Roger Federer: It’s A Very Disappointing End, But I’m Hopeful In A Few Days My Back Is Going To Be Better [Video]

by Tom Gainey | November 16th, 2014, 4:55 pm

Roger Federer spoke on camera after withdrawing from his ATP Finals match against Novak Djokovic today. Federer, who was seeking a seventh ATP Finals titles, withdrew from a match for just the third time in his career.

“I mean it’s a very disappointing end to the season,” Federer said. “I was playing so well here, had a great season so far. I was feeling great until yesterday’s tiebreaker. I felt all of a sudden the back was playing funny. I tried to have treatment on it, medication on it, just tried to turn around as quick as possible really, but didn’t feel that much of an improvement overnight.

“Then you don’t have a day off or anything to work with, obviously it’s not enough time to recover. And the way I feel right now, there’s no way I can compete at any level really. So probably in a few days it’s going to be better, but right now it’s not good enough.

“So clearly it’s very disappointing but nevertheless, congratulations to Novak. That’s how it goes. You have to put yourself in those positions. He’s done that again. Congrats on World No. 1, as well. He’s had a terrific season.”

Federer will be scheduled back on court this Friday as he and Stan Wawrinka take on France on the red clay in Lille.

“Recovery obviously as quick as possible,” Federer said of his plans. “Then traveling to France at some point and getting ready on the clay for the Davis Cup final.”

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30 Comments for Roger Federer: It’s A Very Disappointing End, But I’m Hopeful In A Few Days My Back Is Going To Be Better [Video]

Steve 27 Says:

Disaponting. Greederer that might cost him the Davis Cup.

This was the worst WTF of all time!
Grade D.

RZ Says:

I hope Fed’s back gets better too. Hopefully in time for the Davis Cup.

jatin Says:

So sad for him. But he took the right decision. Its far too risky to play with the bad back in twilight of his carrier. He is not 27 anymore.
I hope he somehow recovers for Davis cup finals as it is the most important tourney for him. He brought Switzerland to Davis cup finals after so many years. Making his country win the 1st would be an amazing achivement for him and his peers.
Good luck roger.. Please take care of yourself and your back :(

Michael Says:

Unless you are physically fit, there is no point in playing just for the sake of it. It has happened to Roger in the rarest of rare instances proving that he is a human after all. It is ofcourse disappointing and depressing for the spectatators and the Tennis fans around the Globe who were bracing themselves for a blockbuster Novak Vs Roger showdown. But that is how it happens and we need to take life as it comes. Tennis is such a physically demanding support that even a minor tinge or cramp will hamper your prospects. Nonetheless, it is an extraordinary and remarkable year for Roger despite this disappointment. One can only hope that he is fully fit for the much anticipated Davis cup final where his Country is expecting him to take it to the path of glory and relies on Roger as its Ambassador.

Frankie Says:

It just so happens that the Federer/Wawrinka match saved the tournament from total boredom. Unfortunately it also left both players hurt. Apparently Stan was asked to fill in for Roger but he couldn’t even stand up on Sunday so even a win by him in the SF would probably have resulted in a WO for Novak.. Or else a yawn fest of a final with Stan just going through the motions.

Michael Says:

Perhaps the only match which proved to be a saving grace for the entire tournament which was proving to be a real dud with most of the matches proving to be one sided and lacking interest has ended in a disaster for the organizers with the finals too totally whitewashed. This is really not good for the health of Tennis in general. The sport has to become more competive if it is to sustain public interest.

Tennis Island Says:

It could be the only second good match in this tournament so too bad that Roger couldn’t take it. All fans will have to wait till next year to see the battle for the number 1 spot

Wog Boy Says:

I saw this on the other forum, somebody is not really happy with Roger’s withdrawal less than an hour before the match, I think as the tie goes by more and more people will question Roger’s withdrawal, as for me I don’t care, Nole was there ready to play and that is what matter:

Wog Boy Says:

^^”time” not “tie”

Michael Says:

Criticism against Roger is valid. He should have communicated his decision much earlier than just one hour before the match. The interest of spectators should have been on his mind who have come all the way to watch the match. If he was not fit, he should have communicated the decision much earlier before the spectators started pouring into the venue.

Michael Says:

Or is that the scheming Organizers played truant for the sake of commercials ?

Hippy Chick Says:

Roger and Stan saved the tournament from turning into a complete washout,i only wish that their match had been the final,injuries,players suffering from burn out,no final,IMO it was one of the most dissapointing WTFs ive ever seen….

Hippy Chick Says:

I will be hung for saying this,but surely he wont be fit for the DC which is this Friday,if he is then thats one mighty quick recovery?….

Michael Says:

And then there is speculation also floating around that Roger withdrew from the World Tour final on back issues just to avoid teaming with Wawarinka in the Davis Cup finals. The grapevine suggests that Roger and Wawarinka nearly came to blows at the locker room discussing controversial issues that happened in their match and their fist cuff went late into the night.

How much of this is true ? Nobody knows !!

But it seems unbelievable that Roger would stoop so low.

Nirmal Kumar Says:

Michael, Before getting the facts, it’s better to stop speculating and calling Roger has stooped low. No one knows the fact yet.

So far, Roger’s integrity has been unquestionable. It’s natural that his body would give up after so many matches at the end of the year and finally a grueling match in a slow court has taken it’s toll. I commented after Stan’s match, that it’s going to be impossible for Roger to come back and play to his potential with such short turnaround time.

Hippy Chick Says:

Michael opening up a can of worms here,but if thats the case then Novak was robbed of a final,and Stans been robbed of his partner in the DC,i dont buy it,its just not the sort of thing Roger would do,ill give him the benifit of the doubt,but if he does play the DC then thats one hell of a quick recovery….

Nirmal Kumar Says:


I don’t see a problem in playing DC. He would have enough time to recover. I believe if he had one day recovery time, he would have made a match. It’s just that less than a day turnaround would have spoiled for Roger.

Also there was a tweet even before his match against Stan that all is not well with Roger’s back. Not sure how true that was.

Hippy Chick Says:

NK everyone here knows me well enough to see ive never been anti Roger,but if his back bothered him that much to not make the final,then i dont see how he could recover that quickly,it was obviously serious enough for him to pull out yesterday,unless he was pulling out as a precautionary measure?which i would say in that case was unfair on Novak,Roger would play if fit to do so,for him to pull out suggests its more serious than people think?…. Says:

Hippy, the fact that Roger only had two walkovers in his whole career, and has never quit during a match, tells you he takes the competitive integrity of the sport very seriously.

It seems rather petty to accuse him of lying because one time he quit and you don’t think his symptoms make sense.

Nirmal Kumar Says:

HC, If that happens, it would be bad but life moves on. Roger in his speech, gave a hint that turnaround of less than 24 hrs was a problem for him. Things will get clear in next 3-4 days. Let’s wait till then. Says:

The fact that the withdrawal was late is more easily explained by ROger’s own words that he was doing everything he could to play, but couldn’t get the pain away.
Occam’s razor. Says:

And now, a comment from Mac that Fed and Stan spoke for a while is turned into “almost came to blows”

Guys, turn your imagination onto something more useful.

michael Says:

Alison, Nirmal,

I didn’t cast aspersions on Roger’s withdrawal, I just reported what floated as articles, the integrity of it is subject to question. I never said Roger stooped so low. I only said it is difficult to believe it.

RZ Says:

@Wog Boy – that article is pretty funny, clearly written by a hater who doesn’t take into account that this is only Fed’s 3rd withdrawal ever! Also doesn’t take into account that Fed’s dismal 2013 was due to him *not* taking care of himself after a back injury.

Hippy Chick Says:

Tennis Vagabond im not accusing him of lying,and im sure he wouldnt pull out if it wasnt serious,all im saying is its a quick recovery if he intends on playing Friday in the DC,my guess is he wont but thats just me….

jane Says:

roger is in france already according to twitter so hippy it looks like he is playing, or at least he’s there to try?

Hippy Chick Says:

Jane what difference does it make,evidently im not allowed an opinion….

jane Says:

i am just responding to your comment that stan lost his dc partner hippy, that’s all. it was just an update, nothing more. i was not contesting your opinion,only sharing some news. no worries!

elina Says:

If it is just a back spasm, it is easily understood how he would not be able to compete yet still be able to play DC given treatment and rest.

There is little doubt that some of the reported friction between Roger and Stan is real but I’m sure, given what is at stake, the two professionals will put it behind them.

Roger is in France already and all will likely be fine for him to participate.

Hippy Chick Says:

Jane well if he does play,then alls well with the world,and all this speculation is besides the point anyway….

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