Rafael Nadal: I Have To Do The Surgery, So Right Now I Don’t Know If I’ll Be In London [Video]

by Tom Gainey | October 17th, 2014, 2:49 pm

In a new interview, Rafael Nadal says that he is going to have surgery by the end of the year for appendicitis, but he won’t put a date on it yet.

“It’s not been an easy season for me at the end,” he told Sky Sports. “I have to do the surgery, but I need to find the right moment.”

If Nadal does have surgery after Paris as speculated he would miss the London ATP finals. But right now Rafa is not ruling out playing the year-end event.

“I don’t know yet,” when asked if was would play in London.

Uncle Toni, however, was more forthcoming indicating Rafa will not be in London:

Before any decision on his ailing appendix is made, Nadal is still scheduled to play Basel next week and then Paris.

Rafa is currently practicing in Basel.

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22 Comments for Rafael Nadal: I Have To Do The Surgery, So Right Now I Don’t Know If I’ll Be In London [Video]

Brando GOAT poster Says:

Right move. He’s turning up at Basel since: 1. He’s on a 3 year appearance contract there. Last year was the first: he was absent, so 2 years in a row skipping it is a bad look. 2. He’s on antibiotics so clearly it’s a immensely serious issue- thankfully- and him being the professional he is would likely want to complete his tour commitment. Remember: Rafa is a guy who the day after winning Wimbledon 2008 rather than celebrating was on a plane to Hamburg to let the event organiser know in person he will not play. Could have it done it on the phone but wanted to do so in person. Shows the guy is a pretty principled fella and one who dislikes not making commitments he’s made. He’s likely going to see how he feels in Basel: if his body says no more then he’ll withdraw. But he will try as he always does to battle on. It’s kinda crazy at times but a very admirable trait about Rafa!

Brando GOAT poster Says:

It’s not a immensely serious, pressing issue.

SG1 Says:

Golf swing could use some work :)

Polo Says:

Is Nadal going to operate on himself?

Humble Rafa Says:

Thankfully, everyone agrees Humble is a man. Apparently the Big Lady and her poor Fashenista sister are having problems.

Humble Rafa Says:

1. He’s on a 3 year appearance contract there. Last year was the first: he was absent, so 2 years in a row skipping it is a bad look.

Basel Tournament owner is one angry man. Appendicitis or not, I am keeping that commitment.

sienna Says:

when you risk your health for a contract commitance then the balance in team Nadal is faulted.
roger also made mistakes somewhat like that.
But never did I witness a more stupid decision by his Uncle?
Maybe T gets a % of the fee!

Michael Says:

If he decides to perform the surgery after Paris Master then obviously he might not be able to play World Tour Finals and his participation at the Australian Open too will hang in balance. I think the sooner he performs the surgery, better for him as he cannot avoid it for long.

Steve 27 Says:

What are they thinking?
This is becoming a “dramedy”.
AO clearly is the target and Rafa and Tio Tony keep making the same mistakes of the past, like playing Rotterdam 2009, as I have previously mentioned, hopefully not regret these decisions that can cause serious damage to the health of the best Spanish athlete of all time.

Purcell Says:

Is Nadal going to operate on himself?
Of course he is. He’ll take an MOT during his first match in Basel.

Giles Says:

I think it’s more likely fed will take a bathroom break during his first match in Basel.

Humble Rafa Says:

When I have Uncle Toni, I can keep no secrets. I am glad no one asks him about Xisca.

Giles Says:

MOT??? Rafa is a car mechanic??

Hippy Chick Says:

Cute picture Rafa ;D….

Purcell Says:

Oh you do fall for it don’t you Giles.

Giles Says:

Lol. That’s one way of concealing your error Purcell.

elina Says:

Who knew that there were so many qualified doctors here!

Wog boy Says:

Something tells me there is one doctor here, Polo?

elina Says:

Perhaps these medical experts might look up NHL forward Jonathan Ericsson who managed three appendicitis flare ups with medication over three years before having surgery.

Okiegal Says:

@Elina……Thanks for the comment telling us that there has been another sports person who has played with a sick appendix!! I’ve never known anyone in my life who has had chronic appendicitis…..it’s always been acute. This is good to know…….

elina Says:

@Okiegal, the way athletes deal with health (injuries, etc.) is on a whole other level than the general public.

Spain’s Guillermo Garcia-Lopez waited two years to undergo his appendectomy.

Another case study for the doctors!

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