Roger Federer’s Updated GOAT Resume

by Tom Gainey | November 23rd, 2014, 9:59 am

Roger Federer added to his incredible career resume today leading Switzerland to their first Davis Cup title with a three set win over Richard Gasquet.

“This is for them,” Federer said. “I’ve won enough in my career that I don’t need this to complete my…everything, ticking off the box.”

Twitter sent around an updated career resume for Federer, here it is:
Roger Federer GOAT Resume
1223 Matches
996 Wins
82 Titles
23 ATP Masters 1000s
17 Grand Slams
4 Children
2 Olympic Medals
1 #DavisCup

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28 Comments for Roger Federer’s Updated GOAT Resume

Hippy Chick Says:

Man they should re-name this forum GOAT-X….

Mr. Larvey Says:

Congrats to team Swizerland! Well deserved DC title for whole team.

I don’t know what was wrong with Tsonga, but putting Gasquet against Federer was suicide from France. Sorry for Richard, and even more sorry for Monfis who played extremely well on Friday and was let down by his team mates…

Humble Rafa Says:

4 Children

LOL. I have 4 DC wins.

Humble Rafa Says:

This is for them,” Federer said

Sure Lammer and Chudy can’t sleep without a DC under their bed.

skeezer Says:

There goes HR again trying to blogbomb.
The rehab life must be tough with nothing else to do but type on a computer. Keep those fingers healthy.
@ HC 10:11 post

Well, you could ask Fed to quit winning…..;)

Thanks for all the congrats from HC/ OK/ Margot/ the Nole fan Nation/ and the rest of you all if missed.. great season….think every fan of the top 4 had there moments this year, no?

skeezer Says:

Lol Tom noticed you left out Mirka as part of the resume?
Looking forward to Fed reaching 1000 match wins next year.

Hippy Chick Says:

Skeezer Rogers done it all,won it all,i dont know quite frankly how many more ways to spin this thing?….

Spectator Says:

You all must have seen Federer letting Wawrinka and Luhti to lift the Davis Cup thropy first. This makes him even greater than all the others in this GOAT debate…

John Thompson Says:

After all these years of these guys playing rubber after rubber and coming close to a final in 2003 but falling short it is amazing they came through today.

Giles Says:

HR. your posts 10.35 and 10.38 are absolutely hilarious. Shame one Fedfan in particular doesn’t appreciate good humour or maybe his lack of comprehension skills restricts him from doing so.
Very funny HR, still laughing!

Giles Says:

This truly is the most stupid thread TX has ever posted.
Anyway, still waiting for the Singles Gold Medal which IMO will never be forthcoming. Never mind fed, you tried your best in all the OG’s you entered but couldn’t quite win this elusive Medal. Let me repeat Singles and Doubles Gold are miles apart. Singles is an individual effort whereas Doubles is a team effort just like the DC.

anne Says:

This is not for me its for the boys. Why then did he not wear his country’s name on his back?

Legolas Says:

A medal won at the Olympics is still a big thing. In 2008 Phelps won 8 golds.. No one bothers to know if it was an individual or team medal.
Going by that argument, fed has two medals, while Rafa has one.

Mr. Larvey Says:

In my opinion there are only two meaningful ways how Fed can improve his resume further:

1. Win more gran slams
2. Increase number of weeks as world number one

After this, other achievements are basically only noise, which just underlines how strong the resume is. However, I’m not sure if Fed is that concerned about his resume. I think that it’s more important to his fans.

Giles Says:

Legolas. Rafa has only ever played in one OG and has won a Singles Gold in his first attempt!!

andrea Says:

Total weeks @ #1 and total GS whup the ass over olympic gold in singles. the others show SUSTAINED brilliance. OG….you won a tournament that happens once every 4 years. roll of the dice.

Dc Says:

Like I say , in any sport , there are only two records
1- number of major tournaments won
2- time at number 1

Roger owns both of these records.

Apart from these , he is an all round player who can play the various forms of tennis ( serve an volley , baseline) at the the absolute top.

Look at the lengths people , technology etc have had to rise to challenge roger – oxygen chambers, muscle /power training , stem cell treatments , 6.5 feet giants and god know what else.

Roger is truly the super goat.

Felipe Says:

Federer will come down as the most acomplished player ever. He has won everything, and in every meaningful stat, he has sole posetion, share or is at leats in the top 3 of every record (Slams, Weeks at number 1, consecutive weeks at number 1, year end number 1, total titles, WTF, master 1000). No one come even close to Federer stats, and that is a fact.

Giles Says:

Felipe. Have you finished? Hope so cos you are so booooorrrrring!

skeezer Says:

Felipe, keep it comin, this topic has nobility writtten all over it.
Lol on the last paragraph.
You are funnier than HR nowadays. Remember, 2 Gold medals. 2 Gold Medals.

Giles Says:

2 Gold Medals?? Where? What? Unless they handed out gold medals at the DC.
Geez! Somebody can’t even count! Lol

elina Says:

You guys!

When I read the headline, my first thought was Tom Gainey must think Roger is still applying for the job if he needs an “updated GOAT resume”!

Okiegal Says:

@Elina…..I’m so thankful you called it a headline, which is correct, according to Polo. I called it a byline and Polo was all over me like a cheap suit. LOL He showed me the error of my ways…this was on the thread proclaiming Roger won Davis Cup. If you’ve read it then you understand what I mean.

Your comment above, funny!! I chuckled……tee hee

elina Says:

ha ha thanks Okiegal!

Even though I like Roger, Novak and Rafa, I’m still trying to earn some brownie points to get on Brando’s list of best female posters on this site!

I am so jealous of you and Hippy Chic!

Okiegal Says:

@Elina… are too funny…..I laughed out loud on that one!! I really think you’re trying to take the head comedian’s job away from Humble!!

Good luck on the brownie points, it’s hard to make a breakthrough on TX……they’re a pretty clickish group! I was shocked I got a compliment from Brando…..I knew he was a sharp fella!! Lol

Hippy Chick Says:

elina i wouldnt be jealous of me,im not on the list,Brando and i used have a pretty good raport,but we fell out some months back,i said some things which i later regretted and have since apologized for,but to no avail he doesnt seem want to know,i have even complimented him and given him some feedback for some great posts,as i believe in letting bygones be bygones but again he doent want to know,im dissapointed but it is what it is…

TheOneGOAT Says:

At Nadal’s age (28 yrs 5 mths+), Federer had ALL the primary historical measures of greatness: (a) 16 Grand Slams, (b) 4 Year-End Championships (Indoor Slam), (c) 5 Year-End No. 1, (d) 268 weeks ranked No. 1. Davis Cup and Olympics are minor historical measures being played up to plug holes in Nadal’s resume. Spain’s strong team – without Nadal – won the 2008 Davis Cup finals away in Argentina! point there is one person better than Nadal..

madmax Says:

It’s so great to see the graphics in this lead story. Check it out tennis fans.

Giles, why does Fed have to win ANOTHER medal at the Olympics?

He has two. More than anyone could dream of.

I know I am sinking down to your level by even bothering to respond, but you do really come up with some crap time and time again.

We could say, we are still waiting for Rafa to get a WTF, but guess what? That’s life!

Giles, do you actually do anything interesting in your spare time?

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