Refreshed Roger Federer Celebrates Chinese New Year In Dubai: “Let’s Hope It’s The Year Of The GOAT!” [Video]
by Tom Gainey | February 21st, 2015, 10:16 am

On the eve of the men’s Dubai event, defending champion Roger Federer was on hand for a special ceremony Thursday night marking the Chinese New Year, the year of the Goat!

“It’s been a fantastic evening,” Federer said. “I’m honoured to have been part of this celebration. The Burj Al Arab is iconic, and this celebration is a nice gesture for the Chinese guests. I’ve had some amazing moments playing here in Dubai, especially playing here on the helipad, and playing in China too, so the chance to celebrate this, I wasn’t going to miss it.”

Federer, a six-time champion at the event, will also be joined by Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray and Tomas Berdych in the field. Federer opens against Mikhail Youzhny. He could meet Murray in the semifinals.

“I feel ok coming into this year, I know the court well, I know what to expect,” Federer said. “I had two weeks off after the Australian Open so I feel refreshed and ready to play. I really like the stadium, I’ve played very well here over the years, and the Dubai tournament is run so well; it’s a great event and a great atmosphere.”

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22 Comments for Refreshed Roger Federer Celebrates Chinese New Year In Dubai: “Let’s Hope It’s The Year Of The GOAT!” [Video]

Ronn Says:

Well, if it’s the year of the GOAT, you ain’t it, little feddy, but Nadal is! You’d better not hope it’s the year of the GOAT because if it is, Rafa is gonna catch you. You’d better hope that Djokovic bails you out AGAIN by beating Rafa which is something you can’t do!

chris ford1 Says:

No such thing as GOAT. I think it will be hard to say who is best in era even because Roger’s era started well before Rafa and Nole reached full form. And he had 4 years of a less competitive time than those two (and Andy) experienced to pad his numbers somewhat.
Year of the GOAT. It is, as the Chinese say, a highly portentous year as Fed, Nadal, Muzz and the Djoker all have high stakes. The degree of success each has in 2015 is tremendously consequential.

Rog could be the oldest ever to win a Slam. Nadal needs to see if he has another comeback or if 2014 was a sign he was breaking down. Andy wants to prove he deserves to be part of the conversation again. Djokovic could do things in 2015 that seal the deal he is a true all-time great. And at his best, quite possibly the best of the 4 at their best at their peak…


For style, marketability, and 4 years of all-round dominance – Federer is unmatched. He changed the perception of what a great champion can be – while a tad arrogant and known to have some sore loser episodes – he is a nice guy, a sportsman, a natural leader, and like Djokovic multilingual and a great promoter of the sport. An Ambassador. A gift to tennis and its players and fans.
There will be a statue of Andy outside Wimbledon in any case, but there is still time for Andy to return and have a 2nd act.
Novak Djokovic is the youngest player to have reached all Slam semis. He is believed by Agassi, who has some creds in this area, to be the best defensive player the game has seen. He shows no wear and tear or slowing down – and may have 3 years at peak left, with a long twilight like Rogers..after that. He is thought to be a prime candidate to have a bright future in things outside tennis when his playing days end. Or if he stays, as a multilingual, highly articulate announcer, spokesman, coach..
Rafa could walk away tomorrow and be in the best of era discussion, GOAT for those that believe the impossible thing exists. He may close out with a winning h2h against everyone except for the odd case of Davydenko.

jane Says:

the dubai draw is out: fed has youz first round; murray has muller; berdych has chardy; and nole has popsicle! they all have fairly challenging first round matches. nole has tomas and gulbis on his side; fed has murray and goffin. i think the fed/murray side is tougher overall. nole’s has a few quallies, so will have to wait and see who they are.

skeezer Says:

Great vid on the Fed the GOAT. At least he’s not changing his shorts on a tennis court, I mean what for anyway? LOL.

Hippy Chick Says:

Nice video one of Fed and two of Rafa,Skeezer if Fed did the same i doubt the ladies would complain about that either most unlikely though lol,i see a Nole impression in the future ha ha….

the DA Says:


Hippy Chick Says:

Ha Ha Nice to see the players having som fun between matches and tournies….

Hippy Chick Says:

^Sorry some not som^….

Giles Says:

It’s actually Fed the rooster according to the Chinese calendar! Lol

Skeezer Says:

Cool pic lol. They saw the Rafa changing shorts video and this is there response.

Humble Rafa Says:

No need to get carried away. When they say, it’s the year of the goat, they are obviously talking about me.

Some people think they are the center of the world, when they are not even the most dominant in their era. Thank God, I am around to spread humility around. If I was born 10 years later, the world of tennis will have no hope.

You are welcome.


Eh, if it was Novak there would be many classless comments.

Okiegal Says:


Well, you still have a player in Rio that you like. Looks like it will Fabio and David in the finals. Rafa has got to get that first serve in more. I still cant figure out how bad Fabio played that first set and then turned it around on a dime. I have said more than once……tennis is fickle!!

On to the next one and better luck next time!

I will still sign out with a VAMOS….. :)

skeezer Says:

“When they say, it’s the year of the goat, they are obviously talking about me.”
You mean the year of “the changing shorts….wrong way jose”, no? Keep it real.

Hippy Chick Says:

Okiegal i didnt see the match too late for me im afraid especially with work and all,Fabio v Ferrer then?i think its a tall order for Fabio but would love to see him take the title now,he has the talent but needs to take his tennis seriously,hopefully hes now doing that,time will tell?….

Hippy Chick Says:

Anel Bojana@7.28pm February 21st,some would no question, but i think most would be saying how funny it is,or most wouldnt actually care one way or the other?….

madmax Says:

WTF with rafa changing his shorts on court?

Talk about being an exhibitionist!

Okiegal Says:

Apparently he’s come out of his shorts many times…..cause he did it as slick as a whistle… pun intended! I’m :) and not :(
about the whole ordeal. If it had been any other player it would have the best thing since sliced bread……just saying…….VAMOS!

RZ Says:

Turns out Fed just needs to hit just 15 more aces to hit 9,000. That would put him with Karlovic, Ivanisevic, and Roddick as the only players who have hit 9K or more aces.

RZ Says:

Fed is less than 100 aces behind Andy Roddick (link is here but doesn’t include the 8 aces that Fed hit in his match against Youzhny: Wonder if he will pass Roddick.

madmax Says:


Another stat RZ!

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