Andy Murray Is 10-0 As A Married Man; Federer, Djokovic Weren’t That Good After Their Weddings! [Chart]

by Staff | May 14th, 2015, 1:03 pm

Andy Murray’s a perfect 10-0 in his first 10 matches as a married man. So how does that stack up with how his fellow mates like Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic and others did when they returned post-wedding? Turns out, very well. He’s enjoying the best start for a married tennis pro among this recent group of Hall of Famers (or soon to be).

He’s the only one who was perfect and the only one to win a title in his first event as a married man!

First 10 Matches After Getting Married
Andy Murray (Apr 11, 2015): 10-0 (2 titles)
Roger Federer (Apr 11, 2009): 8-2
Novak Djokovic (Jul 10, 2014): 7-3
Andy Roddick (Apr 17, 2009): 7-3
Lleyton Hewitt (Jul 21, 2005): 8-2
Andre Agassi – Steffi (Oct 22, 2001): 7-3
Andre Agassi – Brooke (Apr 19, 1997): 5-5
Pete Sampras (Sep 30, 2000): 5-5

“I think people don’t always appreciate that sports people have, there is another part of our lives that is very important as well to performance,” Murray said after winning Madrid last weekend. “If you’re happy away from the court and you’re sort of your private and personal life is good, that will help everything. Helps your mindset; helps the way that you train; everything.”

After withdrawing from Rome earlier today, Murray heads to Paris undefeated on the clay and undefeated as a married man.

For Murray, marriage does indeed work. At least so far.

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14 Comments for Andy Murray Is 10-0 As A Married Man; Federer, Djokovic Weren’t That Good After Their Weddings! [Chart]

jalep Says:

Interesting. Wonder what the numbers are after becoming a dad. Nole appears to be excelling as a dad.

Get going, Andy!

RZ Says:

@Jalep – I think in Nole’s case, the same quote from Andy about happiness off the court applies. “If you’re happy away from the court and you’re sort of your private and personal life is good, that will help everything. Helps your mindset; helps the way that you train; everything.”

Margot Says:

Another record for Andy? Wowzer. Go get’em Andy!

Daniel Says:

See, mental head case, DF after saving 3 BP’s from 0-40.

Daniel Says:

Break back. Tense match. They could slice s bit to break the rhythm

Daniel Says:

Wrong thread

chris ford1 Says:

Andy got married in a phase where he was hungry for a turnaround in his fortunes.
In Djokovic’s case, he got married right after his awesome 5 set win over Fed at Wimbledon. Heck of a summer for him.
Then he slacked off a bit to smell the roses. Tennis became less central in the scheme of things. Who could blame him?

Fed if I remember was married in April 2009. Then won Madrid after Djokovic and Nadal beat each other up in their semi to being mutually hobbled at the end, then won the French and Wimbledon as Nadal’s Madrid injury flared along with a host of other factors, weather, family issues, and of course Soderling. And Djoker was off his game for over a year after Madrid.

So each guys case is different.
Andy will have a hard time outdoing Feds Madrid-RG-Wimbledon post-marriage boost, but is off to a good start.

Humble Rafa Says:

I should just get married to turn around my fortune. I am not sure if Uncle Toni will agree.

TL Says:

As someone said above, fatherhood is probably a much more crucial game-changer and, normally, for the worse. All these guys have been living virtually as couples for several years and a wedding shouldn’t make that much difference. Fatherhood is entirely different especially when the kids become about one-year old. Djoko’s case is just a bit different because he became a father in his absolute prime. I’d still be interested in seeing if there is a change in ‘perspective’ when Stefen grows up a bit.

chris ford1 Says:

Seems that Djoker and Fed will be exceptionally good dads. So with that in mind, I hope Novak and Jelena have many more children. Tennis might be impacted, but so what? I think Djokovic has his priorities well considered and has created a fine life on and off court.

Ditto Fed.

Wog Boy Says:

I think Nole will not have less than three kids, Stefan will soon have brother or sister to play with so Nole can focus on finishing his career in style and moving on with life after tennis, something that he is already working on. I don’t see him staying in tennis after he finishes playing.

Markus Says:

When these players get married, I wish for them to have a happy marriage and lots of kids. Let not be the marriage and/or children as they affect their careers be another measuring stick to compare them.

chris ford1 Says:

Wog – Djokovic has the potential to do quite a few things when his active singles tennis career concludes. So does Federer.
Time will tell for both.

Wog Boy Says:


One thing that tells me that he might be planning to move back to Serbia and raised his family there is that despite of all the money he has he hasn’t purchase anything bigger nor moved out of his two bedroom flat in Monte Carlo.
By the time Stefan is ready for school Nole’s career will be more or less over and all of his and Jelena’s family is there without intending to move anywhere else, as you said time will tell. I just don’t want to see him in politics, never ever!

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