Sick Serena Williams Withdraws From Doha, Is This Another Grand Slam Hangover?

by Tom Gainey | February 16th, 2016, 10:07 am

Following her withdrawal from this week’s Dubai tournament, Serena Williams will also miss next week’s stop in Doha for the same reason.

“I unfortunately have to withdraw from the Qatar Total Open as I have come down with the flu and do not feel 100 percent,” the 34-year-old Serena said in a statement. ‘I need to take this time to recover but I do look forward to returning to Doha and seeing my fans soon.”

After losing in the US Open semifinals last September, Serena didn’t play again. And she’s following a similar path thus far of pulling out following a Grand Slam setback.

Serena (and sister Venus) is still expected to appear at Indian Wells and then Miami next month. She didn’t play Dubai or Doha last year either.

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30 Comments for Sick Serena Williams Withdraws From Doha, Is This Another Grand Slam Hangover?

Ronn Says:

She might as well cut the bull and stop lying. The fact is she has become fat, lazy, and unmotivated. Seriously, Serena is the most unlikable woman on tour. She’s not as much a hot-head as before but her “virus” meltdown back at Wimby a few years back is just another example of her willingness to lie. It’s hard to believe she has so many fans.

Okiegal Says:

I guess she lied about the blood clots in her lungs that could have killed her?? She was fortunate she didn’t die on the flight from NYC to California….I understand she works very hard and for a fat lazy person she is very successful. How many titles does she have?? I have lost count. Yes, she has her flaws but don’t we all??? I am a fellow American of hers and I have not been happy with some of her meltdowns, especially the one at the USO, but she is still a champion, deservingly so…..The deal at Wimby….that was weird I will admit, but calling her fat and lazy is really a rather silly statement when you look at all of her achievements…..just saying…..

SG1 Says:

Serena may be unlikeable…but lazy, fat, unmotivated? Not way, no how. And for a change she was incredibly gracious after her AO loss. Behaving more and more like a champion every day.

Ben Pronin Says:

People just see what they wanna see.

RZ Says:

Clearly she has decided to focus on slams and to a lesser extent the premier tournaments. At this point in her career, who can blame her? She’s had a bunch of injuries over the years and it’s not getting easier, if the reports about her knees are true. She wants to tie and pass Steffi Graf and is so close, and I’m sure she wants another Olympic gold. Seems more like smart planning to me.

You go Okie! and SG1!

Okiegal Says:

SG1…..I too thought she was very gracious at the AO. I remember thinking at the time that she took that loss well………….You might not like her, but she is a champion….no ifs, ands or buts!

@RZ… go too!!!

Jeff Says:

One of her flaws is that she’s probably a cheater. Unfortunately, Nadal probably is too, and he’s one of my favorite players. One thing I’ve learned over the years, when there’s a rumor that an athlete uses steroids, it’s almost always true.

Wog Boy Says:

I am waiting now for mat4 to chip in, are you around mat4?

Don’t worry, I’ll support whatever you come up with..I am loyal friend.

BBB Says:

If that’s fat, lazy, and unmotivated, sign me up.

Okiegal Says:

@BBB……me too!

Wog Boy, I was thinking the same thing…mat4 usually has plenty to say on that subject!! lol

skeezer Says:

I am a loyal friend…. Only if your a Nole fan.

Wog Boy Says:

“I am a loyal friend…. Only if your a Nole fan.”

…and your point is?

skeezer Says:

Don’t need to repeat it, the words spoke for themselves.

Wog Boy Says:

^^..and your point is?

Margot Says:

Quite shocking comments about Serena here.
Not bothering to dignify them with a response.

Robin Says:

She’s not my favourite, but to say she’s lazy and lacks motivation ….ON NO – I just wish some of the others – both women and men – had half her energy and motivation.

Okiegal Says:

Was it ever proved she had a hangover? The thread caption seems to suggest “yes”…….I did not read anything as to that being true facts…just conjecture for sensationalized thread captions and conversations with lots of drivel……

I have read from her coach Patrick that she is a hard worker and her results of the last 3 or 4 years proves it. Not sure how long he has been in her camp, but however long he has done a lot for her game. If being large makes her lazy, all I can say about that….what if she weighed a lot less and could move faster? She might never have gotten beat! She probably would not have the power behind her serve, however….but I would bet her fat index is zero…..muscle only! Muscle weighs more than fat as we all know……

Okiegal Says:

@Robin……If she had had the motivation she has now when she was younger I just have to wonder what her resume would look like. The motivation to chase records has come to pass late in her career as she has gotten older. The sisters have said many times when they were younger they had other interests and their lives wasn’t all about tennis……34 and 35 and both of them still playing with the drive to compete….amazing. Venus has a real serious medical problem and I am sure Serena worries about the blood clot thing that hit her out of nowhere. I am a fan of the sisters but have been disappointed in some of Serena’s on court escapades but then most all of the players have showed themselves in matches at one time or other……
on court escapades

Okiegal Says:

^^^^on court escapades should not be there…..oopsy!

chrisford1 Says:

At times, such as in the mid-2000s, Serena was indeed lazy, and lacked motivation. But I don’t think that is her problem the last year or so. I think she is battling burnout, pressure pressure of the GOAT thing Slam counters fans and media alike bring up, emotional stress from some source(s).

Wog Boy Says:

If Rafa is suspect for using PED than Serena is twice as much as suspect, but due to double standards (or being their countrywoman), we have at least two Roger fans on this thread who are ready to agree about Rafa, but will defend Serena, who even avoided mandatory drug test without even slap on the wrist, facts.

chrisford1 Says:

Okie – No way around it – At times Serena has been fat. Orca fat. Even when not obese, her natural body build has a high body fat index. The thing is she has the lungs, strong muscles and strong joints to power the fat she carries around the court without hindrance. Good genetics.

I believe the Sisters have been around long enough, and the WTA which is now in a sorry state, will fare better as a sport with the William’s departure. Same with US woman’s tennis. The Williams have sucked the oxygen from the American female tennis program for almost 20 years.

One amusing thing is when looking at her Wiki article to see why she failed to play the 2004 Olympics and refresh myself on how she went down at the Beijing games – I noticed that Wikipedia has now removed Sharapova from the list of William’s notable rivals.

chrisford1 Says:

Wog Boy – I think it best that the PED smear is not used by fans against any foe of their fave without proof. Because allegations without any real backing evidence can be made against anyone. Including dear Novak Himself.
It is a way to discredit success just like the old “injury excuse” “Syndrome Excuse” “Gamblers rigged Fed’s matches for him”.
And done enough, by enough fans, it discredits and smears the whole sport as a dirty, tainted product.
(Which actually is the goal of some not even fans that hate a sport and wade in to charge massive PED abuse to cast a shadow over all teams, coaches, solo players….)

Robin Says:

There’s nothing much you can do about the way you are built and Serena is a big lady….would be foolish for her to try to trim down to a size 0 model…she’d be ill….so she wisely used her body structure to its maximum and lived with the muscles that all athletes develop….and lived with it successfully…recently she did a series of pictures for a high quality magazine …she looked good and sexy…..nor has it stopped her being attractive to men, many of whom are either attractive enough or high profile enough to attract women everywhere they go.

If the “sisters” have been there long enough, there are male tennis players about whom the same could be said.

As I said previously, Serena is not one of my favourites, but let’s not put her down simply because she may not be your favourite either.

This is not directed to anyone in particular but posted on the principle of fairness. PS: She still draws the crowds and the tournaments are enhanced by her presence.

RZ Says:

There is no way Serena would have shown up to Wimbledon mid-tournament with a hangover. She’s much too professional for that. And it’s ridiculous that her being drunk while at a tennis tournament is even being discussed.

Wog Boy Says:


Not accusing anybody, just saying, if they go after Rafa every now and then on TX, same group of posters, it is just fair to include other players who do qualify for accusations under the same criteria.

skeezer Says:

^This is so true…just like Nole and the egg talk. Oh…those posters! The shame of it all.

Okiegal Says:

@chrisford1…..As I stated in a comment up above, when the sisters were younger tennis was not just what their life revolved around. They did not want burn out…..they had other interests besides tennis. So she had body fat…I see nothing but muscles now…..You might could pinch an inch…..don’t know about that, but do know about her achievements…..they’re OTT in my estimation. You may or may not like her, but that is a moot point when talking about her as a tennis player……she be GOOD…..the girl’s got it going on!!

chrisford1 Says:

Robin – “If the “sisters” have been there long enough, there are male tennis players about whom the same could be said.”

None of the men players have been around as long nor had 20 years of constant media attention (media only noticed Federer in 2003 vs the sisters back in 1997).
More importantly, the men’s side was never like the WTA “ALL About The Williams’s.” where it has more or less been “The Williams Sisters and everyone else” since 1999. Some brief hopes of a more competitive WTA for brief periods until the limitations of Sharapova, Mauresmo, Ivanovic, Capriati, Davenport became clear. Henin gave battle but left the game with a relatively short career, like Hingis.
If we had only had Federer day in and day out from 2003 to 2016, all but the worst fans would have figured out that dominance going on too long is bad for any sport. The worst fans being some sort of stat freaks obsessed that “Slam Count matters most and who cares about competitive matches if it means more Amazing Statistics for one player!!!”

The ATP was saved from that by arrival of Rafa Nadal. Just in time. Then Nole, willfully ignored as a great talent at first, forcing himself into the mix. You had Andy keeping them honest by his ability to beat all of them. Same with Stan Wawrinka. The excitement of Delpo able to blow prime Rafa off a court, same with Fed, and out-gut Nole in the bronze medal game at the Olympics after a crushing loss to Fed. The ATP fields several powerful, adept servers. The WTA only had the Sisters after Davenport was done as a serious threat just on serve ability.

No, when the Williams are done, (and 12 year official WTA designated Glam Queen Sharapova done as well) – watch what I said come true. The sport will increase in popularity, especially if some Asian, Indian, and Latin athletes are able to get in as contenders. It becomes a sport again rather than a discussion if Serena feels like showing up to collect her trophy. Highest paid athlete (besides Roger) Maria Sharapova leaves and new women do the endorsement deals, and old Venus goes to pasture until she is ready to brainlessly scream and ball-bash with Maria on the “Legends” tour.

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