Novak Djokovic Believes He Can Win The Calendar Year Grand Slam!
by Tom Gainey | August 30th, 2015, 11:05 am

Meeting the press yesterday at the US Open, Novak Djokovic thinks he do something that hasn’t been done by a man since Rod Laver in 1969, and that’s win the Calendar year Grand Slam.

With all the attention Serena Williams’s is getting on her quest, Djokovic was asked about his chances.

“I sincerely hope from your mouth to God’s ears,” Djokovic said. “That is the only thing I can say. I’ve been close and that gives me enough reason to believe that I can achieve that. I’m trying to win, there is no secret. I’m trying to win every Grand Slam that I play. I set myself up for high standards because of the results I’ve had the last couple of years. I’m an ambitious guy and I devote myself completely to this sport. With my family and team around me, I enjoy it. I really enjoy playing.”

If not for Stan Wawrinka playing spoiler at the French Open, Djokovic would be gunning for the rare Calendar year Grand Slam.

Djokovic, the 2011 US Open champion, begins play Monday against Brazil’s Joao Souza.

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32 Comments for Novak Djokovic Believes He Can Win The Calendar Year Grand Slam!

sienna Says:

Rafa nor Roger touched Grandslam word ever.
But mister 1 digid non career slam takes an option on the calender slam.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Its not relevant anymore this year,and i would think the time to think about that again would be if he were to win the AO next year,which is six months away,best to concentrate on the here and the now….

Jock-KatH Says:

Evidently Federer invited Leo Mayer for a practice session today – they meet in round 1.

Giles Says:

That’s very strange to say the least!!

jane Says:

well, it’s out for this year, but i just like that he says he still enjoys playing a lot, and also that he says he tries to win every grand slam that he plays. the ambition and dedication of the champions on tour now is so totally admirable.

Jock-KatH Says:

Well now Jane – fully agree.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Strange that nobody has given the defending champion a snowball in hells chance of retaining the title,the guys not even had a mention….

Temple Says:

It sounds more like taking the cue from the journo and expressing some wishful thinking. But, people will read what they want to, in everything.

chris ford1 Says:

In the Open era, I consider the 23 Slams semifinal streak of Federer more impressive than a Grand Slam. Nole’s 2nd best of 14 straight Slam Semis in a hugely competitive era is also remarkable.
Rogers 36 straight Slam QFs or Conors at 27 and Djokovic at 24 is bigger in a career than 4 Slams in a row.
And spare the anal-retentive stuff about how a calendar year Grand Slam is far more prestigious since it is magically tougher somehow to win 4 in a row starting in Australia than starting it in NY or France.
Serena already has a non-calendar year Grand Slam. Fed, Rafa, and Nole all had shots at a Grand Slam. 3 in a row for Nole and Fed coming into Paris to try and wrest Roland Garros from Rafa. Rafa having to pull out of Australia with injury in 2011 after winning Paris, Wimbledon, USO.

Djokovic speaks for all the top players, They have to believe they can win a Slam, win 4 in a row even. They will try to – while at the same time realizing something less than a Grand Slam each year is realistic.

Alfonso Says:

I think Fed winning 11 slams in 4 years (2004-07), 10 slam finals in a row, and 18 out of 19 slam finals is the streak that will stay for a long time. Only the best clay courter in the history of the game was able to stop Fed from winning the calendar slam twice (2006 and 2007).

Yolita Says:

Isn’t it shocking that an elite athlete has self belief?

What’s the world coming to?

skeezer Says:

“Isn’t it shocking that an elite athlete has self belief?”
Yes, it is. Ask Rafafanatics. They call that …arrogance.

Michael Says:

I certainly think Novak can do it and if he had been lucky at Rolland Garros, he had an excellent chance of achieving that high scaled ambition even this year, but unfortunately Wawarinka played spoilsport and so he has to wait much longer for it to ripe. Still, he has another three years of best Tennis left in him and has a pretty good shot !!

Margot Says:

How could any pro athlete enter any competition without some belief?

sienna Says:

here we go again dragging weak era in Federer semi streak.

wow what incompetent and ignorant poster you are. Federer era players are still over bundance in draws atleast well in the second decade. They have proven to the next gen that it is hard to become tennis pro. So claiming semi streak is against weak era is a lie.
In order to reach semi you only play 1 top 10 player max. So if the field was strong and clearly it was then semi streak was in strong field.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Michael why dont you put your knowledge to the test with Jaleps bracket challenge?….

Felipe Says:

Of Course he can. He is the absolute favourite to win Australia (with Murray close second)..he has won back to back wimbledons…and back to back french open finals…which mean that he has been playing the second sunday of the first 3 slams…so obviously that he believes in his chances…the tough part is to actually WIN those sunday matches…if he somehow found a way to win Australia and finally lift the trophy in Paris…he will do everything to achieve the calendar Slam…which will put him ahead of Sampras and Nadal and toe to toe with Laver and Federer

Gypsy Gal Says:

I think he can,but domination is a today thing but not necassarily a tomorrow thing,much can happen between now and the AO next year,which is six months away,the here and the now is the USO,theres a reason why its not been done since Laver,because its incredibly difficult,personally id like to see some other players actually win something too….

Gypsy Gal Says:

Chris Ford1 great post….

Giles Says:

Needless to say old skeezer is obsessed with Rafa and his fans. Likes to introduce them into every topic.

RZ Says:

Something to consider is how things might have changed if Djokovic did win in Paris this year. It’s true that he could have been going for the calendar grand slam right now. But it’s also possible that after the high of finally winning the French Open, he might have been emotionally worn out and/or not as motivated at Wimbledon.

Yolita Says:


That’s exactly my opinion. If Novak had won RG and finally achieved a long-time dream/goal of his, he would have relaxed, even if just a little…He’s only human.

But, on the contrary, he was hungry and unsatisfied. He said it himself at his presser after his defeat. They asked him: “How are you going to get over your disappointment?” And he answered, laughing: “I’ll have to win Wimbledon” LOL

The same happened in 2011, when he won Wimbledon playing worse tennis than the tennis he had played in Paris. If he had won RG and got the #1 ranking, he probably wouldn’t have won Wimbledon, having achieved his life dream of being #1.

That’s why I thank Stan: I’d rather have another Wimbledon title beating Roger in the final than a RG title beating Stan in the final. I have no doubt that Novak will eventually win RG, but the more Wimbledon trophies he gets, the better.

Gypsy Gal Says:

The thing is,the FO is months away and its not certain Novak will be at the same level he is now,he will be a year older,the competition is getting better,these things get more difficult every year,they certainly dont get easier,everybody thought this year when Novak beat Rafa that him winning the trophy was a foregone conclusion me included,nobody realised how well Stan was playing,so he had other ideas,its too bold a statement to make that he will eventually win the FO at some point,it doesnt work like that….

Gypsy Gal Says:

And i dont buy that he wouldnt have been as motivated had he won the FO,if anything i would think he wouldve been extra motivated as he wouldve been super motivated to get the calendar career grand slam….

Ben Pronin Says:

Unless Djokovic gets injured I think he’ll give himself a good chance at next year’s French Open. Obviously nothing is guaranteed and the field will surely be tougher for an older Novak, but his game and focus will allow him to remain competitive. He won’t suffer a random drop off and his level of player. Unless he gets injured or something happens that requires him to miss significant time. That’ll change things.

Gypsy Gal Says:

He will have his chances,but i just find it strange to quote that by losing the title one year is a blessing and a guarantee that you will win the title another year instead,Novak lost the FO and was p*ssed as it was another chance that went begging,sorry but i didnt see anything in that post that made sense….

Ben Pronin Says:

Gotta look for the silver lining in things. None of us have any idea how Djokovic would react to winning the French. I don’t think it would deter him at Wimbledon, though. So I don’t think it’s any kind of blessing. I think it sucks. And it definitely isn’t a guarantee of next year. Before this year, I thought for sure Djokovic would win a French one day. But Wawrinka winning put things in perspective. So it’s not Nadal but Wawrinka this year. Maybe next year it’s freaking Kyrgios or Coric or something. I don’t know. Neither do the players. I think it took some time for Djokovic to accept this because he’d linger on losses here and there. I think it’s where Murray needs to improve. But you see Djokovic now and Federer sometimes and Nadal accumulate all these titles over and over and over again. Why does Nadal need 8 Monte Carlos? Because they’re 8 g-d damn titles that he won. That’s all there is to it. So it just happened to be the same tournament. So what? It’s a title. And that’s why they try to win them all.

So maybe Djokovic never wins the French. It’d be unfortunate. But luckily he’s still piling up other titles. A third Wimbledon is nothing to scoff at. Hell, he has I think 4 Rome titles now? And that’s freaking great.

Daniel Says:

That’s why one match can make the whole difference. Wawrinka played a close match with Tsonga but won easier against Novak in finals. Form on the day make the whole difference and Djoko somehow never played THE match in one of his RG finals yet.

He will have more chances,but mostly, next 2 years. in 2017 he will turn 30 during the tournament.

One good thing for him is that I don;t agree that competition is getting better. Seems we are heading a transition phase.

We don;t know how long Fed could still play this well, but his great results are mainly fast court or most Wimbledon; Nadal big question mark, Berdych, Ferrer, seem on the way down. Roanoke and Dimitrov basically have a lost yea. Key can’t sustain the pace for the whole year. Wawa also can’t play well all year but is peaking for Slams as he is post 30 already. Maybe if his fitness drop his level can decrease.

That leaves only Murray who is fit,playing great but with still a few menta hurdles to overcame.

Next generation won’t keep the consistency level, not in a little while still. So if Djoko takes his chances and keeps this level he can pile a few more majors.
He is the only one who seems to get everything right and is in balance with all aspects of the game. Murray is closer but as Fed, they didn’t win a Slam in a while and this is adding extra pressure.

Gypsy Gal Says:

There is nothing in any of my posts that i dont stand by,tennis is a case of what have you done for me lately as a sport….

Okiegal Says:

Kei better close this one out, shaking the legs, heat may be getting to him a bit….

Gypsy Gal Says:

Okie exactly i love Kie hes my number 3 favorite,but hes a bit flaky and doesnt like to do things the easy way,2 sets each with Benoit,who i must say is very talented but i find him a bit boring,so its nice to see some fire and personality….

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