Some Of Novak Djokovic’s Incredible Numbers [Chart]

by Staff | November 8th, 2015, 1:50 pm

Novak Djokovic beat friend and rival Andy Murray 6-2, 6-4 to win his fourth Paris Masters and additionally he becomes the first player to ever win six Masters 1000 events in a single season.

Some of Novak’s numbers:
– Djokovic is now 27-4 against Top 10 opponents this year.
~ Djokovic won his 26th Masters 1000 crown, 58th overall.
~ Djokovic becomes the first player to ever win six Masters titles in a single season.
– Djokovic is the first player to win four Paris Masters.
– Djokovic improved to 21-9 against Murray and has won 10 of their past 11 meetings.
– Djokovic wins his 10th title in a season for a second time (2011 he also won 10).
– Djokovic has won 22 straight matches and 32 of his last 33 sets.
– Djokovic has reached a record 14 straight tournament finals.
– Djokovic becomes the first player to surpass the $16M mark.
– Djokovic has more hardcourt titles (30) than losses (25) since start of 2011.
– Djokovic has won 70 or matches in four of the last 5 seasons (2014).
– Djokovic has 21 or more wins over Federer (21), Nadal (22) and Murray (21).
– Djokovic reached the finals at all four Grand Slams this year for the first time in his career.

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66 Comments for Some Of Novak Djokovic’s Incredible Numbers [Chart]

django Says:

Worthy number one!

jane Says:

gah! it’s almost embarrassing, these riches.
congrats to novak for a phenomenal year.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Thats a really incredible achievement,history is already made,no matter what Novak does next,quite the year hes having….

Bob Lewis Says:

Djokovic is much better than Sampras ever was. Much better than Agassi ever was. Much better than Connors ever was. Much better than McEnroe ever was. At the very least, his peak level is on par with Federer’s. Well done, Novak.

elina Says:

Better actually.

Best. Year. Ever.

mat4 Says:

Novak is already ITF world champion for the fifth time in a row, and I can’t get accustomed to this yet (it’s not official yet, but I can’t imagine he won’t be ITF CW this year).

And he’s already ATP world no 1 for the 4th time in the last five years.

The only thing I believe he’s due, but doesn’t get for some reasons, is the Stefan Edberg Sportsmanship award. Today, we once again saw that he was the one deserving it. But, at least, he got the Boris Becker Award for the greatest fighter on the court.

And for anybody that knows how much he gives to his foundation and for charity of any kind, it’s incredible he got the Arthur Ashe Humanitarian award just once.

elina Says:

That award is reserved for Roger.

Wog Boy Says:

This was Nole’s 37th consecutive indoor win! Not a bad indoor player, no?

Gypsy Gal Says:

Novak certainly deserves the award for player of the year without shadow of a doubt,the other stuff i wont mention otherwise ill get crucified….

elina Says:

Wow. Is that an indoor record?

Wog Boy Says:

This is what Nole said about his good results and what is behind them, you can do Google translate, but what he said is basically that he is in a perfect place atm, perfect balance of his private and professional life:

“U privatnom životu se vrlo spokojno i izbalansirano osećam. Ta uravnoteženost između profesionalnog i privatnog života pomaže mi da izvučem najbolje iz sebe na terenu”.

elina Says:

WB, that is what true success is all about!

Wog Boy Says:

I really don’t know but he hasn’t lost the match in the last three years or so.

Wog Boy Says:

I would like to add, thanks God for Boris Becker, and what I have feelings, looking at the Becker today and two years ago, Nole saved Boris too. It was two way street for both of them, they had positive influence on each other.

Wog Boy Says:

^^ and for Vajda’s wisdom to pick Becker, he knew what Nole needed.

Chrisford1 Says:

Other milestones:

1. Moved past Rafa and McEnroe in weeks as #1.
2. Moved past Sampras and Fed in Masters wins, trails only Rafa now by one win.
3. Moved past Rosewall, Agassi, Perry,Connors, and Lendl in “Slamcount” this year. Should pass Laver, Borg, possibly Roy Emerson in “Slamcount” next year.
4. Reached 26 straight Slam QFs. Trails Connors 27, Fed’s 36.

elina Says:

37 certainly beats Roger’s best indoor streak of 21 matches.

Wog Boy Says:

What is impressive is that those 37 wins came in masters series and WTFs, no lesser tournaments!

elina Says:

WB by my count it’s 38 straight indoor wins.

Humble Rafa Says:

I am disappointed that as a goat owner, the goat doesn’t step up in the indoor, worthless season and win some thing. If you are not goat, I am not goat owner.

Wog Boy Says:

You might be right, I didn’t count, I read the news on Serbian television site and passed it here.

elina Says:

You guys I think that he will have a streak of 43 after WTF more than doubling Roger’s record streak indoors.

jane Says:

wog boy what a nice post at 4:58. i think you’re right. and maybe that’s one of the measures of a good coach-player relationship?

Travis Bickle Says:

What this post by “Staff” basically says is:

Novak achieved more in this single year than what 99% of professional tennis players achieve in their entire careers!!!

Almost unreal…

jane Says:

sweet story mat4. thanks for sharing it.

mat4 Says:

You’re welcome, dear jane. But this story shows Novak’s perfectionism and determination. He’s indeed an outstanding champion.

mat4 Says:

What I liked too, today, was the public, who was cheering Novak at least as much as Murray. Who said that Novak isn’t appreciated?

Dave Says:

When can we find out who is in each group for the WTF? If Nole wins, he will be the first player to win it 4 years in a row. Going for yet another record.

Emily Says:

I believe they come out Thursday

Wog Boy Says:

If it goes, 1/3/5/7 it will be Nole/Roger/Rafa/David.

Dave Says:

Is that what they usually do? There isn’t an actual draw?

Wog Boy Says:

No Dave, I don’t know that for a fact, just somebody mentioned that it is how usually it end up, we’ll see.

Dave Says:

I have a feeling they are going to put Nadal and Federer together.

Wog Boy Says:

I wouldn’t mind if Nole is with them in the same group.

Dave Says:

IF that happens, It would make things really interesting for sure. I gotta respect what Stan did this past week as well. He is really putting in effort to be more consistent. He will be dangerous for sure.

billy boy Says:

All these victories and no one cares except for the 17 people that read this “blog”. Numbers are way down for the sport, both ratings and attendance.

Dave Says:

I think it’s nice to really enjoy a sport that is not that popular on a global scale compared to some of the other sports. When I meet someone that likes tennis as much as me and actually gets it and isn’t just a casual observer, it’s nice to be speaking the same language and have that in common. It makes in more special in some ways.

Vami Says:

@billy boy
…and the prizes have never been better! These 17 people must include Zuckerberg, Gates, Allen…

django Says:

Vami lol

jane Says:

poor billie boy has to lie. in fact, just off the top, us open TV ratings jumped 40% this year

Travis Bickle Says:

billy boy,

Looks like you cared enough to read this blog and even post on it. As long as there are sore losers like you, Novak’s reign is that much more enjoyable.
Let me guess, Novak is talentless, hits lucky shots and wins due to gamesmanship and you are bored with tennis nowadays? zzzzz

What then do you do on tennis forum posting? Go iron your Nike headband and tie it around your head to be like your idols. Then sit in front of computer and cheer against Novak. That is fine!

Only, I’d like you to please refrain from going as far as trying to stop Novak yourself – remember the “gentleman” who decided to stop Monica Seles in Germany by driving a knife to girl’s back.

Wog Boy Says:

It would be even better monday for me if my favorite, Valentino Rossi, managed to win motoGP title, but how could he when Lorenzo’s Spanish countrymen (even not riding for the same team with) stoped him in the worst case of gamesmanship by acting as Lorenzo’s bodyguards during the race, for those who follows motoGP link:

Ohh, and Silly Billy is back, it is really sad when your favorite is not bringing you any joy and yet you are not able to come to terms with that, I feel for Silly Billy.

jane Says:

as for attendance, that’s also untrue. koenig commented today on air that the stadium was full to capacity

and at the O2 last year, the event set an attendance record.

Wog Boy Says:


..and AO set the record attendance, second afte USO…I think that interest for tennis is on historical lows..

Wog Boy Says:

This is for Silly Billy:

A record 703,899 fans flocked to Australian Open 2015, smashing the previous record of 686,006 set in 2012

Ten sessions attracted a record crowd, including a first Monday day/night record of 71,151 The previous first Monday day/night record of 63,595 fans was set in 2014

Heineken Saturday on the middle weekend of the tournament was the busiest of the 2015 event, with 81,031 fans on site at Melbourne Park

More than 1800 tennis fans sailed to Melbourne Park on P&O Cruises’ second annual Australian Open cruise

Famous faces from across the sporting world to attend the event included: Adam Scott, Steve Smith, Steve Waugh, Lydia Lassila, Layne Beachley, Cameron Smith, Jimmy Bartel, Gary Ablett Jnr, Liz Cambage, Billy Slater, Ian Thorpe, Adam Goodes, David Hale, Liesel Jones and Sharelle McMahon

Other famous faces in the crowd included: Eric Bana, Toni Collette, Geoffrey Rush, Magda Szubanski, Kate Ritchie, Ryan Corr, Josh Thomas, Carla Zampatti and Livinia Nixon, musicians Kenny Rogers, Niall Horan, Kate Ceberano and Natalie Bassingthwaite, celebrity chefs Heston Blumenthal and Matt Preston, Australian of the Year Rosie Batty along with finalist Deborra-Lee Furness

Fans on Grand Slam Oval were entertained by headline music acts Sneaky Sound System, Sheppard, Megan Washington, The Potbelleez, Daryl Braithwaite and more

James Says:

Djokovic is the most complete player ever – dare I say even more than Federer – Fed did have, and still have, that one slight weak point – the one-handed backhand. that is not something that can work in today’s game (exceptions happen, like Stan’s French win – but had Stan faced Nadal, he would have never won on clay, also because of the one-handed backhand).

Djokovic has no weakness. Physically, game wise, and mentally. He is top notch in all 3. He possibly could overtake Federer and be the GOAT. he certainly will end up with a strong positive H2H against Nadal, and also Federer. Murray is already his pigeon.

DC Says:

Nole and complete player ..sorry ..Watch his net game and over head smashed . He’s probably the best baseliner ever , but ain’t a complete player .

Even in the games vs Murray , Nole preferred to stay at the baseline when he had ample opportunities to rush to the net.

Nole has to have a couple of big wins playing serve and volley n chip n charge to be called a complete player.

He and Nadal are probably the biggest beneficiaries of homogenization of tennis courts/surfaces.

Wog Boy Says:

This was written in April 2013, Nole is even better today:

Or this, same year:

Just something to think about and besides, saying that somebody is “the most complete player” doesn’t mean that he has to be “the best” in every department of the game, if he is best in baseline game, return game, physical aspect, mental aspect etc, he doesn’t have to be best S&V player, just good enough to do the job combined with the other qualities in order to be “the most complete” one. Just for the record, I really don’t care where do you put Nole, as long as he keeps winning. Same people will never give him credit regardless of what he does achieves.
According to this:
“Nole has tohave a couple of big wins playing serve and volley n chip n charge to be called a complete player.”
Roger can’t be caled “the most complete player either” he doesn’t have a couple of big wins playing baseline against Rafa (partly Nole) plus miserable five set record (mental or physical aspect) for the player of his calibre (not eve top 20).

Pauly Says:


NADAL is the best baseliner ever followed by AGASSI
Needed to say that !!!

Pauly Says:

Djokovic Is the best player now even better than 2011…
Who can beat him in 2015 ?
Federer Wawrinka only !

2016 ?
Hopefully Nadal can get back to playing his best then it’s 3 players who can beat him .

Good luck stopping him in London

Gypsy Gal Says:

While i dont condone Billys posts trashing Novak or his achievements,i dont see why there was any need to drag Monica Seles into things,a really tasteless comment at 8.42pm,why tennis-x lets some of this stuff through moderation beggars belief,no point asking you to remove it,as i doubt you would take any notice anyway….

Noonen Says:

I’m so proud of Novak. Now all he needs is to ask Jesus into his heart for the remission of his sins and the peace and joy He gives will flood his dear heart.

Felipe Says:

Federer 2006 won more matches (92) and lost the same amount (5), but in my mind, if Djokovic ends up with a 82-6 record, winning the WTF title, this year will come down as the best season ever by a professional tennis player in the open era. Winning 3 Slams,(RU in the other), WTF, 6 Masters 1000 (RU in the 2 others contested) and 1 500 series (RU in the other). Also, the the 4-1 scenario will put him with a ridiculous record of 31-5 against top ten players. 4 Year end number 1, almost guaranteed 200+ weeks as number 1, double digit slams, 26 master 1000 (and counting), 21 Wins over the remaining top 5 players in the world (21 Murray, 21 Federer, 21 Wawrinka, 22 Nadal). And for the haters, the guy is as fit and motivated as ever, he wants to be the best ever, he is catching and surpassing almost every record put by Nadal (besides clay records), and is slowly entering Federers territory.

Markus Says:

Djokovic is not happy with his overhead shots. I am sure he will work hard to master that. He can still improve on this year.

Daniel Says:

Agree Felipe,

Nadal’s clay recorda will never be broken, but Masters title is almost assured for Djokovic, Nadal hasn’t won none this year and only one in 2014 (where Had Nishikori not retires we never know if Kei would take that or not, Nadal was perfectly capable of turning a match but evn so, it was a retirement).

Clay 2016 is going to be Nadal bigger test to his tennis career to date. Last tine he lost RG he bounced back, and if Djoko keeps winning 1 or 3 Masters on clay per year, not mun left for Nadal.

Once Djoko wins RG and surpass Nadal’s 27 Masters only thing left for Nadal woulb be the 14 Slams (which Djokovic will be closing by). Than, as you say, is Federer’s territory.

A lot to play for in 2016, but Djoko has to win minimum 2 Slams, anything less and will be a “slow decline” associated with age (he will be 28+/29 nex year). Also, we thought this year was Fed “last” chance for Slams, but if he can make 2 finals at 33/34 only losing to #1, he sure will have more chances, if he keeps this level of play and peak for the right moment: Wimby-USO. Afer that, 35/36 and I think we can called a day at Slams. Even his revamp game will feel more the stress each passing year.

Giles Says:

“Once Djoko wins RG …….”. Lol. Presumptious much.

Chrisford1 Says:

Why is it that people that pronounce “lol” at their own imagined wit all the time tend to be twits??

Truth is we don’t know if Nole can keep this top form going, or if injury will disrupt the tremendous future many see of him actually eclipsing the other greats based on how well 2015 went.

And luck plays a huge factor. A whole different season if Kevin Anderson doesn’t choke at Wimbledon, the Dog Fight swung the other way on 2 key points. How Nole was a net touch away from owning 2013 as year end #1 in a year when both he and Rafa played brilliant tennis.

My sense is that Novak can actually improve in several areas of his game, and the trend is going that way in each area already. No regression. That he is really stoked for not just the WTF, but having a 2016 that cements his place in the company of Laver, Borg, Sampras, Nadal, and Fed.

StanTheMan Says:

What I like about Novak and find it different from everyone else on tour today is the human, in your face, no excuses for it, story.
Look at the relationship he has with Marian or Boris, or with his whole team.
I have no clue who coaches Fed – or who his manager is or… I just see the “Fed” brand. Front and center, nothing else.
With Novak – it’s different – everyone is included, everyone is a person and everyone is important.
The fact that he’s goofy, sometimes rough around the edges, direct or blunt – and with that clumsy accent when he speaks english, french, italian… etc – shows a real kid, trying to do his best for himself and everyone around him.
Not polished as the other “brands”, but so freaking real it’s endearing.
The fact that he’s still trying to learn and get better, after being “on top of the world” for such a long time, just makes me smile and say – you go, dear boy, go and see how deep this thing goes, and what kind of a person you’re capable of becoming.
In the world of brands, genuine fakeness, this kid stands out like a fresh breeze of winter air.
Go do your thing Novak, dont stop – you’re doing exactly what any human being should strive to do. Good luck!

jalep Says:

StanTheMan – Very well said. What I love about Djokovic’s team/fam, everyone gets in the picture and credited.

Wog Boy Says:

StanThe Man,
You are The Man, thanks for nice post, can’t really add anything.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Chris Ford1 you really have trouble and absolutely refuse to let that one go when it comes to that French Open 2013 Net Cord,how many more times will you dredge that one up?….

jane Says:

thanks j-kath. i don’t really agree with the premise, and i do think novak still has rivals who push him hard. andy, fed and wawa were all strong rivals. novak just managed to have a stellar year, going that extra step. i think the perfect storm of boris, marriage and baby gave him peace and motivation. who knows what will happen going forward. of the “big 4” only rafa has really been floundering, but i think he’s on his way back. he’s likely to be a force next year. and this year, stan simply stepped into rafa’s shoes in some ways.

the ones who really floundered this year were the ones we thought might shine after last year: raonic, dimitrov, kei and cilic. they’ve all underwhelmed for the most part.

Daniel Says:

To be honest, I prefer Djoko personality before he was “soften” into this new “model” when he had more fun and was not thinking much, when he was more cocky. They all fall in the trap of the system and had to adapt specially when it has this much money involved. They are all brands.

It can be maturity as wel as he got older but one can clearly see that he changed this last few years, all of them had actaully. Fed cut his hair, Nadla chamged his outfit and Djoko hold back into a more serene self.

And also if you don’t know that Edberg is coaching Federer or Luthi is there with his entourage for years now, you probably don’t see any match of him, because the camera is always there in their box and TV constantly put the name of who apears in the box every match. We can even see the regulars, family members, friends and celebrities who follows who. Don’t see ant difference from Djoko than others.
Maybe what you were implying is that Djoko is more passional, which I agree, specially compared to Nadal (who seems shy), Federer more calm and Murray with his british posture.

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