More Gael Monfils Being Gael Monfils [Video]
by Tom Gainey | January 24th, 2016, 11:06 pm

Gael Monfils in full flight:

Of course he was visited by the trainer right after.

After the 4-set win over Andrey Kuznetsov, he spoke about the dive.

“I will do it. It’s like instinct,” Monfils said. “Like some soccer player, I don’t know how to say it in English, but they jump and they do it. It’s just natural. I always say, people think is like why I will throw myself to the floor for nothing. I do it because I know I can do it. That the only thing. People need to understand that if I dive, it’s because I know I can dive. That’s it.”

But diving on a hardcourt did leave him injured.

“It’s very painful,” Monfils said. “I cannot even grip anything right now. I have a deep cut. That’s nothing. But I have a bruise. I’m lucky to do not have fracture. During the point, I feel that I can have it. So I just do it because I think I have the ability to do it. But you know, I’m not a rock.”

Monfils will face Milos Raonic Wednesday in his first Australian Open quarterfinal.

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6 Comments for More Gael Monfils Being Gael Monfils [Video]

Gypsy Gal Says:

LOL Only Gael,seriously though one of these days,you will do yourself a nasty injury if you arent carefull,but then again Gael wouldnt be Gael if he didnt do this….

Anyway great, win and fantastic to see him going deep,hope he can keep it going,hes such a joy to watch….

J-Kath Says:

Congrats to the flying Frenchman, luv him.

Chrisford1 Says:

I think some day a big paradigm shift will happen and see Monfils as in a select line. An idiosyncratic line, one very few follow, of tennis players that have found they can make a lasting impression as a true artiste and stylist. They get fame and fortune from it, and a degree of immortality in the sport. And best of all, it’s not tied to Slam counting. You have some artists and stylists in the winning ranks like Fed, Borg, Hingis…but others like Santoro, Lacoste, and Monfis that get there without being fabulous winners.

Put it this way:
Right now Gaels is making millions, travelling the world in the sphere of tennis cogniscenti that treat him as one of the biggest names. He has a reputation for not winning, doing crazy things, but also for doing things amazing and wonderful that few if any can. He takes time to play basketball, break dance at times, and dance and party to his hearts content at the best Paris and London nightclubs.
Twenty years from now, Gaels will be better known than multiple Slam winner Jim Courier is today.
He will still be going to lucrative exos and events getting appearance fees endorsing brands. And trading fame for other ventures in media or a role where he is in the public eye.

Margot Says:

Why MMT?

MMT Says:

All sizzle, no steak. I find him to be an irritating waste of talent – you know he nearly won the calendar junior grand slam in 2004, he’s been on tour 10 years, never won a masters 1000, let alone a major. He is easily STILL the most athletic player in the game (possibly in history – with deference to Yannick Noah).

Yet, he plays his matches with a kind of stereotypical gallic indifference, always making jokes, rarely serious, and even when he is, he overlays it with irritating histrionics (like the chest thumping, and crowd conducting). Darren Cahill said when he worked with him, he would say he was too tired to practice, or injured, and then he’d visit him in his hotel room to prep for his next match, and he’d be playing nintendo for hours at a time.

I just can’t stand it…but I’m old school…and a curmudgeon.

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