Rafael Nadal Reacts To Drawing Novak Djokovic In The French Open Quarterfinals [Video]
by Staff | May 22nd, 2015, 6:59 am

Rafael Nadal reacted to his French Open draw which puts the 9-time champion against World No. 1 and favorite Novak Djokovic in the quarterfinals.

When asked, a ruffled looking Nadal focused on winning his first match, not about the Djokovic quarterfinal.

Nadal is 66-1 at the French Open. But after a disappointing start to 2015, he is seeded No. 6, his lowest ever seeding at the tournament where he was won the last 5 years.

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18 Comments for Rafael Nadal Reacts To Drawing Novak Djokovic In The French Open Quarterfinals [Video]

chris ford1 Says:

When Rafa is uncomfortable, or upset, he may talk the PR standard boilerplate about it not mattering, because you play it one match at a time – but his face and body get all twitchy on such occasions.

And both his hair and his English seem to be regressing.

Zozza Says:

What can you expect ranked 7th
Seed 6
Big winner Federer
He will make the final if he plays good
Nadal vs Djokovic quarter final that’s terrible for both but on form Djokovic should win
Then play Murray
Then 1 vs 2 final
The French organisers don’t want Nadal to win 10😡

Giles Says:

cf1. FOS!!

M Says:

“The French organisers don’t want Nadal to win 10”

That was one of my first thoughts (other than also that Roger doesn’t seem to have anybody to play in his half other than Ferru … and maybe Le Monf if he’s in form and the crowd is behind him).

brando Says:

He looks normal to me to be honest. And what can one expect him to say: novak in quarters? Oh what a doodle of a match. Walk in the park. Lol: it’s normal. I think both rafa and novak privately will be thinking: f*** f*** and f***. Both came out losers with the lottery of the draw IMO.

Tom Says:

Seems like No1e or Rafa have to earn this French Open. I agree with you Brando. This draw is more about them trying to stop Rafa to get to 10 and to make it a cake-walk for Roger to at least get to the final. If No1e is firing on all cylinders he should get there. But even as a die-hard No1e fan, I can’t sit back and think he has this in the bag because of Rafa. I’d like to say this is the year, but that’s why they play the tournaments. We shall see…

SnotNosedKid Says:

Winner of this QF holds the trophy, no question.

SG1 Says:

As strange as it may seem, I believe Rafa’s chances of winning the FO are overstated right now. His form doesn’t warrant him being anything better than a No.6 seed.

In the back of the minds of most Rafa fans (myself included), I’m wondering if he makes it to the 2nd week. I initially thought he would come out roaring at this FO but his Euro red clay results have been disastrous by his standards. And I can’t see his health getting better playing physical best of 5’s.

None of this means Rafa can’t win this tournament. This is Rafa after all. But, this is Novak’s tournament to lose. If Rafa and Noval do meet in the quarters, all the pressure will be on Novak. On paper, I think Novak wins this match handily but tennis matches aren’t played on paper. We’ll see if Novak can keep his eye on the prize.

SG1 Says:

A more interesting scenario could involve Novak bombing out before the quarters and Federer potentially getting a kick at a less than prime Rafa in another FO final.

Not going to happen…but as always, it’s fun to ponder the possibilities.

Giles Says:

He’s lucky he has an “eye” after that “cork” incident!’

jane Says:

interesting to whom? not me!

Tom Says:

No1e isn’t bombing out before the quarters. Not in his current form and not in a best of 5. Clearly No1e is underrated on clay because Rafa has stopped him 6 times (all have been in the SF and Final except for 2007). Nothing like being the 2nd best clay court player of your era.

jane Says:

interesting use of 2nd person point of view.

Giles Says:

That’s all drama queen stuff. Don’t worry there’ll be plenty more in the next 2 weeks. It’s getting very boring already.

chris ford1 Says:

Giles – “That’s all drama queen stuff. Don’t worry there’ll be plenty more in the next 2 weeks. It’s getting very boring already.”

Yes, Your Highness. Whatever you say.

Nitesh Says:

come on rafa joker Andy & Federer
give us hard fought matches

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