Roger Federer Confused By Bee Sting-Like Pain In Finger

by Tom Gainey | January 21st, 2015, 7:51 am

Not only did Simone Bolelli provide an early threat to Roger Federer today, but so too did a strange pain in his right pinky area.

Down in the first set, Federer made a rare call to the trainer and doctor, who came out on court to examine the Swiss’s finger. But nothing was determined, and even after the match Federer remains perplexed as to why his right pinky finger was in pain.

“I don’t know if it’s a blister. I don’t know what that thing is,” Federer said. “It’s the weirdest thing. I don’t know. I feel it on the tip of my finger. Just felt really odd starting after the break, and for three, four games, it was the funniest feeling I have. I feel like it’s numb and swollen. So, I don’t know, I just wanted to have a chat with the.

“I still don’t know. I just wanted to have a chat with the the physio just see what we can do. I know there is nothing we could do. I knew we couldn’t tape it up because then it would be even bigger and more weird. I just said, I hope it doesn’t get worse or stay like this. Actually it went away, but now I feel again. I don’t know what the feeling is.”

Federer acknowledged it could be a bee sting, but he hopes it goes away. “It is definitely swollen and it’s funny. I don’t know what it is. As long as it’s not getting bad, it’s okay.”

After the injury timeout, Federer regrouped to win in four handing Bolelli his 34th straight loss to a Top 10 player.

“Happy I’m still in the tournament, because there for a while today it wasn’t looking very good because Bolelli was playing very well,” Federer said. “But it’s always a good feeling fighting your way out of a match, like now, and winning the last three sets convincingly and actually playing really positive tennis. I served very well.

“Today I had to do some adjustments because he was doing things very well. By figuring things out, it’s a great feeling to have once you’ve got it. Then you’re able to play consistently well, because actually he didn’t have many opportunities on my serve. You always expect yourself to create opportunities, which I was finally able to do. Conditions were playing fast, and it’s not so easy if you serve well to break.”

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28 Comments for Roger Federer Confused By Bee Sting-Like Pain In Finger

Wog Boy Says:

““Happy I’m still in the tournament,..”

Is he serious?

RZ Says:

Fed stung by a bee, Rafa bit by a mosquito. What is going on in Melbourne?

madmax Says:

Yeah, RZ.


Fed got a bee sting. And, they can be nasty. Says:

Wog, you don’t think he’s happy?

Wog Boy Says:

No, I don’t think he was in danger not to be still in the tournament, don’t you think so? He wasn’t playing five set match and was on the brink of defeat, was he?
C’mon, no need to exaggerate and make the things harder than they really were, Rafa was in real danger not be still in the tournament, not Roger.

Gee Says:

Humblelito fed. His ego was hurt because something didn’t go right, without mirka’s involvement.

skeezer Says:

Humblelito is reserved for Rafa only, no?

I think Fed had a significant battle in the second, that is, the pressure was huge to win it. So yeah, he needed to step up considerably and he did. I watched intently and the 2nd was for sure going to be a turning point either way. Win he evened up the score, he started to kick in gear and Simone started turning into…well….Simone.
BTW…if anyone gets a bee sting in the right place, ( some may call it the wrong place ) it can cause a major problem. In this case, if the Bee sting was in your hand that you hold your racket, it could have been a major problem. Good for Fed it wasn’t.

Wog Boy Says:

I know the person that had a wasp sting in the right (wrong) place while sitting in old fashion dunny, it was very painful, couldn sit or do certain things (properly) for a few days.

Wog Boy Says:

BTW, why did he order camera away, we already saw that we couldn’t see anything wrong with his pinky, maybe to break Bolleli’s rythm;)
Ok Fedfans, don’t come on me hard, he is no saint;)

skeezer Says:

@Wog Boy,
Why so hard on Fed nowadays? :)
Of course he is no Saint, who said he was?

Let’s get real, how many times in Feds career has he called a trainer for help? And compared to any other top player?
In my view, if he calls a trainer for a little boo boo, fine by me. he’s had 1000+ match wins and how many times called a trainer? He’s never been a frequent common user of the that system. Unlike……….;-).

Wog Boy Says:

Agree, Federer rarely does it but nevertheless does it.
I’ll tell why I think that he he didn’t think this one through, the bee thing.
I don’t know how much you know about the bees, I know a little bit, it is tradition in Balkans that every farmer has bee hives and produce their own honey including my grandfather, he had around 20 bee hives at any time and I have three at my friends farm in near Sydney, we brought that tradition with us in Australia. Do you know how likely that there are bees in Melbourne park neverthe less in RLA, extremly unlikely. They have no business in the heart of the city, they can’t fly over the top of RLA or through the hallways (scan the ticket) through 15,000 people to find RF chair and his racquet, sit on the racquet handle and sting RF finger. Very, very unlikely, think about that, there is no bees in Melbourne park and particulary no in RLA court:)

Wog Boy Says:

I am just bored, sitting in the RLA hallways (nice AC) and teasing other fans, waiting for Nole’s match to start, Serena is about to play now and I hope she will be quick since I have plane to catch. I don’t pick on Roger or Rafa particulary, I love them both…when they don’t beat my man:)

skeezer Says:

“I don’t know if it’s a blister. I don’t know what that thing is,”

He didn’t know in fact what it was either. He then went on to say ‘Federer acknowledged it could be a bee sting”, the key word is “could” have, not “it was”.
He was guessing, something got him, and it bothered his finger. Do they have anything in Australia that is small and stings? He could have just caught a small splinter of something and had no idea. Whatever. I am assuming you thought he was faking a boo boo?

I am going to go drink a boo boo right now….

Wog Boy Says:

What is booo booo?

Wog Boy Says:

skeezer, this is what madmax says at the top of this thread:

madmax Says:
Yeah, RZ.


Fed got a bee sting. And, they can be nasty.

January 21st, 2015 at 3:13 pm

She says “confirmed” and enjoy boo boo whatever that is.

jane Says:

wog boy, a boo-boo is like an ouie, (ouch, i.e., a small injury).

Wog Boy Says:

jane, thanks, skeezer is ignoring me:)

BTW, there is a Red Back spider here, appart of six out of ten most poisonous snakes in the world, but if Red Back bit him, not just a pinky, but whole arm would be in trouble and if he doesn’t get a serum on time he might even die, so it wasn’t Red back..I am sure:)

Next match is Nole, Serena just finished Vera.

Kimberly Says:

Why did manamarino retire? He hard Lopez on the ropes? Was it the heat?

jane Says:

wog boy, are you enjoying this?

Wog Boy Says:

Kimberly, it is awfully heavy and humid, you don’t want to be on the sun unless you have to.
First set 22min and bagel.

Wog Boy Says:

jane, Nole looks sharper than two days ago, just not lose the focus, yes I am enjoying it so far.

jane Says:

it’s not that kuznetsov is playing that badly; he’s only hit 8 errors. mind you he’s not hit many winners either. but nole seems to be in the zone so far. and he’s all over andrey’s serve.

Nirmal Kumar Says:

Hopefully all the nuisance about the virus would calm down after this win. Good aggressive play by Novak so far.

Wog Boy Says:

Just what doctor ordered, 1 hour and 24 minutes, the temperature is 35 and keep going up. Nole tryed to play with a cap but couldn’t.

jane Says:

yeah…and hopefully no more bee stings or stomach ailments too. :)

nole still sounds a bit nasally in the post match interview, but he sure looked sharp in the first couple sets. woot.

Daniel Says:

With the courts playing fast Djoko and Fed sure will play as agressive as they can to finish it fast. Saw first set and Djoko had a few aces and the pace was intense.
Real fan begin R16, there is where the top guys can be tested, maybe: Fed x Kirgios, Djoko x Isner, Nadal x Anderson (Gasquet can’t play Nadal), Nishikoi x Ferrer, Murray x Dimitrov. A few potential interesting matches ahead.

jane Says:

agree daniel; the play has been aggressive and fast. things could be tricky even next round for nole; he has verdasco, the only seeded player for any of the big four (or five if counting wawrinka).

sienna Says:

potentiële upsets in round 16. Hope that will be 4th round. weekend comes around so finally some night matches to follow.

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