins millions in endorsements, Great Davy had to buy his own shirts.

Sad state of tennis, where people go for looks. If you look deep within, Great Davy had the character of Abraham Lincoln.

Margot Says:

Saw him beat Delpotro at the O2. That was pretty special.
Enjoy the rest of your life Nikolai!

jane Says:

good luck to davy; he was fun to watch when he was playing his best.
i love the way he’d move around the court, somehow in a very zippy manner, like frogger or something.
now he can zip off into the sunset, and hang out with the little davy.

Michael Says:

Davydenko will always be remembered for his favourable H2H against Rafa which is quite special and the only player who held that advantage. A great player who had a memorable 2008 and early 2009 when he was able to dictate to the best and was feeling incredible. His most important achievement is winning the World tour finals beating Del Potro and notably he did beat Roger in the round robin. A great slogger from the back of the court who held his own against the best. The only black mark in his career was when he was accused of using banned substances and was suspended for a while. But other than that, he was a gutsy player with great tenacity. I wish him a happy and wonderful retired life.

Steve 27 Says:

Michael, I think you mean late 2009 and early 2010, and he beat Federer in sf at WTF.

Okiegal Says:


I thought Davy was accused of match fixing?? Was it both or have I got my wires crossed……again? Lol

Okiegal Says:

Davy and Rafa have met 11 times, leads Rafa by one. I looked on Rafa’s site for the info and under
Davy’s stat was Novak’s…….they’ve met 43 times….9 more times than Rafa and Fed.

Good luck to Davy on his retirement, love to watch him play Rafa, always a good battle.

elina Says:

okiegal, yes but he was cleared.

Okiegal Says:

@Elina……was he cleared of both? I just don’t remember the banned substance charge.

elina Says:

I’m not aware of Davy having any involvement with banned substances. Never heard of it.

andrea Says:

he wasn’t always the most exciting player to watch, but he was in the mix. still love the story when he won miami with only one racquet. bye bye nikolay!

Polo Says:

If Davydenko was cleared of all charges, then there is no blemish in his carreer.

Humble Rafa Says:

In other related matters, he can go back to his wife. She is not bad looking.

Hippy Chick Says:

Humble Rafa Irina is indeed gorgeous,but you actually have a stunning girlfriend yourself….

contador Says:

Loved Davy’s tennis. His footwork, timing, incredible lightness around the court, and clean ball striking made him a pleasure to watch.

Miss him very much but best wishes for his life after tennis.

Michael Says:


Thanks for the correction. Yes you are right !!


I was aware of the match fixing scandal too, but it is also true that he was suspended for using banned substances for some months which kept him off from Tennis for a while. He was then cleared as elis rightly pointed out.

Okiegal Says:

@Michael……I just wasn’t aware of the banned substance charge……if I did I had forgotten…..which is nothing unusual!! Lol

Wog boy Says:

“I was aware of the match fixing scandal too, but it is also true that he was suspended for using banned substances for some months which kept him off from Tennis for a while. He was then cleared as elis rightly pointed out.”

Michael, can you, please, provide link or any reliable evidence about Davydenko being suspended for using banned substances, I don’t remember any of it. Thanks

Margot Says:

I knew about the match fixing but, like Wog boy, don’t remember anything about allegations of drug abuse.

Gwen Richards` Says:

Nikolay Davydenko will be missed. He was a wonderful tennis player w/good manners & a great attitude. Always a good competitor. I ALWAYS enjoyed watch him play & was glad when he won. Best wishes for a wonderful life after tennis Nikolay..

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