Novak Djokovic Calls The Rome Center Court “Dangerous”

by Tom Gainey | May 17th, 2015, 11:01 am

Despite making his second straight final, Novak Djokovic isn’t happy with the Centrale court conditions this week in Rome. We’ve seen the maintenance crew out numerous times, not just for Novak’s matches, tending to holes and inconsistent spots on the clay surface.

Djokovic went on to explain the issues with these lashing quotes to AFP.

“It’s obvious the court is not where it’s supposed to be condition-wise,” Djokovic said to AFP. “Last year was better, this year, as I understand, they started making the court too late, a few weeks ago.

“And it’s not enough for a professional tournament and a Masters 1000 event. So I hope for next year they will prepare it better because once you start playing there’s not much you can do.

“We had some places where the holes are really deep… it’s not just for the serve, if you make those holes and you’re sliding and getting into that hole, you can twist your ankle easily.

“That was my point, that it’s dangerous to really play in these conditions just overall for injuries. Not just for myself, for everybody.”

Djokovic will play Federer this afternoon in the final. And Federer, too, had his complaints.

“The problem is, it kind of breaks away, so that’s not ideal. When it happens once or twice, three times, you get a bit worried,” said Federer yesterday.

“I don’t think it’s going to be an issue tomorrow it’s the end of the tournament now and they’ll do everything they can.”

Maria Sharapova, who just won her third Rome title, also remarked the court was in poor shape.

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2 Comments for Novak Djokovic Calls The Rome Center Court “Dangerous”

danica Says:

I am glad the tournament is over. Having an injured player because of a court condition would’ve been terrible. Most of them play through some pains anyway but twisting an ankle because of an unkept court is not acceptable.

Michael Says:

How can the Organizers be so callous and risk the career of players ? It is a Master series tournament and must live up to that reputation. Courts have to be maintained in a meticulous manner giving no quarter for complaint by any of the players and if a World No.1 has reservations about the poor conditions of the court, then that doesn’t augur well for the tournament organizers who have to be sensitive to such complaints and act in right earnest to inspire confidence in the player. I hope that next year, the organizers would turn a new leaf and do not give much room for these kind of complaints. Professionalism is not only expected from the players but organizers too who have to play a significant part in better conduct of the tournament.

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