Roger Federer Withdraws From Miami Due To A Stomach Virus

by Staff | March 25th, 2016, 4:27 pm

The much-anticipated return of Roger Federer was put on hold this afternoon in Miami not because of the superstar’s knee which was surgically repaired last month, but due to a stomach virus, the tournament announced.

“I feel bad for the tournament and the fans, as I have rarely ever had to withdraw at such short notice,” Federer said in a statement. “I have not felt great for a few days, and unfortunately it got worse in the last 24 hours. I was really excited to have my comeback in Miami but am in no condition to play. I tried to warm up this morning, but it was clear that I could not compete.”

The 34-year-old was scheduled to play Juan Martin del Potro in the second round in Miami. Instead, Horacia Zeballos took his place.

“It’s good that it’s a stomach problem and at the same time it is not the knee, so it’s not a big deal,” said Rafael Nadal. “But it’s obvious that it’s terrible news for the tournament.”

Federer hasn’t won the Miami title since 2006.

Federer’s return will now take place in Monte Carlo on the clay next month.

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51 Comments for Roger Federer Withdraws From Miami Due To A Stomach Virus

Wog Boy Says:

Staff, that was quick, you didn’t waste any time to open thread about Roger’s WO, sometimes we have to wait one day for thread about masters final like IW..but that’s probably because somebody wasn’t in it.
It looks like Roger flew into Miami just for the sake of press conference in which one he detailed every day of his seven weeks since he was trashed by Nole at AO, and to tell his views on equal payments and Sharapova case. Thanks Roger, much appreciated…Ahh those stomach bugs…

Wog Boy Says:

Moderation, why?

James Says:

Nice, collect a check for an undisclosed amount after helping sell more tickets, then leave without hurting the knee that is still on the mend.


I always felt it didn’t make sense for him to come back so soon, on hard courts, that too a slow hard court, at a tournament he has already won before. Returning at Monte Carlo made so much more sense. Now I get the picture, and that’s what perhaps WAS the plan all along. WHo knows.

Berghain Says:

This guy wog boy really has a grudge against the goat. Stop being so obsessive and jelouse, go out and enjoy the sun.

If Fed wasnt fit to play, im happy he takes the time to rest. Gotta break that all time winning record. He can do it.

Wog Boy Says:


I am actually out enjoying the sun and Sydney Harbour view from the coffee shop outside Sydney Opera House, do you want to join me, I’ll buy you a drink?
BTW, you know that you don’t have to be at home ibehind your PC in order to blog in, no? Mobile phone with enough data is good enough, you know?!

Berghain Says:


Yes im well aware of the fact. Im on my phone too. Would love to join, but unfortunataly im in berlin! 23:00 here soon. Time to go out. The tech scene here is amazing. You Enjoy the sun. Cold amd rainy here.

Van Persie Says:

Enjoy the rain Berghain ;)
Could not help myself, your feedback was awesome
Post some more :)

Wog Boy Says:

Pity, it is beautiful sunny day here, well, maybe next time.

Wog Boy Says:

One more thing Berghaim, the only person I am obsessed with is Monica Bellucci.

Humble Rafa Says:

What did could the Arrogant One have eaten? Humble pie?

skeezer Says:

You mean the only person that your obsessed with besides Roger Federer is Monica Bellucci.

skeezer Says:

What did could the Arrogant One have eaten? Humble pie?
No, Fish from Mallorca.

Berghain Says:

Well i can post but i really would not know what to say :). long weekend and this city never sleeps. Always feel like you have to do something.

Waiting for friends and we will go out to renate, katerblau or about blank… Or just look. These are the top places to go in Berlin and it doesnt stop till tuesday:(. If im good ill be in bed by 8 :). And yes the Berghain opens sunday at 8… Which is the no1 club in europe – they have the best surround sound system in the world. Im aiming for that. Its in an abandoned power plant and the ceilings inside are 4 stories high! The best djs. Really a once in a life time Experience. Ppl do dance naked though, and it can be scary for some ppl. The door policy is so harsh also. The chances of not getting in are considerable! Like 70% !

Novak is my 2nd favorite player. Have to say something about tennis- since it is a tennis blog! Hihi.

Wog Boy Says:

Monica and Roger, that is heresy to mention and the beast..

Wog Boy Says:

Berghaim, haven’t been in Berlin, but lived in Bielefeld, sort of, loved it.

Green Lady Says:

Why do so many already gorgeous women, feel the need to tamper with themselves, and have botox or plastic surgery, seems such a shame to me ? ….

Travis Bickle Says:

This mysterious “virus-related” withdrawal after mysterious knee “injury” cause of which was explained differently, brings even more credibility to the silent ban theory.

While everyone was suspecting and pointing fingers to Rafa and Serena as potential dopers, it may be that Federer and Sharapova were actually doing it.

Just a theory, but with every new development and every new lame explanation by Federer, it gains legitimacy…

I’d say at this time probabilities are:

Fed is serving ATP’s Silent Ban (65%)
Fed was/is really injured/sick (35%)

I’ll adjust these probabilities by the time Monte Carlo starts!

dheeraj Says:

@ Travis

am glad you are not a Judge , else every innocent man that came to your court would be behind bars

Travis Bickle Says:


35% represent a reasonable doubt!

Although, I’m not sure you are familiar with the legal concept of reasonable doubt – otherwise you would have realized that Federer would have walked free out of my court at this time…

Green Lady Says:

Such is the irony, Federers the one with a stomach virus, and also been off tour with an injury, and is now getting accused of doping, and getting called a liar, usually its Nadal, i dont believe in tit for tat, but i wonder how people feel when the boots on the other foot ? ….

RZ Says:

Now any time anyone is out for more than a couple of weeks the “silent ban” rumors are going to start.

J-Kath Says:

A small sense of justice for the other one…my view.

chrisford1 Says:

I suppose Roger, the deity of tennis writers the world over, was due this string of breathless Fed love articles because – it’s been a while since he played

But in other news, perhaps of lesser importance:

1. Robin Haase went with his coach out of Miami Wednesday, today his coach was arrested for murder. This regards a well-known millionaire Dutch tennis afficionado, who is a regular on the Tour. Mark de Jong was charged with murder in the stabbing death of Koen Everink.

2. Wednesday, Djokovic met with Billy Jean King and Chris Evert on the woman’s equal play for what they give fans – controversy. King semed pretty cool with things, said Djokovic is a good guy she disagreed with on this, and had nice words for Moore who she admired for being among the 1st in tennis to denounce Apartheid. Chris Evert ventured that perhaps it is because Novak comes from a backward E European country he said what he said. Hope Novak will have some other chats with Billie Jean , and Chrissie gets left home to play with another rich guy.

3. Delpo lost to the lucky loser.

4. Djokovic had a fun thing at a practice session with young Fed fan Ricardo in a Fed ballcap, helping him with a promposal to woe his GF Rebecca into going to the prom. Rebecca is a big Djokovic fan. Said yes and the three celebrated once IMG or whoever set up the camera angles. Probably a little PR prep went into this, but Djokovic likes a little time to interact with some fans. And isn’t choosy about what gear the fan wears. Same day that happened, a poster here at TX said she scored a ton of autographs, but Fed had no interest in signing for her son at two opportunities – because she thinks he frowned on the Rafa “bull cap” the boy had on.

5. Rafa Nadal issued a warning to tennis leaders Friday that the sport faces future troubles if equipment evolution makes speed and power dominant over skill and tactics. The rise in top ranked juniors of new extremely tall players, 6’6″ and above with serves and not much else. New rules are needed.

6 ITF official declares in interview that the increased blood testing is seeming to show tennis is a very clean sport.

Wog Boy Says:

BTW, is Rafa preceding with suing that former French Ministar?

RZ Says:

@Wog Boy – haven’t read an update on that recently but I wouldn’t blame him if he did.

@ChrisFord – I passed on the story about Haase’s coach to some friends and it turns out one them had sat next to Haase’s coach at Indian Wells just 2 weeks ago. (Shudder).

Wog Boy Says:


I would too.

chrisford1 Says:

RZ – For a free ticket to IW, I’d sit next to de Jong and buy him a beer and a hotdog but no knife to spread the mustard with.

Seriously, creepy. “What’s your most vivid memory of being at the tournament?” “Uh, I donno…meeting Vika or sitting next to a murderer..”

Kimberly Says:

Hola all, I am back from a fun but a little disappointing day of tennis, my husband and kids at the night session.

FYI Roger was practicing at the end of the Kerber match and walked into the stadium with a billion escorts.

We then went to watch Ferrer and Fritz, who is being mentored by Fish and Taylor played a great first set, especially after dropping serve to open. But a little bad luck and fitness and experience won. It was a fun watch at least

It was during this match that the terrible news circulated among the stand. People thought it was a joke and were wondering was it april fools, as there was an electric energy in the air of excitement. Even myself who is not a Federer fan was starting to feel really really excited. And yes, people are skeptical that there was ever really an intention to play. I must say I watched him practice and found his energy level a contrast to that of Nadal. BUT, I figured that was his style. People often say Djokovic does not go all out in practice frequently. Anyway, after the disappointing second set in the Fritz match the announcement was made but everyone know anyway because Miami Open already put it on twitter at that point.

So we went to the outer courts as we were not particularly interested in a second Del Potro all argentine affair. Watched Monica Nicelscu, Keyes, Lisicki, CHardy Verdasco. Then watched Venus start with no energy, the crowd come alive, and then end lethargic as well.

Hoping for more tomorrow….

Wog Boy Says:

This is from yestrday interview:

“If I feel something tomorrow, I won’t play,” he said. “It’s very simple.”

This is from todays:

“I have not felt great for a few days, and unfortunately it got worse in the last 24 hours.”

I’ll echo Kimberly, was it ever an intention to play?

jane Says:

fed’s withdrawal did seem very sudden. wog boy’s quotes suggest he wasn’t well for a “few days.”

big letdown.

also, based on how JMDP played, the match probably would’ve been a letdown anyhow!

Wog Boy Says:

That’s correct, but in the first quote from yesterday (check the other thread) he was referring to his knee, never mentioned anything about stomach bug that made him feel not well for the few days.

Lodhi Says:

What did could the Arrogant One have eaten? Humble pie?
No, Fish from Mallorca.”

As the Joker would say:


And I thought my jokes were bad.”

Keep em coming though !

jane Says:

isn’t it strange, on another note, that they didn’t even ask rafa about the equal pay thing? or is that “controversy” over? jeez… the sports journalists are awful. never ceases to amaze me.

thanks for clarifying wog boy. i don’t know what’s up with fed. but maybe his kids are making him sick!? kids are germ armies. ;)

Daniel Says:

If he had mentioned the bug before match it wiuld sound as an prompt excuse in case he loses. Irony, as him coming back from surgey he would have a hall pass regardless. But even so, player snever mention this before match.

Remember Djoko’s eye problem a few weeks back. He hdad ot since his first match in Dubai but only on Lopez match it got worse. Didn’t see anybody complainig during Dubai about why didn’t he said somehtin during pres from the get go, as if he will go to Dubai press and say: “hei guys my eyes are bad but I’ll play anyways but don’t expect me to go deep, I may lose ar any time”. Pe le ase.

Players do this all the time. Only after they lose or withdraw that sometimes we know what went on. Only Nadal gives pre excuses every single thing os ailling him.

Daniel Says:

Kimberly even said he practice (so the silent ban theory is gone ptherwise he wouldn’t even be allowed to schedule a court) and shealso said he was not “impressive” in practice. He was testing himself.
How many times players had flu or cold and played even so sometimes this things are worse and is not the forst time ot happen to Fed. A few months back he was sh$&&t$&in his pants also.

If you are in one of this days with gastro illness not much one can do. Plus, you dehidrated.

Wog Boy Says:

I like Daniel’s reasoning, it always works in favor of his favorite, whether it is Roger or Nole, but never in favor of Rafa;) I feel bad for Rafa..

Green Lady Says:

LOL Wogboy true dat ….

Daniel Says:

Yeah WB,

But Nadal spend his share of pre addressing everything he had or will have, so he is way beyond that. lol

Green Lady Says:

J-Kath thanks, just goes to show nobodys immune then, nor should they be either ….

Green Lady Says:

I liked how Nole caught the ball in his pocket, which was pretty cool, as for the match pretty good, played in a nice atmosphere, but as usual in the earlier rounds Novak not really having to do much, or get out of 5th gear ….

FedExpress Says:

I am happy that the tennis players doent read the comments here. so much BS

Giles Says:
Is this the third reason for fed’s knee injury? Must say this sounds more feasible, not the walk in the park baloney.

Okiegal Says:

The silent ban theory was hilarious….I am still laughing about that one! Regarding injuries, there seems to always be something sinister going on, according to a few TXers

Fedexpress, how do we know they never read this garbage?? If I were a betting person, I would bet they do, just for kicks! lol But we will never know for sure…….

Green Lady Says:

Okie i have to admit to agreeing with you know who for a change, just for one ever so slightly sobbering moment lol, i dont believe there is any foul play going on from our top players, although on the other hand i suppose you cant rule it out completely either, and hes right in that people have been so quick to point the finger at Nadal when hes injured, why not Roger, should he be treated any differently, just because hes Roger Federer, as i say i dont believe anything fishy is going on, i just hate double standards ? ….

Okiegal Says:

^^^^^^GL…..I agree wholeheartedly. I really get bored with it. I had a knee twinge that did the same thing to me. It just barely stung and I did not think another thing about it and a couple of days later I could hardly walk…..I choose to believe him. I don’t know what the fuss is all about….can we not just take what they say at face value and move on?? BTW Green Lady, I thought you always agreed with me…..Lol!! Kidding you of course. We may support the same guy, but we don’t always agree, but we choose not to fuss with each other about it….out of respect……no??? Have a great week-end! Oh, I have a new moniker for you, since you like to change it up every so often… about Hodge Podge……cute no???? Lol

Green Lady Says:

Sorry Okie hit the submit button too quick, meant to say have a lovely weekend whatever your doing ;))….

Green Lady Says:

Damn try again, agree in that some will make a Federal (no pun intended) case out of everything, anyway we agree to disagree Okie, and thats good enough for me, my monikors all fit in with my real life persona, and i have some ideas for future ones which Mat4 came up with, Morgana La Fey and White Witch when i get bored of this one, Hodge Podge is cute, but the Podge bit makes me sound fat lol ….

madmax Says:

Want Roger to be fit and well before he returns to any match.

Very sad that he is not well.

Look forward to the next tournament…but am worried about him, got to be honest.

Green Lady Says:

Okie i think you misunderstood me, when i said for one sobering moment that i agree with a certain poster, i actually meant the poster known as Mr Taxi Driver , shh just this once though lol ….

AndyMira Says:

@madmax..that’s alright..nothing major happened to him..we can’t avoid this kind of bound to happen once in a while..besides i think it’s a gift be honest i’m a little bit afraid that he chose to play here after just 7 weeks after the surgery..somehow i feel his knee is still fragile and cannot handle the high level of play or the surface yet..let him rest first..besides to make you feel better,’his twin’ also retired with happened..

J-Kath Says:


Thought legal term was “reasonable probabilities”…in any event got the sense..

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