Poll: Who’s Your Pick To Win The 2015 Australian Open?
by Staff | January 17th, 2015, 7:49 pm

We are just 24 hours from the start of the first Grand Slam of the 2015 tennis season, the Australian Open. There are four former champions in the draw with Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and last year’s stunning winner Stan Wawrinka.

Among the top contenders are 3-time finalist Andy Murray, US Open finalist Kei Nishikori and rising stars Milos Raonic and Grigor Dimitrov.

Unseeded Juan Martin del Potro also returns to Grand Slam play for the first time in a year.

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24 Comments for Poll: Who’s Your Pick To Win The 2015 Australian Open?

autoFilter Says:

I think maybe you left a certain 14 time GS champion off the list, Staff. Or has Rafa been relegated to ‘Someone Else’ status at this point?

Thangs Says:

Wow. No Nadal…Shame on you guys…

skeezer Says:

No Nadal?
same ol same ol.
Staff is just playin off the Nadal camp “I am the underdog” and “my injuries don’t give me a chance”……
c’mon thangs…what do you really expect?
I think Rafa is the 2nd fav to win…why? He loves to play “I have no chance” …card. His antics are getting old and everyone knows his “Poker Face” in playing these kind of games.
If he goes out early based on poor play and not readiness…then I will believe the ” boy who cries wolf”. Otherwise? Game on!

pogi Says:

maybe, Nadal will be booted out early (lol)… maybe 1st or 2nd round

skeezer Says:

Am surprised the consensus is for Fed.
really? @ 33? impressive support but the reality is Nole is in his prime, a great draw, and has his psychological house in order. As much as it would be nice for Fed to pull out the AO(C’mon FED! ), the only way that will happen is the draw opens up for him…… and some miracle from then on that turns the clock back to the Fed stamina of old. There are too many obstacles here for him imo.
The stars are aligned for Nole, he is for sure the fav.
Unless it is the anomaly of 2013, where Stan the man made a uncharacteristic run, this is a Serbian title in AO.

Michael Says:

I am shocked to see the absence of Rafa in this pick ? Was it intentional or is it a costly slip ?

Nevertheless, I did pick Novak to win this one but have to change my mind learning that he is yet to recover from his sickness. Now, looking how the draw has been worked out, I have to pick only Rafa to win this one followed by Roger and then Novak & Andy to follow. Rafa has a very nice draw with only Berdych (who is Nadal’s favourite bunny) to contend with and then in the semis he meets Roger if both manage to reach that stage. Having beaten Roger here, he automatically holds the edge. I do not think Roger will have the confidence to dislodge Rafa and he in all probability would finally succumb after a valiant fight. Considering Novak’s uncertainity, there is a high possibility that he might not even come to the finals and in that eventuality Rafa holds all the aces to win his 2nd Australian Open title.

pogi Says:

i think the sentiments of voters here are more on wishing fed to win rather than, who will win

sienna Says:

I refuse to vote. Ridicule to leave out Nadal.
all you do is letting him get a relative easy built up with low media attention.
He should be the big favorite and he should be asked about#15.

Giles Says:

The omission of Rafa’s name from the list just demonstrates the bias against Rafa AND his fans. This is not a tennis site per se but a federer/joker glory site. Absolutely disgraceful. Even the non Rafa fans are disgusted!!
Get your act together Tennis X.
BTW who is “Staff”? Give a name.

George Says:

Wtf! Nadal will win this AO and he is not even on the list??? Unbelievable!!!

brando Says:

Whatever one may think of his chances surely a 14 Grand Slam Champion should have mention in this poll as a sign of respect?

Margot Says:

As this is an American site I’m surprised they haven’t got Isner up there. Either a genuine *eye roll* mistake re Rafa or clickbait.

sienna Says:

I believe at least 25 of the current 27 voters someone else can safely be transfered to Nadal.

Trudy Says:

Clearly Nole is the favourite but Nadal will probably come back with a vengeance here. Murray is in the mix too, having shaken-off last year’s slump and in good form at the moment. I don’t think Federer will win it though. He is playing well – but I think all the votes are more in hope than true expectation!

Okiegal Says:

Oops, must have been a mistake…..he’s on the list now!

VAMOS, Rafa…..from your number one fan in Oklahoma……we’ve got the THUNDER now you need to provide the lightening…….from way down under!!!

elina Says:

What the deuce?

Leaving Nadal off was a Freudian slip for sure no? More likely an intentional slight as Margot says.

After losing to Berrer in his seventh match since Wimbledon, why wouldn’t Nadal justifiably play down his chances? His serve, movement and overall consistency just simply isn’t where it is today.

But journalists just LOVE to use out of context sound bites to get the story they want. Everyone cherry picks Nadal’s quote saying he doesn’t consider himself a favourite but his qualifying statement is conveniently ignored.

He follows this up by saying, “If I am here in a press conference in one week, maybe I will say another thing because will have the feeling that I will play few matches, and if I’m able to win that couple of matches, then probably I will have little bit more rhythm, I will have more confidence. ”

As a poster said on another thread, haters gonna hate indeed lol!!!

You can sure tell who posters favourite players are by what they say about others, especially when they say it about Nadal and Federer!!!


elina Says:

should read: just simply isn’t where it needs to be today

(Pays to proof read these things!)

skeezer Says:

Rafa’s name is here, whats the beef?
Surprised to see so little chance given to Murray. He is playing pretty well and fit as of late.

sienna Says:

yes indeed haters gonna hate.
when you post aan comment atleast be sure to have thought it over. so if there is a slight doubt your comment will fall bad with other fans try to come up with different words or phrases. So when english is not your natime tongue people can bring statements sligthly out of sync.

especially Novak fans have a tendency to speak out in a way to aggressive with less respect.

Personaly I speak my mind and in venting an opinion I try to consider everyones feelings.

jane Says:

definitely nadal should be on there; imo, he’s a top contender, at least top 5 if not higher, even though he’s coming back from a layoff. he’s been practicing for a while, and he won the doubles title in doha. as sienna notes, this could be his 15th slam and a double career slam; he is chasing big records at the AO. as for his form, we’ll know more week 1.

Okiegal Says:

@Leona 12:27…….This a great post, agree 100%! What would anybody expect him to say after having surgery and very little match play. It’s true we’ve heard this story before, but he’s been off with injuries before. He can’t help this……and he certainly can’t help that’s all people want to talk about in his interviews….jeez…..give him a break, people!!

Yolita Says:

One of the things I find amusing, not only on this poll, but in all the polls I’ve seen is how few people actually think Stan has any chance to defend his title at all.
People give Nishikori, who hasn’t won a slam yet a better chance than Wawrinka.
Of the “experts” on ESPN, not one picked Wawrinka to win.
I don’t think he has a great chance, either… But he is the defending champion, after all. :)

jane Says:

^ also andy murray yolita. they’re picking milos and nishi above andy? a three time AO finalist and 2 time slam winner? um, no. i also find it surprising how much rafa’s chances are being down-played by all the pundits. i think if he makes his way through the first few rounds, we could see him in the finals and possibly as the winner, as we know his record is good, too. he, also, has been in 3 AO finals, and even injured last year he took a set off stan in the finals and beat kei, grigor and roger on the way…

Daniel Says:

Weather in Melbourne looks nice, almost no days going beyond 90 so far. Maybe this will play a different factor this AO compared to previous years as it was extreme hot.

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