Sick Novak Djokovic Hasn’t Practiced This Weekend At The Australian Open
by Staff | January 17th, 2015, 9:23 pm

Apparently Novak Djokovic is still fighting a sickness he began the year with. According to reports, the four-time Australian Open champion has skipped his practices and press appearances in Melbourne so he can have more time to fight an illness.

The Serb began the year in Abu Dhabi where he contracted the flu.

The top seeded Djokovic does have an extra day before his Tuesday first round match against Slovenian Aljaz Bedene.

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29 Comments for Sick Novak Djokovic Hasn’t Practiced This Weekend At The Australian Open

brando Says:

Terrible news if true. Novak is a born fighter though so I am sure he’ll be fine. Must say though: barring Federer this event is short of players playing good tennis and being in good health. So many big names with a ? against their name. Here’s hoping we get some excellent tennis from the elite players rather than a damp squib I fear from hearing about all these withdraws or players having health issues.

autoFilter Says:

Ugh, agreed re this being terrible news, Brando. And, yeah, he’s a fighter, but if he’s been sick for pretty much all of January it can’t be doing anything positive for his endurance (or general sharpness).

Damien Mills Says:

Sounds like Stan could indeed get to the final to defend his title if he doesn’t get too excited about the prospect of a sick Novak. Hopefully Novak will sweat any sickness out in the heat, otherwise it could be an open top half.

Wog Boy Says:

Could it be that he wanted to watch his friend’s Troicki’s match (Nole wouldn’t miss that match for a million dollar) so he cancelled his practice and postponed his presso for sunday, yes, Troicki was playing final in Sydney on saturday.

the DA Says:

Several press members confirmed that he cancelled his practice because he felt unwell. The standard pre.tournament press conference was delayed by a day. Nobody has confirmation what the illness is yet.

Thangs Says:

We know what happened when he injured his leg(??) against sam querrey in davis cup and shedding tears on the TV interiew…

Also, he went on to win the Monte Carlo after wrist injury..

Winning 5th record AO being sick would make him a hero ..

Ajde Nole:-)

jane Says:

get well soon nole! aide! :)

Michael Says:

Hope he recovers and fights fit. He has a favourable draw and has to make the best use of it. He is seeking his 5th Australian Open title and that is a feat if it fructifies, will happen for the first time in professional circuit and will become the new bench mark. Novak’s performance since his marriage has not been that great despite his winning the WTF. He has been knocked out very early in many tournaments and even in his favourite US Open and Novak would be quite eager to reverse this trend and prove his critics wrong and set the record straight that he is still a force to reckon with inspite of father time. Where else he can prove this but by winning his favourite grand slam ? Can he do it ? Time will tell.

Patson Says:

Hey man, don’t get sick !

sienna Says:

why does he have favorable draw?

is henot in qua of Raonic and Nishikori both he could meet?

you cant get any more difficult. I have followed this site andthose are two of the best players atm. With Nishikori Goat under youngsters.

sienna Says:

but if he really has been sick then Djoker wont get #5.
it takes at least 2 weeks to get it out of system andit has affected his pre training already.
Doesnot look good for Novak.

the DA Says:

Nole confirmed in his presser that he’s been suffering from a stomach flu since the Doha but that it’s all behind him now (so to speak). Worries over.

Margot Says:

@the DA
Did u c above? Nice interview.
Hope Nole is OK, am sure he will be.

Danica Says:

Get well Nole and DelPo!

I was so gutted to hear of DelPo’s withdrawal. I know it’s for the best, it was a smart move on his part, but still, it’s such a shame.

We also need Rafa and Andy getting back in shape and playing their best tennis. C’mon guys!

sienna Says:

worries over but this levels playing field in terms of fitness and fysique between federer,Nadal and Djokovic.

a flue weeks/days before a grandslam is bound to do damage. everyone claiming he would be ok is wrong.
he is fitness wise below his usual level. So now other factors are more influencial to outcome of a match Djoker vs Nishikori/Nadal/Federer

Nishikori/Nadal/Federer have the upperhand and there you have the biggest favorites for title.

Humble Rafa Says:

All we are missing is one injury to make this a top 4 injury. Just pointing out an obvious fact.

Nusi Says:

The tournament hasn’t even started and Fakervic is already faking.

senorita Says:

Stomach flu sounds like appendicitis.

Humble Rafa Says:

Stomach flu is nothing the oxygen chamber cannot overcome.

skeezer Says:

“Haters gonna hate hate hate…”

skeezer Says:

“She it off, shake it off”

Okiegal Says:

If he’s over it, I don’t think he had the flu…..probably a stomach virus. The flu people are having where I live is bad stuff….is hanging on a long time. Hopefully for him, it’s just a traveling bug. I notice that it isn’t uncommon for the players to have upset stomachs from time to time. I remember Novak hurling on the court at the FO. Get well all you competitors……we want to see some good tennis!!

Humble Rafa Says:

I am neutral towards the Egg Lover. I hate when he copies my antics.

jane Says:

“he went on to win the Monte Carlo after wrist injury..”

to clarify thangs; he lost in the semis and skipped madrid after the wrist injury last year. so no he didn’t go on to win monte carlo then. he did win monte carlo after rolling his ankle in a davis cup match, but he had a bit of time before monte carlo, and while he rolled it on hard court, clay was probably easier on the joint.

lyle nubbins Says:

Nole needs things “just so” in order to play his best, physical/mential/situational issues impact him more than Fed and Rafa. That’s why his Slam count is not where it should be. So the flu is a serious problem, IMO.

jane Says:

you have a point lyle; nole can get distracted sometimes. hopefully he feels well soon and is able to focus on his tennis only.

Danica Says:

“nothing the oxygen chamber cannot overcome.”

Hahaha, as if it’s a tennis ball and can be carried around the world in your luggage :)

Yolita Says:

What an unkind, mean-spirited comment.
When did you stop watching tennis? 5 years ago?
Don’t you remember him playing injured in Monte Carlo last year, taking the court with his wrist heavily bandaged, to play a match he knew he would lose, in order not to disappoint the crowd?
He had to take 4 weeks off to heal the injury, he missed a Masters 1000. Losing 1000 possible points, that’s taking “faking” a little too far, don’t you think?

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