Tomas Berdych: The Big Three Makes It Very Hard To Win Any Titles!

by Tom Gainey | April 18th, 2015, 9:16 am

Tomas Berdych has reached just his fourth ATP Masters final today dismissing Gael Monfils 61, 64 in the Monte Carlo semifinals.

Berdcyh, who turns 30 later this year, has been a stalwart in the Top 10, but has only one Masters title to show for it (2005 Paris) and just one Grand Slam final (2010 Wimbledon). When asked of the perceived shortfall in results, the Czech pointed to the dominance of the Big Three.

“I think it’s pretty simple. If you look at the last 10 years, you’re going to find three guys that pretty much took all of them,” Berdych said Friday, eluding to Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal. “It’s quite simple. We talking about the best in the history of our sport that’s ever been. That’s it. That’s how it is. This is probably the same case with the slams, with some other stuff as well, because they are taking all from us.

“We just need to challenge them. It’s really not easy way to do. Usually you got at least two or three guys to beat to win that title. I mean, here it’s a bit more open in that sense. But still, you know, there’s going to be at least one.”

Berdych is 4-18 vs Nadal, 6-13 vs Federer and 2-18 vs Djokovic.

Berdych will have the challenge again tomorrow against either Nadal or Djokovic in the Monte Carlo final.

Including Murray, 41 of the last 45 ATP Masters 1000 tournaments (since 2010 Monte-Carlo) have been won by the quartet of Murray, Federer, Djokovic and Nadal.

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14 Comments for Tomas Berdych: The Big Three Makes It Very Hard To Win Any Titles!

the DA Says:

^ Murray prevented Berdych from reaching a USO final and a AO final as well as a Masters final just 2 weeks ago. But sure, it’s only the “big 3” who have made it hard for Tomas to win titles. ;)

KatH Says:

It makes Tomas feel better when he puts it down to only the Top 3.

And, now when he’s about to face a final against one of the Top 3….he should be saying that he hopes to find a bit of magic/has a secret weapon/intends to win…… —

otherwise why should anyone bother to watch the Match?

ertorque Says:

Don’t you mean ‘alluding’ rather than ‘eluding’?

Margot Says:

Hope Tomas likes bagels…;)

Hippy Chick Says:

Agree the DA,the annymosity for Murray knows no bounds on this forum….

Patson Says:

It’s easier to remember 3 people than 4. Simple explanation ladies !

sienna Says:

Man up about it Murray clan.

He is talking about them in reference to greatness in history of tennis.

Murray hasnt even reached top 25 all time.
he was closest of the rest.

KatH Says:

@ Sienna

I don’t quite follow the logic that Tomas is referring to them as “greatness in history of tennis” – (there are competitive “greats” in the history of tennis).

On the eve of a match with the current No.1 player surely Tomas’s remark is much more personal i.e. weighing up his chances (and seemingly a bit down-hearted about it)….who can blame him?

Margot Says:

Whose this Murray of whom Sienna speaks? We be the MURPHY Gang! Strong and proud! :)

KatH Says:

@ Margot

Yes, she’s got me really puzzled – we be the MURPHY gang indeed!!!

Also I think that Murray guy she keeps referring to happens to currently be ranked No.3.

So it’s all a bit of a mystery to me…..

sienna Says:

the Murraymaniacs were upset hr only talked about three not including Murphy.

getover it. Murphy is on his way to commentator BBC within 3 years

Margot Says:

Lol KatH if I listen very, very hard I can just about hear someone talking piffle…..
Who can it be?

KatH Says:

@ Sienna

The only person who is upset is the “Miserable One” – the rest of us are too stupid but to do anything but grin…

Have a good day (as they say in ye Olde U.S. of A.)

KatH Says:

@ Margot

There’s someone called “Consuelo”/Kelly Gomez who piffles and rambles on – you must be hearing them – off-aft so to speak. Makes one wonder if “Consuelo” has taken another pen-name and is sharing her piffles on Tennis X. If so, we are so blessed.

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