Tennis Grunts To Music? Roger Federer Approves
by Staff | June 9th, 2015, 5:28 pm

Late night talk show host and comedian Jimmy Fallon introduced this viral clip from his show with grunts from the French Open set to music. Even Roger Federer approved.

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46 Comments for Tennis Grunts To Music? Roger Federer Approves

Dianne Says:

And they wonder why tennis is losing its viewership. I am a die hard tennis fan and can barely watch any matches anymore. With Nadal picking his butt and the grunts and groans and excessive ball bouncing I gave up watching.

jalep Says:

hahaha….Schiavone has a really loud and strange doulble grunt. Have sat court-side and experienced it. A whole section of us could not help laughing – though I tried very hard not to. Love Francesca but…

Snowbird Says:

Anyone know what Ana says when she’s playing? Errani and Kutznetsova emit irritating sounds. Sharapova’s screams get louder with each point she wins. Azarenka’s whooooooo makes me think of a haunted house. They are all so funny.

Wog Boy Says:

If you are talking about Ana Ivanovic, she is saying, most of the time two words, “ajde” and “idemo” which both have same meaning “came on” or “let’s go”.

Wog Boy Says:

^^^ sometimes she uses word “dobar” meaning “good shot”.

Snowbird Says:

WB, thanks. We were trying to figure what Ana I. says. Well, now we know.

Dianne Says:

Boris Becker is a big a… hole… really grown men are scared to say they don’t like each other? Fed can’t be liked by everywhere? This guy is a total jerk… I used to like him as a tennis player but after his total disaster of a personal life and screwing a woman in a resturant I lost all respect for him…. Looks like he needs to lay off the booze. Jerk. Also in listening to these old farts of tennis they are all so jealous of the class act Roger is that they can’t hold their jealous in check. Notice Djoker is emulating Roger too just like Nadal did.

jane Says:

lol, tempers are flaring. just what BB wanted. #ironic.

Wog Boy Says:

… and screwing a woman in a resturant I lost all respect for him….

Good on them if they both enjoyed it, after all, it wasn’t on the table in front of the patrons, they did have some privacy;)

django Says:

Why are you posting if you gave up watching matches?

KatH Says:

I’ve just read that Boris said it took place on the stairs!!!!

Margot Says:

Boris picks his nose…..on camera…eeuk!

Wog Boy Says:

^^^ I guess it is because of balance.

Markus Says:

This horrible grunting has made tennis the laughing stock in the sports world. This video is just an example. It’s women’s tennis that makes all the noise. It’s as if they are in labor giving birth on court. The men are not as bad and at least they play good tennis to go along with it. I usually don’t watch women’s tennis unless the event is mixed in with the men’s as in the slams where women’s matches are basically forced upon the viewers by TV coverage.

All this grunting started with Monica Seles which makes it sad because great player that she is, one of her lasting legacies will be this abominable grunting in tennis. I thought I read somewhere that the tennis officials are going to do something to curtail this noise, but when have these people really done anything consistent as regards rules?

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Every couple years the WTA threatens to curtail the noise, and then there is a chorus of grunts and shrieks from the players and it is forgotten.

brando Says:

@Dianne: why are you posting if you gave up watching? (Good question django)And Roger being a class act? Sure if we ignore the finger waving (FO11), yelling at umpire (see YouTube), swearing at opponent (Murray AO) etc. Ignoring that: yeah he’s a class act. But when he faces Nadal, barring the odd occasion, he’s ALWAYS been a sorry act. Maybe that is when you stopped watching tennis: when the penny finally dropped onto that reality. Just a guess of course. P

brando Says:

PS: forgot to mention federers ‘be quiet okay’ shot at novak. Parents. Another one of Rogers many classy moments of course.

Markus Says:

Just to show how differently we all react to what we see: that finger waving, umpire yelling, opponent swearing, etc., etc, by Roger, I loved them all. I cheered wildly for him and gave him a standing ovation on each of those occasions.

brando Says:

@Skeezer: old news old sport. As Nadal said when questioned: I think he should have a word with his son about that one. I think rafa and novak are fine. Like rafa said post RG last year, he understands novaks desire to win RG and he thinks he deserves it. Ditto Novak this year. No OTT celebration or anything just all class post match when he bea. Rafa. Backing him in the media and sticking up for him. The reality is: this comes down to personality. The Spanish and Serbian players get on very well and most of it is down to a similarity in traits in some respect. Rafa even has had serbian players over to his training camp, remember one beginning whos surname begins with L going over to practise. Tipsarevic and rafa get on great. Rafa even backed troicki in his situation. All that comes down to the easy vibe with the Spanish, serbian players. They like one another and have easy rapport. Ditto rafa and nole. Nothing changed between them except they became each others biggest rivals. And the reality between their rivalry more than anything is: it’s a mental, physical battles between 2 fighting it out to be the alpha male. It’s more of battle of wills at times than tennis. When it’s like that, and nole put it best, it’s harder for them to be chums than with anyone else. Deep down though they like one another, have in the past gone to football matches, theater, toured south America together and as nole said: once they hang up their racquet it’s likely theyll be friends and can hang out out since there is no personality issue. See the way they were joking with one another in south America. With Federer and Djokovic though my honest opinion is: it seems Federer doesn’t really like him for whatever reason and looks down on Novak. It’s just a gut feeling but I think he gets a real pleasure out of beating him. Even in Shanghai last year I remember thinking: Federer seems more pumped up against Novak in a manner I dont really usually see from the chilled out Swiss. This Becker quote just touched upon a open secret. It’s fine though ultimately: they don’t have to hug and love one another.

MMT Says:

First of all, that grunting bit was classic, and I hope the ATP/WTA don’t look at that as “any publicity is good publicity” and realize that the sport, outside the sport, is becoming a bit of a punchline. Personally, I think they should ban grunting in the juniors from now on, and this lost generation of head cases will become a part of history where it belongs.

As for Becker, I think makes a good point: I too do not believe that all players get on as well as they make it seem, which I think is entirely for their image (upon which most of their earnings depend). As such, I find their comments about each other to be an absolute bore and phony. I am also more interested in a match when I know the two players don’t like each other, and I believe it has an impact on the match itself. I still get the feeling that Federer and Djokovic would rather lose to anyone on tour, rather than each other, and I think they play harder against each other as a result.

Having said that, Brando’s assessment of Federer is rather monolithic – a few bad moments and veil is removed. He has not always been cool and calm in his exterior, and has had his public conflicts, but that’s a far cry from turning him into some kind of malcontent who’s faked his way into a good reputation.

What I find fascinating is the extent to which fans go to deny and/or tamp down the idea that players don’t get along: why are people so afraid to admit that some players just don’t like each other (for whatever reason)? Forget about, “they don’t have to be drinking buddies”, I think it’s fine if they can’t stand each other. After all, the beauty of sports is the living drama. Of course it can get out of hand, but we’re a long way from that, and I think it would help ratings if one of the big four really laid into one of the others before Wimbledon.

I, for one, would be glued to the tube.

calmdownplease Says:

`Good on them if they both enjoyed it, after all, it wasn’t on the table in front of the patrons, they did have some privacy;)..`

No it was in a cupboard, so it was quite discreet.
But I would still hesitate to employ the word `respectable` for obvious reasons.
And I doubt he `enjoyed` the subsequent paternity suit successfully brought against him a year later.
His denials were hilarious; the baby looked almost exactly like him!
Speaking of babies, I wonder who the lucky father of Amelie’s impending one is?
No doubt it’s going to stay a secret.
I’m guessing there was some kind of turkey baster involved in ongoing negotiations!
As long as she wasn’t near Boris and a cupboard I think she should be fine!
Anyhoo, moving on…..

brando Says:

@MMT: about my comment. No way was I meaning to imply that really Fed is a nasty piece of work who acts all classy and PC because of $$$. Rather I was getting at this notion perpetuated by some that Roger is a flawless act and others are lame in comparison. That kinda thinking to me is complete BS. As for the players ultimately: I think it’s perfectly fine as it is. I have zero issues with their conduct. I don’t watch the WTA so the grunting thing is not something that I really have to contend with when watching the game. But as for the fellas on the ATP: I think they are perfect and long may it continue. They play HARD on court. When you see a Nadal v Djokovic match at a slam or Murray v Djokovic even at AO for first 2 sets: these guys go as hard as ANY in the history of the game. The ONLY difference between these guys and some before them is: they play HARD on court and leave it all out of there. Off it they stay respectful of one another and that’s how it should be. I dont want to see rafa b###h about Federer or novak take pot shots at Andy. I don’t need that. Nor I do want to see it. These guys got it bang on: play HARD on court, but at the end of the match be respectful of one another and act like men. And these guys are: they are not acting like divas and b####ing about one another. I was not around to view it at the time, but whenever I see videos of McEnroe lashing out in the past all I see is a guy in a desperate need of a slap. Mate: stop acting like a child and act accordingly. Save the tantrums for the playground since this men’s tennis: play HARD, act accordingly and not like a brat. The Nadal, Djokovic, Murray and Federer of the world’s beat those guys EASILY in how the game should be played. Let’s face it: if these guys played like brats we would complain about why they aren’t well behaved. Now that they are we wish they were brattish. Human nature: always finding something to moan about. Appreciate this guy’s and as far I am concerned: I appreciate they don’t act like divas and b###h around like some former players used to. Major props for them for that.

Daniel Says:

It is no news that Fed and Djoko don’t like each other, since the get go I think. After that Montreal 2007 it was clear. They “respect” each other because that is the status quo for tennis this days, they all behave the best they could.

I think what Boris was implying is that it’s kind of a fake act they all do for media when in the old days it was more clear that some rivals didn’t like each other and didn’t act media wise.

Bit this days everything is taken out of proportion by media and internet due to the crazy access we have to their lives so if they start saying what they really think it would just embarrass them and us;-) Deep down we know what is going on as when Nadal lost the 7 in a row for Djoko and every subsequent loss the handshake was getting colder and colder. i think this subtle is way more fan than they explicating saying I don’t like him, just tolerate him. LOL

skeezer Says:

Second what MMT said.

SG1 Says:

I think Boris is basically saying that tennis has become homogenized (for lack of a better word). Everyone wants to portray that squeaky clean image as Roger does. And while a squeaky clean image is nice for endorsements, it can make things a little dull for the average fan.

Watching Mac and Connors tie one on or Connors and Lendl, you could feel the animosity through the TV set which adds to the entertainment value. And I’m not in any way condoning swearing on a tennis court (which err…I’ve been guilty of doing once in a while) or overtly nasty behavior. The spectacle is enhanced when the two opponents have an open dislike for one another. Probably my “hockey fan DNA” coming out but rivalries are best when there’s a dislike for one another. I also don’t think there’s anything wrong with players openly expressing their feelings about their opponent so long as it’s done tastefully.

SG1 Says:

Sampras never said he hated Andre Agassi (though I think their dislike for one another is obvious). Sampras would say something like “I can’t wait to play Andre again so I can beat his brains out.” Perfectly acceptable, competitive comment.

SG1 Says:

And I don’t think Fed’s a nasty guy that’s putting up a false persona. So many players have said that he’s great and I don’t think they’re all afraid to really speak their mind.

Roger has a bit of a dark side (we all of course do). You see it occasionally when he gets a bad call or there’s a late challenge he doesn’t agree with. But, you can’t be an elite competitor without having at least a bit of an edge to your personality.

sienna Says:

absolutely right.

but djoker were making novak somewhat like a person who doesnot have any faults.
big nono for that call.
he acts and portrays something he isnt or hasnt got.

e.g. all time great/ altruïst/ saint/

sienna Says:

your comments are to long…………..

sienna Says:

meant djokerfans

MMT Says:

Okay Brando – I accept the irony of your comments on Federer. I myself came into a lot of criticism when I criticized Federer for cursing at Murray two years ago at the Oz open. I also agree with what you said about playing with honor and commitmen. I guess where I beg to differ is on the absence of a subtext of personal animosity which I believe is there. I think that absence is phony and I wish it were there more often.

But I admit it’s a kind of emotional bloodlust.

Margot Says:

Who actually cares if they don’t like each other? Not me.
And Connors used to spit at Mac’s box, according to Tignor. The “good old days” eh?

jane Says:

margot, me neither. overall i agree. it’s probably best to be cordial but indifferent is perfectly fine too. i’d prefer not to see nastiness though.
i get tired of the “classy” adjective, especially since it has nothing really to do with behaviour; it’s more about perception imo.

brando Says:

@MMT: lol it’s fine. I was actually thinking is this a cultural thing? Seemingly the American fans want to see some animosity, bad blood and tension between the players. And I, a Brit, is all for some hard fought contests, with the players shaking hands and going off for tea and biscuits together. Lol. Could be. Ultimately: I’m fine with the reality as it is: hard fought matches with players eager to win. Suits me just fine. Anything beyond the umpire calling time at the start of the match, the score at the end doesn’t really matter much to me.

Hippy Chick Says:

There seems to be more anymosity on the WTA than on the ATP IMO,there seems to be no love lost between Serena and Maria,Vika and Maria etc,Serenas quite friendly towards most of her other rivals,but Maria looks like she hates everyone,she even said to Chelsea Handler on her show that she had a reputation for been a b*tch,saying im not exactly giving them high fives in the showers,i try to get out of there as quick as possible its not my bag,she also said once im not in this to make friends,im in this to win matches and tournaments,or words to that effect….

Seth Says:

Seems to me that Fed and Djokovic have long ago buried the hatchet. I’ve seen nothing but cordial respect and even occasional genuine amity between the two of them for the last couple of years. Fed has commented recently about how hard Novak has worked and how much he has improved. He went on to say that he wishes everyone was committed to working that hard.

django Says:

Hippy…maria=genie in that they don’t want friends on tour. Icy ladies.But one of them has the goods and the other doesn’t. That’s why genie will have to put on a fake smile in the near future as per her PR agent’s instructions.

Wog Boy Says:

“And I doubt he `enjoyed` the subsequent paternity suit successfully brought against him a year later.”

Actually it wasn’t any paternity suit. After eight months Boris got a call from London saying that the result of his dinner in Japanese restaurant is about to be born. He flew to London and only thing he asked to be done before recognizing baby was DNA test, understandably so. He wasn’t proud of his act but he was and is proud and good father.

This is what he said 6-7 years ago:

“I live and learn. It cost my marriage, it cost for the next couple of years my private life but having Anna is not a mistake any more.

“I have a beautiful daughter. Today, I wouldn’t want to miss it for a minute. I love her very much.”

Snowbird Says:

I don’t think Sharapova likes anyone on the WTA tour, not even her fellow Russians. Masha looks at her opponents with a cross-eyed stare, and when she loses, her expression is almost hateful.

It’s strange that Masha stresses she’s so very Russian, while she’s hogging the US dollars. Considering she came to the US with very little,it’s puzzling why she’s so stuck up. I don’t understand. I read an article concerning her Wimbledon win over Serena where she told her father: “I beat the ape.” The article also mentioned she nearly lost her sponsors due to that remark. It appears that every time Serena plays against her she remembers that remark and seems to enjoy putting a resounding beatdown on her.

Bouchard has gone in the “no friends” direction, even refusing to shake Begu’s hand at the Fed Cup draw.

Dianne Says:

All you criticizers… read my note… I said I can barely stand to watch tennis. I watch a couple of people who don’t grunt, pick their ass, or make loud shrieking noises. Also I can read multiple websites to keep up. Always all the people who criticize Roger… he acts a lot better than most… not perfect but more than most. But so are a lot of other players.. .Haas, etc…

Tennisfan Says:

Lol @ Brando, your bias against Federer is intense. All of the top players have had their unflattering moments but tbh I like that they keep it civil. It’s nice to see such class at the top of the sport.

Wog Boy Says:

“All that comes down to the easy vibe with the Spanish, serbian players. They like one another and have easy rapport.”

That is what I call Mediterranean temperament and mentality, Spanish one is closer to us than Swiss one, and the nature of Rafa’s game and Rafa himself, if they (Rafa and Roger) are to play exhibition match in Belgrade, I can bet my house, two thirds would go for Rafa and one third for Roger, not quite sure about that one third, but I’ll give him benefit of the doubt:)

Jack Lewis Says:

Top players competing against each other are not in love 24/7 with each other?
Who knew?

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