John McEnroe Hints Of A Falling Out Between Federer And Wawrinka After Their SF [Video]

by Tom Gainey | November 16th, 2014, 5:06 pm

On ESPN2 today, John McEnroe hinted that after their thrilling semifinal match, good friends and Davis Cup teammates Roger Federer and Stan Wawrinka had a falling out of some kind in the locker room.

“Something went on in the locker room,” McEnroe said on TV of the top two Swiss. “There was a long talk between the players that extended well into the night.”

What could this long conversation have been about – Wawrinka was upset at something near the end of the match. Or is McEnroe just creating a story?

The audio here is very low:

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21 Comments for John McEnroe Hints Of A Falling Out Between Federer And Wawrinka After Their SF [Video]

TGIT Says:

from Lisa Wawrinka tweet

Swiss tennis president had Seve on the phone,Rog will pass some exam tomorrow,we will know in the next 2 days.His participation is in doubt

Wog Boy Says:

French are loving it:)

Serious Tennis Fan Says:

Did Federer drop out simply out of a cynical calculation that it wasn’t in his interests? It wouldn’t get him his coveted end of year No. 1 and after just barely beating Wawrinka it was clear he wasn’t going to beat a resurgent Djokovic. If he plays in Davis Cup only a week later it will become clear his “back problem” wasn’t severe enough to disappoint 18,000 paying fans and a million viewers in the tennis year’s most important tournament.

Michael Says:

Why John is smelling something fishy here ? I think Wawarinka has too much respect for Roger to engage in a fight.

skeezer Says:

Mac has talked to much Mac and Cheese in his commentator years. He has changed his GOAT stance constantly to pacify the moment, and his crediblity has waned. Yada yada….yada.

sienna Says:

STF youre tokking krep.
back spasm can hinder a person getting up from bed, but it can easily recovery over a few days rest and fysio.

I am sure Roger will play. maybe let wawa take first rubber and decide not to play if they are ahead. depends on how he feels. they could then try to take doubles for advantage on final day

Gordon Says:

We have no idea what is going on. Only trolls speculate when they don’t have all the facts. And trying to make a point by starting a sentence with “if” really adds to the incredulity.

Rita Says:

McEnroe keeping it classy as usual…

brando GOAT poster Says:

Why are people badmouthing McEnroe just because he’s disclosed some information he’s privy to? What’s wrong with that? He’s highly unlikely to make this stuff up so if true, credible: what’s wrong with him sharing it? Just because it’s not the most welcome of headlines for Fed does not make it right for some to knock Johnny Mac commentating and standing in the game. Many love him and think he’s ace. Put simply: no need to shoot the messenger just because the news ain’t what you want to hear!

Michael Says:

Why are people badmouthing McEnroe just because he’s disclosed some information he’s privy to

Has he any evidence to substantiate his claim ? Says:

Brando, McEnroe is not exactly Walter Cronkite. He’s a big mouthed glory hog. A great colour commentator, but not someone gonna win a Pulitzer.

IF it’s true that Wawrinka was bitching about Mirka, and its true that Stan and Fed had a long locker room chat… you have to imagine it as a talk between friends. When people are pissed at each other they don’t sit and talk about it for an hour– unless they are actively trying to repair their relationship. Guys get angry in the heat of battle, usually gets forgotten or fixed off court. Anyone who’s played sports at any level knows this.

But as Gordon points out, this is all complete speculation.

brando GOAT poster Says:

@TV: I get what you are saying and find it agreeable but I just do not see why folks are gunning down the Mac for saying what he’s heard. He’s privy to some information he feels of relevance and he’s sharing it: no foul done. Says:

I agree Brando, but with nothing other than “Stan and Fed talked after their match” we’re certainly getting a lot more of a story built by TXers. Says:

I agree Brando, but with nothing other than “Stan and Fed talked after their match” we’re certainly getting a lot more of a story built by TXers.

Okiegal Says:

It would be newsworthy if it involved other top players…’s all about Fed and his fans want no part of it. I agree, don’t shoot the messenger! All of the commentators like to explore all controversy imo. When calling the matches they’ll make remarks about players not liking each other if there has been problems in the past between them. They also try to get involved in the players romantic exploits…..which is none of their business….it’s just news and they feel the need to get in the middle of it. Whether it’s your fav or my fav…..that’s just the way it is!

Is Roger Federer’s Wife, Mirka, To Blame For The Rift With Stan Wawrinka? Says:

[…] ESPN’s John McEnroe first shed light on this, and now it appears there’s some real truth behind it. […]

RZ Says:

@Serious Tennis Fan – No way. Fed already knew before his semifinal match that he would not end up #1 this year, so if it was really about interests, he wouldn’t have tried to so hard to win that tough match against Stan. And if you think about it, he would have done better to let Stan win to give him some extra confidence going into Davis Cup. (Though I’m glad he didn’t do that, despite that bad back, as I don’t like that type of gamesmanship)

elina Says:

Constantly? McEnroe only changed his GOAT opinion once over the last five years as far as I know.

For the tens of millions who now think Federer is the best ever as is so widely accepted around the world today (there I go arrogantly speaking for the world again!), didn’t they change their GOAT stance at some point before it was Roger?

McEnroe’s report of friction between the two is now being widely reported in the media.

I like McEnroe’s commentary (and Boris Becker as well). Too many commentators are unwilling to say what they think in today’s politically correct world but not McEnroe and Becker

Dan Martin Says:

I think it has to be reported, but I also think in team settings friction is not uncommon. Becker & Stich won the 1992 Olympic Gold in doubles despite hating each other at that time. I think two dads over the age of 25 who have won slams and gold medals will work together even if tension is there. Also, France w/ homecourt and clay and their depth could win this thing even if Stan and Fed are healthy & happy. Should be fun, but I don’t think a dust up on Sat. is a big deal for matches 6, 7 & 8 days away. These guys are pros.

jane Says:

true dan, someone even said they think stan might play better being fired up and wanting to prove himself. i think it was in the simon briggs’ article.

Dan Martin Says:

Every time a NCAA coach or high school coach sets the line-up one can bet the #2 singles player is ticked to not be playing #1 etc., but that is what happens with tennis in those team settings. I think this setting will be interesting. If Mirka was talking during the serve and return, she should not have been. If it was someone else, Stan likely said sorry for misdirecting his angst. I imagine that is more or less case closed after they talked on Saturday.

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