Roger Federer, Kei Nishikori Could Qualify For Semifinals Tuesday In London

by Staff | November 10th, 2014, 11:11 pm

According to the ATP, the winner of Tuesday’s Roger Federer-Kei Nishikori match could qualify for the semifinals on Saturday. The outcome will depend upon the winner of the second match between Andy Murray and Milos Raonic.

If Federer and Raonic win, Federer will clinch a semifinal berth. If Nishikori and Murray are victors, then Nishikori will earn a semifinal berth.

Federer qualifies on Tuesday if:
* Federer defeats Nishikori and Raonic defeats Murray
* Federer defeats Nishikori in 2 sets and Murray defeats Raonic in 3 sets

Nishikori qualifies on Tuesday if:
* Nishikori defeats Federer and Murray defeats Raonic
* Nishikori defeats Federer in 2 sets and Raonic defeats Murray in 3 sets

Federer has made it out of the round robin stage in 11 of his 12 previous ATP Finals appearances.

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27 Comments for Roger Federer, Kei Nishikori Could Qualify For Semifinals Tuesday In London

Michael Says:

Hope this match deviates from the pattern set here of being one sided and instead has some interesting moments to offer. My gut sense tells me that Roger would qualify today for the knock out stages although Nishikori is not a push over and might pose stiff resistance. So, I expect this match to be quite intense three setter battle with Roger prevailing.

sienna Says:

so Michael is saying Murray will lose tonight. Says:

So far, Nishikori looks better. Fed very lucky to get out of that service game.

He’s not getting enough angle when Nishikori is off court, allowing him to get back in the point. Could be a game plan of hitting to the middle to avoid Kei’s cross court vs DTL challenge, but if he’s got Kei well off on one side he has to go for the kill. So far, its Kei going for kill shots.

Daniel Says:

Federer is playing very agressively. Break Nisikori with two excelent points back to back. Serving 3-1. Says:

From my lips to Fed’s ears!

and we get the first mention of the “liquid whip” by the commentators

michael Says:

Sienna, I haven’t commented at all about Andy’s match. So iam just wondering where you smelled it ?

Sienna Says:

Michael the purpose of this article is to show how Feder or Nishikori can qualify for semi. You say Fed wins in three and he will qualify.
So in orde for him to qualify in 3 sets Murray has got to lose his match otherwise Fed would not have qualified. Says:

Michael, Roger’s qualification today depends on Murray losing. QED. Says:

Turned into quite a routine affair for Roger. After the first few games Nishikori didn’t seem to trouble him at all.

skeezer Says:

Another great win by Fed. Kei could not play up to the speed of the Maestro overall. Fed remained aggressive, and Kei could not match it.

michael Says:

Sienna, vagabond,

I just meant to say that if Roger wins this one, he has more chances to qualify.

Further, to better his own cause, Roger has managed to overhaul Nishikori in straight sets and still I know that his qualification is not automatic and a lot hinges on Andy vs Raonic match. But he is with an advantageous position with his efforts so far.

michael Says:

And about this match, well Roger just manoeuvred his game unsettling Nishikori and although in the initial stages of the game, Nishikori was better off in back court exchanges, he couldn’t sustain it and Roger with some adjustments in his game began to dictate play and it totally drove away Kei from his comfort zone. So by virtue of this victory, Roger has almost assured himself of a place in knock out stages.

autoFilter Says:

What is the worst case scenario for Federer to qualify now? That he wins a set against Murray? Or is it still impossible to tell? Do games lost take higher precedence over sets won? I’m so confused…

Jeez Says:

SCENARIO 1:Fed Df Nish & Mur Df Fed in 2 SETS while Rao Df Mur & Nish Df Roa in 2 SETS

Then SET ratios Fed:4-2 Nish:4-2 Rao:2-4 Murr:2-4

SCENARIO 2:Fed Df Nish in 2 & Murr Df Fed in 3 SETS while Rao Df Mur in 2 & Nish Df Rao in 3

Then SET ratios Fed:5-2 Nish:4-3 Rao:3-4 Murr:2-5

SCENARIO 3:Fed Df Nish & Murr Df Fed in 2 SETS while Rao Df Mur in 3 & Nish Df Rao in 2 SETS

Then SET ratios Fed:4-2 Nish:4-2 Rao:2-5 Murr:3-2

SCENARIO 4:Fed Df Nish in 2 & Murr Df Fed in 3 SETS while Rao Df Mur & Nish Df Rao in 3 SETS

Then SET ratios Fed:5-2 Nish:4-3 Rao:3-4 Murr:3-5

SCENARIO 5:Fed Df Nish & Murr Df Fed in 2 SETS while Murr Df Rao & Nish Df Rao in 2 SETS

Then SET ratios Fed:4-2 Nish:4-2 Rao:0-4 Murr:4-2

rogerafa Says:

Neither player played anywhere close to their best. Both had more unforced errors than winners. The inconsistent bounce of the court did not help matters. Kei really struggled for consistency and missed the half chances that he had. The easy forehand miss on break point in the third game of the first set probably was a key moment. His serving woes continued although Roger’s serve was not great either. He also seems to have a wrist niggle which he apparently picked up in the Andy match. It is a shame because this match had the potential to be a real cracker. Despite the indifferent quality, the match had some wonderful points which showcased the talent and variety of the two protagonists.

Jeez Says:

IMO The really important match is tomorrow Wawrika Vs Djokovic..
Can Stan do another AUS and help Fed his cause for no:1.
Then Fed has to take out Nole in Semi..

But thats a bit still a long way in Future[i.e. 4Days]

Margot Says:

Looking like Nole v Fed in the final showdown folks and not even looking in my crystal ball or consulting Jamie…;) Says:

Entering 2014, so many Tennis Xers mocked Fed for continuing his career, mocked Fed supporters for imagining he might do better than Murray at Wimbledon, or that he might ever contend at a Slam again.

And here he is, at 33, absolutely whipping the brightest lights of the next generation.

Its a beautiful thing, and it will be great going into 2015 with Fed actually returning to the status of serious slam contender.

sienna Says:

tagteam Suisse is on board.
Wawa needs to push Djokersecond and Fed needs to finish him in semi. but we are running out of options.

RZ Says:

@Margot – I would agree with you, but that’s also what most of us thought would happen at the U.S. Open! Says:

It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Cilic and Berdych have bounce back performances. They are sluggers: sometimes they’re on, sometimes not so much. They always have a punchers chance.

There is only one slugger who is always on, and we’re waiting on his wrist…

sienna Says:

they might both bounce back.
but one will certainly get bounced, because they play eachother.

Daniel Says:

The most open scenario happen, with this result even Raonic can qualify.

For Raonic he has to beat key in 2 sets and hope Fed beat Murray in 2 sets. this way Fed goes 3-0 and all the other 3 are 1-2 with a 2-4 sets ratio. Number of games won / lost will make the difference.

If Fed wins 1 set he qualifies. If Kei beats Nishikori and Fed loses to Murray with 1 set he qualifies first. If Murray beats Fed in 3 and Kei loses than Murray qualifies first due to direct confront.

If Murray beats Fed in straights and Kei beats Raonic in straights all 3 will tie with 2 victories and a 4-2 sets won. Number of games won will tie.

Awesome that this group everything is still open. Of course the chance of Federer qualifying is higher than the rest but things t be decided last round,

Bob Lewis Says:

“If Murray beats Fed in straights and Kei beats Raonic in straights all 3 will tie with 2 victories and a 4-2 sets won. Number of games won will tie.”

So in this scenario, a player who won more sets via 7-6 or 7-5 has the advantage? Wouldn’t it be more fair to use games differential?

Daniel Says:

Yes Bob Lewis, the games won-loss will make the difference in this 3 tie scenario.

Polo Says:

When are we going to see a three set match?

michael Says:

The situation is still hazy in Roger group and it might boil down to the outcome of the penultimate round. The best Roger can do to qualify is to beat Andy or at worse he can lose to him in three. In that event, Roger and Andy would qualify. At the other end if Nishikori beats Raonic and Andy loses to Roger, then he might get qualified. On the other hand, if Andy manages to beat Roger in straight sets and Raonic beats Nishikori, then Andy and Roger would get through with Andy leading the group.

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