Rafael Nadal Still Pushing For A 2-Year ATP Ranking System
by Staff | January 1st, 2015, 3:27 pm

During a news conference yesterday in Abu Dhabi, Rafael Nadal once again reiterated his wish for a 2-year ranking system. When asked if there were too many tournaments on the calendar, Nadal said it wasn’t the number of tournaments but the ranking system that’s the problem.

“We need more tournaments, but the problem is the rankings are based on an annual basis and not on two years like in other sports, which can be a problem if you’re injured,” he told the Gulf News.

Players who do miss extended periods of time can apply for a protected ranking, like Juan Martin del Potro.

A 2-year ranking system would make it that much tougher for younger players to emerge, and reward those at the top.

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22 Comments for Rafael Nadal Still Pushing For A 2-Year ATP Ranking System

jane Says:

i think the protected ranking is enough to cover off injury, and the yearly ranking system makes sense. 2 years, as noted here, would make it even tougher for younger players to move up and break through. i like the idea of a yearly race, personally. it gives a certain “oomf” to the season’s tour.

the DA Says:

Pushing for a 2 year ranking system? Read the piece and didn’t see that at all. Come on.


Patson Says:

I agree with jane.

2 year ranking system is just not in the interest of the younger players. Each sport is different, and tennis seems to be doing quite well with the current ranking system in play.

Sorry Nadal, can’t agree with you on this.

Bbcrewguy Says:

Let it go Nadal

Chanda Says:

I agree with Jane and Watson.

I think current ranking system is fine. It keeps the annual race interesting and alive for tennis players and fans. System should not be changed now to make it unfair for promising young players. It may also impact the game popularity.

Chanda Says:

I agree with Jane and Patson.

I think current ranking system is fine. It keeps the annual race interesting and alive for tennis players and fans. System should not be changed now to make it unfair for promising young players. It may also impact the game popularity.

skeezer Says:

Tennis X has laid down the “No hashtags” rule some time ago, FYI……
and Happy New Year.
Play the song “Let it Go” 1mil times, rinse and repeat.

alex Says:

Sure. May be we should slow all the courts down even more, get rid of all the time violation bull, and all coaches cans stand by the court and coach during match and break, WTF should be on clay, and one can pick whichever part of the body if one wants, what the heck, Nadal is king and Goat, we should do everything according to his desire.

edina kovacs Says:

^^Two years? What, so he can play a half year each year, or at most, eight months? Thinking of himself, isn’t he, and not anyone else,younger players or tennis itself.

Jack Lewis Says:

What sports are currently using 2 year ranking systems? I have no idea and Google is not my friend on this one.

skeezer Says:

It seems this is the most popular thread atm so Happy New Year to all.

Okiegal Says:

@Skeezer……back at cha’……Hope you have a great year!!

sienna Says:

it is somewhat of a double standard. No goal for #1 but still pushing two year ranking failure.
Those two are a bit inline with eachother.

so he does have goals regarding the ranking but maybe 3th or 2nd place.
If no interest in#1 then butt out of changes concerning that ranking.

waji Says:

Hahaha what a joke.. Rakings are going perfect.. Race to london defending ppints its all going super.. The only thing they can improve to not to minus the points if someone injured .. But the 2 years ranking is a joke really.. It can help only Rafa but not to any other young player

RZ Says:

I’m on board with everyone else here. Don’t like the 2-year ranking system. Players have a protected ranking they can use if they get injured and are out for a while.

RZ Says:

@Jack Lewis – I believe that golf uses the 2-year ranking system (but am not absolutely certain)

Brando Says:

So Rafa says the ranking is an issue if you are injured and it’s not like other sports (which is true).

That’s it.

But apparently that’s enough to say:

1- He’s pushing for a 2 year ranking system
2- He’s deviously campaigning for it
3- Get’s vitrol for something he did not say

Exaggeration much no?


Alexandra Says:

He is hardly pushing for a 2-year-ranking system. He is not on the council anymore, he is just giving his opinion. Is that still allowed these days? Let’s be real here. And some of these ironic posts above are a bit over the top as well.

Personally I like the rankings how they are now, but I can understand his viewpoint from someone who is frequently injured. Everyone knows the rankings will stay how they are now, so no need to say he pushed for it.

edina kovacs Says:

Why is he frequently injured? It’s the way he plays, or he uses injury for other things, such as recovering confidence, whatever.
No, he wants to be able to be away at least 4 months a year, then play the rest and go for some GS title, while the other players are obliged to play the tour calendar per requirements.
Hardly fair, sensible, and innately selfish.

Yolita Says:

It is funny how Nadal mentions the 2-year ranking when he loses the #1, but not when he gets it.
With a 2-year ranking system, he would never had got the #1 from Novak in 2013.
He had no complaints then :)

Jaran Nirsi Says:

Nadal wants the WTF to be moved outdoors, preferably to slow clay. He wants other hard courts to be slower, and a two year ranking system. He should think about the game, and make it better for emerging youngsters. He should think less
About what’s best for him. Anyway, looks like his missing part of a season for rest, recuperation a and treatment is going to become a regular feature in future.

sienna Says:

Nadals complaining is for him to benefit. Never leading by example always complaining from sideline.
Remember debacle when he was president of playerscouncil?
in contrast to Federer who support and stimulates ideas to forward tennis.

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