Roger Federer Admits He Never Watched Any Of The Oscar-Nominated Movies [Video]

by Tom Gainey | February 29th, 2016, 9:21 am

In addition to doing shots on the Red Carpet at the Oscars last night, Roger Federer was interviewed by more traditional outlets. The tennis great stopped by to discuss what he thought of movies nominated for best picture. Except Federer, because of his schedule, never saw any!

After his friend Leonardo DiCaprio, Federer attended the Vanity Fair party where he met Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova.

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8 Comments for Roger Federer Admits He Never Watched Any Of The Oscar-Nominated Movies [Video]

Green Lady Says:

Federer looks very handsome,and Serena and Maria both look gorgeous,love Serenas hair in that style,as for academy award ceremonies though itsd a load of pretentious codswallop.

J-Kath Says:

Luv it Green Lady…especially the last bit.

Green Lady Says:

J-Kath ;).

AndyMira Says:

Wow..maria looks awesome!How in the world Dimi don’t want this!Sometimes i don’t know what they’re thinking..

chrisford1 Says:

AndyMira – World’s full of hot women wanting to hook up with rich pro ballplayers. Only way a “tennis player-touring pro in any sport relationship” seems to work out is if one leaves the sport. Exceptions appear to be coach-player liaisons, and the lesbians.

Good looking guy like Grigor is single again, he is swarmed by hotties and saying “Maria Who??” 3 months later.
Same with McIlroy. Came across as a cad for dumping Wozniacki by phone. Within a day had Tour groupies and miscellaneous other refined, accomplished in their own right gorgeous gals throwing room key cards at him.

Maria? Nice looking but nothing special except her height and determination to fight anyone in a match tooth and nail save Serena.
Personally, I liked the other Maria’s bod and looks more. Maria Kirilenko. Liked it when she was with Alex Ovechkin. Real beauty and the beast couple. That didn’t work of course – only a matter of time before they were over – two active players on different pro sports tours never lasts.

Wog Boy Says:


Agree about first Maria, but mat4 disagrees..

AndyMira Says:

CF1,yeah..i guess you’re right..we’re analysis something from our POV,but from Dimi’s POV..he can get 100’s more maria in the future..but i guess the main thing is..he still young..just want to experiece the spice of life before he get to the certain age and ready to settle down..

Purcell Says:

Yuk….CF your posts are creepy.

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