The Numbers are In — New Winner for 2015 Tennis-X Year-End Top 10 Contest

by Staff | December 19th, 2015, 9:56 pm

Some tricky bottom-ten finishers made for a third straight year that no entrant picked all 10 Top 10 finishers in the 2015 Tennis-X Top 10 Year-end Rankings Contest.

Thanks Richard Gasquet!

Who ZERO entrants had in their Top 10. How about showing the Frenchman some love? Geez people, that borders on downright meanness.

The major culprits sinking many’s Top 10 entries this year were failures-to-launch by Milos Raonic and Grigor Dimitrov, and injuries that sidelined Juan Martin del Potro (wrist) and Marin Cilic (shoulder, didn’t start season until March).

Lotsa people liked del Potro finishing in the Top 10.

Those people should have listened to Hippy Chick when she opined, “Delpo as much as i like him too i think a top 10 finish is over ambitious,a top 30/20 is more realistic at this point,the guys not even played yet,is ranked 137 or so?and rumour has it that the wrist is still an issue?”

Bam. For those liking Del Potro in a 2016 comeback, re-read that. And, also, learn capitalization and spacing.

asair had it right before the season started: “U can call me crazy, but I do think neither Raonic nor Cilic will defend their points next year.”

You’re crazy! Not.

Del Potro’s wrist sitch is not looking great (fingers crossed for a comeback), but Cilic should be 100 percent for 2016, and maybe Raonic and Dimitrov will have healed their head injuries — as in not brain cramping before crossing the finish line. No, forget we said that — pick them again! Grigor dumped Maria, so he’s got to be on the upswing.

For a while it looked like a potential 50-way tie, as no entrant could crack more than 8 of the Top 10 correct — until along came a lone individual with nine. A man who chose his own path, a rugged, strapping young…

But first, in a 22-way tie for second place with eight of the Top 10 correct were AbiertooCerrado, armelwani, asiar, dari, emm-jee, Francisco, funches, giles, Goose Egg, JD, Kimberly, madmax, Michael, N-Dru, NOSCO, okiegal, patson, Ray Bundell, rjc93, Rob, RSP, and Ryan.

Congrats! Your second-place prize is knowing you’re better than all but one person in the universe!

And that person is…

wait for it…


He was the lone entrant with nine of the Top 10 correct. His only error was thinking that Grigor Dimitrov’s handsomeness would trump his inability to finish opponents and end him among the game’s elite!

colin09 joins the illustrious list of past champions:


2015 colin09
2014 Patson
2013 Mat4
2012 emm-jee
2011 N-Dru
2010 Francisco
2009 anthony

colin09 you’re the best! Unlike Richard Gasquet, who everyone seems to hate.

colin09, contact the webmaster with your mailing address for your fabulous prize package, and see everyone soon for the 2016 contest (look for it) in a couple days.

Happy holidays — Tennis-X staff


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24 Comments for The Numbers are In — New Winner for 2015 Tennis-X Year-End Top 10 Contest

lakie Says:

congrats colin09. Congrats all the second place winners too especially okie!

Okiegal Says:

Kudos to colin09! Wow, a 22-way tie!! LOL Thanks, lakie, I needed a bright spot to end my evening!!

jane Says:

awww, congrats to colin09!

also well done to the 22 second besters.

fun post staff! :)

Margot Says:

Brilliant from Colin. Kimberly if you read this please give him a huge congratulatory hug from me.

mat4 Says:

Congratulation, Colin09!

I was starting to feel a bit lonely as the only hall-of-famer still posting…

Gypsy Gal Says:

Yeah im with Margot big congrats to Kimberlys little guy if shes reading,and all the posters who came second ;)….

Okiegal Says:

@GG….You all remembered that Colin09 is Kimberly’s son….thanks for the reminder, I knew that but had forgotten all about it. Yes, good for him. Does coming in first actually win something?? If coming in second was a winner of something, I’ll take a Rafa t-shirt with the bull horns logo in size XL…or 1X….2X….whatever is in stock, they will shrink…. :)

Gypsy Gal Says:

Okie it says to contact the webmaster for a fabulous surprise package,so i really hope Kimberly is tuning in, as i would hate to see her little guy miss out,although i get the feeling shes had enough and cant stand the sight of this forum,shame as she was a really great poster,as for second placing well done as you and many other did pretty well,i got about 7 right,although Cilic i predicted,Tsonga i didnt,and i thought Ferrer would fall out,Delpo been top 10 was a no brainer,the guy aint played for eons,so a top 10 was unrealistic….

Okiegal Says:

@GG….I remember when making my picks and looking at everyone else’s I noticed some had Ferrer out of it, I remember thinking that the little “bulldog” Daveeed wasn’t leaving the top ten w/o a fight!

Patson Says:

Patson annoints colin09 the new King of tennis-x top 10 predictions (with Viva La Vida being played in the background).

I put too much faith in Grigor Dimitrov. From now on, he’ll never feature in my top 10 list. Also, David Ferrer just keeps going, I really thought he won’t be able to finish top 10 this season, but how wrong was I !

armelwani Says:

Congrats, colin09, and to all my fellow runners-up!! Looking forward to another year of getting my predictions thwarted by injuries, mental midgets, and Novak “you shall not pass” Djokovic!!

Happy Holidays, everyone!!

Kimberly Says:

Colin is delighted, and people on this site, you all realize who ColinO9 is? He is actually changing his name to Colin10!

Kimberly Says:

Should we all be embarrassed that a 9 year old bested us?

Patson Says:


Not at all. Don’t they say that the next generation is generally smarter than the previous one ?

dari Says:

Wow haven’t been here for a while and glad I checked in! 2nd place, shared with 21 other people hahahaha
Colin and Kimberly congratulations!

Okiegal Says:

Yep, Dari, a 9 yr. old won. Seems he knows more about tennis than the old “dogs”….. :)

Juanita Says:

What ” CAPITALIZATION “?? How about elaborating on that?

madmax Says:

joint 22nd! It’s the best place I have ever been in!

Colin! you dog! Well done!

No prizes for second place then Sean? Tickets to the Aussie open? Yes?

Gypsy Gal Says:


RZ Says:

Congrats colin09!

SG1 Says:

Congratz to Colin09. Excellent prognosticating.

elina Says:

Merry Christmas or what it is everyone is celebrating!!!

May the Holiday spirit be with you.

jalep Says:

Congratulations to Colin10!!
Brilliant as ever our Colin10!
Hope all is going great with you and…

Happy Holidays to Tennis-X and all Tennis-Xer’s

Tennis-x staff may we please have a 2016 WTA Top Ten thread?

Giles Says:

Colin 10 here’s hoping for 10 next year! 😜

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