Del Potro Withdraws From Monte Carlo; Kyrgios, Gasquet Also Out

by Tom Gainey | April 9th, 2015, 10:10 am

A trio of withdrawals hit the Monte Carlo Masters event this week. Juan Martin del Potro said his left wrist is still not ready for action. The Argentine, who returned at Miami last month, will skip the Monte Carlo event to continue his left wrist rehab, according to Argentine media.

A back issue will continue to keep Richard Gasquet from the tennis courts. And Nick Kyrgios will also miss Monte Carlo due to the ankle he sprained last month at Indian Wells.

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12 Comments for Del Potro Withdraws From Monte Carlo; Kyrgios, Gasquet Also Out

jane Says:

well, this is a shame about delpo. so many stops and starts. i wonder when he’ll be fully back at it?

Hippy Chick Says:

It such frustrating news after all these ups and downs with Delpos career,just when you think hes on the up he gets another setback,shame a fantastic player with so much potential that was never realised….

Okiegal Says:

This is a shame!! Poor DelPo….To date, the year he won the USO… favorite USO ever! So sad he’s hurt!!

chris ford1 Says:

Delpo is possibly a case of a player that didn’t have a good sports doctor or physio with him in the earlier years. To tell him that due to how he was built, leverage factors, and his level of conditioning – his wrists might be in danger of chronic damage and repetitive injuries if he kept hitting his strokes so hard.

Many a tennis player has hurt a shoulder or back trying to serve past the limits of what their muscles and ligaments had been developed to handle. Some developmental players have hurt wrists, some very badly, trying to imitate Nadal’s bolo whiplash forehand. Nadal’s a gifted athlete, and besides that he has worked on his arm and wrist tendons and muscles to handle a bit more and more, safely, over 2 decades.

I don’t know what the answer is, don’t know if my theory he pushed critical wrist joints too hard is corect. Or if they can be fixed as good as new. One can only hope. A well-liked guy and awesome at times to watch. Only player who has from time to time made the Big 3 look the lesser player in certain matches.

Humble Rafa Says:

We live in a crazy world.

Ms. Chokey is pregnant. Big Lady wants to be a doctor.

Humble just wants to be Humble.

Okiegal Says:

@Chris….I wonder how long it is between surgery and picking up a racquet to start hitting again? I personally don’t think it’s nearly long enough, obviously. He plays one match and he’s out a while longer. I don’t think he’s healed in the first place…..I mean before he starts hitting again. Bless him, he was a talented player. But not surprised by wrist issues, I called the shot on that a few years ago…..when he won his first slam. I knew he couldn’t keep that up much longer…..I’m shocked the ball didn’t explode after he hit it!!

Markus Says:

I think surgery failed to fully restore his wrists. That happens. Maybe they were fixed just enough for normal use but not to the extent demanded by tennis, especially del Potro’s style of play. Sadly, for all intents and purposes, his tennis career may be over.

Hippy Chick Says:

Markus aww that would be a great shame,it was bad enough with all Rafas injury problems,and Andy hasnt been the same since the surgery,but the positive thing for those two players is they are at least still playing,Delpo sadly we dont know what to think one way or the other,it seems to be one set back after another….

Markus Says:

Hippy Chick, I hope I’m wrong. Nadal seems to be quite healthy and does not look like he’s playing injured. His recent losses were very close and could have been victories were it not for some errant shots. It’s his mind that sees to have been fractured a bit. Nothing that a few comfortable wins against a good player won’t fix. With clay season now here, I expect that to be resolved. The. same thing with Murray, were it not for Djokovic, he could have added a Masters or two. His serve is not as good as prior to surgery but Ithink that may also be mental because he is playing the rest of his game at pre-surgical level. He may be guarding his back not because of a physical but rather a mental hindrance. Anybody who has been injured and has surgery always has it in the nack of his mind that he can get injured again by subjecting that part to the same pressure. For Nadal and Murray, it may be mental. For del Potro, it’s both mental and physical. Nadal has the best prognosis because his coming matches are on a surface he us most comfortable with and lords it over everyone else. The big question is if he loses a string of them, specially the French, what will that do to his psyche? I hope he is as resilient as Djokovic. We will know soon. Exciting, isn’t it?

Hippy Chick Says:

Markus yeah completely agree on all points,off to work so ill chat later,over and out for now ;-)….

Okiegal Says:

@Markus 9:02……My thoughts exactly…..we will see soon how it all plays out. Rafa is under so much pressure to live up to what he’s done in the past…….if he does, he’s a hero…..if he doesn’t, he will be a washed up failure. I will stand by him, win, lose or draw…..he’s truly one of a kind! He’s the guy that got my love for tennis stirred up again. I had got away from watching it for a few years. I was channel surfing and came across the French Open Final the first year he won. I thought who is this guy?? I’ve been hooked ever since…..much to the dismay of my hubby…..He hates tennis, but will watch the ladies…..duh, wat up wid dat?? Lol Since most of the matches are live streamed, I hardly ever miss Rafa playing….hip hip hooray for the internet!!

joe Says:

Delp needs to retire..when will he be unfit with the fast game today

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