Andy Murray Doesn’t Think His First Round US Open Opponent Nick Kyrgios Is A Bad Boy
by Tom Gainey | August 30th, 2015, 11:13 am

Andy Murray commented on what will be one of the most anticipated first round matches of the US Open, his clash Tuesday against embattled Nick Kyrgios.

The brash Australian has been under fire this month for comments he made about Stan Wawrinka’s girlfriend. Kyrgios was fined and put on probation, and now he’ll be in the spotlight again when he faces Murray.

“I don’t think he’s a bad guy,” Murray told the BBC. “He’s just got to learn a little bit and he’ll be fine.

“What happened a few weeks ago was wrong. I don’t defend that and I’m sure he knows it was wrong now as well.
“But he’s also an extremely young guy who’s still learning about himself and how to behave in certain situations.

“He’s made some mistakes but I just think that it’s important to remember we’re all human beings.”

Murray has won all three meetings with Kyrgios. It’s also their third meeting in a Slam this year.

“He’s an unbelievably talented guy with a lot of potential. He’s going to be around the top of the game for a while. I just think a little bit of patience is important when it comes to Nick because he’s a young guy and it isn’t easy growing up in the spotlight.”

Murray won the US Open in 2012. He has won four titles since wedding longtime girlfriend Kim Sears in April.

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29 Comments for Andy Murray Doesn’t Think His First Round US Open Opponent Nick Kyrgios Is A Bad Boy

Giles Says:

“But he’s also an extremely young guy who’s learning about himself and how to behave in certain situations”. Lol. The guy is 20 years old. There are much younger players out there who are extremely respectful and know how to behave themselves. Of course Murphy wasn’t at the receiving end of what Wawa had to experience!

sienna Says:

untill he goes down in first round

on Sears.

Margot Says:

Glad to see Andy doesn’t agree with public hangings either, but lordy lord, just give this topic A REST!

Margot Says:

But take a look at this, genius.
Niall Smith is very talented.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Margot thats very good,your doing great with your links today….

Markus Says:

Thank you, Margot. That movie premieres tomorrow. I’ll watch and hope the ending will be to your (and my) satisfaction.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Markus i would love to see Murray win the USO again….

Gypsy Gal Says:

Margot i dont know if you get sky sports?but theres a programme on sky sports 3 called Andy Murray USO Champion if your interested at 7.30pm?….

Margot Says:

Don’t have Sky GG. But ta anyway.

jane Says:

metro goldwyn muzzer, lol…

i’m with andy; what nick said may’ve been “bad” but that doesn’t make him a bad human being. jeepers.

madmax Says:

This story is reaaallllllyyyy getting boring now. Really is.

It just plays into his hands, Nic must be loving all of this attention.

Sienna, you have no class.

madmax Says:

You used to be funny every now and again. Now, you are boring.

madmax Says:

Can’t wait for the tournament to begin tomorrow. So much hype.


Tennis Vagabond Says:

If you think WE are sick of this topic, how do you think the players feel? These interviews must be so awkward. Can you imagine being asked for international media, what you think of a work colleague that you see almost every day, and if he’s a jerk.

BT Says:

Kyrgios was supposed to be teaming up with Kokkinakis for the men’s doubles. Suddenly now they aren’t in the draw… strange.

Also heard reports of Nick teaming up with Eugenie Bouchard for the mixed.

Michael Says:

Kyrgios is indeed a bad boy who needs to be reformed !!

Okiegal Says:

@Margot…..Another good old black and white movie….Love in the Afternoon starring Gary Cooper and Audrey Hepburn! They both were adorable in this one!!

Margot Says:

How do you like “A Fistful of Tennis Balls?” Thought “The Clay Court Kid” looked mighty fine in that one!
Hepburn sooooo beautiful.

Jock-KatH Says:

I guess OK is in bed right now Margot so I’ll sneak in and say the Fistful Four were ALL terrific.

Honfleuraise Says:


That was brilliant. Required viewing for all tennis fans

Do you still have your red ‘n gold sofa? I miss sharing jokes with you.

Markus Says:

Most of Audrey Hepburn’s leading men were too old for her. I wanted Sabrina to end up with William Holden instead of the old man Bogart. Cooper, Astaire, Harrison, they all looked like child molesters beside Hepburn.

Colin Says:

Markus, the whole point of “Sabrina Fair” (UK title)was that it’s the old square she ends up with, so you’d better not watch the movie any more.

Remember, Hepburn’s first husband, Mel Ferrer, was twelve years her senior, and Bogart’s last wife, Lauren Bacall, was 23 years younger than he. We old guys are insidiously attractive!

By the way, why does the heading to this topic have Andy refer to Nick as a boy (which sounds patronising)when he really said “guy”? Another attempt to make Andy sound impolite?

Okiegal Says:


Did some research…That movie was released in 1957.
Miss Hepburn was 26 and her leading man was 56. Cooper died 5 or 6 years after that movie. One of my favs of his was Friendly Persuasion. Why wouldn’t an older man want a twenty something yr old with fine toned skin?? I see that, but why would the younger female want an old geezer with one foot in the grave and the other one on a banana peel?? A very sizable estate, me thinks! But dang those pre-nups! Of course, if the old man is old enough, maybe, just maybe his old senile mind won’t be thinking straight…..and the pre-nup idea was just a figment of someone else’s imagination! Yeah, OKIE’s got it all figured out! Lol

Margot Says:

I would NEVER part with that dear, old, faithful sofa…not while Andy’s still playing that is….eek! OMG the picnics we had behind there.
Miss you too hon. x

RZ Says:

@Margot – thanks for the link. Andy growling/roaring instead of the MGM lion is hilarious!

Markus Says:

Good research job, OkieGal. I went on an Audrey Hepburn binge after she died. Her leading men were too old for her. I cringe when they kiss. It’s like a father kissing his daughter on the mouth. The only one I liked was Albert Finney in Two For The Road which is an excellent film.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Markus Albert Finney is an amazing actor,his was the only version of Scrooge that i enjoyed,i also his part in Erin Brockovic….

Okiegal Says:

@Markus…..I missed Two for the Road….it will come up sometime on TCM and I will make a point to watch it! Kissing their daughter?? As Margot says…EEEEEK, agree !!

Colin Says:

If you do some research on the silent cinema, you’ll find that some of the leading men look distinctly middle-aged. This surely related to real life, as it was lived by ordinary people as opposed to the wealthy.

An ordinary man in his early twenties didn’t earn enough to support a family, and it was not then customary for married women to have a paid job, so he had to be the breadwinner.It might take him until his thirties to earn enough, and don’t forget, thirty was a lot “older” then than it is now. Middle age began at forty,or even a bit earlier, and old age at sixty.

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