Andy Murray Suspicious Of Players Who Don’t Get Tired, Boris Becker Hits Back On Doping Claims

by Tom Gainey | April 18th, 2016, 9:53 am

Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic’s coach, Boris Becker, are at odds over allegations the Scot made. Murray spoke to the Daily Mail last week and urged authorities to step-up its war on doping.

“I have played against players and thought, ‘They won’t go away’ or ‘They don’t seem to be getting tired’,” Murray told the paper. “Have I ever been suspicious of someone? Yeah. You hear things.

“It’s harder to tell in our sport as people can make big improvements to a stroke or start serving better because they have made technical changes. If it’s purely physical and you’re watching someone playing six-hour matches over and over and showing no signs of being tired, you’d look at that.”

In reference to when players have to go through the multi-month process to state their case following a positive test, Murray also said that “silent bans” needs to be banned.

“If someone is going through that process, the tennis world should let people know and, as far as I’m aware, they are changing that rule now,” Murray added. “If someone is serving that suspension period or the period where they are arguing it or trying to come to conclusions what the sentence is going to be, that is going to become public knowledge.

“So you’re not going to have silent bans or someone saying they were injured. That happened with Croatia’s Marin Cilic, where he pulled out of Wimbledon injured. People started talking and then it came out that he had failed a drugs test. And that looks terrible.”

Becker has since responded to Murray’s claims.

“We have random drug testing and unless it’s proven, they are 100% innocent,” Becker told the Mail. “So to throw in a curve ball and assume something because somebody has won a Grand Slam or is fitter I think is totally out of order.

“It’s a very dangerous subject. I can only repeat that tennis is clean. I believe 100% Andy is clean,” Becker said. “Roger is clean, Rafa (Nadal) is clean, Stan (Wawrinka) is clean, all these guys are clean.

“There was always a suspicion of Rafa and I find that so unbelievably disrespectful about one of greatest players of all time,” he said.

“I can only speak for Novak and believe me he gets tested a lot! That can mean twice in a Grand Slam.

“In Melbourne he got tested in the first week and the second week. He would be playing a match at night and somebody comes to his hotel room at 7am to do a urine test and I think, ‘how dare you.’ But those are the rules.”

Murray and Becker won’t be together again until Madrid next month.

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98 Comments for Andy Murray Suspicious Of Players Who Don’t Get Tired, Boris Becker Hits Back On Doping Claims

James Says:

Testing only shows that you don’t have BANNED substances in your system. Its a cat and mouse game – newer substances are always coming up that are either harder to detect or not yet in the menu of substances that are tested.

Murray is right, it IS suspicious. I have felt that about both Nadal and djokovic. They have, on multiple occasions, seemed to go on and on – especially when they have dips in stamina, seem like they are done, and then suddenly they come back full force. Adrenalin can only take you that far. Its mental strength, sure, but the physical part of it does seem out of place.

I think its totally naive to think all the top players are totally honest about this.

gonzalowski Says:

Pfiiiu interesting question…
If Andy (as Sharapova before) was right, I’d find right he to make these statements.
If he’s not right, I’d think he is a coward and a bad person.
As an outsider of this professional tennis world, I can’t know the thruth.

gonzalowski Says:

But I found very relevant the fact that Rafa put a lawsuit to a french ex-minister (a person who could obtain sensitive information at one point) for accusing Rafa of doping

gonzalowski Says:

He appears to be very sure of what he’s deffending

BBB Says:

I like Andy, but he got very big, physically, and people floated the same rumors about him.

Marge Says:

Sounds like Andy is suggesting that if anyone seems fitter or can endure longer than him, then he’s a suspected doper? That’s quite unfair. It may just be that he’s less fit, less mentally stable, and all his tantrums on court just drain his energy, no? Boris makes sense here.

Daniel Says:

The part about “silent bans” is interesting because in the case of Cilic, it was quite clear.

So when a player drops out of a tournament with an injury, specially one that is not seen on court (they can get them on practice courts and etc..), it raises some eyebraws. Some made the same acusations to Fed recently (during his surgery recovery) and to Nadal in the past as well.

Margot Says:

Andy certainly isn’t the first because here’s the irony….Becker made allegations against Munster, back in the day. Perhaps he’s forgotten? Lol.
And isn’t Munster involved with team Nole somewhere?

jane Says:

well there are problems with the comments on both sides, in my opinion.

no one plays 6 hr matches “over and over.” and in the only one i saw, the two guys could barely stand after it was over they were cramping so badly (i know there have been longer matches in davis cup, like between stan vs berdych doubles, but i didn’t see them).

john mcenroe was actually in two of the longest ever matches; who’ve thunk it!

here’s the link:

but just because guys play long matches doesn’t mean they are dopers. nor does it mean they’re dopers if they become more muscular. if anything novak’s getting increasingly thin.

i am not sure why andy said these things now, after the loss to rafa. but i am assuming he was asked about it?

that said, if andy wants to voice his suspicions, he’s got a right to do so. becker might not agree, but that doesnt mean andy can’t say it.

certainly it’s happened a lot over the years, as margot’s link shows. although usually it seems to me that it’s either pundits and/or fans voicing their allegations/ suspicions, as opposed to other players.

but here’s more irony: i am pretty sure that out of the big four, andy hold the record of most 5 set comebacks! and he did it at the last two slams, in fact: USO vs mannarino and AO vs milos.

lol these guys should quit while they’re ahead.

er, or something. ;)

Margot Says:

Andy’s not even on this list tho., or the tennisx one I saw.

Margot Says:

And in this one Bodo says Becker used to take calf’s blood. Not illegal of course but…..eeeuk!

jane Says:

but nobody is on that list “over and over” really – novak’s on it twice, stan twice, j-mac thrice, etc- and nor is there any indication anyone is playing 6 hr matches, or even 5 hour matches, “regularly”.

in fact, it’s a rarity.

4 hour matches are more common, and they’ve all played many of those, including andy.

M Says:

ANDY is FULL OF SHIT. His behavior on court is the worst in the top 100 and he is a complete asshole. So – stop passing judgement on others.

Margot Says:

But you made the point that Andy had the record for coming back from 5 set matches and I was merely pointing out that they hadn’t been extraordinarily long matches.

J-Kath Says:

There’s a lot of players who play tournaments after tournaments who do it for various reasons…those like Ferrer keen to keep a high ranking; like Andy after his back op. when he slid to no. 12 and was desperate to get to the O2

– some of the would-be’s who enter lots of tournaments (one can see that on how many tournaments they entered sometimes 10 more than Nole) – and there is the Davis Cup – lots of them are pushed to their limit e.g. Nole and Andy this year.

So after all that intro. I’m thinking it is the on-going day after day matches that can be the killer…many fans come up with reasons as to why their player failed to win e.g. Olympics etc. simply because they had a heavy, heavy game the day before. Or sometimes what the scheduling does when rain forces almost non-stop-play and disadvantages one or two of the contestants.

Not saying they all get some “medicinal” help – but could be a contributory factor that raises questions…for some.


jane Says:

yeah, i know margot… my point was more in relation to andy’s comments about guys playing “6 hours matches over and over”.

it simply doesn’t happen. it’s extremely rare, as that list both you and i posted shows.

4 hour [+] matches are still very long but must be considerably more common, and, just a wild guess, but probably a number of andy’s 5 set comebacks have been over or near the 4 hour mark.

so does that mean he — or guys who’ve played one 6 hr match or one or two 5 hr matches — are dopers? i’d say no.

but then i tend to be more hopeful than pessimistic in this regard. and i think such comments should be made judiciously and carefully is all.

if i were a player and i suspected someone, i should think saying something to the authorities rather than the media would be the way to go. but like i said, it was probably the media who instigated this story, as they’re always looking for new spin.

especially since the “match fixing” story was, at least to this point, a bust.

jane Says:

j-kath, yes, that’s an interesting point. is playing a long match more suspicious then playing many many matches / tournaments in a row and/or over the course of the year? in other words, is scheduling another issue to look at w.r.t. to alarm bells/ suspicions?

honestly i have no idea about any of this. i suppose different “substances” could be used in relation to each circumstance.

but if someone plays less tournaments vs more does he or she then maybe have more left in the tank for the bigger events and longer matches? for example, it seems like serena doesn’t play a lot over the course of a season, but come slam time, she prevails.

Margot Says:

Jane, the original interview was in the “Mail On Sunday.” Oh if only I had emoticons like OK I would be able to roll my eyes at that.
I suspect this rag was stirring the pot and its part of a longer interview.
But perhaps Andy has spoken to the authorities and they’ve done nothing and he’s getting frustrated? He’s made the point many times that he thinks there’s not enough drug testing and not enough money is put into it as well.

jane Says:

yes, indeed. could be both margot – stirring pot and/or frustration.

Margot Says:

@ M 2.06
Oh dear, oh dear…we’re all actually full of “s**t” certainly literally, and quite possibly metaphorically, some more than others, but I don’t think it’s a “banned substance” yet is it?
If it is, then all the players are in deep s**t. so to speak.

skeezer Says:

Find it audacious that Boris knows for a fact all the players he mentioned are clean. Is he there 24/7 to see what they ingest/eat/drink?
As far as length of matches and stamina, take in mind matches of old were not as taxing as todays matches. The amount of miles they run nowadays in a match, well, am sure someone has counted all that.

jalep Says:

Margot, just add/download this to your browser extensions:

And they’re easy to add-on to android.

There’s new ones for spring, I guess…🤓

Okiegal Says:

A long match I remember was the 5 setter at AO…forget year…..but the one between Rafa and Novak…..didn’t they bring chairs out? They were both exhausted…..and Novak won this one…..

Okiegal Says:

@Margot 2:45…Yes, Andy has preached this for awhile now….nothing new. He obviously thinks there is something rotten in Denmark…..He has been throwing that out there for with someone in mind…

Marg here’s you an emoji for your post at 2:51>>💩
(I just did one)… 😉

Green Lady Says:

We used to have a poster here, that used M as a monikor, he /she was a Fedal fan, but always seemed respectful of all other players, so i dont think its the same poster hmm ? ….

jalep Says:

Green lady,

Happy Rafa day yesterday, right? I know you are understated about Rafa joy here, but nice win for him.

Congrats to Tennis-X Rafa fans!

But that’s enough winning for the rest of clay season, okay?

elina Says:

jalep, does this addon work… everywhere?


Green Lady Says:

Jalep thanks, i just enjoy seeing him win titles whatever the surface, CHEERS, your a classy lady, anyway lets see what happens, i have no expectations ;)) ….

Margot Says:

jalep, tried that, and thanks for thinking of me, but darn thing said I needed google chrome for download…..but I have google chrome installed :'(
Will keep trying………..

Margot Says:

and OKiegal @3.15
Meanwhile I’ll just borrow yours if I may, and send it over to you-know-where……

J-Kath Says:

Yes Jane…More in the tank because they play less makes lots of sense…scheduling is often unfair when some of the top guys play doubles and the scheduling (or weather) hits them and affects the “main” singles event which some of us fail to realise expends energy too.

@ Margot – Andy is such a Presbyterian (worse has a “Wee Free” inclination) that he tends to respond too fully when questioned: of course the Press do rather press seeking something to balloon into News.

Margot Says:

Indeedy Kath. And I don’t trust the “Sunday Fail.”

jalep Says:


Emoji is a free addon in the store. Use search on the page linked and type in emojione then just add to your chrome browser, ta done.

Okiegal Says:

That is fine with me Margot! I hit that link too, mine also said I needed the Chrome thingy…don’t know how to do that….what I need is as computer guru!👳 Dont know if this is a guru in a turban or bandages due to brain surgery?? Lol

jalep Says:

lol, elina –

I think so.

Looking for a bird of prey emoji – lucky I didn’t find one 🤔

Thanks, GL. I’m quite frightened of Rafa at the moment. I fear I am about to pay for being so nice the past year!

chrisford1 Says:

Andy sometimes says dumb things. He managed to get both sides on the Scottish Independence matter ticked off, sometimes is a little too quick to blame his team for his on court mental collapses or too quick to be in touch with his inner feminist self….
Not smart to insinuate that he’d be thrashing players that usually beat him but for their PED assistance, in complete absence of any evidence of PED use.
Becker was right to smack him down, and smart to use Rafa as a strawman, vs. sputtering about his guy. One “extra” Djokovic got hiring Boris was a coach that from long experience in broadcast journalism, is an outspoken defender of Nole that takes on some PR duties quite easily.
In remarks, Rafa and Novak rarely trip up except for an occasional gaffe. A gaffe being defined as something special interest groups, sportswriters, Western media, and communist party officials deem as “foolishly telling the truth when silence is better.”
Andy often tries to follow a script anticipating what he thinks others will be pleased at having him say aloud – and many times it does not work well for him.
Roger is scripted, but good enough at it that you know what he is going to say, but he sells it well. Same with Sharapova, Li Na, Venus Williams, Kei Nishikori.
Rafa gets in the weeds at times with his honesty. And Novaks honesty and effort at diplomatic niceties (hormone shifts vs. menstrual woes) nonetheless triggered the professional feminist Outrage Machine recently. A classic gaffe – Djoko stepped in it and then had to appreciate thanks to Billie Jean and Evert doing damage control with him. Smart enough to grin and take it when Evert theorized it was because he lacked Western Enlightenment on woman’s issues because he was from a backward commie country…

lyle nubbins Says:

Murray’s unpleasant personality and boring game were offset by his awesome work ethic that culminated in 2012/13. Now he’s just a boring jerk.

Wog Boy Says:

It would be interesting to compare pictures of 18 and 28 years old Andy and then compare the pictures of 18 and 28 years old Nole…Andy, you really have a big mouth, literally big mouth or is it only sore grapes for not achieving what you shoul have achieved due to your extraordinary talent ..?

J-Kath Says:

Chrisford 1

The one thing you have got totally wrong is that:

“Andy often tries to follow a script anticipating what he thinks others will be pleased at having him say aloud” –

Absolutely Never. NEVER! No matter what you or others think.

He can be highly controversial – On PED he is hot on that subject – but to assume he was accusing players he meets with (and gets beaten by as a reason is unfair -Yes, he was tough on Maria). ..So?.
On the Scottish Referundum which you mentioned – I wonder if you know how many people only decided to vote on the day.? So who cares if he came late to the party? Or got bad press from the English? Yes, he is a UK celebrity but it doesn’t impress the very down-to-earth views of the majority of Scots.

Changing the subject slightly: if the other nations of the UK vote to leave the EU in June, there will be another Independence Referendum in Scotland because the SNP (which now represents 89% of Scots)have guaranteed it.

Apologies if I sound argumentative – but good to have some passion in life, I hope.
Cheers, K.

Wog Boy Says:


Pretty much right, particularly about Boris stepping in not just as the coach but PR person, he doesn’t hold back when and if Nole is atacked and it is pretty clear where Andy is aiming with this statment, he doesn’t lose tough physical matches with others, as the matter of fact he beats them thanks to his physical superiority, but he is losing them to Rafa and Nole, Roger doesn’t need five set matches ti beat appears that players shoud and must get tired when it suits Andy.

J-Kath Says:

Disappointing WogBoy: You must have been looking at the Aussie political choices???

Wog Boy Says:


I didn’t get that one, if you ask me, disappointing is what Andy iis implying without any proof and leaving door open for speculation.
As for Aussie political choices, I am not into it, economically we are doing well, better than most developed countries, that’s all I care for, I am swinging voter (most of the time trying not to vote even it is compulsory here), my better half is die hard conservative, kids are left and right (divided), one very colorful family and diverse too:)

Daniel Says:

Love CF1 post😭😭, only one who is “real” on camera and on press is Novak. Yeah right, no one got to be #1 not following a scritp, they all do. Specially with the amount of money they represent and their sponsors.

All of them say their mind (sometimes right and sometimes wrong) and more often than not, play Polianna and go by the books and what is expected to say. None is above or below it and if you think only Djoko is above it all you must really be naive (which by all your pther posters you don’t seem to be). So is pure bias, epxected.

Humble Rafa Says:

“There was always a suspicion of Rafa and I find that so unbelievably disrespectful about one of greatest players of all time,” he said.

Not a fan of the ruffy German Shepherd but appreciate the support.

Wog Boy Says:

German Shepherd Is by far best breed you can wish to have…actually, there is the one that comes very close and for some is even better, Belgian Shepherd or Malinois, lovely, loyal and extremely smart dogs, best friends you can have, you have to get one, no?

Van Persie Says:

liked that comment WB …also had one and miss that dog a lot

skeezer Says:

Golden Retrievers bar none. The best family dog ever.

Van Persie Says:

I thought you have many cats, Skeezer…

Wog Boy Says:


I use to have them back overseas, just love them. The last one I had I left to my farher since I left the country, he loved her more than anything, she was his best friend, when he suddenly died from heart attack, the dog was on our property in the countryside where my father would spend most of his time after retirement. The local who looked after the property when my parents weren’t there and fed the dog and few other small animals called my mother in Belgrade and told her he doesn’t know what to do since dog is refusing to eat two days, then my mother told him that my father passed away two days ago. I still can’t believe the dog was able to feel that something was wrong with her best friend.When I arrived for the funeral and went on property to spend few days, the dog ignored me completly and just was looking for a quite spots to stay away from me and others, few months later she died too, mother told me she just melted away and wasn’t the same dog since my father passed away.
I promised myself, my next dog will be either German Shepherd or Belgian one, hopefully very soon.

skeezer Says:

No, that was just HR’s delusional imagination(too much time fishing the fishies does that).

Dave Says:

Andy Andy Andy. I actually recently watched the 2012 semi-final of the Australian Open between Murray and Djokovic. The match went over 5 hours and Andy looked stronger physically than Nole throughout the match. He didn’t even seem tired. Funny how he just happened to lose a physical match to Nadal where he didn’t look like he could keep up with Nadal in the 3rd set until the last 2 games when it was to little to late. Andy should lose 10 or 20 pounds instead of beefing up and looking like he wants to be a body builder. He definitely looked lighter in that 2012 match I mentioned earlier. He also looked like the physically stronger player when he beat Djokovic for his first major at the U.S. Open which was a long 5 setter. Nole looked to be the one who was out of energy in the 5th set. I smell sour grapes from Andy on this one. Big time.

Van Persie Says:

they are really special, WB….when I used take walks with mine and I interacted with people , he used to analyze me and the interlocutor while talking, wanted to make sure I am mot in trouble or something, hehe

skeezer Says:

And There are multitudes of heart warming stories about Goldens also….saved my friends daughters life.

Okiegal Says:

I wanna go 🐟🐟🐟 with Rafa!! 🙌

Okiegal Says:

Listening to Golden Oldies……Credence Clearwater Revival…..”Proud Mary”….😘 I’m not sure whose version I like the best……Tina Turner could do it too!!

Okiegal Says:

Hey, Skeezer….nothing wrong with fishing. My son does competition fishing. Came in 4th at the FLW series…..won $3500.00. I guess Rafa can always fall back on that when he retires!! Lol

Okiegal Says:

Awww…Lula…..”To Sir With Love”…….🎶

Okiegal Says:

I don’t know why but I hate dogs… friends think there is something seriously wrong with me cause I don’t like man’s best friend….

“Everybody’s Talkin” by Nilsson….loved -Midnight Cowboy…..Hoffman was so good in that movie….😘

Okiegal Says:

Nor do I like cats…….FYI

Margot Says:

Some of you are sooo way off about Andy, I despair!
He has always been his own man, painfully so sometimes, and has never toed the party line. One of the many reasons his fans love him.
Also he’s had a bee in his bonnet about drug taking for years. Nothing new there.
And, don’t you think it’s a bit hypocritical of Boris to wade in, given his comments about an actual player I posted the link.
And, if he thinks the sport is completely clean, he is bonkers. No sport is these days, except perhaps tiddlywinks. Sad but true.

chrisford1 Says:

Daniel – Rafa and Nole are unusually open and honest given their star status. Of course they say the obligatory beauty contestant stuff” I wanna thank the sponsors (reads list in head), my brave opponent (just wiped the court with Almagro yet again), etc. but each speak their mind pretty consistently, though Rafa is of course quite happy to dodge some stuff with “Huh? No comprende. No?”.
Fed and Maria are groomed endorsers..and GOOD at being scripted. But not good enough that sell IMG and Nike”s words with 100% credibility that it is “their own”. Not like DiCaprio an read a script and convinces you he is an 1825 scout/trapper that knows a fair bit of Dakotas tribe’s dialect.

Neither Rafa or Nole is above it all. They just were raised to be straight shooters as kids, and kept it up as adults, because it serves them well.

Andy has a good heart but when he arrives with an opinion on an issue, it is fairly clear he runs it through his handlers…who add and delete stuff that make what he is saying sound like not his own words.

RF Says:

This may sound mean, but I think the only way this issue can be resolved if the ATP president came out and said this:

We acknowledge that despite our efforts, there might be some who are still getting by the system in place; however, ATP will continue to improve the anti-doping system to make it foolproof. But let me assure you one thing: When it comes to Andy Murray, he isn’t losing to Nole , Rafa, and RF, because they’re taking illegal substances, he’s losing to them because he’s mentally weak and has anger management issues (not to mention his tendency to play passively). To conclusively prove this assertion, In the future, we’ll be taking blood samples of every player who plays Andy Murray before the match, and we will show beyond any doubt, that at least when it comes to Andy Murray, his losses are absolutely fair and square. We hope that this would convince Mr. Andy Murray how serious ATP is in dealing with doping.

We wish Andy Murray all the best in his future endeavors.

Green Lady Says:

Agree with Margot, Andy isnt saying anything here, that the rest of the world are not thinking, damn straight man, it does seem suspicious when some players never seem to look tired, yet others are bending over clutching their sides, panting like lizards,, not everythings black or white ….

J-Kath Says:

Yes, me too, have had German Shepherds all my adult life until now…am dog-less.

Is that Roger Federer at 3.29am? I gather he’s wondering if Rafa went ahead and started his Court case against the French Sports Minister?

Wog Boy Says:


You certanly can name those players that never get tired?

Green Lady Says:

Wogboy, Rafa, Novak, Roger, never well seldom seem to look tired, Monflis and Delpo are always bending over clutching something, im not saying anyone is or isnt up to no good, but i just think its niave to rule it out as being a possiblity ….

Wog Boy Says:

What about Andy?

Green Lady Says:

LOL Margot, doping in tiddlywinks ;-)) ….

Wog Boy Says:

^^ and, does that mean that Rafa, Nole and Roger are juicing and Monfils and Delopo are clean, sorry I don’t get your point?

Green Lady Says:

Wogboy yeah true and Andy, said it before, if ones doing it, then i would bet my last pound coin, that they are not the only ones, OFF OUT NOW TO TAI CHI,SEE YOU IN A WHILE ….

Okiegal Says:

I think they all look tired after playing in the hot sun and being engaged in rally after rally……why wouldn’t they?? Tennis is a tough grueling sport…only the strong survive…..just ask LaMonf…..He was anxious for that match to be over…

Tennisfan Says:

Wait why did Boris respond to Andy? Did Andy say anything about him or Boris just responded of his own accord? Anyway, Andy’s right imo. The thing about biology is that its pretty straightforward- you should be getting worn out if you exert yourself for an extended time, and if that doesn’t happen, then its reasonable to be suspicious about it.

Daniel Says:


But that is the main question I think Nadal and Novak are more scripted than Fed and Murray.

As Margot said Murray of all of them is the one who is most true to himself, he was always like this and said his mind.

Nadal just by the way he is too complete personinsode the court and outside already shows a dictomy.

And the main criticism and why some doesn’t likeFederer is because he is “arrogant” and say his mind. He is the onw whi gives most true insight about the game and technicalitires and none stayed on top more than he had.

Djoko also is his trueman but he eas the one who “changed” the most after ascending to the top. Maybe it was just mature, gerting older, but he s by far who changed the most and is always trying to please everybody, which he is right to do it, specially considering that he has to break ground within the Fedal fanbase.

You have this NIKE PR stuff. What about if Roger really retires this year and Nike aproaches Djoko, which I am sure is gonna happen once Fed retires. Or do you don’t believe Djoko would have a deal with Nike (who aleays trys to endorse the most bankable and better sports in each field)?

Right now they have Fedal but if one is oit of the picture they will want their brand associated with the best.

I foubd your bias in this matter amusing. Seems like you are clouded by your preferences. This is sport money engine.

Addidas for example made a huge judgement mistake when they didn’t kept Novak, or do you think why he left. Somebody else payed more and ge probably didn’t went to nike to not stay below Fedal as a second tier.

As Murray hasn’t ascend to the very top yet and is the one who changed tune the most I give him the benefit of doubt.
And if I were as fit as him, who is well known for his physicality and suddenly has this bunch of guys whi just training exaclty like him I willa bit suspiscious as well.

But there are many other questions to why this guys are doing better than me than just physicality. Mental focus and how they manage their mental aproach maybe is one of the factors that they can last longer while he somehow drains out during long matches, both physically and nentally.

Daniel Says:

That’s why sometimes in first set we see than tired already sometimes, there are levels of physical demand, but some just have more endurance. I do HIIT (high intensity intermitent training) sometimes running at 16 mph for a maximum 1 min in my protocols but I could never last a half marathon, neber trained for it and as my genetics is basically thin I don’t go for long runs. When I passed 30-40 min I run out of gas. But I can lift way more weight than a guy whi runs each day 1 hour. It depends how you train your body as well and some just have more endurence than others (see Giles Simon, who is paper thin and rarelly seen going oit of fumes).

Green Lady Says:

Wogboy the point being, fed, Rafa, Nole, have all been at the top of the game for so long, Roger dominated tennis for a gazillion years, Rafa came back from injuries and had his share, and what Novaks doing is unprecedented, and Andy while not as dominant has been there or there abouts, so to some that may look suspicious, if Delpo or Monflis are doping then its not doing them much good, as neither can barely finish a match these days ….

madmax Says:

Murray is allowed to voice his opinion. He has said what many people just think.


What on earth is the problem with that? Becker is just on his high horse again, as is normal.

Who has the actual transcript, word for word, of exactly what was said?

Opinion is just that. Thank goodness for democracy. Agree with it or not.

End of.

J-Kath Says:


You are top of the rankings for fairness.

I’ve read articles on Andy’s word for word responses, but never the questions to which he was pressed to respond.

And Becker! “Where fools fear to dread”.

Margot Says:

Andy said very similar stuff in November. Why the fuss now?

jane Says:

andy actually spoke in defense of long matches back in 2013, here:

J-Kath Says:

Jane :

Appreciate the link. I did note that Andy said (to paraphrase) it didn’t mean they couldn’t play a long match 2 days later…

Not the pressures of unfortunate scheduling that does occur and can be cumulative…

jane Says:

no problem j-kath.l i found it interesting that he was specifically countering rochus’ comments by saying it’s actually down to proper training, day off during slams, etc. he also included himself as one who plays long matches and can recover well.

J-Kath Says:

Margot – At first I thought I won’t bother checking your comment at 1.14pm …(as was preparing dinner – yes I do have to eat). Glad I did as my golly it is virtually the same sentiment expressed recently – begs the question why such a reaction now…it ain’t new!!!!

assia Says:

22 – 9
17 – 6

are the relevant numbers behind this.
Those are the players everyone thinks that Murray has referenced (go read the thread on
As soon as you make comments regarding the suspicious nature of players ability to get through long matches then you are putting those 2 in the frame with everyone mentally referencing AO2012 and AO2009.
Get over yourself Andy. Your ego just can’t cope with the numbers.

Dave Says:


I have to say that I agree. I like many things about Andy. But he can’t be talking about anyone else, because he doesn’t really lose to anyone else when the match goes that long. Right away it seemed pretty obvious that he was talking about Rafa and Nole. Nobody else has played that many long matches in their career out of all of the current players. So when you make comments like that, be prepared for the coach of one of the players to step in and say something. Andy doesn’t lose many if any 5 hour matches to other players.

J-Kath Says:

assia…no thanks. They were great for Rafa…but usually they are pretty self-serving depending on which country they hail from

chrisford1 Says:

At the Laureus Award, Djokovic was asked about Andy’s remarks:

Novak: “I’ve read what he [Andy] said. I have a great relationship with Andy, I’ve spoken to him, he didn’t mean specific individuals.”

Well done, champ. De-escalate things. He likes being champion, and has become a fine one. Made opening remarks in German “because Boris made me”. One odd thing was so many of the guys, even the event transportation valets wearing suits or tuxes – with sneakers. Shoe companies are Laureus sponsors. *Sigh* Tens and tens of millions for brand placement.
Check out Djokovic:

These marketng guys and gals are clever – unless Nike, it usually seems, picks an athlete that is criminal law embarrassment or does a Lance.

The award started 16 years ago and is steadily growing in prestige. Global media was out in force.

Wog Boy Says:

Funny (and sad) thing is that Serena and Nole won most prestigious sport award in the world, which is huge, not just for themselves, but even more for tennis as a sport, but there is no thread about that.
When certain one goes to Hollywood, we have thread after thread what he is doing there and who is he meeting which is, of course, far more important than Laureus with hundred of former and present greatest sport champions in the audience.
Good job TX.

Lodhi Says:

Let’s dispel once and for all with this fiction that Andy Murray does not know what he’s saying — he knows exactly what he’s saying.

assia Says:

Dave thanks for that. Yes of course everyone thinks he was referencing Rafa and Novak because who else would remotely fit that description?

Kat-H Sorry but I don’t understand your comment. Regardless of player affiliation people think that he is referencing Rafa and Novak for utterly obvious reasons. What has nationality got to do with it??

Pretty tasteless of him to make them in an interview with a sleazy right-wing British tabloid as well. Could have at least given them to the Hootsman.

Dave Says:

Also, If Novak didn’t think that Andy was referring to him, he wouldn’t have had to ask him about it. Of course Novak will take the high road and take Andy’s word for it when he said he wasn’t referring to anyone specific. Of course Novak took the high road, because there is no point in having a conflict with someone. It will just motivate Nole more when he plays Andy in the future. So it’s going to be even harder for Andy to beat Novak after these comments. More bulletin board material for Nole.

assia Says:

Dave My thoughts exactly. Both Rafa and Novak will be very motivated to beat him next time they meet.
I thought Novak handled the situation in a very classy way but I would imagine that underneath the surface he is very angry.

J-Kath Says:


I’m not sure we’re on the same subject?

I found that generally have more of an American flavour – i.e. they prefer to talk about their own players, which is natural (plus Roger until recently). So I was pleasantly surprised to see Nadal become the major interest yesterday or the day before.

PS: My husband was an American so please don’t think I don’t like them. PPS: Tennis X is particularly lucky, we have Okiegal and many others –

Docpops Says:

Murray either needs to put up or shut up. Even British fans are panning his whining when he loses

Funny how Andy never gives these interviews when he wins a tournament. Murray needs to put up or shut up or face looking like an old gossipy woman. Even British fans are calling him on it. Fact is that brute strength may win a short encounter but endurance wins a marathon and gravity takes it’s toll on big muscled guys. That is why experts say guys like Novak and Federer have the perfect bodies for tennis, plus proper nourishment, training, mental preparedness and a whole lot of talent. Ernests Gulbis once said, if he had the discipline to deprive himself of his favorite food, drink and partying and practised more, he could be #1 like Djokovic. The longest match in history went 11 hrs,and many great players were involved in 5+hr matches, including Edberg, Federer, Cilic, Nalbandian,McEnroe,Wilander, Santoro Safin, to name just a few. Rad. Stapanek played in 2 5 hr+ matches as did Djokovic and Rafa played the most at 4. So what is Murray’s point Murray, other than he played in these games but did not win! By the way, in 1984, Vickey Nelson took 6 hrs. to beat Jean Hepner with one rally lasting 643 shots. These gals must also be suspect by Murray’s estimate.

J-Kath Says:


Do you know any British fans?
Murray’s popularity or lack of popularity is not restricted to the British.

assia Says:

J- Kath

Thanks for your civilised response. I am kind of losing track of things here but we can agree to disagree as I am critical of what Murray said and I think you don’t see things the same way which is fair enough!

MMT Says:

Murray’s concerns makes sense to me – if you’re looking for drug cheats, start with the guys who train all the time and never get tired. Becker is a narcissist that I don’t take seriously unless he’s saying something that compromises himself – the Muster claims highlight this.

Instead his tacit/tangential defense of Djokovic just makes it look like he’s got something to defend – only a narcissist (like Becker) would make an own goal like that. If the man is clean, the man is clean, and there’s no need to comment.

But Murray’s point, I think, is that the players most likely to be doping, don’t ever seem to get caught. I would agree with that 100%.

BTW – Aaron Krickstein used to be referred to both in the press and in the locker room as the king of the 5-setters. Of course, when the press said it, they were pumping him up. But according to Arthur Ashe (Days of Grace) this was an ironic “title” in the locker room because Krickstein was a master of making 5-set matches out of matches that should be done in 3 or 4.

I also have the feeling that Murray’s 5-setters are often unnecessary and the result of him wasting opportunities to close and/or not asserting himself early in his matches.

Jun Says:

On the very first from page of this blog, there are little sections about Novak, Roger, Rafa, and Serena. Why is there no section for Andy? There should be. He’s part of the Big 4. Serena isn’t.

BTW, Serena’s section should be ahead of the men’s.

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