Novak Djokovic Is The New Leader In All-Time ATP Masters 1000 Titles

by Tom Gainey | April 3rd, 2016, 3:37 pm

Congrats to Novak Djokovic for winning his 6th Miami Open title, and with it a fourth Indian Wells-Miami double. Djokovic didn’t drop a set all tournament by defeating Kei Nishikori 63, 63 to win a record 28th career Masters 1000 title, breaking the tie he and Rafael Nadal shared at 27. It’s the first time he’s led in the category!

“I’m obviously very pleased with the way I played today. I think the two best matches I played on the hard court season at Indian Wells and Miami came both in finals, so I couldn’t pick better timing to perform my best,” Djokovic said.

All Time Masters 1000 Titles
1) Novak Djokovic 28
2) Rafael Nadal 27
3) Roger Federer 24
4) Andre Agassi 17
5) Andy Murray 11
5) Pete Sampras 11

Djokovic, who has won 9 of the last 11 Masters events he’s played, will try to add to his record total next Monday in Monte Carlo where he is the defending champion.

“I look forward to Monte Carlo,” he said. “That’s where I live. That club is the club I visit the most throughout the year. That’s where I practice the last 8, 9 years. I feel like that’s a home tournament.

“I look forward to going back and see my wife and son and enjoy this victory.”

And later this summer Djokovic will again try to win Cincinnati for a first time which would give him titles at all nine.

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55 Comments for Novak Djokovic Is The New Leader In All-Time ATP Masters 1000 Titles

jane Says:

yay nole ole ole ole! loved how happy he looked today after the win.

Pauly Says:

The puppet was mauled

Wog Boy Says:

You really don’t like him, do you?:)

courbon Says:

I have a feeling Pauly had a bad sushi and nasty stomach poisoning and since that time- anything Japanese gets him upset…

BT Says:

Is this also the first time in men’s tennis that the world #1 has more than double the ranking points of world #2?

Green Lady Says:

Courbon i think its called repetitive posting strain ….

Daniel Says:

And this was his 63rd title, 4 shy of Nadal’s 67th. By the end of the year they could be tied if Nadal’s title drought continues.

Than Djoko will be challenging top 4 all time.

courbon Says:

Daniel, sorry for posting contra argument on Friday to you ( when, who is in the prime and all that…)-I can see you have been defending and arguing with Novak fans till this sunnday morning! (-:
GL-Got it!

Humble Rafa Says:

Tennis is ruined at this point. There is no competition at the top. It is minions Vs the Egg Lover.

Wog Boy Says:

^^ BS, you are not sorry..:)

Wog Boy Says:

^^ sorry HR, that was for courbon.

Daniel Says:

No need to sorry courbon, we are here to discuss tennis and I am always all in from some healthy discussion with other intelligent tennis lovers:-)

George Says:

@Humble Rafa: As opposed to you, I love it more than ever. What I like the most about Djokovic is that he is not obviously that good. You have to play tennis on a pretty high level and understand the game to be able to appreciate Djokovic. I like how people think “Nishikori played so well against…, a Djokovic was rubbish so he could beat him” and then “What’s going on, why Nishikori makes so many mistakes, why is he losing?”. Today’s game was masterpiece from Djokovic. Went for the middle, didn’t allow him angles, varied spin, varied speed, different balls all the time. He beat him in a safest, most possible risk-free way. The guy is a genius. Incredible clever.

courbon Says:

Daniel-And in the name of that, I’ll put Anthonio Carlos Jobim “Stone Flower” to make this evening great…

George Says:

Just to add that his interview was brilliant. He talks about himself as about a player who is yet to improve; like he is an average player and not someone playing tennis at the level never played before.

James Says:

HR – one of the minions now is you!

James Says:

9 of the last 11 masters, 4 of the last 5 slams, the YEC. That’s domination never seen before.

Though with NOT A SINGLE young slam winner to face, Djokovic can rake it in while it lasts, even at almost 29 years of age.

Yes, they are all minions now.

Daniel Says:

I live close to his old house carbon, nostalgia everytime I pass in front of his street.

courbon Says:

Love his stuff…and what about Deodato? It blows my mind.

Dave Says:


I was a bit puzzled by your comments the other day about Nole slowing down compared to last year. Maybe their are 2 different people with the name James posting. He only lost 1 set in 2 tournaments this year for the double. He lost 4 sets and had a walkover against Tomic last year to get his double done, winning one less match because of the walkover. This year seemed a lot easier to get the double than last year.

chrisford1 Says:

Jane – How happy?

Courbon – It could be sushi poisoning. It could be he could not understand the idiot Japanese tech writers instructions on how to program a VCR then DVD player and hated them all for that. (Japanese I have met say they hate the instructions abut there is always some young man in the neighborhood everyone knows who goes around and sets the players up for beer and seaweed-rice chips money.
Or getting confused by Japanese porn film, porn anime, porn Manga.

PS – On Aussie wine, just tell the merchant that while loathsome in most aspects and obviously inferior to Bordeaux wines, one Australian wine is different. Shiraz vines grow in inferior soil but the birds and insects don’t come when the sugars concentrate because the vineyards are patrolled by 1 bite ants, funnel web browns, and the 4th and 6th most poisonous snakes on the planet.
Explain to the merchant that if France imports those snakes and spiders and yea, 1 biters…(who can kill even birds with one bite though people are safe with just a little agony that lasts a couple of hours) – The French could grow a Shiraz that beats Australia’s easily.

Tennisfansince1976 Says:

@courbon I got that album years ago and loved it. Velvety sound.

Wog Boy Says:


“Ovaj čovek (Nole) je neuništiv.”

RF Says:

Great stuff from Novak. Fantastic achievement. We live in the era of Novak Djokovic and this may very well be the year he finally gets the career slam. He was so close last year, and so far, it seems like he’s playing even better than last year. As a Fed fan though, I hope his level dips a bit so that Fed can win a GS this summer.

RF Says:

On top of the career slam, also the year when he gets the coveted calendar grand slam.

Pauly Says:

The puppet upset me when he made the US open final only to be mauled by Cilic
I like sushi … In fact I like Asians in general lots of friends
But this is tennis … The puppet has a long way to go in order to achieve his ultimate goal
Enough said

Well done Nole even though I’m from your country I’m not your fan but you’re the best at the moment … Bravo Nole
Time now to win French open & get the monkey off your back
Good luck to Nadal for the clay season

Wog Boy Says:

Slow dow, slow down please, one tournament at the time.

Dave Says:

Wog Boy,

One moment at a time.

Wog Boy Says:

Yes Dave,

That’s better, more accurate.

anki Says:

Too good Novak. So happy for him.

danica Says:

Wog Boy,
Thank you for that little snippet from a great movie. It is my favorite movie ever ;)

Wog Boy Says:


My pleasure, that makes two of us, can watch it time end time again same as this one:

James Says:

Raonic was injured a bit (and I don’t think he will ever fully heal). Kei lack a first serve, and also seemed a injured. Fed was absent (though it may not have mattered). Nadal is now not even in the top 4. Djokovic’s competition this year at IW and Miami was even weaker than last year.

Nevertheless, Djokovic has cemented himself as one of the all time greats. He lacks great offensive weapons, but has no weaknesses at all. Not too interesting to watch, but very effective.

Lets see if he can win the French finally….

Wog Boy Says:

Kei’s first serve was very effective against Kyrgios who on the other hand didn’t have a problem with Milos first serve. Rarely anybody’s first serve is effective against Nole, the “problem ” is Nole, probably the best returner ever and not the oponents first serve. Even Roger’s first serve is shaky when Nole is on the other side of the net.

BTW, Nole has enough offensive weapons for the brand of tennis he plays, more than enough, check the scoreboard..

Daniel Says:


Djoko is not “probably”, he is THE best return ever, hands down.

Vami Says:

I disagree. Novak earned it and it wasn’t easy. His 2 wins against Thiem and Goffin (hungry & upcoming) were masterclass.
Milos wasn’t injured, he was badly beaten. Nick the Greek even mentioned how badly Milos had been beaten by Novak in IW in his post match interview. Novak took a good chunk of Milos’ confidence that day. And Milos has good offensive weapons, right?
Nothing was wrong with Kei either. He was beaten by a superior player.
If tennis for you is relevant only when Roger and Rafael show up, than the sport will day the day both of them retire.

Giles Says:

In all the years Rafa was leading the Masters titles it was never mentioned or should I say no emphasis was attached to the numbers, but now suddenly it is a big deal. Lol

George Says:

@Giles: Pundits and media started working for Djokovic. They realised that they have to jump on this bandwagon, as God knows where this guy gonna end. He could be >20GS and >400 weeks? I know that it sounds unbelievable, but with this guy everything is unbelievable. In few years time it could be “Roger, who?; “Rafa, who”?

James Says:

Just after AO 2010, Fed’s 16th slam, he appeared unstoppable and well on his way to 20+ slams. He was 28+ then.

Suddenly it all stopped. Six years later, he’s at his final number, 17.

Just after 2013 USO, Nadal seemed on top of the world, 13 slams, quite a good chance of reaching or exceeding 17. He was 27+ then.

Almost 3 years later, he is stuck at 14, ranked outside of top 4, even winning the French is not so likely any more. His final number seems closer to 14 than to 17.

It suddenly dries out. That’s what age does. Right now Djokovic (at 11) seems (and is) invincible. People are talking about 20 slams! Don’t know when that’s happen, but its not that far away with him at 28+ in age. at 12/13/14, somewhere, it will suddenly stop. Then it will be a struggle to win even one more.

Same thing happened to Sampras after No. 13. 14 was a big struggle, and that was it.

Of course, Djokovic has the unique advantage of not having to face ANY young slam winner. so it might last until some young gun wins one.

courbon Says:

James-You are absolutely right-That’s why I hate speculation about Novak future Slam numbers.But in the mean time I will enjoy every tournament he wins…Thats all we can do.

courbon Says:

WB-It has to be best movie ever in Yugoslavia.Thanks for a clip-I laugh my ass off this morning , before I went to work…
And here is one for you and Danica:

RZ Says:

What’s surprising to me on this list is how few Sampras won considering his career. I know he was never a strong clay court player, which affects the numbers somewhat, but I’d have thought he’d have more Masters titles.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

RZ, did the Masters category exist at the beginning of Sampras’ career? There’s been many iterations of the ‘second best’ tier. They were called Grand Prix events, and other names.

elina Says:

Also, they weren’t all mandatory the way the players are forced to play them today.

emilia Says:

In your comments I often find a sentence like WHO CAN STOP DJOKOVIC or HOW TO STOP NOVAK and I never heard something like this when Rafa or Federer were in their prime. Djokovic has his 5 minutes now and why stop him? Of course, one day he will be stopped by a new generation guys so that now you don’t have to argue and be mean to each other.

RZ Says:

@TV and Elina – good points!

Van Persie Says:


You are absolutely right. We should enjoy Noles wins without having to high expectations. He already achieved so much. It is nice to have dreams, but also to keep the feet on the ground

Wog Boy Says:


Thanks, you just can’t beat those old movies, I have them all in my collection and watch them when ever nostalgia kicks in and as I am getting older it kicks in more often.

Daniel Says:


Everybody always said how to beat Fed during his dominant years and specially Nadal on clay in his prime (one of the toughest things to do in tennis, hence his 92% record at one point), endless discussion about that, so nothing new towards Djoko now.

J-Kath Says:

@ Emilia

Agree with Daniel. When Federer was in his prime you never heard anything else but over-the-top idolation. Yes he well deserved respect, but Nole has been so much more noteworthy…

rightly or wrongly, I don’t buy into GOAT arguments…while there are differing views, I don’t think there is any real “meanness” from other commentators as you stated.

J-Kath Says:

@ Van Persie

Just read the article you suggested…used to go to Bleacher Report but they tried to force one to facebook and the like…seems to have stopped that now.

It is a reasonable article, thank you. I also skimmed thru the comments….WOW! They don’t hold back with the to and fro nastiness….makes Tennis X comments look like absolute angels!

Green Lady Says:

It would seem the moderation is nowhere to be seen on that forum, mind it gets like that here at times, posters take things to a personal level ….

Van Persie Says:

J- Kath,

Did read some comments from the article only now, that you have mentioned them
You are right, Tennis X has balanced and reasonable posters, when we compare them to others :)

Green Lady Says:

As i say theres alot of people here that get away with murder, with regard to what they post, ive been on the recieving end ….

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