Juan Martin Del Potro Has Withdrawn From Australian Open
by Staff | January 17th, 2015, 8:43 pm

Juan Martin del Potro announced his withdrawal from the Australian Open earlier today. The 26-year-old said his surgically repaired wrist is not quite ready for Grand Slam play.

After withdrawing from Brisbane, the Argentine was excited to be back on the court in Sydney where he won two matches. But with continued pain, Del Potro has decided to continue his recovery back in Argentina and not risk any damage.

Since his March 24 surgery, Del Potro hasn’t played a Grand Slam match.

Q. What happened in practice? What made you decide to pull out?
JUAN MARTIN DEL POTRO: Well, I didn’t feel prepared for playing in this big event. My first Grand Slam after one year, five-set matches, is very tough. Could be dangerous for my wrist and also for my physic. I think it was a tough decision, but could be a smart decision if I want to stay healthy and play for the whole year.

Q. Did you feel a new pain or is it soreness?
JUAN MARTIN DEL POTRO: It’s something similar. It’s been hurting the last couple of days and weeks. Nothing new. Nothing dangerous. But I think my wrist is not ready for play in this important tournament. I’m looking forward for the whole season. It’s tough to say this, but I’m still positive and I want to play tennis as I did last week. That’s why I decide for withdrawing here.

Q. How long do you think it will be before you play again?
JUAN MARTIN DEL POTRO: Well, I don’t know. I am still doing treatments. I will see the doctor again. I hope start playing again very, very soon in the United States tournaments. But he will say what could be good for my future. But I’m very positive. I really enjoying playing tennis again last week in Sydney, winning couple matches. I didn’t expect that, for sure. But that’s give me little bit of motivation for pass through this pain again. So I’m very exciting to come back again very soon and play without pain.

Q. How do you deal with it mentally? You are a big competitor. It’s been so long since you’ve been playing. There’s a new setback. Have you been reassured by your doctors that it’s not damaging or something?
JUAN MARTIN DEL POTRO: Of course, is not easy. I’m sad pull out from this tournament. I was exciting to be here, playing in Grand Slam, a lot of people, meeting again the players. But I have to be smart and see more than my present now. I’m looking forward for my future, for my career. I have to do what the doctor says. I’m still positive. I want to play tennis. It doesn’t matter how. But after seeing my level in Sydney, I think if I in good shape and I’m healthy, without pain, I could be competitive again very soon.

Q. You’ve been told it’s possible to come back 100% by the medical staff?
JUAN MARTIN DEL POTRO: Yes, yes. I knew this situation, but I wanted to play anyway since Sydney. Was very positive for me see how I’m playing now. I win few matches. I beat one top-20 player in the world after one year. That’s means something good for me. I took all of the things for the future. Now is moment to stop for a while again, try to fix my problem, and then start thinking about new things, good things for the future. I need to stay positive and keep up the motivation for play again.

Q. You were supposed to play Janowicz. What do you think about his game?
JUAN MARTIN DEL POTRO: To be honest, I only thinking about me. He’s a great player, very aggressive player. But I don’t know what could happen with him or the rest of the player. I’m just looking on myself, and I want to be ready for play against them as soon as I can.

Q. Do you think you’ll have to change your style of play? Is there something about your game that gets you injured more often?
JUAN MARTIN DEL POTRO: No, I don’t want to change my style. I don’t want to change my backhand, my technique. I’m trying to do the same as always. That’s what I trying to do with my doctor, as well. He’s behind me every day and looking forward for solve my problem. We are together in this situation. I trusting him a lot. I think in the future I will be playing free, without pain. Could be my big challenge for the moment, but if I feel without pain in the future, I will be very, very happy to get into the court again and play tennis for more years than what I am expecting now.

Q. When you came back last time after a year off with wrist problems, did you play with pain at first or were you pain-free immediately when you came back?

Q. No, last time.
JUAN MARTIN DEL POTRO: It was the same. It was very, very similar. But this time I didn’t practice hard before Sydney. I only practiced like a month, but just serving, some forehands. My first hitting backhands was in Sydney. I’ve been practicing for 10 days in a row with three matches in the middle. For me was intensity matches, for sure. That’s why I’m taking this decision now because I don’t want to put in risk again my body, my wrist, and I want to play healthy. I saw last week, if I am in good shape, I could be a competitive player again. I’m very exciting for that. I’m positive. I want to do it. I want to do that again.

Q. Have you been given a timeframe, weeks or months, by the doctor?
JUAN MARTIN DEL POTRO: No. I will meet him very soon and then we will make a schedule, we’ll make a plan to be on court as soon as possible again.

Q. How much training have you been able to do? Do you know how long it will be before you can practice?
JUAN MARTIN DEL POTRO: I can practice. I can practice and train. But if I couldn’t hit backhands like I want, it’s not helping a lot for my game. If I do that, could be a risk for my mind, for my body, for everything. Now is time to stop and see the doctor again and make a good plan for the future. I really want to play tennis as soon I can. I will do everything to do it. I’m still very positive. I really enjoy this sport. I enjoy last week in Sydney. I meet again all the players. I met the fans again. They are still very nice with me. So that’s gives me lots of motivation for come back without pain.

Q. Are you going back to Argentina to have more examinations?
JUAN MARTIN DEL POTRO: Yes, yes. I want to stay calm a few days, then see the doctor, see what’s going on with my plan.

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12 Comments for Juan Martin Del Potro Has Withdrawn From Australian Open

TennisVagabond.com Says:

Terrible news. My first instinct is, he’s done. But reading this, he seems very confident that his pervious injury is not in danger. I interpret this as meaning that because of pain, he is worried about causing new injuries, as is often the case when one tries to overcompensate or work around an injury.
But I don’t understand in what sense he considers himself healed if his injury still gives him so much pain he can’t compete.1

Brando Says:

Damn that is bummer news! :-(

Do what you gotta do Juan Martin: the tennis world is in your corner rooting for you!

Side note:

It’s interesting how some were speculating Juan Martin would go through the draw and maybe challenge Novak.

Now I am not knocking them or Juan Martin’s ability but it seems clear to see now for them and for me to say:

People need to temper their expectations, hype and speculation regarding ALL players.

It’s crazy the amount of overreaction society at large seems to do today, and in the world of tennis it’s shown in clear fashion.

Lose today? oh he’s awful, gone are the glory days x,y,z.

Player returns from injury? watch him smash the tour!

Player wins? He’s great, watch him dominate the game.

It’s too much!

People need to ground themselves in reality, have a sense of perspective, understanding and then form a opinion on matters without rushing to a extreme.

Like on the other threads right now:

Nadal- shady, underhand player upto no good.

Fed- arrogant, pompous and sneeky mental games.

Come now people: how on earth can we be surprised at the mad shape the world is in when we react to simple things in such a fashion?

Dramatizing, extrapolating matters to a height that they do not warrant.

Sorry if this feels like a lecture but seriously:

Let’s show more patience, understanding and restraint- i.e. using our brain and showing tempered judgment- than going by our emotions and running on what seems way out of touch with the reality of matters.

Once again:

Best of luck delpo!

autoFilter Says:

Well, this is unfortunate news. Maybe. I can’t really make heads or tails of his situation based on the interview, to be honest. I can’t tell if he’s just kind of panicked over soreness and needs to check with his doctor, or if it’s a combination of soreness and lack of preparation, or if he still needs to limit activity to fully heal. Whatever the case, it sounds like he believes it’s only a matter of time and not necessarily all that much longer. One can only hope that holds true.

Damien Mills Says:

I agree, though the game would be just different shades of grey if that were to happen. Gotta have emotion, but yes, some people do take it a bit too far at times.
I remember picking Delpo to go deep on a few season-long brackets from the ATP site many years ago – as soon as I stopped, he came out firing and smashed everybody. The game is poorer without him – one of the few who is able to legitimately threaten the top guys even when at their best – makes for exciting early round matches in any tournament instead of waiting for the ‘big’ matches at their end.
Hopefully, like he said, he won’t have to change his game and we’ll see more of his power later in the year.

Wog Boy Says:

I don’t know how many if have seen his match against Kukushkin but I posted then that towards the end of the first set and until the end of the match he was done physicaly, the only thing that kept him in the match was his serve. He could hardly walk and he even sat on the chair beetwen the games when he is not suppose to sheepeshly looking at chair umpire:) He is not fit to play, not best of five in in the tough Melbourne conditions not yet, that is his main problem, not wrist, at least I hope so.

Okiegal Says:

Oh, no……I was afraid of this……wrist problem is not going away, apparently. What I don’t understand is if goes back hitting like he’s always done, he’s likely to hurt it again. I would think he needs to change something….of course that would be easier said than done. I feel so bad for him…..but I think he’s wise staying away from the potential five setter matches……Good decision, DelPo! Here’s wishing him a speedy recovery.

Michael Says:

I think Del Potro made the mistake to return to the tour prematurely despite his wrist injury which is yet to resolve. Having waited for over a year, he could have waited a little longer to get into the tour. But, in his over anxiety, he made a costly mistake and has to once again make a hasty retreat from competitive Tennis.

Margot Says:

Oh what a shame for him! But two ticks ago he was reported as saying his doctor said it was OK to play with the wrist pain, and suddenly it’s not? Strange.
Like Michael I think he’s come back too soon and was given bad advice, if that was the case.

RZ Says:

This is a shame, but maybe he won’t rush to return again before being certain he is ready. Better to come back healthy and stick around for a while than rush back and have to stop playing once more.

jane Says:

That’s too bad. I really thought he was ready after he played the warm up and won a couple rounds. Get well JMDP!

Alexandra Says:

I wonder if he came back too soon. Maybe starting after a slam would have been better. But later you always know better. If you don’t play, you don’t know how his wrist will react. So tough decisions to make I guess.
One thing we can say for sure, injuries ruined a large part of his career. Wonder if he will ever get back for a longer time.

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