Andy Murray Movingly Opens Up About Cancer In Players’ Tribune Post
by Tom Gainey | November 13th, 2015, 10:50 am

In a new post on the Players’ Tribune, Andy Murray opens up about Ross Hutchins’ and Elena Baltacha’s battles with cancer.

A sample:

I got married the year I turned 28. In a few months, when Kim and I become parents for the first time, I’ll be 28. Twenty-eight feels like the beginning of something.

As a tennis player, 28 is an age at which I have much I still want to accomplish. 28 feels like a peak, a prime, a moment open with possibility.

28 is … it’s barely anything. It’s no time at all.

My best friend, Ross Hutchins, got cancer at 28.

I remember my exact internal reaction when I found out the news. It wasn’t stress. It wasn’t sadness. It was: Sorry, what?

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11 Comments for Andy Murray Movingly Opens Up About Cancer In Players’ Tribune Post

RZ Says:

I really enjoyed reading this, and as mentioned on the previous thread, nice to see Rosco doing so well.

SG1 Says:

As Ben said, Andy’s tennis isn’t always likeable but Andy definitely is. He has remarkable perspective for someone who’s still quite young.

Margot Says:

How can people not like this guy. He is simply the best.

jane Says:

it’s true: 28 is so young! it’s awful what ross hutchins has gone through. or anyone with this disease, for that matter. : /

Gypsy Gal Says:

My nephew went through a similar experience some years ago too,he was the same age as Ross is now,and thankfully hes also clear too,i feel so sad for Bally who wasnt so lucky….

J-Kath Says:

My other half has non-hodginson’s – has regular testing – thought to have been caused by exposure to chemicals (is/was a geologist). In remission approx. 6 years – however too long a period on steroids has brought its own problems…..

Gypsy Gal Says:

J-Kath im sorry to hear that my dear,all the best to you both….

Colin Says:

My daughter-in-law has Non Hodgkinson’s and is in remission at present, but she is middle aged, so there is no comparison with Baltacha’s plight.

In the USA, and increasingly in the UK, a big problem is the tendency of patients to embrace ineffective pseudo-science, generally homeopathy. In our current climate of austerity, with the National Health Service being squeezed ever more tightly financially, the government is considering blacklisting homeopathy,on which the NHS wastes several million pounds annually. This won’t be easy given the addiction of Prince Charles and the whole Royal Family to homeopathy.

J-Kath, you talk of exposure to “chemicals”, but don’t you mean “bad chemicals”? Everything is chemicals, including ourselves and all that we eat and drink, even plain old water!

J-Kath Says:


When you are testing for the presence and or the depth of possible new oil fields..& rock sediments there are a load of different chemicals used….the product is soaked, cooked and quite often the Lab. was filled with fumes….there’s no proof of course that this caused it except he had two glands operation prior. He is also no longer young so no comparison with Baltacha…but her cancer was in the liver I think.

GG – Thank you…I’m OK …I think….I never go to the Doctor’s for the so-called yearly check-up until I’m threatened (they even come round to my door to try and catch me – Needles at the alert).

madmax Says:

Everyone knows someone touched by cancer. The most vile of diseases. Vile. A cure is supposed to be on the horizon.


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