Rafael Nadal: Last Year I Was Far From Winning A Grand Slam, This Year Is Different, I Could Be 3 Weeks Away
by Tom Gainey | January 10th, 2016, 3:26 pm

After suffering his worst career loss to Novak Djokovic yesterday in the Doha final, Rafael Nadal was looking at the positive.

“The opponent was too good. And when something like this happens, the only thing you can do is applause him and congratulate the opponent,” Nadal said. “For my side, I am happy the way that I am working and I gonna keep working.”

Nadal, who’s been playing better the last six months, then offered his thoughts on winning Grand Slam No. 15.

“Maybe I am three weeks away, maybe I am five months away or six or nine, or maybe I am forever away,” Nadal said of winning a Slam. “You know, you never know how these thing goes.

“I am playing good. We will see what’s going on in the next four next Grand Slams and see what’s going on the next couple of years. I cannot tell you how far I am. I know last year I was so far. This year is different story.”

Nadal will have a week off to travel to Melbourne where he’ll begin his quest for a second Australian Open next Monday.

“Let’s see in Australia and let’s see later during the whole season,” Nadal said of the Djokovic challenge. “I’m going to fight and I feel ready to fight, and I feel ready and excited about this fight and I hope to be closer.

“The only thing that you can do is wait that the opponent is not playing like this all the time. That is difficult to play like this all the time, it’s obvious. And I gonna wait my moment.”

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17 Comments for Rafael Nadal: Last Year I Was Far From Winning A Grand Slam, This Year Is Different, I Could Be 3 Weeks Away

Gypsy Gal Says:

Years ago if people had told me he would win 14 GS i wouldve laughed and said which leg are you pulling,his achievements are amazing,an all time great,and hell you know what thats good enough for me,no matter what happens next….

Chrisford1 Says:

No one should mock Rafa for continuing being positive. He is not being delusional. It’s the best attitude to have. It’s a vital something Djokovic learned from Rafa and embraced as his own starting point of each day. Being positive creates opportunity for positive things to come.

As a great champion, Nadal has reaped much success from that great attitude in approaching aspects of his life.
And I believe Andy Murray would be even better if he could get away from the opposite – his inclination to be negative – being down on himself in so many matches.

Gypsy Gal Says:

No one should mock Rafa,i wasnt actually aware that anyone was?….

Okiegal Says:

@Gypsy Gal…..Did you happen to watch his match yesterday? I was amused that he actually interacted with the fans. I asked if anyone knew what it was about and Pauley said the fans were heckling him. I read his interview and he said that a fan in the audience was going to be his new coach and go to Australia with him and then he could beat Novak. Rafa was laughing. I am reading between the lines and thinking maybe the fan said he needed a new coach??? Whatever was said by the fan Rafa reacted to it in a jolly way.
I believe he lost the seriousness of the match because he knew he was whooped. The loss yesterday reminded me of the time DelPo just gave him a thrashing and he was chatting to the umpire about his opponent’s play. He seemed rather happy after the match, I guess he was thankful he made his 99th career final.

AndyMira Says:

It’s a relief to hear the positiveness still glow from rafa..in 2011 when he lost 7 straight match to novak,everybody doubted him whether he’ll be able to beat novak again..and he did..this time i still believe he will beat novak again when time is right..this loss,this suffering and this humiliation will only fired him up..not drowned him..he’ll get his 15th or 16th soon..if not this year than next year..we’ll see..

Rick Says:

Although, I do like him. But I have to say that he is talking alot like Fed nowadays.

Wog Boy Says:

For Rafa fans, he is in Sydney and with Monfils represents World against Australia, team is Hewitt and Kyrgios, they are playing in fast4 tennis format, it is sellout 20.000 plus people in Allphone Arena, Worlds team captain is Mats Wilander and Australia captain is Pat Cash, should be fun, first match is Monfils vs Kyrgios.

Wog Boy Says:

Standing ovation for Rafa, nice words about Hewitt. This is really nicely organized farewell tour for Hewitt.. Perth, Sydney and Melbourne AO. One thing I noticed with Rafa, when you watch and listen to him outside official matches, he looks and sounds like a shy boy.

Giles Says:

He is extremely shy.

Sarah Says:

I will miss Hewitt, hopefuly he will coach somebody in the future, he’s a realy nice person

Rafa is a shy oy off court, but a devil on clay :)
His girlfriend is also beautiful and modest

Wog Boy Says:

Hewitt is Kyrgios mentor and Australia DC captain after AO, he will be busy enough.

Sarah Says:

Nice to hear this :)…He could have a realy good influence on Kyrgios, as this guy has plenty potential

Michael Says:

Well, if you do not have self belief, it is better not to play. Rafa is an indefatigable warrior who never gives up despite the adversity stacked up against him. He knows the challenges associated with playing Novak especially on hard courts where he has such an imposing record more than any other Tennis player presently in the planet. So, the odds are against Rafa. But still he is a personification of confidence and spouts a never say die attitude which only has taken him to great heights in this sport where he is considered as one of the Legends.

nitesh Says:

basically rafa wants to be in a position like 2011. Beat everyone get thrashed in final by djokovic. It’s not embarrassing to be a runner up i guess.If rafa gets 7 runner up this year it’s still better then last year.

Giles Says:

nitesh. And you know that joker is going to reach all the finals?

Gypsy Gal Says:

Michael nice post,unlike his fans especially me ,Rafa is so good at turning negatives into positives,he doesnt go on about whats been and gone,he focuses on the here and the now,and the future,a nice positive attitude,hes an all time great with a golden slam and 27 maters,so indeed why shouldnt he be positive,his career isnt exactly one of a failure ;))….

RZ Says:

The writers at the Changeover pointed out that with Rafa we had gotten used to him coming back and quickly winning a lot, and that with his recent injury/illness issues, it makes a lot more sense for the road back to take longer this time.

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