Poll: Who’ll Win The French Open Final Between Novak Djokovic And Stan Wawrinka?

by Staff | June 6th, 2015, 10:35 am

The men’s final is set at the French Open. Novak Djokovic won a 2-day affair taking out Andy Murray 6-3, 6-3, 5-7, 5-7, 6-1 to reach his third career French Open final.

Djokovic is now just three sets from his first career Grand Slam. Standing in his was is Stan Wawrinka. Djokovic leads Wawrinka 17-3 but their last four meetings in Grand Slams have gone the distance.

Wawrinka, who enjoyed a day off today, has lost only two sets en route to his first French Open title.

Djokovic has beaten Rafael Nadal and now Murray, but will have to get by Wawrinka to make history.

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30 Comments for Poll: Who’ll Win The French Open Final Between Novak Djokovic And Stan Wawrinka?

Daniel Says:

Djoko will take this, Wawrinka will have to play super aggressive for 4 sets or 5.

But of course, the last person to beat Djoko in a deciding set was Wawa in AO 2014 fifth set, so he can do it again. I just feel that the way Djoko finish his match with Murray today kind of will make him feel unbeatable, he was almost chocking (leading 2-0), lost both sets getting broken when he should garbage at least tiebreak and even so revert to another gear and won 6-1 last set. He is just too tough right now and Wawa can have an off day, what is less likely to happen to Djoko.

Djoko in 4!

Giles Says:

Wawewowa will win. The tattoo on his arm gives him tremendous inspiration. He believes!!

brando Says:

Djokovic in 3. His consistency will kill wawrinka. It’s clay: he’ll have to play extra shot time after time and again. This will lead to errors which he makes at a ridiculously high amount. There’s no point hitting 60 winners if you leak 50 errors. And then there is the serve: wawrinkas first serve in % is very, very low. Low 50’s NEVER cuts it v novak. And that’s where wawa is at. The truth is this: wawrinka can only win if he produces a spectacular display AND the occasion gets to novak: he leaks more errors, goes walkabout mentally and goes into a lull. But that is a extreme scenario. And that’s what wawrinka needs to win. Hence: Djokovic in 3 is the pick, but really even if 4 or 5 does not matter: wawrinka’s low % serve and high error count in addition to Djokovic’s uber consistency will mean: novak wins Roland Garros. The ONLY plus for wawrinka: he’s not interested in a toe to toe defense battle like Rafael or Andy with novak. Nope. He just wants to step inside and slap the paint of the ball. And wawrinka isinside the court: he can be the most dangerous player on tour since the power on either wing, down the line or cross court is ridiculous.

Snowbird Says:

Wawrinka can win this FO title but he needs to tame his wild FH and errant thought process. It would be nice for him to back up his Junior FO Champ title, and also add a second slam. He can do it. I like to root for the underdog.

jane Says:

if wawrinka wins he’ll also tie murray with 2 slams.

Colin Says:

Usually I would be rooting for the underdog, but as a Murray fan, I obviously want Djokovic to win.

Brando – tennis balls are painted?

Brando Says:


LOL, trust you to query that, you absolute legend!

The paint was in reference Colin to the Brand imprint on the ball.

chris ford1 Says:

Novak has consistency, and I think a lot of confidence that he could survive vintage Nadal (1st set of their QF) and Andy Murray playing fully up to his potential.
And I think that common wisdom that Stan will have more energy is wrong, as Djokovic had a pretty easy 1st set and Andy has honed him to a razor’s edge…better than a great practice session day before a match..which has the same goal.
And also on the energy issue – Djokovic is in the homestretch. He has skipped buildup grass matches before Wimbledon for a few years now and done OK so no worries about arriving exhausted for Wimbie unless he saves something. When you really, really want it, most times, the energy comes from somewhere.

And yes, Stan is a great rival on the big stage for Nole, and their H2H does not reflect the nature of the utter wars they have fought in the last few years. Close. Stan going for it. So sure, Stan has a chance, a real chance.

But I think Nole just won’t be stopped unless he gets injured.

PS – All fans of The Muzz have to be delighted with the clay season Andy had. Finally, Andy has arrived as yet another top all-court threat in the Big 4. And Andy fans can once again laugh at the naysayers that say the Big 4 doesn’t exist because Andy is not in the other 3’s league. He is.

chris ford1 Says:

Meant 5th set…though the 1st set was easy…

Giles Says:

Pretty obvious joker is still using the EGG !

Colin Says:

@Brando – glad to be appreciated! I have a reputation to uphold as resident pedant.

Is that paint, though? I’d have thought it was some sort of ink.

The OTHER (!) thing I wanted to query was your mention of “toe to toe defence battles.” Isn’t that a contradiction in terms?

Now I’m waiting for somebody to be surprised by the rest of my 1.09 PM posting…

Snowbird Says:

@cf1, You’re correct about Djokovic’s S-final match. He did not have to expend too much energy. OTOH, Stan had to work very hard in his match to beat Tsonga, in the hot afternoon sun. Tsonga’s shots were very powerful and it takes a lot of energy to return them. Djokovic was not really pushed the entire match, except for the 3rd and 4th sets, but then was able to go home and recuperate. He came back fresh and look what happened; he gave Murray a breadstick. I’ve heard a lot of players state that practise is not the same as the actual match play, and I see today as a practice session. He won’t need to do more of that more today.

Ben Pronin Says:

There is no Big 4. There is a Big 3: Djokovic, Murray, and Wawrinka.

But if Djokovic wins tomorrow, then there’s only a Big One.

elina Says:

LOL Wawrinka. You forgot Cilic.

Giles Says:

Nah, fed over Wawa any day.

Giles Says:

Oops Bryan bros beaten by Dodig and Melo. Another upset coming up tomorrow!

brando Says:

Agree: Big 2 has been cut down to big 2 since Fedal are not the dominant or elite force at all. Neither is a favorite or co-favourite level for a big move title anymore as they were in peak. Right now its Novak and then the rest fighting out for runner up spot. Prime favs for that are Andy, wawa.

Hippy Chick Says:

I think Stan has a chance but would have to play the match of his life,Novak is playing incredible at the moment,so will take some stopping,Novak in 3,4 or 5 doesnt really matter,he will win the FO has had his name written all over it ever since he won MC,no horse in the race,just hope its a great final,may the best man win….

Hippy Chick Says:

Have to agree with someone from the other thread though,and say as much as i love Andy,i dont see it as much of a rivalry unless Andy actually beats Novak occasionally,sorry but they can meet each other in every match in every final for the rest of the year,but unless the wins are actually shared and not so lopsided,how is it a rivalry,regardless of close matches,they mean doodle squat,a loss is still a loss?….

Giles Says:

Hey HC. Did you forget to mention the LOA??

chris ford1 Says:

There is still a Big 4. Federer is in emeritus status, but can still beat Nole from time to time. Andy is better. And I assign Rafa a higher chance of coming back and being a great rival again than I think Nishikori, Dimitrov, Stan, Cilic, or the current fave du jour Young-Gun’s chanced.

Hippy Chick Says:

Ill believe it all if it happens,im not holding my breath….

Daniel Says:

HC, it was me who said that. Murray needs a win, ASAP. Hope he gets one in grass.

brando Says:

Since Wimbledon 2013 final: 10-1 to Djokovic. 8-0 to Djokovic last meetings. Hard to call that a rivalry

Zozza Says:

Djoky in 3

sienna Says:

after garros the fastlane is comming around.

Federer is playing on top of his level. better then last year. djokovic will not be able to stop Federer this time. also cilic is obviously off… Federer is in good shape and he can find the two slams he has dominated the best.

KatH Says:

Happy Chick – Just needs more crystals???? Hee-haw!!

Seriously, there’s a fair chance the H2H improves this year — Andy only now showing the benefits of the back operation. But not sure if Andy will match Nole at Wimbledon partly due to the rankings – Nole will be No. 1 and Fed No. 2 –
– Nole and Andy could meet before the semis….

Hippy Chick Says:

KatH lol yeah,i believe hes getting closer and his games better suited to grass than clay….
Giles lol yeah LOA and hopefully Andy gets a win over Novak soon….
TV thanks….
Andy sorry to all for the late replys to your posts….

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