After “Bad” Australian Open, Rafael Nadal Takes Aim At Buenos Aires Title Defense
by Tom Gainey | February 9th, 2016, 9:16 am

Rafael Nadal returns to his beloved clay this week ready to begin his title defense in Buenos Aires. Though talk was still on his shock first round exit at the Australian Open last month.

“I didn’t like at all the defeat in Australia, but that I cannot solve,” Nadal said. “It was a bad tournament. [It] just did not work out despite having prepared very well. So I’m in Buenos Aires to give my best and try to make a better presentation.

“Every season is different, but with the same purpose to fight in every tournament and finish as high as possible in the ranking. I’m happy to return to Argentina, because every time I left this country I did it with a lot of positive energy. They treat me very well here, like few places in the world.”

Following a bye, the world No. 5 opens Wednesday against today’s winner between Marco Cecchinato and good friend Juan Monaco who is returning from a wrist injury.

“Monaco was injured a long time, so we have to wait if he can eliminate Cecchinato,” Nadal said. “I hope that Juan can win because he is my friend and a victory would benefit him after many days without playing. Anyway, it will be a difficult match for me.”

Nadal beat Monaco in the final last year. His last title came over the summer in Hamburg.

David Ferrer, John Isner and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga are also in the draw. After BA, Nadal will head to Rio to wrap up his 2016 “Latin Swing”.

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22 Comments for After “Bad” Australian Open, Rafael Nadal Takes Aim At Buenos Aires Title Defense

mat4 Says:


This is the follow-up to our exchange from the other thread.

First, language — when I check in dictionaries, I am very confused by the words “hate”, “hatred” and “hater”. I don’t really “feel” anything negative — it’s rather a mind thing. But this word, “hater” is used so often, that I started believing that it means something like “dislike”, while “hatred” should be a real, deep emotion. If you could explain me the difference — you or anybody else — I would be grateful.

The question about Novak using PED is not a “shot below the belt”, I think it’s quite reasonable, and it is something that I asked myself in the time, I took it very seriously, and I discussed it once with GG. I watched matches to see if he was tired, I checked how much he ran, read the book about his diet, checked about his allergies, learned about gluten (in)tolerance, read about the “egg”, hypo/hyperbarric tents and pods, etc.

The problem of doping in tennis is a question that deeply bothers me, and I am ready to chat about it whenever you want.

About the rest: I joke very often, but even when I speak, I like to look quite serious when I make a joke. Since I use the same kind of humour when writing, I started writing ;-) and :-) to make clear that I am not too serious. Hope it will help.

AndyMira Says:

On paper,rafa don’t have a right whatsoever to lose in BA,he has a very one sided h2h with all his opponent here..if he still can’t defend his title here,then rafa is in a very deeper hole than we thought..

Okiegal Says:

@mat4……My thinking on hating, hatred and hater is harsher than disliking something. An example for me would be I like Novak as a person but dislike some of his behavior or actions on court. I love Tom Cruise as an actor, but can not stand his actions in his every day life. Just an example…….now I absolutely hate liver!!!! LOL

Don’t care to delve into juicing because I hate and detest that topic!!! Cheers, mat4! It is church night and I gotta get going!!

AndyMira Says:

@Okie..hi..are ok today?

AndyMira Says: was supposed to be a “you” after a “are” up there but i’m sure you’re already knew that..that’s what an old age can do to you..embarrasing you all the time!

mat4 Says:


So, I wasn’t wrong, after all.

Then, I don’t hate Rafa, I don’t even dislike him, I even enjoyed his last two matches, in Doha and Melbourne.

I understand why you would like to avoid that aforementioned topic, and it’s fine with me.

Don’t forget a little prayer for Novak to make the GS this year!


Okiegal Says:

@mat4…..So if you one time said you hated Rafa you really meant you didn’t dislike him? Okay!! Whatever floats your boat….I will be glad to discuss the topic when there is proof of doping in regard to Novak and Rafa…..

The little prayer for Novak and the GS…..I am hitting my knees now…….NOT!! LOL I am like Rafa on this, I like a good challenge for him, but I’m not stupid!! The greatest quote from Rafa, ever!! LOL I much prefer Roger, thank you very much! :)

@AndyMira……Hello to you too! Doing OK, I guess. Bought some new furniture today. I am finding out that shopping has become a good diversion for me lately…..and I hate to shop!
Shopping is keeping my mind occupied…..

AndyMira Says: you said to j-kath the other day..a girl gotta do what a girl gotta do!..keep doing it will not be for long..

Okiegal Says:

^^^^I am going to, AndyMira! Where do you live, btw??

mat4 Says:


This time I am quite serious — no kidding, and I understood the meaning of the words precisely, and the intention behind them:

You can’t disqualify my opinions because I used a figure of style/speech — a hyperbole, once, and it’s not sure I did — I most probably answered to somebody using that word.

I don’t call GG or yourself “Novak haters”, although I know that it is as painful for you to watch Novak beat Rafa as it was to me watching Rafa beat Novak. Most of the time, fans are frustrated when their favs lose, but it doesn’t make them “haters”.

The fact that I enjoyed when Novak beat Rafa in Doha doesn’t make me a “hater”, neither.

But I am honest enough to say that I rooted for Dimitrov against Fed not because I thought it was time for a “new generation” in tennis, but because I thought that Fed could win a semi against Novak, while I didn’t believe Grigor could.

That’s why I rooted for Milos against Andy — believing that Andy has the quality to win a final against anybody.

Had Novak lost in the third round, I would have perhaps rooted for Fed — I don’t mind if he wins an 18th slam — or Andy — who has a great backhand — or Grigor, who is quite spectacular on court, or even Rafa (and I did, in that match against Verdasco — Verdasco couldn’t miss even with his eyes closed, and I thought it was kinda unfair).

And I’ll joke about Rafa whenever I can. Especially now when he’s “injured in the mental”. Or about Kei “yeah, I’am ready to beat him” Nishikori, even about Novak “and that’s what I did, hopefully” Djokovic.

Okiegal Says:

@mat4……I remember when I was a little girl I had a fuss with my next door neighbor and I told my Mom I hated her. My mother gave me a real scolding, got a spanking and she said had better ever hear me say that I hated someone……I needed to say that I don’t like their ways. That has stuck with me through the years. I agree with your comment above. I will apologize for taking what I think I read you said out of context. So we had a little disagreement, it’s all good with me. I feel we can get past it, we always have. I will admit it’s possible my recollection was another poster too……if so please forgive!

AndyMira Says:

Okie,i live in Klang..about 60 km from kuala lumpur,the capital of about you?

AndyMira Says:

Oh thank GOD!you guys!I’m not a confrontational read you guys bickering back and forth make my heart thunder like crazy..pheww!

mat4 Says:


It’s OK. I wasn’t THAT serious. ;-)

In the time, I liked the fact that my fav, Connors, was a jerk — is it a matter of similarity? I don’t dare to ask — but it didn’t stop me to say that he was, indeed, a jerk. Today, I still think that Novak overdoes it, and I think a lot of other things — but in this time of PCness, you really can’t say anything meaningful or interesting. Or true.

Okiegal Says:

@mat4…..Okay…….Didn’t care for Connors too much or Johnny Mac either. I felt them to be an embarrassment to the USA, but that is not to say that they weren’t fun to watch. I liked their passion for the game but were both a little cocky for my taste. Borg was the man for me……another clay courter…are you surprised?? lol I liked Andre and Pete, but favored Pete.

Okiegal Says:

@AndyMira……I now remember you saying one time you lived in Maylasia. I live in the USA state of Oklahoma….hence my moniker being Okiegal….a gal from Oklahoma!

AndyMira Says:

Okie..didn’t mean to embarrase you but i’m pretty sure this is the first time i revealed here and anywhere that i live in Malaysia..maybe you stumbled another poster from another site maybe?

About your moniker..the first time you said you’re from Oklahoma,something bling in my that’s where you got the name it true that Oklahoma always hit by tornado?

Okiegal Says:

@AndyMira……Not embarrassed, my mistake, maybe it was another poster……or I could have dreamed it!!! LOL

Yes Oklahoma has it’s share of tornados. I dread spring….I am very scared of them. Planning on getting an underground cellar soon. They are scary……EEEK as Margot would say!

AndyMira Says:

Okie..on second thought maybe not your mistake after all but mine..after i post it,i checked the other thread about rafa yesterday,and there it is..i mentioned it briefly to mat4 because he suspected i was GG..and i said no way i was GG because i’m malaysian while GG is you noticed mistake okie sorry..

I will pray for your safety okie..take care of yourself k?

AndyMira Says: other thing we have in common other than rafa..meryl streep and morgan freeman!

Okiegal Says:

@AndyMira……Thanks for telling me that….I am not really crazy after all. I just knew I had read that on a thread at some point.

Yes we do have a lot in common…..two great actors.

I do dread tornado season. I have a good friend who has a basement with a nice bed room she will let me stay with her. Thanks for your concern about me. I have to take care of myself on my own.
I can do it…..I am a strong willed woman!

AndyMira Says:

Okie..of course you’re not crazy..i got a little confused when reading your post..silly me!Anyway..i’m glad you’ve got friend to rely to in case a crisis will happen..i know we still new knowing each other but i can’t help but feel concern about you..from your post i also knew that you’re a strong’s hard at first but you can do it..vamos okie!

Anyway enjoy watching rafa seems i have to follow the livescore only..the tv cable here decided that cilic,baghdatis gilles simon much more important than rafa..they made a live telecast at ABN AMRO since last night!can’t believe HD!

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