Federer PeRFect Again, Rips Gasquet, Will Meet Countryman Wawrinka In US Open Semifinals Friday
by Staff | September 10th, 2015, 9:45 am

Roger Federer continued to impress at the US Open crushing a hapless Richard Gasquet last night 6-3, 6-3, 6-1 to advance to his 10th semifinal at the event.

The 5-time champion hasn’t lost a set through five matches and going back to his Cincinnati final, he’s won 10 straight matches and all 25 sets he’s played since turning 34.

“A little bit to the extent where it’s nice to play this way,” Federer said of his run. “And maybe at my age to run through five opponents the way I have done here at the US Open, I don’t consider that normal, to be quite honest, even though I expect it in some ways for myself to come out and play well.

“I’ve played so well over the last one-and-a-half years. I don’t feel like I’m as old as I am. I still feel young. So it’s nice to get rewarded with the hard work and that actually I’m able to play sort of fun tennis, I maybe call it for myself.

“Aggressive, pick it up, you know, like half volley it, move in, serve and volley, cut the points short, and if I want to, extend the rallies. But it feels like on my terms. Then if you win this way, it’s a great feeling.”

Federer will meet friend and countryman Stan Wawrinka in a rematch of their French Open quarterfinal won by Stan.

As Federer breezed, so too did Wawrinka who played his best match of the event hammering Grand Slam quarterfinal debutant Kevin Anderson 6-4, 6-4, 6-0, ending a 4-match losing skid to the South African.

“It was the best match of the tournament for me,” said Wawrinka. “I was really happy with the way I played. I was trying to be really aggressive on the return.”

Anderson who had just beaten Andy Murray on Monday, won a total of five points in the third set.

“It obviously wasn’t meant to be today,” said Anderson. “Stan didn’t make it easy. He was taking time away from me. He was swinging out, and I was just a step slow. Wasn’t going to bode well. I needed to be on top of my game today. [Stan] stuck to his guns and did what he needed to do.”

Wawrinka reaches his second US Open semifinal and his third final four of this Grand Slam season.

Federer leads Wawrinka 16-3 though recently Stan has been right there winning last year in Monte Carlo and again at the French. But Federer is 11-0 on the hardcourts.

“Play my game, to play really aggressive,” Wawrinka said. “I’ll try to push him back. I will have to play really, really fast, to be the aggressive player, if I want to have a chance to beat him.

“I know I can finish by winning the tournament, but I’m really far from that right now,” he said. “I’m going to enjoy first tonight and the quarterfinal, because it was a great performance for me. Then tomorrow I will start to be ready for the semi-finals against Roger.”

Added Federer, “Looking forward to playing him, because he definitely is a big test and a big challenge for me. He beat me in straight at the French, so I hope I can do better this time.”

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54 Comments for Federer PeRFect Again, Rips Gasquet, Will Meet Countryman Wawrinka In US Open Semifinals Friday

sienna Says:

it is all about aggression. get the upperhand.

Murphy pay attention. How to play fast HC tennis.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Very excited for the Swiss semi. Amazing to think, folks have been saying Rog is washed up since at least 2011. I don’t know if Rog has two more 5-set matches at this level in him, but its been a great run.

madmax Says:



Always feel now that Stan has raised his game, Roger has a bit more fear playing Stan now. I think that with Magnus in Stan’s corner, he has a real shot.

Made me laugh though, previous match with Isner, did you see this?

twitter from Isner:
“I needed a shirt change after the fifth game the other night. Don’t think Roger changed his shirt all match.” John Isner returns the compliment on Twitter.

We never think that Roger sweats, ever – but somehow, I think the match with Stan, will be different.

Stan is a great competitor and is no longer so deferential to Fed. That changed, I believe when he won his first slam and then went on to beat Fed – he knows he has the game to beat the top guys including Novak. He has proved it.

Just hope that Fed can beat Stan tomorrow, though I love Stan’s back hand. He has many more tricks in his bag too!

Michael Says:

Now to beat Roger in this kind of murderous form, wawarinka has to play the match of his life. The H2H between the two stands heavily loaded in favour of Roger with Wawarinka able to get the better of him only on Clay courts. So, this will be an interesting tussle between the delightful one handed back handers who are always a delight to watch. All said and done, I give the edge to Roger and Wawarinka might finally take a set of Roger !!

Daniel Says:

And if he does win semis he will have 2 finals this season, better than anybody else not Novak. Of course, Stan would have 1 final 1 title, which counts more but not too bad at all for a 34 yld.

Fed is nice again setting the bar for everybody to follow and this will have a huge impact in players overall. Even Gasquet , who we don’t think will win majors. at least makes semis and quarters last two. Better than almost everybody bar Djoko, Fed, Stan.

Lopez laying his best tennis, Anderson had his best year, even gigs like Fognini seems to commit more. The aura of invincibility that big 4 had is gone.

This can recharge the 24-25 as well, as they know there is a lot of tennis to be played still. It’s no a teenager breakthrough sport anymore, Nadal was the last prodigy of that era, when you could win a major before 20. Think we won’t see that happening in a long time

jane Says:

so everyone agrees that fed is in great form right? best chance for #18 then? this is his best slam besides wimbledon.

i wonder where emily – our resident stan fan – is? i should’ve thought she’d be posting excitedly during stan’s win last night, or happily posting today anyhow. maybe we’ll hear from her later…

cilic and stan – even by reaching semis imo – have really backed up their slam wins in a way. stan had already done it at FO, but cilic too proved that last year wasn’t a fluke.

people forget that marin had a shoulder injury this year which kept him from playing well earlier in the season.

as for novak i personally feel he’s had an amazing season no matter what happens. he’s won 2 slams, 4 masters and reached 10 finals in a row – something only fed 06 and mac 84 had done. if he reaches 11 finals, i think it’s just him and mac then.

pretty awesome achievement, although it’s possibly wearing on him a little by now; it’s gotta be mentally tiring, all those “big” matches. hence, not many have reached so many finals.

good semis set. hope we have decent enough weather that all can stay on schedule!

jane Says:

“The aura of invincibility that big 4 had is gone.”

totally agree. think it was gone last year, too.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Jane, I agree with everything in your post, with the caveat that, while this may be Roger’s BEST chance, we don’t really know that he has a chance at all.

The fact is that he hasn’t won a best of five tourney since 2012, and that, on top, this is not a tournament he has even made the finals in for years.

Great form is better than the alternative, but it didn’t help him finish out at Wimbledon.

But as a fan, of course, we always hope.

jane Says:

your caveat makes sense TV.

Ben Pronin Says:

The aura isn’t gone around Djokovic. Players have choked plenty against him this year. Besides Karlovic, only the top 4-5 guys have beaten him this year, all slam champs and successful big match players.

I really just hope Djokovic hits his stride for the next round and hopefully the one after.

Margot Says:

Rain again :(
Amazing weather in UK. Move the tournament at once!

skeezer Says:

“i wonder where emily – our resident stan fan – is? ”
And where is elina too? ( mysteriously dropped out-of-site since Rafa lost…mmmm ), the Fed stat wonder woman?

Nirmal Kumar Says:

I think fans have not learned enough lessons from Wimbledon. We all have seen him look imperious and play real crap next match. That’s what happened in Wimby finals. With Roger, it’s better to take each match as it happens.

Emily Says:

Still here, posting from time to time. Guess I’m following Stan’s lead of keeping quiet until the 2nd week.

Also, been getting to watch him instead of just posting. I was a little annoyed when he got moved to Armstrong b/c I thought it would help Anderson, but Stan had a definite game plan and was fired up. Also, a great atmosphere w/ a packed stadium and a quality match.

Have tickets for Friday and have a feeling I’m not going to be very popular w/ my Stan the Man t-shirt, but it would be an exciting upset if he can pull it off.

Emily Says:

@jane, only reading all these comments now and I wasn’t posting excitedly yesterday b/c I was excitedly watching Stan in Armstrong. There’s just been so much emphasis on Roger’s amazing form that almost everyone else has been lost in the shuffle.

Went to Ashe to see Federer after, and was really disappointed that Gasquet didn’t even really show up. Thinking about what Monfils did in the same match last year and his passion, it proves why Gasquet has underperformed. Wish I had been at Novak’s match instead b/c at least Lopez made it a real match.

BTW, Stan has a few more fans then you would think in the crowds. The crowd will mostly be pulling for Roger tomorrow, but Stan was hitting some great winners yesterday. He just has to be really aggressive, and have a great serving day. I think the win in Paris has to give him confidence, and I think based on how they played this tournament, he’s a tougher match up for Roger then Andy would’ve been.

jane Says:

emily, how nice to hear you get to go on friday. hopefully it’s not rained out!

“The aura isn’t gone around Djokovic” – hmm, ben, i guess there were a few “chokes,” but there were also a number of players who really took it to novak, including paire, goffin, f-lo, agut, etc., not to mention stan, murray and roger (more expected, of course). if there were an aura of invincibility would the others be fighting so valiantly? i’m not so sure.

Ben Pronin Says:

The idea that players don’t fight against any of the Big 3 because of their “aura” is ridiculous. Especially RBA got as many openings, and all Lopez did was break Novak once. It’s just a difficult level to maintain for lesser players.

Either way, nice to hear your thoughts, Emily. Wawrinka is definitely capable of not only beating Federer, but really taking the racket out of his hand. But I think the surface favors Federer. He’ll be able to rush Stan more than he could on clay. But I’d be surprised if the match was less than 4 sets. As usual, Stan’s peaking at the perfect time.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

The success of Stan and Cilic are great stories.

Stan has proven that he is an elite Slam competitor, and a challenger at all 4. In a way, he is THE challenger as he’s the only one to beat Novak in the last handful of Slams, other than Kei and Rafa who each have dropped from that level.

RZ Says:

I agree with Nirmal. I’ve been burned too many times by Fed in recent years to expect that he will win based on his stellar play in the earlier rounds. I hope that he proves my cynicism to be wrong.

Margot Says:

Emily always good to have a first hand account of a tournament. Hope you have a great day tomorrow.
Stan seems to be peaking nicely :) unlike Andy :(

Okiegal Says:

@Skeezer…..Would you miss me like you have Elina??? Prolly not….. lol

Okiegal Says:

How does Fed keep from sweating?? He gives a new meaning to the phrase “cool as a cucumber”!
Could he not just once have a bead of sweat roll down his nose??? Lol

pitchaboy Says:

Fed feels under pressure with his game on slower surfaces. This makes him overhit his serves with good returners and the poor results in FO and AO in the second week. On fast surfaces, the baseline grinders are somewhat neutralized which opens up his game. Wimby is slippery and quick in the first week and gets slow and bouncy as the grass dries out, with the type of grass they use these days. As Becker noted, their strategy against Fed at Wimby was to grind him out into fatigue and errors.

RZ Says:

@Okiegal – LOL. Once in a while you do actually get to see that. On a related note, there was one French Open where halfway through the match they showed Fed’s opponent’s socks and shoes, which were covered with clay. They then showed Fed’s shoes, and it looked like he had just walked onto the court.

Emily Says:

Sorry Margot and all Andy fans. I think when Anderson is on and serving really well, it’s hard for his opponent. Just ask Novak.

I really liked the passion Andy was showing, even with a loss. For a stadium he supposedly doesn’t like, he was really feeding off the energy in Armstrong. This year has been a good one for the #2 court.

Personally, i think Andy has had a really great season, especially compared to last year. Every year there seems to be a big name on the bubble for the WTF, w/ Roger in 2013 and Andy last year. Now it’s Rafa’s turn, but I think he might squeeze in.

Margot Says:

Thanks Emily. That was nice of you.

viki Says:

Seen Highlights of Wawa match. He is looking too good. Sending bombs from both sides and also his shots are too deep and so near to the baseline. If he repeats this form in semi final, I don’t think Roger can beat him even with his best game.

sienna Says:

yes pitchaboy welcome to my bandwagon.

Emily Says:

Women’s semis moved to tomorrow w/ men’s after. Needs to stay dry the whole day if they want to pull off super Friday!

RZ Says:

@Emily – I would agree that Andy has had a great year so far. When you look at his week-to-week results, he’s had a much better year than in the past as he has gone deeper in more tournaments and has had fewer early upsets.

As for the WTF, I believe Novak, Andy, Fed, and Stan have already qualified, leaving 4 spots open. I’ll have to check next week when the standings are updated, but I could see Rafa getting that 8th spot. I think Gasquet will qualify this year. He’s currently in 10th place but will likely move up after this week. We’re also heading into the indoor season where he should do pretty well.

Emily Says:

W/ Stan getting to the semis, he now has enough points to have officially qualified, along with Roger, Novak, and Andy.

Surprisingly, Ferrer is currently in 8th place w/ Rafa at 7. There’s still a lot of tennis to be played to get those other 4 spots, and there might be a bit of a shake-up with so many people in the mix. If Gasquet does make it, he’ll have to play at his Wimbledon level, not the shadow of a player I saw last night.

RZ Says:

I’m expecting that Ferrer won’t make it this year. He’s been injured a lot and hasn’t been playing much, so I can see him dropping out of 8th place. The reason I said I think Gasquet would make it is that he’s had a pretty consistent year and we’re heading into a part of the season where he’s generally done well. The indoor season should also help Nishikori (if he’s not injured) and Berydch, both of whom are in the 5th and 6th spots.

There are some wild cards in the running, especially Cilic (with his run this week) and Anderson.

Ben Pronin Says:

Cilic can move into the 10th spot with a final appearance, and the 8th spot with a win. Berdych, Nishikori, and Nadal are pretty far ahead of number 8 but from 12-9 there’s Cilic, Isner, Anderson, and Gasquet, all of whom can benefit from the faster surfaces coming up and are all hitting nice form lately. There’s still 2 Masters events and a lot of other smaller events to be played. Any of these guys could potentially do what Murray did last year.

Emily Says:

Doesn’t look good for Raonic, after qualifying last year, but he’s had a few injuries this season

Daniel Says:

Kei, Berdych and Nadal are virtually in, they have more than 3600 pta in the race, Ferrer 2800 and the rest low 2000. If Ferrer actually wins 1 match each tourney he enters and maybe a few Quarters with hos seeding he will get in as well. The other have to win smaller toriney and play a lot. As I can’t see neither winning Shangai or Paris with Djoko, Fed, Murray and Gasquet playing will there won’t be too many points left.

I am afraid Ferrer will qualify. But I want to see someone knew who can maybe shake things up.

Ben Pronin Says:

If Ferrer is injured, qualifying doesn’t mean he’ll play.

RZ Says:

Darn, Murray-Peers served for the match, then got broken back. Tiebreak will decide who goes to the finals.

RZ Says:

Woohoo! Murray-Peers into their second straight slam final. Hopefully they’ll win this time.

I hope Sam Querrey and Steve Johnson continue to play doubles together. They did well. And Querrey is in the mixed final with Bethanie Mattek-Sands. Good tournament for him.

J-Kath Says:

Computer (relatively new) – got “invaded” – had to bring in Wise Man to sort – hence took opportunity to modify my “name” — hoping this works…

Margot Says:

Yay! A Murray in the USOpen final after all. And a Peers too of course :)
Kat or Kath, which do you prefer?

J-Kath Says:

Depends on your mood – I answer to anything – I guess Kath is what I’m most used to (after all someone who decided to put “Jock” in front of their name must have a history) (always called that by my parents – who had 4 daughters and I was the best tree climber and all that stuff )……..

elina Says:

Federer peRFect again. Just like Fed and I said two weeks ago and everyone said he was delusional.

Fed for his 18th. Just like I said then.

You’re welcome!

elina Says:

Can’t do it in best of five blah blah blah

Cincy is faster than USO blah blah blah

Stan won’t take a set and Roger won’t yield more than a set in the final.

Why didn’t his fans and tennis experts believe him?

Hopp Suisse!

TL Says:

The open isn’t over yet. The real test for Fed starts now.

TL Says:

The open isn’t over yet. The real test for Fed starts now.

elina Says:

Not on this surface, With this Federer.

Like he said (and match stats have supported), Federer has neverer been betterer.

So many of his fans doubted him and called him delusional.

TL Says:

Agree with Nirmal Kumar and RZ. You never know which Fed will turn up for the sf or final if he reaches that far. Of course, it will also depend on what level Wawa/Djoko play at.

Can’t read too much into the Gasquet match because Fed wasn’t pushed too much. Fed played well to keep Gasquet off-balance and took time away from him. However, Gasquet was disappointing. If anything, Fed seems under-cooked for an opponent as solid as Wawa. His only slightly impressive performance was against Isner. Breezing through matches could prove to be a bit of a problem unlike his glory days when he used to be capable of shifting gears effortlessly for the big matches. We shall see if he can raise his game against Wawa/Djoko. His record at the business end of the majors over the last six years or so is not encouraging at all.

TL Says:

The category of match stats that I asked for were never provided since those stats didn’t go with the narrative. In any case, stats, shorn of context, don’t mean much.

peter Says:

the main issue for fed to win an 18th major is not his level of play in a certain match, it is hs ability to recover from long matches. Given any match if fed is at full fitness, he can beat anybody.

The draw doesn’t favour him. Stan is a solid top 4 player now, one might say he is the second best player based on his 2 slam wins in the past two years. Fed needs to beat him quickly, say under 2.5 hours, to be fully fit for the final. A close four setter wouldn’t cut it for him. If the match is anywhere as close as last years ATP semi feds chance of winning the whole thing is close to zero.

I actually think Stan has the edge in this match, espescially if it goes to five. He is younger, fitter and has been playing better in slam matches.

Skeezer Says:

Great analysis, and I agree. Too much expectations re; Fed. Everyone has there limitations. Fed hasn’t played a long matxh yet. However, if anyone can do it, it’s Mr. peRFect.
C’mon GOAT!

Ahfi Says:

I think, at times, we do not put things in perspective. When Roger beat Andy in Wimbledon, Andy was playing well and yet Roger did everything he could to win in straight sets. That obviously took a lot out of him which he did not have for the final. On top of that, Djoker is a strong player. It’s similar to when people beat Rafa and then do not have much to give in the next match. All these top players zap your energy before you get to beat them. With Roger vs. Wawrinka, like Michael, I give a slight edge to Roger. No, Roger is not afraid of Wawrinka. I would have said that, maybe, a year ago. But, if you have been watching Roger lately, he has a very very different ATTITUDE and APPROACH, apart from the fact that he is playing well. Stan is also playing very well but the attitude that Roger has now, will take him a long way.

RZ Says:

It’s not just the recovery from long matches for Fed. It’s the match to match consistency. At Wimbledon, he played what was possibly his best match in years in the semifinals and won in straight sets, but then came out flat in the final.

peter Says:

Agree with ahfi.

To beat a player like Andy, or nadal, it takes something out of you regardless of the scoreline. Fed did great beating Andy, but essentially he peaked at the WB semifinals. Same goes with Nole who peaked at the RG quarters against nadal then played a less spectacular match agaiNST Andy and then a completely average match against Stan.

So a lot depends on the luck of the draw.

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