Sam Stosur Can’t Get A Car And Gets Kick Off Practice Courts At The Tournament She Won In 2011

by Tom Gainey | September 3rd, 2015, 8:08 pm

Sam Stosur feels she’s not getting the treatment she deserves. Stosur won the US Open in 2011 beating Serena Williams, but the Australian veteran who’s into the third round talked about how she couldn’t get a car to the tournament and she was kicked off the practice courts by Serena.

“When you are still in the tournament you try and book a car they say you can’t have one before 10:00 because you don’t have a match, I don’t think it’s good enough,” Stosur said. “It’s not just me. There have been many players in that situation. It’s a Grand Slam. It’s one of the biggest tournaments in the world. You got to be able to provide transport to players when they need it.

“(Serena) kicked me off my practice court yesterday, too,” she added. “I had 45 minutes yesterday. I went on three different courts, so not ideal.”

“I’m not trying to make a big deal about it. It’s not just my situation. There are many players in the same boat. I think it’s just a bad run of coincidences kind of the last couple of days. It’s just the way it is.”

After her easy win today, Stosur will play fellow French Open runner-up Sara Eranni.

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3 Comments for Sam Stosur Can’t Get A Car And Gets Kick Off Practice Courts At The Tournament She Won In 2011

Thangs Says:

poor girl…all media is giving importance to arrogant only

Pamela Says:

Gee, what a surprise (NOT) Serena should not have been able to “kick” Sam off the court, if that is in fact what happened. If Sam was there first, than she should be able to stay. Let Serena find another court. Sam won the US open and in that respect, should have certain rights (staying on the court, getting a car)….. just as an aside. I understand Serena was not happy with the way she won the on Wednesday. Yet, she won… did you see the face on her when she won and the crowds were cheering? Not even a smile… I know many of you will come after me, but manners are manners. you either were brought up with them or if not, you learn them….. she won… give the crowd who is cheering and clapping for you a smile… not a look that says, well, you all must have seen it

Rico T. Spoons Says:

So sick of these prima donna millionairesses
and their petty attitudes.

Stosur, you can get a Lincoln Continental complete
with a chauffer for $250 a day. Chicken change
for the likes of you.

As for being kicked off the practice courts,
get over yourself! Rank has its privileges.
Get back into the top ten then maybe we’ll listen
to your winging. 2011 is so 4 years ago.
What have you done for us lately?

Girl, please…

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