2015 Grand Slam Predictions: Will We Crown A New Champion?
by Sean Randall | January 4th, 2015, 3:14 pm

For the first time this decade, last year we saw a non-Big Four player take a Slam. In fact we saw TWO with Stan Wawrinka and Marin Cilic bookending the season. This year, though, I think we return to status quo.

Australian Open – Djokovic d Federer
Rafa’s still not Rafa so easy pick with the two best hardcourt players.

French Open – Nadal d Djokovic
Hard to pick against the King of Clay.

Wimbledon – Federer d Murray
A good draw and some upsets help both guys who should benefit from the extra week on grass.

US Open – Nadal d Raonic
A Djokovic upset opens the door for Nadal?

Among the others who could win slams:
Milos Raonic – Awfully hard to ignore that serve.
Andy Murray – Has done it before.
JW Tsonga – Needs a lot of help, but could get hot in week two.
Kei Nishikori – Can beat the big names when it matters.

Remember, though they collectively might not be at their peaks, for a non-Big Four player to win a Slam he’s more than likely still going to have to beat one or two of the big Four. Wawrinka had to beat both Djokovic and Nadal in Australia. Cilic took out Federer in New York. And going back to 2009, Del Potro beat Nadal and Federer at the US Open. In fact, I could be wrong but I think Nadal’s 2010 French Open title was the last time some won a Slam without beating a Big Four.

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29 Comments for 2015 Grand Slam Predictions: Will We Crown A New Champion?

Brando Says:

@Sean Randall:

Excellent picks I have little to disagree with. It’s too far out for me to predict the others but for now:

– Australian Open: DJOKOVIC.

Nadal winning a Grand Slam after 6 months out, more or less, in event number 2 is the stuff only- being blunt about it- naive minds think.

It’s too early: and the ATP tour is not the WTA.

Murray likewise will not suddenly win a Grand Slam after last years issue.

Hence: Djokovic is the pick due to negligible competition and him being genuinely good at winning-the only key detail- in Australia.

A matter of sets lost for him.

madmax Says:

Aussie Open – Novak
French Open – Novak
Wimbledon – Roger
USOpen – Andy

Daniel Says:

I think this year will be a 2011 year for Djokovic.

Eventually Nadal has to feel age and won’t be able to make comebacks at will. Also can’t see him playong ful year.

I think Djoko finally beats Nadal in the semis as his ranking won’t be #2 for French Open. Can’t see nome other than these two winnimg there.

AO – Djokovic
RG – Djokovic / Nadal
W – Federer / Djokovc / Murray
US – Djokovic / Surprise winner other than big 4.

Also think Djoko wll exorcise his demons in New York and win his second US Open (about time). So Djokovic to finish the year with 2 or 3 Slams.

jane Says:

jeez i hope madmax and/or daniel are right! lots of crystal balls firing up today. ;)

Brando Says:


Year after year Daniel and Madmax singing the same old tune about Nadal.

Always lacking in bias or prejudice in their views regarding him.


Yolita Says:

I’m not going to predict, because anything can happen, as we saw last year. Instead, I am going to state what my dream scenario would be:

AO: Djokovic def Wawrinka
RG: Djokovic def Nadal
W: Djokovic def Federer
USO: Djokovic def Cilic

In other words: Novak defeats the defending champion in all slams and defends his.

If we’re dreaming, why not dream big? :D

Daniel Says:


One of this days Nadal will have a year with no Slams, could be this year, or next or the one after. This day will come, same as it was for Federer. Faher time is coming for all of them, Nadal included.

So, I predicting it when it happens I could say: told you so!😜

But bias or not I don’t actually think he is ready for this AO and to me he is done in Wimbledon for good in his career. So realistically he has RG and US Open to go for this year if he is fit apenough to play US Open when the time comes. If his comeback is not stelar and he has some confidence issues, eventually Djokovic will play a great clean match agaisnt him in RG. And if they are to meet in the semis I fancy Djoko this time. The closest he got was when they played Semis in 2013.

Djoko is playing a level above everybody else right now. He was dismantling Wawrinka. Murray beat Nadal but the match was closer than score sugested. Add the fact that Nadal missed a Grand Slam in last 3 seasons I think he will miss one more this year as well.

Will see, of course I culd go with the safe bet and have him for RG but prefere to go bold waiting this to be the year of change. That is thewhole point of this thread, try to predict!

pogi Says:

My predictions:

AO- Federer
FO -Djokovic
W – Federer
UO -Federer

jane Says:

there is an extra week between roland garros and wimbledon this year, though, right? that might help nadal there?

Matador Says:

Federer is done in slams.
Djokovic is the super favorite in Ao.
Rafa will win La Decima.
Andy will win his second SW19-
Rafa, Nole, Raonic or Dimitrov, will in Flushing Meadows.

Tennis Fan Says:

Djokovic will be in his prime year but that won’t last long … and once the baby is born … and given the development of other players on tour … and the fact that Nadal is in the Nadir of his career … and Fed sadly is past his prime … this will be a year of transition with at least 2-3 of the Slams go to the new kids on the block. Yep .. 2015 will mark the beginning of a major transition on tour of the top rankings.

jane Says:

tennis fan, the baby was born last november.

Michael Says:

It is a lottery and here are my picks :-

Australian Open – Novak Djokovic def Andy
Wimbledon – Andy Murray def Novak
French Open – Rafael Nadal def Novak
US Open – Novak Djokovic def Rafa

sienna Says:

Ive noticed that a few weeks without play and humiliating losses has set the island in flames for another brittish slam.

mrs 0 and 1 will not make impact at slamlevel.

Tennis Island Says:

I think it will be still one of the big three: Novak, Rafa or Roger. Young guns are not good enough to compete consistently and other guys like Murray or Tsonga don’t have “it”

Peter Says:

This site was saying Federer was done a year ago. Now, almost without comment, he’s picked as a favorite at age 33 and father of four. I’m not that confident. He’s still amazing, but I think 2014 was kind to Roger – he’s a step slower, which means he can get hit off the court (see Cilic). I think that’ll happen in all four slams – someone will be hot in one of the rounds and just hit the hide off the ball in route to a victory.

sienna Says:

Donot worry Cilic would have hit the hide of Djokovic 2011 and Rafa 2010/2013
make no mistake.

The level portraight by Cilic US Open was the best a tennisplayer has played.

Margot Says:

Andy 27 + 9 Masters 1,000 + 2 Slams + Olympic Gold = Joe-W 29 + 2 Masters 1,000 +0

courbon Says:

@ Yolita:I love your dream-exactly same as mine!
But, it is only a dream I’m afraid…still, lets dream big, as you say…(-:
( One question-You have a Spanish name-is it possible Spanish person to support Novak and not Rafa?Just curious…)

Okiegal Says:

@Yolita……Your dream would be my nightmare……LOL………VAMOS RAFA!! Just a little humor here……Hope you didn’t take offence…..we can all dream…..I’m guilty!! Lol

brando Says:

@Daniel: no offense but I expect you to think as such. That said: I don’t think your a bad poster at all. It’s just you would not be Daniel for me unless you posted your negative Crystal ball assessment for Rafael. Lol all cool.

Yolita Says:

I’m not Spanish, courbon…I’m Mexican. But there are plenty of Spanish people who support Novak.
I go to a Soanish sports club, tough, and almost everybody there supports Rafa, with a few exceptions who support Roger. But the young kids almost all support Novak. :)

courbon Says:

@ Yolita: This is weird!I’m just having Tacos for dinner right now ( I live in France, so we do not eat often those…)
Plenty Spanish people support Novak? I have to say I’m quite surprised.Mexican kids? Clever kids! (-:
In my local club ( which has clay courts ) everybody ( members ) supports Rafa,all coaches prefer Roger and I’m only Novaks fan…
I better go and finish my second round of Tacos otherwise my kids will eat them all.Nice talking to you.

SG1 Says:

sienna Says:
Donot worry Cilic would have hit the hide of Djokovic 2011 and Rafa 2010/2013
make no mistake.

The level portraight by Cilic US Open was the best a tennisplayer has played.

Watch ’84 McEnroe at Wimbledon. Federer may be the GOAT, but in terms of sheer dominance over 7 matches, Mac’s 84 Wimbledon run was nothing less than exquisite. He played tennis at a level very few folks could even dream about. IMO, better than what Cilic did at the USO.

The three best played matches by one player that I have ever seen are:

1) ’84 Mac win over Connors in the final at Wimbledon
2) ’91 Edberg USO win over Courier in the final
3) ’00 Safin win over Sampras in the USO final

Margot Says:

I totally agree with you about Mac’s run, and with that old wooden racquet too.

sienna Says:

Mac1984 would lose against Mac2014.
What in the world are you babbling about?
Every player in todays top100 would beat Mac1984.
Cilic level was the highest and best tennis thus far has reached.

SG1 Says:

sienna Says:
Mac1984 would lose against Mac2014.


What am I babbling about? Are you kidding? Mac 2014 would be Mac 1984? To quote Mac himself…you cannot be serious!

I nominate the statement

“Mac1984 would lose against Mac2014.”

for “Silliest Statement of the 2015” and somehow, I don’t see it being topped with about 360 days left to go.

If you take Mac 84 and give him the benefit of today’s training, racket and string technology, he would wipe the floor with most of today’s players.

This is one of the most talented people to ever pick up a racket. If you think that he would just be blown off the court by today’s power, you have no clue what you’re talking about. He played the power guys of his era (Connors, Lendl, Becker, Borg etc.) and he had his share of wins.

Have you seen Mac’s 84 Wimbledon run? Have you ever seen Mac in his prime play…you know…tennis?

SG1 Says:

Margot Says:
I totally agree with you about Mac’s run, and with that old wooden racquet too.


He was using the Max 200G graphite racket in ’84. I think he switched over at the beginning of ’83.

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