Nobody Has Been Better At The ATP Finals Than Roger Federer! [Video]
by Tom Gainey | November 5th, 2014, 2:09 pm

The ATP has released this special video chronicling Roger Federer’s success at the London Finals. Federer has won the event six times beating six different players in the finals. And this season marks his 13th straight appearance at the prestigious round-robin event.

Even more remarkable is the fact that Federer has only failed to make it out of the round-robin stage just once in 12 tries, that in 2008.


Most ATP Finals Titles
6 Roger Federer 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2010, 2011
5 Ivan Lendl 1981, 1982, 1985, 1986, 1987
5 Pete Sampras 1991, 1994, 1996, 1997, 1999
4 Ilie Nastase 1971, 1972, 1973, 1975

Most Appearances In Final
9 Ivan Lendl 1980–1988
8 Boris Becker 1985–1986, 1988–1989, 1992, 1994–1996
8 Roger Federer 2003–2007, 2010–2012
6 Pete Sampras 1991, 1993–1994, 1996–1997, 1999

Most Undefeated Titles (w/round robin)
5 Roger Federer 2003, 2004, 2006, 2010, 2011
3 Ivan Lendl 1981, 1986, 1987

ATP Finals All-Time Match Wins
44 Roger Federer
39 Ivan Lendl
36 Boris Becker
35 Pete Sampras
22 Andre Agassi
22 Ilie Nastase

ATP Finals Most Years Qualified (through 2014)
14 Andre Agassi
13 Roger Federer
12 Ivan Lendl

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70 Comments for Nobody Has Been Better At The ATP Finals Than Roger Federer! [Video] Says:

Let’s all take a moment to recollect the Davydenko/ DelPotro finals as one of the MOST SINGULAR EVENTS during the long Big Four reign.

Going from 2006 to 2013, either Fed or Novak have won every WTF, and usually either the other or Rafa was the losing finalist.

Sirius Says:

Mr. Consistent

Humble Rafa Says:

I don’t play well here because WTF is not a family friendly name.

Hippy Chick Says:

Congrats Roger quite the achievement,i wouldnt be at all surprised if he were to win a 7th title this year….

brando GOAT poster Says:

Does this guy ever get tired from kissing his own backside? ‘I have been so great here, my game is so good, my hair warrants a loreal commercial etc’. Sickening narcissist! Had to puke up when mirka revealed that a fun night in the RF household according to Roger is getting the spray to clean his trophies and hear him talk about how great he was that day! Here’s hoping Andy, Kei and Milos whup his butt, of course as Roger would want it, in a ‘great’ fashion.

Wog Boy Says:

How many times he won WTF in London itself.

Giles Says:

@Brando. LMAO!

sienna Says:

this is the fifth slam.

Sirius Says:

and 1 ru and 2 sf also

Wog Boy Says:

Thanks Sirius,that’s mean two each.

Sirius Says:

You mean djoko n fed? Yes 2 each. But may i ask why?

Wog Boy Says:

Just curious.

Sirius Says:

Really? I thought something else ;)

skeezer Says:

Awesome stats @ the World Tour Finals.
LOL @ the jealous haters. Probably cause this is one of the places Fed has given Rafa a Bagel.

Thought the vid was most excellent :)

skeezer Says:

“ATP Finals All-Time Match Wins

44 Roger Federer”

His first qualification was 2003. So since 2003 – 2014 he has this record against the top 8 players in the world. weak era-strong era-all era.

Polo Says:

Federer: Great, awesome, magnificent, amazing, terrific. He can use all those to describe himself. He is all those. Says:

This time of year, some fans get bitter at tennis.

Daniel Says:

Federer needs 1 more finals to tie Lendl with 9 and qualifying for 1 more year to tie Agassi with 14 and he will be leader or co-leader in all cathegories. Trully remarkable!! Says:

Amazing, I remember the years Lendl was the master of this event, now one more marker to be eclipsed by Fed.

Brando GOAT Poster Says:

Pfffttttt……………he’s old, a has been, a narcissist lurking for the crumbs leftover the Rafole table since he’s to pathetic a player to enjoy the right to the main course.

Considering his phony, facetious, pompous personality then he’s a sheer farce on the tour. He has his diva-ish way’s doesn’t he? Playing Queen at Wimby, LOL. Let’s swap this Lady like imposter on the men’s tour for Serena ‘Big Guns’ Williams:

They’ll get a Lady they can proudly showcase for her feminine game and we’ll get a Champion who has the cojona’s to meet great champions with fierce competition as opposed to being meek, weak, abject and routinely a pathetic excuse for a supposed great champion. He’s a weak opposition bully: toss his butt to the WTA and this Queen will truly reign supreme!

A fraud, a imposter tagged by stats loving fanatics as a great Champion (LOL) when genuine ones’ (kudos to Sampras, Agassi, McEnroe for pointing out how much Federina is a lamb for slaughter rather than a GOAT in front of Great Champions) fully well know here’s a case of pussycat being deigned a lion!

Kudos to Mats Wilander especially for that classic Federerina quote:

Federerina? He’s got no balls infront of real champion! A flat, weak opposition bully who walks with a arrogant strut but when faced with the real deals: it soon evaporates like air from a balloon that’s just meet the sharp edge of needle!

Toss this diva to the WTA and give Ferrer the 8th spot for this Men’s Tennis event!

Brando GOAT Poster Says:

LOL, typos, a mistake like having this Queen on the men’s tour!


‘He has his diva-ish way’s doesn’t he? Playing Queen at Wimby, dressing up each year like as if he’s a Victoria Secret model strutting for the gaze of admirer’s’.

Get this Lady off the tour I say! Stronger checks should be made on the personnel allowed to play the game, since surely the dignity of the sport is ruined by having this Queen playing dress up in the Men’s Game!

Have we fallen so low and let our standards slip that we choose to celebrate a wimp who belongs in the women’s game as a champion within the men’s game?

A farce that the likes of Sampras, Agassi, Wilanders, McEnroe and countless others find as a embarrassment: that seeing a weak opposition bully who get’s his butt tossed to the curb so easily when faced with real champions, be celebrated in such a manner?

And his poor fans, oh his poor, poor fans:

Please provide your names so I remember you in my prayers. Such a pity seeing my fellow human beings falling at the feet of what they think is a King but actually has the ways of a mouse: off when a superior predator is present!

Such a shame, tut, tut, tut! :-(

Daniel Says:

LOL!!!!! Xanax needed urgently!

kjb Says:

@Brando WOAT poster (Worst of all time)

has been? Last time I checked he is #2 in the world with a chance to become #1.

What are you talking about?

Brando GOAT Poster Says:


Xanax? In this moment of clarity:

Shouldn’t Lindt chocolate be the order of the hour in recognition of this Queen?


Daniel Says:

Actually a Lindt will do, chocolate releases endorphins, and right now anything for you to have some good feelings on your body. Those rants are not healthy!

Polo Says:

Brando, how did you know Federer is a “queen”?

Brando GOAT Poster Says:


no.2 ranking? That right there is a display, example of the Gentleman like conduct, chivalry on the tour!

In life:

You got to a place, you let your lady friend go in first. You have a Lady on tour: let her rank above you!

It’s called being a Gentleman: and the fellas on tour know that they should let the Lady go ahead of them.

It’s a longstanding tradition that should be kept even if the Lady is as divaish, narcissistic self loving Queen like Federina.

Unfortunately all are wise to this old, traditional act of Chivalry except Nole:

Let’s excuse his rudeness as an act of forgetfulness of manners due to the joy of experiencing fatherhood very recently!

I am sure at the WTF Andy, Kei and Milos will see the exit door and think:

Let the Lady Federina go first!

Daniel Says:

Love this moments, when one reveals oneself just like a xiita fundamentalist and basically loses all credibility and kind of became a joke and parody of itself.

Polo Says:

Let Brando GP air out his frustration in whatever way he wants. Commiserations to him because as time goes by, Federer continues to distance himself from his idol who’s knocking on 30 and still unmarried.

Daniel Says:

Now I want to see all the ones who complain about sexism in this site come forward because this “sense” that calllng him queen or ina were offensive, as if lady like qualities are pejorative, were bizarre to say the least, as an attempt of humor.

You are right Polo, leave it be. I just found it so out of the box that it blew my mind, but in a comedy relief sense, kind of akward and embarrassed.

Polo Says:

Daniel, Brando GP’s outrageous post was so blatantly untrue that everybody must be laughing at him for being so desperate. Federer’s sexuality is never in question. So is Novak’s and Andy’s.

kjb Says:


Being that he has won Edberg award for sportsmanship the last 10 out of 11 years, I will have to agree with you that he is most certainly a gentleman. As for your other points I am having a hard time deciphering your lunacy. But, it happens with all Rafa fans this time of year.

skeezer Says:

@Polo & Daniel
Yep! Lol…love it. Give Brando a little push and her true biased Rafa colors come through. All opinions start with “my Rafa” mindset. Nothing new there, Lol.
Go Fed! Best GOAT ever! Records speak for themselves, xanax rants do not.

jatin Says:

Wow. These 6 titles shows how much roger has dominated the top 10 then and now in this event.
Just heard that he has also won the sportsmanship and fan’s favourite award.
What a year he has had.
Group of death or not. I don’t see him losing to raonic or nishikori in his group.
I hope to see another djoker vs fed encounter to end the year in style.
Go champ.

jatin Says:

I just don’t know how could one consider himself a true tennis fan when he can’t even respect the champions of this sport ?
The two R’s of this sport have so much respect for each other. Great role models for all of us to follow.

andrea Says:

makes me wonder what some of these posters are like in real life? do they really spout so much nonsense in a room full of real people, or do they prefer to bask in their internet anonymity while throwing out retarded kibbles and bits masquerading as an opinion in an attempt to bait other people to reply to such foolishness?

all in favor of the latter, raise your hand.

(insert raised hand here).

Perfect fan Says:

Oh my dear Lord!….what a piece of sheer filth I came across….i m sick to my stomach and I feel like puking, to say the least.
I m shell shocked to learn that it came from one, who had earlier given some very insightful comments. Though sometimes he goes extreme, but never did I thought that he vl get down to this level….YUCK! :((

I feel sorry to say this….but sometimes derogatory and disgusting comments like this forces me to rethink visiting this forum.

For the time being, I m leaving for good. I dnt know if I vl be able to recover any time soon from what I witnessed here today. See you guys soon (hopefully)….

Margot Says:

Oh Perfect fan don’t go! I really like your posts. Brando is like a little kid poking a hornet’s nest with a stick. Andrea is right, it’s just “baiting” and should be ignored.
Yep, extremely sexist and homophobic. Let’s see if its “moderated”?

sienna Says:

why does everybody not see some irony in those comments?
there is some genuine anger towards Fed in his comments but mostly it is ironic.
freedom of speech is how that is called.
besides you have to enhance some issues to make a point.

I did not fancy the dressed parade at wimbly final 07.
but that was a mistake he wont make again.

what I truly dislike is a #1 always downplaying his chances. to me the most important factor that places Rafa below Djokovic in history of tennis.

Giles Says:

At some point last year there was doubt whether fed would even qualify for the WTF. You fed fans will do well to remember that. Ok?

Giles Says:
Shame on the ATP for allowing this charade to continue year after year after year! Not cool!

Hippy Chick Says:

Polo i dont condone Brandos posts far from it,and i laughed out of shock and embarassment rather than finding what he said funny,but Rafas not thinking of marriage or children till his career in tennis is finished,as his girlfriend Xisca is studying for a University degree,also can i ask what were you getting at in your post@ 10.00pm Federers sexuality is never in is Novaks and Andys?….

Polo Says:

Hippy Chick, that was for Brando to ponder because he started it and I just want to turn the table back to him. He seems to be the only one here who is concerned with the sexuality of players. It should not be anybody’s concern and it certainly is not mine. I don’t think any further discussion is needed because it has no relevance to the game.

Hippy Chick Says:

Polo true and it isnt to me either….

Daniel Says:

Actually he was about to have this outburst ever since Fed challenged for #1. I think the idea of a 33 Yeard old has been in today’s game challenging #1 was too much for some fans. He goes after Novak non stop and suddelny all post are saying Novak is the deserving #1 and downplayng Fed. With this video and the ATP awards results it was just too much;-)

Sienna I think with Nadal the main problem is that we live in an era when all information comes to us and he and his team uses it too much related to his injuries. The players don’t like nor a lot of fans because it always create the effect: “Nadal only loses when not 100%, when he is fit he is unbeatable”. That is the core of his stule of play amd mindset to perfom. Sometimes I wonder if he and Tony actually believe in it!

Polo Says:

Now, from that brief topic of sexual fabrications, let’s move on and try to guess who will make it in each group. It is easier to figure out who will not make it especially for Group A: Berdych. Who is the second guy? It’s a toss-up. But I’ll pick Wawrinka.

Group B: When Federer is involved, I cannot figure it out properly. I don’t think Nishikori and Raonic will make it. If Murray is really interested, (and maybe if I don’t watch his matches because I seem to always jinx him) I’ll pick Adny to join Roger.

Polo Says:

…Andy and Roger to make it.

Daniel Says:

Read o. The ATP aite that DC points onlu count for next year woch could make Fed get #1 earlynext yearbut not this year if the difference is depending on those points.

So as ir stands if Djoko wins 1 matches Fed can’t reach him not even if he goes undefetaed.

10010 + 200 = 10210
8700 + 1500 = 10200

But Djoko’w web page says he needs to win 3 matches to have 600 pta and guarantee regardless of Fed’s possible 225 pts if Swiss wins DC.

This way:

10010 + 600 = 10610
8700 + 1500 + 225 = 10425 pts (if DC counts)

Atp could at that shark bites calculated what Djoko needs to do to secure YE, because my understanding is that it ends in London, with London results. But if Fed DC counts next year Djok could be YE#1 u til December knowing that Fed will take over first week of January when DC poins count.

Anyway, best will be for Novak to get a convincing win now and put this to rest.

Hippy Chick Says:

Polo i just cant see past Novak winning the title,he could possibly lose 1 match possibly just possibly?as you do have that luxury with this title,but certainly not two,pretty much like Serena on the womens side,especially if its to the same player,these elite players are way too good to let the same player beat them twice,especially if your playing the way Novak is ATM….

Hippy Chick Says:

Its pretty simple for me,Novak will win the title even if he loses a match doing so,the rest are playing for RU spot,i think Novak and Stan will top 1 group,and Roger and Andy will top the other,personally i think it will be a Novak v Roger final,with Novak winning the title,in possibly two maybe three tight sets….

Hippy Chick Says:

Off topic but i really miss Kimberlys posts,wonder where she is lately?….

Sirius Says:


Novak’s DC points (150) of last year will drop off after the WTF. That’s why he needs to win 3 RR matches to secure the year end no. 1 title

Brando GOAT poster Says:

LMFAO at the overreaction to my blatantly obvious tongue firmly in cheek and writing whatever nonsensical BS I can think of only to get a rise out of some posters here being taken in such great seriousness and to the extent that it has been! Oh dear. I’ll post fully later on this matter, but got to use that famed line and ask for now: why so serious folks? Why take a blatantly obvious farcical post that even a child can spot as someone taking the p— in such great seriousness? To such a extent that we suddenly see some armchair psychologists out with judgment calls as why such evil was forthcoming and even more ridiculously the musing, defending of Rafa, Nole’s and Andy’s sexuality. I gotta say: shocked at overreaction, sheer escalation in the seriousness with which how BS has been taken but at the same time I must admit: I have laughed my —- at how uptight some people have shown themselves to be in this particular exchange. Seeked a reaction from the fanatics and got one: a Thank You is in order for the amusement. I’ll post fully to address this later at the Tom, Dick and Harry crowd who bought this BS so completely and fully when even a nincompoop would spot it as a obvious case of someone trolling to take the —- and get a little comical reaction. Side Note: that reference does not extend to POLO- a very intelligent poster I regard well and enjoy reading the opinions of- and others of such who I am surprised did not intelligently recognise such farcical posts for what they are and attributed some seriousness to them when none really exists with them. I’ll mark that down as a momentary lapse of judgment by Polo et al since I consider them too intelligent to not spot such obvious drivel as it is: drivel for the sake of seeking a farcical reaction. Till later for now.

elina Says:

Daniel, I believe that is only for the Race to London (i.e., 2015 RTL includes 2014 DC final points), not ATP Ranking.

So, DC Final points count this year for year end ranking and winning one or two matches does not clinch No. 1 for Nole if Roger goes undefeated for the rest of the year.

Polo Says:

Thanks Brando GP: let’s move on. I must admit it your post was irritating, hence my equally irritating retort. Too bad, guys like Federer and Nadal who are just doing their jobs had to be dragged in those. But back to the tennis business.

Nadal is done. For this year, which isn’t too bad in spite of those setbacks. Any year with a major title is better than one without one, regardless of how your ranking ends up. Appendix nothing to worry about anymore. 2015 is something to look forward to especially for Nadal followers. I wish he will get his 10th French, then leave 2016 for Djokovic to complete his set. Federer, I don’t really worry about. He is pretty much accomplished already and everything now is just icing on the cake. But of course, I love icing.

Brando GOAT poster Says:

@Polo: thanks and I can understand your reaction. I don’t mind stirring up a reaction for self amusement but when it irritates posters I regard highly then yeah I have crossed the line. My bad, and I’ll move on as you suggest. Back to the game itself: I agree with you fully. Rafa? Given the context in which his season existed in- mirred in physical drama of one kind or another- for me this year has been outstanding for him to depart with what he has given how, really, he never was at his top level at any stretch of the year. And I too share your generous sentiments for him in the 2015 season and hope its a great one. Fed? For me he’s got zero to prove and achieve. Fact is he’s at a age most players are pretty much done at the top level and yet remarkably he’s posing serious considerations of being no.1, winning slams, major titles, beating prime age talents like Novak etc. I find that remarkable in itself and for me he’s had a genuinely outstanding year. He’s shown a new dimension to his talent this year which I never saw him having and have come to appreciate: sheer fight. The fight he showed in the Wimby final, the fight he showed in Shanghai SF to put on a master class and above all else: the fight to showcase his talent as brightly as ever to shut up cynics like myself who thought post his 2013 season he’s finished as a force. He’s done great this year and I tip my hat in admiration for him for that. I’ll be a liar if I say I see him winning slams down the line (but like anyone: I don’t know the future, he may do so) but I can see him winning some big titles still since his Tennis is still of a top brand that sees him genuinely contending for all events he enters. Good luck to him at WTF, he may strike there even!

skeezer Says:

There is something wrong when a poster has to backtrack and tell everyone if their post was a joke or not. Seriously.
Thanks for keeping Fed fans updated on his most recent awards for 2014. Your the best!
Congrats Fed on another Fan fav award, voted by all the fans of Tennis, and the Sportsmenship award, voted by all the ATP players. Magnificent!

Gordon Says:

Humble Rafa – now YOUR comment had a return to humour; well done.

Brando Goat Poster – save typing a lot by just admitting you are a troll. A troll who thinks he/she is a clever writer. Please!

When it comes to Federer you just hate him cause you ain’t him; you’re just peanut butter and jealous. 😝

RogNadFan Says:

This animal “Brando the Goat poster” is so buried in jealousy and hatred. Hatred is like constipation dude, if you don’t treat it with some laxative, the **** is sure to come to your mouth eventually! You may already have experienced that, but just in case,

Drink some prune juice!

brando GOAT poster Says:

Lmfao, looks like I have gained additional admirers due to earlier posts.The love showered my way has truly been touching. 11.59: thanks for the tip, clearly gauging by the tone of your post it would not be amiss for me to think you have some previous experience in this regard! I’ll skip the prune juice for now but I’ll know who to call in for some incase the need arises since you seem well versed in that regard with such a post!

Giles Says:

skeezer. A trick question for you – do you think fed deserves these joke awards year after year and why? Actually that’s 2 questions.

Hippy Chick Says:

IMO These players all work hard for their respective success,is there really any need to belittle one in favour of another,also do we have to stoop to such levels that we all start insulting each other personally??….

RogNadFan Says:

‘Lmfao, looks like I have gained additional admirers due to earlier posts’

Believe it or not, I was of your posts, before that post. Coz those used to be good ones.

But they were shouting ‘hater’ out loud. (despite all the good ones previously).

Anyway, since you mentioned in your last post that it was a deliberate post purely induced by your desire to amuse yourself, all’s good.

BTW, I don’t have the experience but the physics definitely tells that.
And…., I am sure LUFAO could be good for ctpn too.. :)
Good day!

RogNadFan Says:

100% Agree Hippy Chick

I seldom write that way but that one (now all that seems to be fake, ) was, at least before brando’s clarifications, both nonsensical and hopeless. So had to write, but no intention to insult him/her in any way.

skeezer Says:


Ok I wil bite. Yes I think Fed deserves these awards. Why? Cause the players voted for him, and the fans.
Its not like he got awarded “Overseas Sports Personality of the Year”, which truly is meaningless in the Tennis game.

madmax Says:

brando GOAT poster Says:
Does this guy ever get tired from kissing his own backside? ‘I have been so great here, my game is so good, my hair warrants a loreal commercial etc’. Sickening narcissist! Had to puke up when mirka revealed that a fun night in the RF household according to Roger is getting the spray to clean his trophies and hear him talk about how great he was that day! Here’s hoping Andy, Kei and Milos whup his butt, of course as Roger would want it, in a ‘great’ fashion.

November 5th, 2014 at 2:58 pm

Brando, do be quiet.

Your jealousy really does precede you. I used to enjoy reading your posts here. Now you just criticise and begrudge. It’s so obvious you are a hater.

Congratulations to Roger. 6 WTF, fantastic achievement, great hair, great competitor, great sportsman. *clearing throat*, PLAYERS’ FAVOURITE AND FANS FAVOURITE, each and every year, bar 1.

Truly astonishing player of our age.

brando GOAT poster Says:

@Rognadfan: cue up in the long line of my admirers here. How doyou think I got the goat poster title? Lol, just kidding. All’s well and fine and i did laugh at your analogy on offer it was funny. Truthfully: I fancied a bit of amusement and conjured up the most ridiculous post imaginable (requesting Fed to go the wta, really?anyone truly buy that notion as being harboured by anyone?) to see if anyone would buy that rubbish and believe it to be true. Seemed like I had many takers and I continued on. Seriously: I apologize to all those offended since whilst my motives were not of malice I do recognize that I did take advantage of some folks understanding of the matter and set them up with this bait. I apologize for that. As for Fed: well I have always considered him GOAT and whilst I have not really praised him much its mainly because I believe in the fact that genuine respect is possessed and it does not require stating. In Fed’s case how can one not respect him? Whilst I root for rafa I do cherish the part Fed has played in his career development and when they have locked horns. Results aside: some of those rallies and matches will stay with for a long while as they truly were a wonder to behold. I hope he stays on for as long possible- ditto other 3 from big 4- since the game Will be a duller place without him for sure. Anyhow: good day to you also I’ll end on.

madmax Says:

Giles Says:
At some point last year there was doubt whether fed would even qualify for the WTF. You fed fans will do well to remember that. Ok?

November 6th, 2014 at 3:46 am

Giles, I am glad you say that. Mentioned this a while ago on another thread, also remember you were very fervent in saying if it had not have been for Rafa’s injuries, or lack of tournaments (same old), Roger would not have made it.

What is seemingly unfair however, is that Murray has benefited from Rafa’s withdrawal – mentioned it to Margot a week or so ago, and yet Giles, you remained silent.

Try to share the bile around a bit Giles, won’t you?

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