Stan Wawrinka Thinks Novak Djokovic’s Return Of Serve Is The Best Shot In Tennis
by Tom Gainey | July 2nd, 2015, 8:13 am

Thanks to John McEnroe and Brad Gilbert’s banter, the players at Wimbledon this week have been asked about the best shots in the game.

Stan Wawrinka offered his pick taking Novak Djokovic’s return of serve as the shot he’d like to have.

“I will take Novak return,” Wawrinka said. “Because he’s so good. He make you play all the time. He always find solution how to return each player. Always putting yourself under pressure even when you’re serving.”

This year, Djokovic ranks fourth in first serve return points won and first in seconds serve return points won.

The French Open champion has won his last nine Grand Slam matches. He’ll play tomorrow in the Wimbledon third round against lefty veteran Fernando Verdasco.

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21 Comments for Stan Wawrinka Thinks Novak Djokovic’s Return Of Serve Is The Best Shot In Tennis

jane Says:

tsonga seems to be doing well, surprisingly, but then i don’t know his opponent.

jane Says:

rafa just lost the first set. brown is playing show-boaty tennis but rafa was right there with him till the end of the set. i think it’s mainly about confidence for rafa at this point. his game seems to be mostly there, but one thing that’s perhaps still not back to his best is his return game. the good news for rafa fans is that it’s best of 5 so he can still win this!

jane Says:

like for example, rafa had almost no errors until that last game when he was serving to force a tiebreak. and then he hits a bad forehand to give brown 2 set points.. that to me seems like nerves.

jane Says:

monfils, tsonga and berdych all through in straights.

jane Says:

popsicle won! although apparently foggy was in one of his moods, fighting with the ump, fined, visited by tournament official, etc.

troicki and seppi are through too.

jane Says:

i don’t know what to say about rafa. he’s confusing me. poor shot selection to me. way too tentative on his shots.

jane Says:

Chris Skelton ‏@ChrisSkelton87 5m5 minutes ago
Brown has not defeated a top-50 opponent since last July and never has defeated a top-50 opponent at a major.

jane Says:

rafa is just way too passive. it’s kind of amazing to see him like this. maybe he should get rid of uncle.

jane Says:

commiserations to rafa fans. brown played well, especially at first. BUT rafa really dropped off, kind of shockingly tbh. he’s in need of a change. it was kind of strange seeing toni looking all happy in the box. what’s with that?

jane Says:

go dolgo!

addicted Says:

Ok, this isn’t that big a deal.

A player who hasn’t made the quarters in 3 years lost before the quarters again.


jane Says:

^ i guess that’s true that it’s not that surprising. but he won stuttgart, lost a close one to dolgo and then played another match at boodles. this year he seemed more prepared for the grass transition.

Steve Tignor ‏@SteveTignor 24s25 seconds ago
For 4th straight year at Wimbledon, Nadal loses to an opponent ranked 100 or lower. No. 102 Dustin Brown wins 7-5, 3-6, 6-4, 6-4.

jane Says:

opening for andy in the quarters now

With Nadal out, @JamesWardtennis, @VasekPospisil, #ViktorTroicki or @DreddyTennis will reach QFs @Wimbledon

jane Says:

wow, 71 of 99 net approaches won by brown; that’s crazy good!

Felipe Says:

This proves the theory that in the 90’s Nadal would have won ZERO Wimbledons…imagine Nadal going trough Magnus Larsson, Keneth Carlson (two journeyman like Rosol or Brown) the Krajicek, Becker, Sampras, Ivanicevic, Rafter…top tier S&V players.

Hippy Chick Says:

^Not relevant,tennis is about the here and the now^….

Hippy Chick Says:

Thanks Jane….

Hippy Chick Says:

LOL Should rename this thread the Jane thread….

jane Says:

yep hippy, i was the lone-wolf poster in this thread, lol.

Brando Says:

Yeah I have to say for me it’s between these 2 and it’s a whatever you fancy:

Novak’s return or Wawa BH.

I’d take Novak’s return:

Day in day out, point in point out it’s always performing.

Wawrinka’s BH though, when on song, probably is the most devastating shot in Tennis today.

I agree with Brad Gilbert when he said it’s almost like he’s got 2 FH’s on either wing, such is the level of power.

Daniel Says:

Agree also, his return is going to possible propel hum to tet another Wimbledon. The more he plays the better his retunr gets on grass, as was last year final agaisnt Roger. Wawa or Murray/Fed will need one of those serving days to beat Novak now that he is serving better than a year ago.

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