With Career Still In Limbo, Juan Martin Del Potro Announces Split From Coach Franco Davin And His Trainer
by Staff | July 24th, 2015, 3:04 pm

On his facebook page, Juan Martin del Potro announced that he has parted ways with coach Franco Davin and trainer Martiniano Orazi.

“Hello everyone,” del Potro wrote. “I wanted to tell you that Franco and Martiniano are no longer part of my team. I’m really grateful for the years we’ve worked together and I wish them the very best. I’m also thankful to their families for their warm support that goes beyond tennis.”

Del Potro is in Argentina recovering from a third surgery on his left wrist. In a heartfelt message last month, del Potro indicated that the surgery was his last attempt to salvage what has been an injury-riddled career.

The coaching move doesn’t suggest a return anytime soon for the 26-year-old del Potro.

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96 Comments for With Career Still In Limbo, Juan Martin Del Potro Announces Split From Coach Franco Davin And His Trainer

Gypsy Gal Says:

Best of luck Delpo,i dont know what to think regarding where his career goes from here,would hope you are back on tour by the end of the year at some point,but im not sure how realistic that seems at this point?….

jane Says:

yes, good luck to him. i wonder if this is bad news, i.e., signalling the end for delpo’s career?

Purcell Says:

So very, very sorry for Delpo. I just hope he will find success in some other walk of life if this is signalling the end of his tennis career.
Saw his semi-final v Djokovic at Wimbledon. Truly one of the best live matches we have ever seen.

sienna Says:

huh? not even top 500….

jane Says:

^ lucky you purcell! it’s a favourite match of mine. so well contested. and yes, what a shame if this does mean the end of his tennis.

chris ford1 Says:

Jane – For now it is signalling he has a fairly long period where he will be recuperating and not touching a racket. A year at least.

On that 2013 Wimbledon semi. Was a fan of both guys. Saw it live and was cheering both at home, going nuts. An edge of your seat thriller. Ebb and flow and both guys were pushed out of their comfort zone. Juan Martin had to play defense like he never did before just to survive, Djokovic on offense and coming to the net. Lines were painted, both hit shots I’d never seen them make before. Djokovic got beat to a pulp by Delpo’s cannon forehands, but didn’t break. Djokovic had him in return, running him corner to corner like crazy waiting for Delpo to get gassed, but Juan Martin didn’t.

Yeah, Djokovic showed some effects playing Andy. That semi took a lot out of him. And he didn’t win Wimbledon…but as a fan, him not getting a Slam trophy was worth it for one of the great classic matches they will rerun an awful lot.

The two Olympic matches Juan Martin had at Wimbledon were awesome as well. Fed broke his heart 19-17 in the deciding set, he then beat Djokovic in a fine redemption match for the Bronze.

Lets hope!
Even if he can’t reach the pinnacle again, he would be so welcome returning!

jane Says:

i watched it “live” on television too chrisford1. very exciting indeed.

if jmdp doesn’t tough a racquet for a year at least, that puts him at 27 years old. it would be tough to return to the tour then, albeit not impossible.

this is sad.

Wog Boy Says:

To me it means only one thing, he knows he won’t be back on court soon if at all, and he doesn’t want them to have their life on hold because of him, doesn’t look as a bright tennis future for Delpo, sad:(

Wog Boy Says:

About that Wimbledon match, I remember Delpo saying something like “.. it took mee one week to recover after that match and you could see how Nole looked in the final too..”

jane Says:

wog boy, that would be a selfless and good thing of delpo to do then. why should their lives be on hold any longer i guess? sigh…

Wog Boy Says:

jane, he looks like that kind of person, one of the reason I liked him, besides of his tennis.

jane Says:

yes, he generally seemed like a nice guy, hence the nickname “gentle giant” :)

Gypsy Gal Says:

It was a fantastic match between Novak and Delpo no question,but how many more times is Chris Ford 1 going to say that Novak lost the final against Andy because that particular match took alot out of him?….

chris ford1 Says:

Gypsy – Novak is a very eloquent gracious loser. Of course he gave Andy full credit.

But fans don’t have to follow suit. Juan Martin called his 2013 duel with Djokovic, the best match he had ever played in his career. Better play than when he beat Fed and trashed Rafa at the 2009 USO. Better than his bronze medal regrouping and victory over Djokovic in 2012.
Delpo said every bone and muscle in his body hurt the next day and he was emotionally spent and had no energy for many days. Thought Novak had a similar effects on him after that semi.
The difficulty of the Draw, particularly in the QFs and Semis if a player is still around, has something to do with chances a player will get the Championship. The shoe was on the other foot before 2013 Wimbledon at the Australian Open. Djokovic went into Serbinator mode and wiped the floor with David Ferrer in his semi. while Andy had an intense, draining 5-setter with Federer. Final was a depleted Andy unable to really challenge Djokovic.

Margot Says:

I could equally blame blistergate for one of Andy’s looses to Nole at AO.
S**t happens as they say. I don’t believe any victory should be * anyway. Just devalues a win, which is wrong. I’m sure over a ten year caareer good and bad luck will even out.

calmdownplease Says:

Indeed, and Andy has already had more than his fair share of bad luck

Purcell Says:

Jane: after that match almost the entire court emptied in order to get refreshment. Much mopping of brows and stilling of hearts. Andy’s match didn’t really take off until the second set as many of the spectators, including us, experienced a period of post match ‘exhaustion’.

Purcell Says:

CF1: I take it you watched it ‘live’ on the telly. Do you mean ‘as it happened’?
Also, just a gentle reminder that this thread is about JMDP and his ongoing medical problems!

Gypsy Gal Says:

If you search hard enough you can find an astericks for any win for a rival,or loss for a favorite,its not called an astericks its called an excuse,dont believe in them they change nothing,its pointless its bullsh*t,its a waste of time,and it changes nothing,you can dress it up whatever way you want,but you win what you win,and you lose what you lose,end of story

sienna Says:

cf1 is wikipedia buff.

chris ford1 Says:

Purcell – It’s a thread about Delpo, but if it is limited to just discussion of his medical problem, then:
1. He had surgery on the left wrist after the 1st surgery didn’t work.
2. He is recuperating.
3. It will be a long recuperation or possibly the end of things, given he let his team go rather than ask them to wait it out.
4. If he returns, he may never reach the top tier again.

End of story?


It’s a good time to talk about how good he was for a time, how much he impacted the Big 4. The memorable matches he had with Fed, Djokovic, his Rafa thrashings….and how he changed the course of certain Slams. One Olympics, perhaps, as well.
His attitude and pleasant nature. Strong religious faith. Admirable way he handles personal adversity, and adversity in tennis, as how he came back after losing a 19-17 3rd set to win Bronze.

Why he made such a positive impression on fans and why so many hope against the odds he comes back. One of my favorite players..

madmax Says:

sienna Says:
huh? not even top 500….

July 24th, 2015 at 5:11 pm


cast your mind back to when Delpo was top 5 and that wonderful match between him and fed, always warm towards one another, where Delpo won his first slam at USOpen, beating Roger in the final. Will never forget that match.

Giles Says:

cf1. Still FOS I see.
What Rafa thrashings?? Their h2h is 9-4 in favour of Rafa. You didn’t know?

chris ford1 Says:

I get the never an asterisk * !!! philosophy as a tainting of victory. And nobody likes a chronic loser with an excuse for each loss, or the fans that swear their fave player or team would win everything, 100%, and any loss is due to yet another injury or away from the contest “emotional stress”.

And yet it is there…a multitude of factors may impact outcome outside who is the better player or team on paper. And it is crazy to expect fans to never, ever discuss them, as somehow stealing a win from a player. In tennis fan circles, perhaps there is too much insistence that only a win matters, and all wins must be discussed without how well the RUP did or factors that impacted the contest.

Bookies have known this back to the times of ancient Greece. Where rational thinkers weighed a multitude of factors impacting play, in handicapping betting, determining the odds.
Weather affects competitors differently. Fatigue from one player or team having a harder schedule. The importance of FIFA and American NFL injury reports. Inside info that McIlroy has the flu and was throwing up all last night shifts his betting odds greatly.

Why did Roger win one of his two clay contests over Rafa, the one in 2009 in Madrid? Answer was Rafa went into that final injured and exhausted from his semi with Djokovic. Rafa had no chance. It does not taint their overall H2H. It is one match..
How did American football Pittsburgh team beat a much favored Oakland team that had a win all but sealed? By a win determined PURELY by the sheer luck of a famous play still being regularly shown as part of the great lore of the sport 40 years later. A rookie pass blocking fullback named Franco Harris did his block with Pittsburgh losing 7-6, 4th down, last seconds of the game – then went upfield as an alternate receiver. But the ball was already thrown to a receiver well away from him. So Harris slowed down, which he shouldn’t have. But the receiver was hit so hard from the only angle that would have caused it for the ball to came flying backwards and to the left almost ten yards towards the feet of Harris who had slowed down to be in the only place the ball was headed for. Bent down, caught the end over ender, went down the sideline , scored. Game over.
Did luck taint the win? No, Pittsburgh fans explained it as Divine Intervention. The play was named “The Immaculate Reception”.

Gypsy Gal Says:

I do like Delpo ,hes an amazing talent that has the game to trouble the games very best players when he was on,i just never bought into the hype of him been a player that would ever be consistent enough to do any type of long term domination,i know hes played some great matches against the elite players,but hes also suffered quite a few early losses to lesser players too,yes hes been injured many times during his career and thats obviously curtailed his progress,but even when he wasnt injured he never made another GS final or semi to the best of my knowledge,,he hasnt even won a Masters 1000 either,i hope he does come back on tour,but when it comes to all the amazing things people think he will do at the click of ones fingers,personally ill believe it when it happens,its coming up to 6 years since he won the USO,he aint getting any younger,and other players are now making a breakthrough,sorry Delpo as i do like you,but tennis has moved on too much now,its a case of what couldve been im afraid to say….

Jock-KatH Says:

Del Potro did show championship qualities and played hard-to-beat tennis, but even when at his best he did not win every match – he is a great guy, absolutely, but it is simply not possible to be adamant that he would have been No.1, 2, 3, 4 etc. had he not suffered wrist injury.

I concur with CG’s comments. Can he come back fully? Depends what expectations are – in the fullness of time I’d put him in the top 12….too many excellent youngsters coming up to put him higher.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Thanks Jock-KatH,its not very often people reply or give me the time of day,let alone agree with anything i say these days….

Purcell Says:

Oh do stop lecturing CF1.

chris ford1 Says:

Oh, Purcell, do stop being a snotty thread monitor “subtly and gently” suggesting only you knows the range of the discussion allowed on a thread (topic limited to Delpo and only his medical condition)….then getting on your high horse about another persons opinion being lecturing.

Skeezer Says:

“Why did Roger win one of his two clay contests over Rafa, the one in 2009 in Madrid? Answer was Rafa went into that final injured and exhausted from his semi with Djokovic.”
This is your answer, not the answer.
The same irrational condition applies; Rafa only loses when he is not 100% or injured, which has been proven total BS.
Fed won cause he was the better player that day, period.

Margot Says:

@Chris Ford
1) because it is extremely boring if fans go on and on about their fave only losing because of blisters/injury/two day match previously/too long match previously/too much wind/rain delay/roof shutting etc etc
2) in UK you would be dubbed a very poor loser if you did. And while we kind of love “good losers” we really, really dislike “poor losers.”
3) Amelie wears a Tee shirt with the words “You Make Your Own Luck.” Amelie rocks!

el_matador Says:

‘roof shutting’..we know who complains about that..

sienna Says:

Maybe I have been watching tennis since the 80s. To even suggest the wimbly semi between delpotro/Djokovic is top 5 best match ever is complete and utter BS.

sienna Says:

madmax indeed delpotro got the win over Federer.
that was delpotro best tennis of his short career. We all agree about that. He blew Nadal in semi with breaks to spare in each set. but in fairness Delpotro should not have won the final.
the delpotro after 09 always was lesser then later.

So to claim semi matches when a player has performed at much higher level. Djokovic is just on average a better player. that is making for long and in the end many wins.

but never he has lifted tennis to new hights like Fedal, Delpotro, Cilic or others who have lifted tennis in level.
Roger of course the ultimate in that department.

Margot Says:

Of course Andy Murray fans are an amorphous mass ALL claiming Andy only loses matches when the roof is closed.
As Nadal fans are also an amorphous mass ALL claiming Rafa only loses matches when he’s injured.
Ah, the subtleties of the internet.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Margot all fans do it from time to time,lets just say there isnt one fan group who has the monopoly on that score…

Gypsy Gal Says:

I do admit that sometimes my hackles get raised when Skeezer calls Rafa fans fanatics,yes i do admit there is a fair share of them,but fanatics come from all fan groups,not just Rafa fans its hardly exclusive,Chris Ford 1 was actually the poster who brought up Rafa in the Madrid semi in 2009,and hes a Novak fan not a Rafa fan….

madmax Says:


fanatics you are I am afraid. However, we all feel powerfully about our favourites, it is just how some say it and come across.

Why did Roger win one of his two clay contests over Rafa, the one in 2009 in Madrid? Answer was Rafa went into that final injured and exhausted from his semi with Djokovic. Rafa had no chance.”

You can’t say that. (Well you can, because you did, but tbh, then dont play the match if you are sick/tired/injured).

Remember Murray won the gold because Roger was “tired”, after playing that mammoth match with Delpo. He had no chance, against Murray, right?

Roger, never made an excuse over that match. He played against Murray, knowing that he was knackered, and more likely than not, would come away with the silver, which he did.

Andy played a blinder, of course it helped that Federer did not have as much rest, and so went into the match more tired than Murray.

However, professional athlete that he is, he played it, didn’t retire/cry off with injury/take a MTO/withdraw.

We all know who does those, more than most – don’t we?

Gypsy Gal Says:

Jane and Jalep both said some weeks ago that Verdasco was never the same player,after that defeat in the AO in 2009 against Rafa,a match i admit even as a Rafa fan he shouldve won,all pure conjecture of course but i doubt he wouldve been able to beat Rafa and Roger both back to back,especially a more rested Roger,so it was probably a blessing that Rafa won that match anyway,as hes made of different stuff mentally against Fed,where as Verdasco would probably have crumbled,i did also expect Roger to beat Rafa and had no expectations for that final,doesnt matter as its not relevant in this case,but you can talk about a previous match,but you cant blame a loss against one player,because of a win against another player,you can call Novak or any other player a tiger or warrior when they win,its all a very story when they lose,sorry for hyjacking a Delpo thread as i was just drawing a comparison….

Gypsy Gal Says:

Madmax all fan groups have their fair share,its not exclusive….

Gypsy Gal Says:

Madmax question,i have critiqued Rafa whos my favorite on many occasions,when have you ever done the same with Roger,surely hes not perfect either,surely there must be some things that get up even your nose from time to time,because surely hes no saint either,just curious,no harm or foul?….

Margot Says:

No, that’s my whole point. ALL fans do NOT behave in an amorphous way. Some do, some don’t, some will, some won’t ….blame the weather etc.
This is the same point Patson made on another thread.

madmax Says:


Like I have said many times before, (but happy to say it here again), Roger is – to me – an incredible ambassador for tennis. In the scheme of things, overall, majority, etc., he has been a role model.

He has a few moments, count them on one hand, where this has not been the case, BUT when I compare him to the rantings/racquet smashes of both Murray and Novak (though I like the passion), when Federer did this, the news went to the moon and back. Know what I am saying?

I think the racquet smashing was in Miami, I might be wrong, but whoaaaahhhhhh, did people go on about that for days, weeks, months, even now.

I see more of the temper tantrums with other players, not Roger.

For tennis, he has done so much, so much. I don’t see him as arrogant. I see him as confident and self-assured; not perfect, but I don’t think anyone else comes close (for me).

I love his brand of tennis; the way he works hard, trains hard, is respectful to others (most of the time), again there, you could argue that he finds losing hard, but I have also advocated that the best person who is both gracious in winning and in losing, is Novak. For me, Novak runs the gauntlet there. Though Federer is too, someone who really flies high.

If you are asking me whether I think Roger is perfect? Of course not!

I think though, that you would have to go a long way to meet someone who is well-liked, popular amongst the players and the fans, world wide.

He would not have won so many Laureus sports awards a thousand times – the fans favourite, the players favourite, that really does speak volumes.

If he were as arrogant as people make out he is and there has to be an element of that if you are to become a top athlete), then he uses that to good effect in his work. He is confident in his work, he has created this persona, yet, he is not so unreachable that he can’t give back, that he knows what to do with his money, give back in some way.

That for me, shows me he has compassion.

Like Andy, (though Margot will know more), has given back to his hometown, has set up training centres, etc., Rafa, given back, Novak, etc.

So, for me, Fed is right up there. He is a star, but not so unreachable that you don’t get to know the sort of person he is.

You get people like wogboy who frequently will concentrate on the negatives of him, stoking up the fire, so things get distorted.

Watch out for the next positive thread about Federer, see what is said about him by wogboy and you will know what I mean.

Hope this answers your query.

Wog Boy Says:

madmax, you are seeing me in your sleep, are you having a wet dreams when you see me, check your undies please and change them occasionally or use nappies.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Madmax yeah enough,but sometimes you do get defensive yourself when some posters dont share the same high opinion of your favorite,not all of us fall over ourselves with everything these players do,and i include that with my favorites,people probably think im a terrible tennis fan just because i dont choose to make a big thing about all things humanitarian,or following every little thing they do,some people like all that side of things,books etc,i watch the tennis and thats pretty much it for me,its tennis but it doesnt rule my life….

Gypsy Gal Says:

sorry yeah fair enough meant….

Michael Says:

Del Potro is still young. He can make it provided he is physically fit. I think he has taken a wrong move by splitting with his current coach.

roy Says:

It’s his own fault. If he’d played like Ferrer he’d have longevity on tour like Ferrer. Oh, I mean Federer. If he played aggressive tennis and everything, he wouldn’t be in this mess. Injury is his own fault for the style of tennis he plays. And so on.

Markus Says:

Some people say Federer is arrogant, some people say he is not. How does one define arrogance? Is being frank and direct arrogance?

calmdownplease Says:

`How does one define arrogance? Is being frank and direct arrogance?`

That is merely some chronic fedlings withering attempt at a defence of quite simply the most mollycoddled, narcissistic,
& in the way sports person EVER!
Free us all from this Tennis player and his deluded PSYCHOPHANTIC (I know the spelling’s wrong) fans!

madmax Says:

Purcell Says:
Oh do stop lecturing CF1.

July 25th, 2015 at 6:59 pm

Hear Hear.


that’s the best thing you have said here. Unfortunately, they get away with addressing posters in the most aggressive way ever, with no intervention, hopefully that changes, as there is no respect from this person, just constant barraging of verbal diarrhea.


You are disgusting. Need to wash your mouth out with soap.

Gypsy Gal Says:
Madmax yeah enough,but sometimes you do get defensive yourself when some posters dont share the same high opinion of your favorite,not all of us fall over ourselves with everything these players do,and i include that with my favorites,people probably think im a terrible tennis fan just because i dont choose to make a big thing about all things humanitarian,or following every little thing they do,some people like all that side of things,books etc,i watch the tennis and thats pretty much it for me,its tennis but it doesnt rule my life….

July 26th, 2015 at 7:55 amGG,

Why the projection?

You asked me a straight question, and I gave you, a detailed response. If you didn’t like what I said, then don’t address me in the first place. It’s pretty simple.

For your information, I dont berate other tennis players, I have Federer as my favourite, and Hippy, am not answerable to you for my thoughts or feelings.

Okiegal Says:

Webster’s definition of arrogance: The quality or state of being arrogant; overbearing pride or self importance…..

Arrogant: Full of or due to unwarranted pride or self importance; overbearing; haughty.

Okiegal to the rescue on this issue! We can each come to our own conclusions……..

I’m not getting back in the discussion……. iffin’ he is or iffin’ aint!! :)

Skeezer Says:

^fully describes Rafa.

chris ford1 Says:

Some fans cannot differentiate between how in sports in general it is tawdry to be a sore loser and excuse maker in the “public face” they put out to fans and media immediately after the contest. And what conclusions the athlete, coach, fans, bookies, writers, media broadcasters make from their post-match analysis.

Those particular fans want the rest of the people who comment, all the non players, to be bound by the etiquette they demand of players (in order not to “taint” the winner)- never to offer a cause of their loss.
Or talk of what hindered a season, their favorites career.
That is not realistic. Those particular fans seek removal of over half the discussion in sport.

It doesn’t give a truthful story of competition, even.
It doesn’t promote honesty and self improvement to only leave it at “the better man/team won today”. That is just the public face that must be put on.
The important discussion follows “Why did I/the team, lose? What can be done for self improvement? Why did the oddsmakers have a 30-70 line when my coach said I was the favorite from all he saw? Did that blown call in the 3rd set cost me as much as I thought at the time”.
No athlete should leave it as “the better player won” and move on. Nor their fans. Analysis of a loss is not excuse making.
That is quite different than the regular, irritating, anonymous message from the “camp” later that the loss was only from the old right knee was acting up again. Or fans constantly saying their man would have won everything outside clay if they hadn’t slowed the hardcourts and grass down. Or for a year, every loss was from mono or the emotional toil of a former coach dying..

With del Potro, in his career so far, he had high ability and a game that could vie with the Big 4 when he was healthy and returned to form. He will have an honored spot with the “almosts” like Courier and Muster. Or at a lower level but with similar issues – Dementieva..Nalbandian. Haas.

His injuries are also an important tennis discussion in suggesting that big men who try to become movers, or hit the massive forehands extended powerful two hand backhands their leverage gives them – makes injury more likely in them than smaller players. The knees, and the weak point on full extension groundstrokes – the wrist. And the future does not belong to the 6’6″ and above athlete in tennis, to dominate the sport, as many predicted. Not over the long haul.

Jock-KatH Says:

Michael – Unfortunately Del Potro is not that young (vis-à-vis tennis come-back status). That said – hope, when he does come back, he has sufficient success to satisfy some deep need within him.

Madmax – I can’t get the 2014 O2 out of my mind when Roger withdrew at the last minute. I’d feel better about it if he donated his finalist money to a Novak cause/a Wimbledon cause and/or forfeited his prize money in its entirety. It claws away at my respect for him. He may well have felt “under-the-weather” – but to then go and play DC in the down-up-manner he did has altogether changed my perception of him.

I don’t think Nole would have done that, nor Andy (whose game at that point was hanging on less than a thread).

Skeezer Says:

“I don’t think Nole would have done that,…”


Uh, scuse me?

Jock-KatH Says:

See U Skeezer

Roger walked on to the Court a couple of hours before the match and apologised because he felt he should withdraw – no way anyone could replace him at that late stage – this was the final – much different from withdrawing during a match through injury. Then what happened at the DC??? Suddenly his back recovered.


I’m not normally a Roger critic – but, but, but –

madmax Says:


I take your point.

The ATP World Tour Finals showdown ended before it even began as Roger Federer pulled out through injury.
The 33-year-old Swiss, who spent two hours 48 minutes defeating compatriot Stanislas Wawrinka in a gruelling semi-final the previous night, announced his decision on court as the 17,000-seat O2 Arena filled up for the expected final. World number two Federer, who was bidding for a seventh title at the year-ender, apologised but told the crowd he was not “match-fit” after developing a back problem.

Looking as stylish as ever as he stood on the blue indoor surface wearing a red and grey cardigan, Federer apologised, saying: “I hope you understand I wanted to come out personally and excuse myself for not playing … I can’t compete without a back at this level.”

Despite the huge sense of anti-climax in the crowd, some of whom had forked out thousands of pounds for a courtside ticket, there was no booing, with applause breaking out as seven-times Wimbledon champion Federer spoke.

The crowd seemed to understand however, and they had paid their money for a ticket. Did you any money through this? Also, do you know for sure that he did not donate his finalist money? We never hear about these things – a lot of players do donate their winnings, without the public knowing, so you need to elaborate here a bit more.

As for Nole, I will have to put your right here. He did withdraw, in similar circumstances (in terms of illness), and a final at stake.

Organisers announced on Saturday afternoon that Novak Djokovic had withdrawn from Saturday evening’s Mubadala World Tennis Championship final, leaving his scheduled opponent, Andy Murray, the winner of the seventh staging of the tournament.

Djokovic had handily defeated Stan Wawrinka in the semi-final on Friday night. On Saturday organisers cited an illness as Djokovic’s reason for withdrawing.

“Unfortunately I am not to be able to play in the final in Abu Dhabi tonight,” Djokovic said in a press release. “I’ve been sick today with a fever and I’m not fit to play.”

Murray himself had been a fitness doubt for the match. He was scheduled to undergo a scan on his left shoulder on Saturday afternoon after experiencing some pain on Friday night during his semi-final victory over Rafael Nadal.

“I’ll need to see how I am when I wake up in the morning,” Murray said of whether he would play. “We’ll need to wait and see, but I’ll have a scan to check to see if there is anything there.”

I would rather have both a fit Federer and a fit Nole playing a match, rather than playing with an injury which could put them out of the game for much longer.

Nole cited an illness – we have to believe that, and fevers do come on very quickly, but again, he played Stan, in a tough match, so who is to know?

We just believe the best of them and what they do and say.

madmax Says:

Federer had the decency to come on to court and explain his actions.

I remember Serena doing the same, was it last year? I can’t remember which tournament though, Jock? She still has the respect of her compatriots, fans, etc., despite the initial let down. That is hard on the fans, especially when they have paid for a ticket but more than that, when they have travelled far and looked forward to the match.

Ideally, I think that tickets should be refunded, (perhaps they were?), or perhaps the next match that player was in, they could re-use that ticket, so nothing is lost. Don’t know whether you would agree with that line of thought, but it could work.

madmax Says:

And let’s be fair; it is extremely rare that either Fed or Novak withdraw from a tournament.

It is just hugely disappointing for both the organisers and the fans alike.

madmax Says:

Jock, just seen your post to Skeezer, and think you are being a bit unfair.

How soon after did Fed play DC and how soon after did Novak recover?

Cut some slack.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Madmax i know you did,so no need to blow a gasket,i made an observation,as you didnt take too kindly to what i said on the Malawi thread the other day,no need for the tone though….

jane Says:

“as hes made of different stuff mentally against Fed,where as Verdasco would probably have crumbled”

100% agree with you there gypsy gal.

“Analysis of a loss is not excuse making.”

while some of the things you say are controversial cf-1, i think you’re right here. unfortunately when people look back on a loss and discuss the loser rather than the winner, it’s often interpreted as excuse-making. but many factors impact a match, in the case of both the winner and the loser.

i agree with margot’s point, that *generally* things like luck and unluckiness tend to balance out over players’ careers, and to a degree a player makes his or her own luck.

but for example, sometimes a player wins by playing fabulous tennis, and yet other times a player wins because he or she played good, but also because his or her opponent played badly, and that’s not excuse making. it’s true! sometimes players stink it up; sometimes the weather or schedule are factors; sometimes the net cords go one player’s way on big points; sometimes a player is under-the-weather or injured; sometimes draws open up or are super tough. that’s all part of the game. it need not be seen as an excuse if it’s a reality, but it’s definitely frowned upon to discuss it, for whatever reason. and i don’t think discussing it should mean an asterisk at all- you can only play with whatever circumstances you have, and if you win, you deserve it.

Okiegal Says:

@Skeezer @2:51

Fully describes a lot of people I know…..but we’re all God’s creatures……

@3:58……That link had some good comments, pro and con……

Jock-KatH Says:

Madmax – The crowd were offered a form of refund – plus the rules call for a penalty payment for “short notice” withdrawal particularly at the climax of the tournament unless “sickness” is verified to a truly acceptable level. (less than 2 hours for a final is evidently considered unacceptable)….I’m sure you can understand why given that the audience was already assembled waiting for the match.

No information concerning Roger’s penalty payment has been released.

I’m not sure what you mean about how soon did Novak recover….I didn’t mention Novak in my O2 statement. As far as I can gather Nole signalled his injury well in advance of a full stadium gathering to see his match. But what we do know is Roger recovered pretty darn fast afterwards.

If I were a cynic – which I obviously am – I would not equate any other player’s conduct to Roger’s at the O2.

So not sure why I have been unfair to Skeezer. It is what it is. But happy to say sorri guys if I’ve come up with some unwelcome statements….Roger is a fantastic player and has many admirable qualities – but he’s a bit too plausible by far sometimes..I’m off to bed – You all sleep well.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Madmax @2.00pm although i stand by my post at 7.55am,i do now realize it wasnt the right time to express those feelings when all you did was answer my question in the first place,so my aplogies to you….

Okiegal Says:

I think Kat knows more about the tennis scene than the men do! You rock, girl! Your last post was informative. Have a good night’s rest too!!

Okiegal Says:

Way to go Jason Day…..I’m on the golf course now!!

Gypsy Gal Says:

Thankyou Jane,theres alot of truth in that post,i suppose the irritation factor comes into it all too,when anyones favorite wins they like to think its fully deserved which it is,im one of those fans i admit that cannot stand the idea that her favorite(s) can win then someone says meh they were lucky because of this or that,i suppose its not always that cut and dried though….

Gypsy Gal Says:

Okie i second your post Jock-KatH is a very clever and knowledgeable lady,a smart cookie who definetly knows her stuff….

Okiegal Says:

@Gypsy Gal…

She sure does. I always read everything she posts. I can’t say that for every poster on here. I choose to skip a lot of them…..and I’m almost positive mine aren’t being read either…..lol…..However, when I said Roger was arrogant, that one was read big time!! I got called out……but survived the blood bath!! :)


skeezer Says:

Fed had back spasms. Thus is why he recovered quickly. If you have a blown disc, then that is a major long term problem ( re;Andy).
Regardless, Feds record for withdrawing/retirements is far better than any of the top players, and he has played more matches than the top 4 also.
The guy shouldn’t be judged on one incident. This is starting to sound lije sour grapes again, like when Fed for once in his life only used a bathroom break to supposedly gain an advantage over a player.
Lets not even start on comparing MTO’s LOL.

Okiegal Says:

Skeezer, I don’t believe there is a tennis fan on the planet that won’t say that Federer has the best athletic genes ever! I’ve said many times how he’s managed to play to almost 34 yrs of age with a back problem occasionally and the bout with mono…..which can be very serious. This is wonderful for his career and his fans. You brought up the bathroom break so the sun would not be a bother to him. Big wooptie doo!! It’s in the rule book he can have a potty break just like MTOs! No sour grapes from me. He was within his rights…..

About his athletic genes….a very fortunate person! His longevity on the tennis courts is nothing short of amazing. Will he make to 44 yrs to threaten Jimbo? We will see…….should be interesting. He is chasing that record, me thinks!

Jock-KatH Says:

Okiegal and GG

My goodness – I’m really flattered. Thank you both (even though I don’t deserve it).

To Skeezer – No idea what it was that I’m meant to have said – I simply acknowledged a thread that you sent!!!

Margot Says:

I agree about discussion of matches and why x wins or y loses, of course I do.
But…people tend to bring up year’s old matches and discuss them ad nauseum. Andy’s Olympic wins and his Wimbledon win have been endlessly refurgitated and analysed, without anything new being said. Enough already!
And of course Andy, after a humiliating loss and probably feeling like s**t, stepped into the breach at the O2. Love him to bits.

Jock-KatH Says:

He’s worthy, Margot – stepped into the breach he did indeed. He stepped into the breach at DC as well and nearly ended up at A & E. He’s in the top drawer for honesty – sometimes I wish he could dissemble a bit more, or maybe not.

Jock-KatH Says:

PS: To Margot

Re. The O2 — And he declined payment —-

Wog Boy Says:

@Margot & @Jock-Kath,

I am free to politely disagree, Andy shouldn’t have played that match!

Jock-KatH Says:

Wog Boy – The O2 was a so-called “exhibition, so I’m thinking you are referring to the DC? Hence was it the doubles? or the single against Simon?

Okiegal Says:

@Jock KatH……U R welcome!

Wog Boy Says:

I am talking about O2, Andy came to save a day and he shouldn’t have done that, it wasn’t his responsibility that 20,000 people have been left high and dry, Roger pulled out, they should’ve presented the trophy to Nole, end of story. If WTF was in Belgrade and final match was Roger against Andy, with Roger (Andy) pulling out hour before the match, I would’ve been pissed of if Nole came to replace Roger (Andy), Nole (Andy) is GS winner and not replacement for any ATP final pull out , but that’s me!

Okiegal Says:

Regarding retirements. Rafa has played 889 matches, has lost 150, which means he played through 143 of the matches he lost. I mean 7 retirements out of 889 matches…..with the injuries he has had during his career, I think he’s done well in that department. I didn’t do an over all research on Novak. He had health issues early on, but he got that taken care of, thank goodness! And Roger?? Just super human genes is all I can about say about him. Didn’t check out Andy either. I also didn’t check out how many times Rafa has had medical attention in those 889 matches…….I’m sure someone out there has a stat on it……but he won’t be by himself! There are MTOs with all the players…..Rafa is called out for it more. Legit MTOs vs non legit?? We have no way of knowing……But to my way of thinking, get the trainer out there to give the old muscles a rub down or do the Heimlich maneuver to rid a player of a banana stuck in the throat, whatever it takes….just play on for goodness sakes!! :)

madmax Says:

skeezer Says:
Fed had back spasms. Thus is why he recovered quickly. If you have a blown disc, then that is a major long term problem ( re;Andy).
Regardless, Feds record for withdrawing/retirements is far better than any of the top players, and he has played more matches than the top 4 also.
The guy shouldn’t be judged on one incident. This is starting to sound lije sour grapes again, like when Fed for once in his life only used a bathroom break to supposedly gain an advantage over a player.
Lets not even start on comparing MTO’s LOL.

July 26th, 2015 at 6:26 pm


I completely agree with you.

Hippy, you never need apologise to me. If you don’t like what I say, just ignore please.

Roger DID do the right thing Jock – disagree all you like – I would never have risked a back injury/minor or major, or “inbetween”. Just don’t go there with Roger’s back.

I remember him at Shanghai, first time ever, that I can remember, he called a trainer onto court, against Murray, the match.

It was awful. He could hardly move.

Things like this should never be under estimated.

And you know, huge kudos to Andy. I mean, he was right to call an MTO against, who was it?

The guy who called the MTO five minutes before him. He said, I will have some of that.

Best acting I ever saw in my life. I don’t blame him. He had a pre-injury, shoulder, so why shouldn’t he protect that?

Federer would have gone to the wire before he withdrew from any match,and I think that is why it took him that time before he played the final. Doctor’s advice. Always follow the doctor’s advice, then the buck lies with them.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Madmax fair enough,your choice though,take it or leave it….

madmax Says:

I leave it Gypsey.

Jock, going back to your earlier comment about Fed and O2,

“The player who has floated elegantly above his sport for 16 years with barely a twinge revealed a tweak to his back in the closing moments of his arduous semi-final against his compatriot Stanislas Wawrinka the night before had forced him to withdraw during a tournament for the first – and hopefully only – time in 1,221 matches”.


I think if you can’t “forgive” fed for that one and only time, it says more about you as a person, than fed.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Margot@July 27th 4.35am, i agree it gets irritating when posters actually bring up certain losses over and over again,like they are trying to remind us about them,ive lost count of the number of times Rafa fans have had it rammed down our throats about Novak and netgate at the FO in 2013,if Novak hadnt touched the net in the fifth set yada yada,when in actuall fact,Rafa was serving for the match and shouldve actually won it in the fourth set….

jane Says:

i am sure all of us hear, ad nauseum, about things related to our faves that we don’t want to hear again – be it losses, past history, luck, whatever. it’s part and parcel with being on a blog. things are rehashed, sometimes when new posters arrive, or just in different contexts. but that’s when you scroll. or you refute. it’s your choice. i tend to scroll more often than not because it’s just … better.

Gypsy Gal Says:

True,but sometimes its like posters are trying to bring a player down,the exact same posters have mentioned Novak and netgate,Andy and W both matches in 2013,over and over again….

Jock-KatH Says:

I have total contempt for bullies.

Okiegal Says:

I do too, Jock @3:34! There are bullies in all walks of life. I worked with a girl bully in my office. She would pick on the guys. It was really quite strange. Then I became her boss. Needless to say, she got put in her place by me. And guess what? She still likes me. We’ve remained good friends. I just could not put up with her rude behavior a minute longer. I guess we can all get snippy at times…

jane Says:

gypsy gal, some of the same posters call novak a barbarian and repeatedly bring up the same incidents, too. it works all ways, alas.

Jock-KatH Says:

@ Okiegal

Bullying is the last resort in any statement/argument – good for you – you saw it through. For me, I’ve worked too hard in my life to allow those who denigrate others to pat their own backs.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Jane true,and i dont condone anything like that either,i might not be a fan of certain players,and granted i might not always say anything to defend my favorites rivals,so it might come across as not been a fair poster, but ive defended them all from time to time,but its impossible to keep up and do it all the time,Rafa has had his gender,his relationship,his sexuality,his weight his hair style,the way he wears a suit,been called a hopeless cripple in a wheelchair,someone who would pimp his own mother for enough money,i could go on but id be here all day,so i guess they all have to stomach their fair share of negitivity,do i think hes perfect no,do i think any of them are again no,its a shame some people are so hatefull when all these guys do is play tennis….

Gypsy Gal Says:

Jane personally i dont hate Novak,the thing i really hate is the way Rafas been playing this year,and im just resentfull that Novaks doing so well and my favorite is doing so badly,and even if i dont mean to it comes out that i sound quite bitter in my posts, but it all says more about me as a person,and its me with the problem not Novak,im only human i guess,but ill try to tone it down….

Okiegal Says:


Novak has had some terrible things said about him. Also people bringing up his country and the war he and his family had to deal with. I really don’t know what that war was even all about. Who was right or who was wrong. War is what it is. Everyone has their side and they will stand up and fight for it. I believe he’s been ridiculed for that too…….

@GG ……..Good post at 4:26!

Gypsy Gal Says:

Sometimes i believe that posters only want their favorites to get any credit for their achievements,rather than giving it to their rivals too….

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