Andy Roddick Imitated Rafael Nadal Last Night In Atlanta [Video]

by Tom Gainey | July 28th, 2015, 9:51 am

During a special exhibition singles match against 17-year-old Frances Tiafoe, Andy Roddick gave the Atlanta crowd a taste of Rafael Nadal with an impersonation of the Spanish great.

It’s not the first time Roddick’s done a Nadal, here’s another from 2012 MSG.

Roddick is in Atlanta for Mardy Fish’s farewell tour. He’ll play doubles with Fish later this week.

“I am glad he is getting this opportunity,” said Roddick. “It was so hard to watch what he went through, without people fully understanding what he was going through. I love the fact that he is comfortable walking people through what he has overcome.”

Roddick also talked about the rising American stars like Tiafoe, Reilly Opelka, Tommy Paul, Taylor Fritz and Jack Sock.

“If these guys can all work together, push one another, and create a healthy jealously, it will be good for American tennis,” said Roddick. “To know if they are practicing together, ‘Listen, I beat him last week, but he is in a final of some tournament, I want to do that.’ As opposed to creating a separatist nature, among the guys, we need to have them help each other. Frances has competition, and that will help.”

The 32-year-old Roddick and wife Brooklyn Decker are expecting their first child in the next few months.

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16 Comments for Andy Roddick Imitated Rafael Nadal Last Night In Atlanta [Video]

madmax Says:

Not sure what rafa fans thought about this, but I didn’t find it funny. Once was enough.

Giles Says:

Has Roddick ever seen joker imitating him? Now that’s something to laugh about!

Giles Says:

Poor Roddick. Was totally destroyed in the 2012(?) Wimby final by fed after which he never ever recovered and went into retirement. Now he’s trying to earn a fast and loose buck doing impersonations? I really pity him.

Okiegal Says:

I can do a Rafa impersonation better than that! You are right, Madmax, once was enough! Besides, Novak
impersonating Pova was much better, imo. He did Rafa better too.

sienna Says:

Roddick commentating Wimbledon +1
Roddick impersonating Rafa -1

So he levels out for the summer.

madmax Says:


I agree with you.

Leave the impersonations to Novak. But once, really, was enough.

I like Roddick, I think he did a fabulous job commentating at Wimby this year, better than Mcenroe and I hope he returns.

Leave the impersonating though to the experts!

chris ford1 Says:

Roddick does have showman and comic ability. He has hosted Saturday Night Live 5 times. And kudos for him to know that part of the package is to – if a player can -give the fans something they can enjoy outside a well-struck serve. He wants to stretch himself if he can, like showmen do, to see what he may be good at, what he might be good at with work, and things best dropped.
Andy Murray fancied himself a fairly good singer for rapping rhymes. Then he and others heard the playback from a public song he had joined others in. It was bad, so bad others stated The Muzz best be a permanently retired rap artist.
I think Roddick has a bright future in commentary and can improve some of his entertainment schticks..
The difference in doing imitations is Djokovic is a natural mimic. An usual gift. He was doing them spot on, as a kid of 5. Andy Roddick can get better, but never be as good as Djoker because he lacks the talent, eye, and intuitiveness. While Djokovic, a very bright person, lacks Roddick’s ability for wordplay and quick-witted repartee.

And some fans need to lighten up. Sports for the masses are Entertainment. Getting the ratings and audience..Tennis has a problem where the pressure is on to achieve corporate blandness. To stamp out controversy and make individuals fit a “proper player mold” that cuts out aspects of their personality and expression.
Monfils will never cave in…

Debbie Says:

Pity he cant imitate Rafa and win fourteen grand slams!!!!

Jock-KatH Says:

Yep – vive la difference. Luv Monfils and also Tsonga – although latter has become a bit more traditional recently …still…most entertaining.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Theres only one player thats any good at impressions and thats Nole,ill never forget him and Tricky doing Shakira and Rafa lol….

Fairplay Says:

Debbie – you’ve said it perfectly! That’s all that needs to be said – done!

Humble Rafa Says:

Can’t believe a lucky one slammer makes fun of a goat and goat owner.

Skeezer Says:

^ thats because you believe everyone is lucky except you.
Excuses get you nowhere.

Okiegal Says:

Skeezer, did you see my message to you on the other thread?

Pamela Says:

I agree with Chris. Lighten up everyone. Chris, I had no clue Roddick hosted Saturday night Live. Roddick makes fun of himself, so he is equal opportunity. I wish we could have heard him commentating Wimbledon on the states.

Pamela Says:

I agree with Chris. Lighten up everyone. Chris, I had no clue Roddick hosted Saturday night Live. Roddick makes fun of himself, so he is equal opportunity. I wish we could have heard him commentating Wimbledon on the states. Don’t want you all coming aft

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