Maybe Rafael Nadal Should Switch To Golf? [Video]

by Tom Gainey | March 1st, 2016, 10:07 am

Rafael Nadal has a new spot for telecom company Telefonica in which he’s playing one of his favorite hobbies, golf! And he doesn’t look too bad at it either.

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15 Comments for Maybe Rafael Nadal Should Switch To Golf? [Video]

Green Lady Says:

Click bait.

editor Says:

“And he doesn’t look to bad at either.”

How about, “And, he doesn’t look too bad at it, either.” :)

elina Says:

At the end, he makes golf look almost as easy as when he plays St. Roger.

Giles Says:

^^^ Hahaha. True.

Van Persie Says:

Very classy Rafa, I like it ;)

Temple Says:

Excellent commercial. And please Green Lady, stop posting crap, we are adults and you haven’t been assigned the Clickbait Police role.

Green Lady Says:

^LOL Now tell me how you really feel?^

Green Lady Says:

Didnt actually realize it was a commercial?.

J-Kath Says:

Temple…tut, tut, tut. Green Lady (GG) has been around for a while…she’s a valued commodity on these threads…if she says “Clickbait” it is clickbait.

Green Lady Says:

J-Kath many thanks ;).

chrisford1 Says:

Rafa is now a scratch golfer or better. Many years back, Rafa thought from Nadal family outings he was pretty good, then he played Leyton Hewitt and it was a massacre.
So on those long absences from tour, when not on his boat or rehabbing, he honed his golf game. Because Rafa is super-competitive and I suppose thinks he could beat Rusty in any sport.

I think a couple years back at IW he played with Novak, someone on Nadal’s own entourage who did some club golf pro time, and a physio of some other tennis player who is a golf wiz.
He destroyed them all. Not just Djokovic, who plays decent like a top athlete with great hand eye coordination does.

Look for some pics when Indian Wells starts.

Markus Says:

That is not a good looking golf swing. Stick to tennis, Rafa.

Kay Kahler Says:

Myabe Rafa should switch sports to golf, but first, perhaps, he should switch coaches while removing family froths game. If things, then, don’t turn around. Golf could be next. But that is a head game too.

Kay Kahler Says:

After watching the swing…. don’t give e up your day job.

Green Lady Says:

Its not his day job,its something he does as a hobby,to relax when not playing tennis like fishing,i doubt he takes it seriously,besides that golf like any sport takes years to perfect as a craft,its not like you can jump from one profesional sport to another at the click of ones fingers?.

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