Is Ivan Lendl Set To Be Grigor Dimitrov’s Next Coach? The Two Were On Court Together In Florida Yesterday
by Tom Gainey | July 23rd, 2015, 10:10 am

Former Andy Murray coach Ivan Lendl was back on court earlier this week tutoring a new tennis star, Grigor Dimitrov. The Roger Federer-backed Bulgarian who dismissed longtime coach Roger Rasheed after a disappointing Wimbledon, is now openly in the market for a new coach.

And Ivan Lendl might also be looking for a new job, though he did turn down a gig with Tomas Berdych last fall.

A good match? Just a trial? Or just a one-off practice session? How would Lendl impact Grigor’s relationship with girlfriend Maria Sharapova/

A year ago Dimitrov was hovering close to a career-high No. 8. The 24-year-old is now down to No. 16 in the rankings after just two semifinals this season at Brisbane and at Istanbul.

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39 Comments for Is Ivan Lendl Set To Be Grigor Dimitrov’s Next Coach? The Two Were On Court Together In Florida Yesterday

Jock-KatH Says:

Well, Grigor needs a Someone – hard to see Ivan and Maria as “kissing cousins” – but who knows, maybe she needs a bit of help as well.

Wog Boy Says:

“Former Andy Murray coach Ivan Lendl was back on court earlier this week tutoring a new tennis star, Grigor Dimitrov.”

…a new tennis star… are you serious Tom?

lyle nubbins Says:

Hope this happens! Love to see Grigor reach his full potential, such a talent!!

montecarlo Says:

[quote] The Roger Federer-backed Bulgarian who dismissed longtime Roger Federer after a disappointing Wimbledon, is now openly in the market for a new coach. [/quote]

Are you on drugs Mr. Tom Gainey?

Vinod Says:

long time coach Roger Rasheed …

Jock-KatH Says:

There is a Roger Federer “Marketing” group to which a number of players belong including Grigor – I think it’s connected with the Asian “round-robin” set up — sorri can’t remember what it is called.

PS Tom Gainey does mention Roger Rasheed as coach.

jane Says:

weird: i thought lendl split with murray precisely because he didn’t want to travel / coach anymore? maybe this was just a one-off thing? definitely, though, grigor needs someone to get tough with him.

Giles Says:

I don’t think the Murphy fans will be too pleased to read this especially if he will indeed coach Grigor. Margo?

Giles Says:

Sorry spelt Margot incorrectly.

Jock-KatH Says:

Also Lendl couldn’t (or did not want to) give Andy more time than he was already doing and Andy felt he needed more – but, it was, as Jane says Lendl’s decision to quit.

A few months back Lendl was seen playing with Berdych in Florida – and the talk followed – that came to nothing – so it looks like Watch This Space!

sienna Says:

0 and 1 If you want tot know reason why Lendl stopped coaching Murray.

Okiegal Says:

@Jane 11:11…..My thoughts exactly! I think he will coach again…..Grigor would be a good talent to go after……We will soon see!! I’ve lost track….when exactly did he quit Andy??

Gypsy Gal Says:

Dear god Sienna how many more times?….

madmax Says:

Wonder what Andy feels about this – watch this space. May be Lendl wanted a younger buck?

I thought him and Murray made a great team though.

Okiegal Says:

I was one who thought he would coach Berdy, being from the same country and all. Maybe Ivan could handle Berdy’s nickn

Okiegal Says:

^^^^^Berdy’s nickname…..should say…

Okiegal Says:


Okiegal Says:

^^^^^ I thought they were a good match too! I’m touching something that’s sending my comments before I’m ready!! Oh, forgot, fat fingers……sigh… :(

sienna Says:

Lendl didnt care for Murray attitude.
We are free to translate that into 0 and 1.
or 1 out 14… is also a relevant reason for Lendl to stop.

Lendl has taken his tennis to the absolute top of his abilities. He even almost moved heaven and hell to win Wimbledon.

Murray won it and still Lendl wanted more because he knew he could. Murray choose not to deliver the goods therefor Lendl took the highway.

Dimitrov better be ready to take his job seriously if he wants Lendl to be his coach.

calmdownplease Says:

Lendl thought Grigor played the best set of tennis He had ever seen against Andy at Brisbane so clearly he sees a lot in him
I’m not sure Ivan will be enough to get him to be a slam winner however but it’s worth a try at least

Margot Says:

I’ll believe it when I see it TBH, but who knows?
All water under the bridge now. Was coss when I thought Ivan, having dumped Andy, was immediately taking up with Berd but now, don’t care.
Tho would’ve thought temperamentally Ivan and Berd were much more suited than Ivan and pretty boy.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Nice picture of Grigor,he looks rather the hottie lucky Maria,anyway a bit confused by this partnership TBH,but if he turned Grigor into a GS champion i doubt his fans would actually care,if only he had some of Marias inner steel,shes so tough mentally with a limited game,he has a better all round game,but is mentally fragile,like chalk and cheese as tennis players….

calmdownplease Says:

Indeed GG
Maria is the female Nadal
Or Djokovic

Margot Says:

Sienna @11.47 a.m.
Absolute made up rubbish, but hey, what’s new about that?

Patson Says:


Sienna could be a great addition to though. She does have a penchant for coming up with provocative theories.

jane Says:

^ “Murray choose not to deliver the goods” – this sort of comment doesn’t even make sense. why would murray “choose” not to win? lendl made it clear he didnt want to travel and/or that he wanted to pursue other things. it’s been about a year and a half now since he hasn’t coached. if he does come back to coach dimitrov, perhaps he realized after the fact that he actually liked coaching and that wants to stay involved with tennis. who knows? it’s not for us to say … not unless lendl states his reasoning. in any case it’s just a rumour at this point.

sienna Says:

what else are they gonna say?
lendl knew that he had pushed the Murray boat as far as he could. 0 and 1; 1 out of 14 is just making valid on that claim.

sienna Says:

and not deliver the goods has nothing to do with winning.

Winning comes naturaly if he delivered those goods to the Lendl trainingregimes.
no negativity is 1 aspect he could not deliver.

Jock-KatH Says:

Exactly – Jane

@ Sienna – Think your record may have stuck – check your gramophone.

sienna Says:

Lendl himself almost moved heaven and hell. So lendlknows the mental state needed to become all time great because he is one.

Murray not so much and hè could have been if he was willing to follow lendl. But he didnt and lendl took that as he cant or he wouldnt do it.

so in the end lendl did the only thing he could which is to leave.
0 and 1; 1 out of 14 is confirming lendl got it right.

calmdownplease Says:

If Lendl wants to come back to coaching, I hope he eventually goes back with Andy
But only IF Amelie doesn’t return.
The reason Lendl didn’t go with (and I might be in sienna land for saying this) Berdy, I think, is that he simply didn’t see him as slam winning material.
So why would he bother with that?
Dimitrov might be (although a few of you know who will probably have to retire first).
I’ll always have a soft spot for Lendl.
The Scots should give him the the keys to Scotland.
He got Andy over the hump for goodness sakes!
It was a huge achievement but one clearly Andy was more than capable of making.
Had he not had his surgery he might still be coaching him but i like the changes Andy is making with his new coach.
Esp the awesome and almost always perfect lob game he is now utilizing.

calmdownplease Says:

`0 and 1; 1 out of 14 is confirming lendl got it right..`

If you can’t simply accept the factual reality that Murray had to have surgery and then had to recover and get back on the tour afterwards, but instead have to make up cheap soap opera BS that you have no way of knowing then you should not be taken seriously here..
Oh, wait….

Colin Says:

Sienna, for pity’s sake stop saying “0 and 1”. We don’t care what your IQ is!

sienna Says:

the fact is Lendl aimed for higher ground then Murray. maybe Murray said he wanted to up the stakes but his delivery in what he had to do according to Lendl was below par. Otherwise he wouldnot have left the team.Lendl is loyal but very straightforward. no other way if it is busted beyond repair…cut it out.

I dont know what the fuss is but this is no rocket science Murray has showed over the last few years not the same DNA like djoker. Not to mention Fedal.
Lendl came to terms with it and left.

sienna Says:

prove you find in 0 and 1/ or 0-4 or 1-14

Jock-KatH Says:

Sienna – When I first commented on TX I was impressed by how you were impressed with Cilic.
Now I’m impressed by how you are impressed by the “loser” Andy Murray.

MMT Says:

I don’t believe the official reasons Murray gave Lendl for quitting – because of the Berdych speculation and now the Dimitrov tease – the generic reason would seem to be the same for these other two that he was clearly contemplating working with, so I assume there’s more to the story.

Having said that, I think Dimitrov could use the technical and tactical knowledge that Lendl would bring to the table. Two things I noticed when Lendl took over with Murray was an increased commitment to controlling the center of the court with the forehand, and a better first serve – that made a huge difference in his game, and he owed that to Lendl.

I would like to see Dimitrov committ to hitting as few backhands as necessary and find ways to control the center of the court with the forehand – easier said than done, I know, but that’s really the key to success for him. He cannot go on attempting to slip and slide his way through matches like he was doing in 2014. His fitness has improved, and Rasheed is known for this, but I don’t see any evidence of him having technical or tactical knowledge to impart, and this is the area that Dimitrov needs help with.

As I understand it Rasheed was very hard on him physically as well, perhaps too hard, because it seemed to me that he got tired both in Australia (Murray) and Paris (Sock) and it’s too early in the season for fatigue to set in. A player who learned how to manage his fitness to optimize his performance, as did Lendl, would also help in that regard.

jane Says:

“0 and 1/ or 0-4 or 1-14”

what do these numbers even mean???

jane Says:

i see sienna couldnt explain?

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