Roger Federer Withdraws From Madrid With A Back Injury, Plans To Play Rome
by Tom Gainey | May 2nd, 2016, 9:38 am

Roger Federer pulled out of the Madrid Open today due to a back injury. Federer, who also withdrew from Miami, was a late entry into the event last week.

Federer arrived in Madrid last week in perfect health, but injured his back during practice on Saturday. And instead of risking further injury, he wanted to play it safe.

“Sorry to the tournament for coming and leaving without playing,” Federer said. “I arrived and I was okay, and then I practised on Saturday and hurt my back a little bit in practice and then stopped early.

“There’s no feeling that I can practise so at this point I don’t want to take more chances, as I know I wont be fully ready for Wednesday,” said Federer.

“I want to play it safe, rest up and get ready for Rome, that’s the schedule now.”

Federer, who’s had back troubles before, added he wasn’t as concerned about this issues as those in the past.

“This is normal back things I’ve had in the past, which I guess is good because I know how to handle it. I know how long it can take,” he added.

“Clearly it’s not a help. Nevertheless, I’ve been able to practise as much as I’ve wanted to. I came back on tour quicker than I thought I would, so in terms of schedule, I guess I still am still somewhat on par.”

The Swiss won the Madrid title in 2009 and 2012. He was drawn to meet rival Rafael Nadal in the quarterfinals.

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69 Comments for Roger Federer Withdraws From Madrid With A Back Injury, Plans To Play Rome

Anto Says:

That sucks i wanted a fedal match. . :-(

RZ Says:

I’ve heard some of the players say that when you have one injury and start the comeback, another injury hits because the body is no longer as used to the movement. Shame that Fed’s return has been delayed but better to sit out than play on a bad back.

green900 Says:

sad news :(

Dennis Says:

Sadly, this year is looking like it may end up being the farewell tour for Roger :(

jatin Says:

Terribly disappointed.
Take rest as much as you can Roger. Just want to see you fit and healthy again.

Humble Rafa Says:

Disappointed that there won’t be an Arrogant One-Humble match. Get well. Humble does not like to beat wounded tigers, just really healthy ones.

The Great Davy Says:

Wrong era or strong era?

SG1 Says:

I think Roger is hanging on for one more major. For this reason, he won’t play any tournaments that jeopardize that goal. There are 3 majors left and he’s going to try and put himself in the position to his best at each and every one of them. If he feels that playing will make the injury worse, he’ll pull out until RG. And if he’s going to “give away” a major, it’ll be the French Open because it’s the slam he has the lowest chance of winning. Even more now with a resurgent Rafa.

I expect his hard court and grass court schedules will be more full as he prepares for the two slams he has the best chance to win.

Will he retire at the end of the year? If he were to win a major, I’d say yes. If he were to win the Olympics, I’d say a strong probably. If he wins neither, I think he’ll give it one more go next year then retire.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Sometimes our plans conflict with our bodies.

Dave Says:

Roger is playing in 2017. He absolutely wants to break Connors career wins record. He will play until that happens. I have always felt this way. He also has a chance to win a major next year. In 2018, he won’t have a chance of winning a major. It will be to late at that point. Roger has already scheduled in a grass court tournament for 2017. I would be shocked if he retired after this year.

Daniel Says:

Too bad but he has to listen to his body and that draw wouldn’t help either. Play Rome to get some matches if he is better.

Agree Dave, Federer is too much of a “brand” to go out like Sampras. Think he will schedule his farewell tour for everybody to have a chance to see him play one last time in some particular venues.

Also feel that he wants the longevity records as well, at least give himself a chance to get closer to Connors. But he will have to play and win for that to happen. Also getting second in total career titles passing Lendl. He knows that hos season really start after RG, from Halle to WTF, that is where he get his points and main titles.
This part of March to Mid June is his owrd phase. He also likes begfinign fot he year and conserve energy in this spam.

Daniel Says:

If Murray loses early, Nadal has a safe way to finals, suddenly his draw became much easier. If Thirm also loses before Quarters easy path.

Now the top side is loaded and Djoko will have to restore his final run back.

Daniel Says:

Goffin just lost three set tiebreak.

Giles Says:

I don’t think Fed has fully recovered from his knee op. He has entered 2 tourneys since coming back and has withdrawn from both, this time citing a back injury. If he is not fit to play why is he messing around with the tourneys and the draws??? Not fair. Don’t know what he’s playing at tbh.

Dave Says:

When Nadal made it to the final in Doha he got pushed around pretty good against Kuznetsov. That might be an interesting match for a second round match. Not having Goffin definitely helps though. Thiem might be tired and it would surprise me if he doesn’t make it to the QF’s even without Federer being present in the draw.

Dave Says:

It wouldn’t surprise me if Thiem doesn’t make the QF’s. Just to correct my mistake

Travis Bickle Says:

I know this is Federer thread but, for some reason, a recent quote from Sharapova came to my mind:

“I won’t pretend to be injured so I can hide the truth about my testing.”

I wish Roger quick recovery and better luck – he’s had a succession of injuries lately: bathing/walking in a park knee injury, viral illness, back injury, etc…

Wog Boy Says:

I came, I saw (the draw), I withdraw.

Green Lady Says:

Wogboy ive been watching Football tonight, and Leicester City are Premier League champions, YIPEE WELL DONE TO THEM ;-))….

Giles Says:

Well done Radek! ;)))

Wog Boy Says:

Yes GL, I am on the road, I was listening radio, always happy for underdogs:)

gee Says:

All the fake injuries come when novak dominates him & Wawrinka calls out his nasty wife’s hateful greedy behavior.

J-Kath Says:

Yes GL: What excitement the fans are experiencing.

gee Says:

Let’s see what Roddick says about Rogi’s injuries & virus?
After all, the best player of all time destroys fedal, and plays prettier and slow motion tennis and the top 100 players are all-surface heroes.

Dave Says:

I like what Uncle Tony said today about that it would have been better for Nadal not to have big rivals like Djokovic, Federer and Murray. Because let’s be honest it’s all about winning at the end of the day. So what he is in effect saying, which many get this point but many don’t, is that whoever wins the most is how you judge who was the most successful in the game of tennis. So no one can use the Federer played in a weak era or Djokovic is now playing in a weak era excuse anymore. Sheer numbers is the only thing people will go by when this is all said and done. So whether Nadal ends up winning the most, or Djokovic or Federer, it will all come down to titles, numbers and records. Because that’s all you can really go by or you end up debating until you are blue in the face.

chrisford1 Says:

I have an entirely different take. Other sports recognize different eras , making those sports “Holy Stats” subject to more analysis. In American baseball, Cy Youngs 511 wins vastly exceed the 355 and 354 wins of Maddux and Clemons, but he pitched in a time when batters took 20 minutes a week in batting practice if they didn’t have other stuff like hitting the bars and brothels in higher priority – which typically they were. The NY Yankess, rich with NYC being the radio and mass media center of America and business HQ – all pouring money into the Yankees allowed they to hire the best and dominate less fiscally well off teams in the 20s, 30s, part of the 40s, and the 50s.
Tennis already makes adjustments for the Open Era vs amateur one. Pros like Fed and Rafa have 66, 67 titles while Anthony Wilding has 114 outdoor titles alone. And he also played cricket, rugby and set motorcycle racing records (and his career was cut short when he was killed in The Great War)
Numbers always come with analysis and qualification.

madmax Says:

These dreadfully snide comments from people who continue to hatch up conspiracy theories – the usual suspects.

Saw the draw? Got to laugh really at such inaccuracies and jealousies towards the GOAT.

I guess that is why people take such a long time off before they decide to play a tournament. Insider knowledge, pay the tournament organisers, the players, because that is what professional athletes do, right? They got to see who they are playing first. What a joke!

Really sad and pathetic.

IGenuinely upset for the Fed. Only 3 tournaments played this year, admittedly done well in them, but it is such an anti-climax when things like this happen – par for the course now with Fed. It is not good news that Federer has withdrawn, but rather this than exacerbate a problem – we all know about Fed’s back.

I was also thinking that because he has not played so much, if he had continued through the pain, would this have strengthened the back? – by not playing, he is giving in to any of the niggles that could be associated with potential problems as he is so used to them.

However, the Fed knows his body best, so we have to trust in that and hope that he is fit and ready for Rome, with absolutely no expectations.

Fully expect Novak to take the tournament and win his calendar slam at RG – seems inevitable as he is the top dog. I believe the ‘old’ Rafa is back, when Novak is not there. He has no one to challenge him.

Get well Fed; see you in Rome!

Margot Says:

GL and Kath
How thrilling for Leicester. Hope a lot of folk in Leicester have made a load of dosh!

George Says:

@madmax: It is inappropriate to refer to Federer as a GOAT due to 11:23. GOAT can’t be inferior to any player of his own era. Federer could be GOAT if he improves his H2H against Nadal to a reasonable deficit, something like 19:23.

J-Kath Says:

Yes Margot – Didn’t realise you were watching or would have added you to my 6.01pm comment to GL. Imagine that poor guy from Leicester who put a £20 bet on every year until he moved to the US this year and didn’t bother!!!

J-Kath Says:

As for the Fed. Wonder if he will play in Rome? It’s only a week away. To put his name forward and then pull out kinda spoils the Draw being as fair as it can be.

Travis Bickle Says:


Fed spoiling the fair draw….

Fed and fairness is like Trump and restraint. However they have something in common – they are both greedy douchebags!

Travis Bickle Says:

BTW, i am watching a replay of USO 2015 final.
Djoker had it worse than Owens in Berlin 1936.
They both won though :-)
Looks like goodness prevails over evil after all.
Even line judges didn’t want to call Fed’s balls out – but that brave female umpire kept correcting the calls, so Djoker would not be robbed…

Wog Boy Says:

It’s good when you know your body and “injuries” that well, that moment you pull out of one tournament due to “injury” you declare yoursef ready for the next one in a week time..

madmax Says:

George Says:
@madmax: It is inappropriate to refer to Federer as a GOAT due to 11:23. GOAT can’t be inferior to any player of his own era. Federer could be GOAT if he improves his H2H against Nadal to a reasonable deficit, something like 19:23.

May 3rd, 2016 at 2:38 am

bla bla George.

Wog boy – Speak for yourself eh? At least Federer got to Madrid and practised – I would rather him withdraw than get really injured.

If you don’t believe what he says, now that you are retired, write a biography!

madmax Says:

I have no doubt that Novak has rested and recouperated all these weeks – why would he “lie” about his injuries, his breathing, his anything.

It is called trusting and respecting the one that you admire the most. No need to question. You are clearly someone who has issues with trust. Never mind.

James Says:

Another Masters, another last minute withdrawal, different reason. Either a big appearance check is involved to sell some tickets, or his body is just broken up now. Or maybe he saw the draw and just didn’t want to make is 11-24.

Either ways, the GOAT is done.

Van Persie Says:

If those injuries are real and he will keep on beeing injured, he might have a chance for a Golden Medal to the Paralympic Games…

Wog Boy Says:

“If you don’t believe what he says, now that you are retired, write a biography!”

You are not really quite coherent, any problems? Get well soon.
BTW, I am not retired.

madmax Says:

But Wog Boy, you sound so incoherent at the best of times. Really I worry about you with all this time on your hands, I thought you WERE retired – or rambling about your vineyard somewhere. Strange for such an avid fan of Novak (not so), not talking or discussing what Novak has been doing with his time, recovering from injury, exhaustion, etc, but you prefer to follow what is going on with Fed.

I guess Federer and all fed fans should be flattered.

You seem to understand my lingo however, through my ‘incoherency’. Good that.

I am fit and well, thank you. For asking.

madmax Says:

“The conditions are quite different in Madrid compared to those of other tournaments,” Djokovic said. “It’s high altitude and the ball flies through the air very quickly. You have to adjust to those particular conditions, so I’m glad that I arrived earlier. I’ve had some very good practice sessions and I’m just hoping to get the best out of myself this week.”

I have always admired Novak’s humility and grace. On record. It is so sad when WB tries to undo, the good in everyone, with acerbic comments about Federer. Hard not to rise to the bait, with such an amateur.

Novak on the other hand, reading his thoughts, feelings and opinions about Rafa, how he has already dumbed down his performance in Madrid and saying that Rafa is the man to beat?

Djokovic said that Nadal was “definitely the player to beat” in Madrid. “Rafa is everybody’s main rival on clay courts because of his history on this surface and the results that he’s had throughout his career,” the world No 1 said. “This year, he’s already showing a much higher quality of tennis. He really played terrifically in both Monte Carlo and Barcelona. I’m sure he’s very motivated to do well here.”

A class act Novak. Unlike some.

Wog Boy Says:

Get well soon, you sound so lonely, find somebody to talk with, that’ll be good start.

skeezer Says:

Your post isspot on. That is ultimately goal of what players play for. Not stats against one other player.

I see the usual jabberwacky talk here is going on. Tryin to make stuff up with nothing is there. Will come back later when there is something more meaningful goin on. Out.

J-Kath Says:

TB @ 4.07am
If U R Right, Trump looks to trump tonight. So what are the implications for the Fed?

VP: LOL – I need an expressive emotican!!!!

Dave Says:


In my opinion, the only time the head to head should be part of the equation is if Nadal and Federer were tied at 17 grandslams and other stats were even, than you could go to the head to head as a tie break.

Margot Says:

Never mind about Fed, if Trumpington triumphs and trumps everyone, what will happen to the world?

RZ Says:

@Margot – if Trumpington wins, Canada will see its population double!

gee Says:

Shudders at Trump & Fed.
What a joy to see the vile protected phonies rule the world!
Sickening misery to war torn countries & usa.
Some Trumps floons were like little Roddicks
trolling Novak the King of Tennis.

Margot Says:

Is that good or bad news?………..;)

J-Kath Says:

Margot /RZ

I plead the 5th amendment.

Margot Says:

That’s proclaiming your innocence whilst refusing to answer, right?
You must be a politician.

J-Kath Says:


(1) It proclaims that I’m not prepared to jeopardize myself which a truthful answer might do!!!!!
(2) That said, it obviously makes me a politician…but don’t expect me to display my tax evasions, my property holdings, my spies, or how much I drink!!!

MMT Says:

“Dennis Says: Sadly, this year is looking like it may end up being the farewell tour for Roger :(”

It’s hard to contemplate his retirement, given how rarely he has been absent for the last 17 years…but he did say in Australia that, for a brief moment (in the off-season?), he wondered whether it was worth it to continue.

chrisford1 Says:

RZ – “@Margot – if Trumpington wins, Canada will see its population double!”


And if Obama’s people – lefties, blacks receiving services, illegal aliens all land in Canada, some 35 million, every city and town in Canada will resemble Detroit, NOLA, or Ferguson Mo.
Be careful what you wish for.
If it looks like they bolt for the Border and become Canada’s problem, no one in the USA will be begging them to stay other than career Democrat politicians.

Margot Says:

Oh me oh my, chrisford1, you do realise that there might actually be American “blacks and lefties” commenting on tennisx, don’t you? Shocking as you probably find that.
And to lump them in with “illegal aliens” is extremely offensive, but is, of course, a well known tactic of the right wing.
In fact, given your recent comments, I’m really gobsmacked that you didn’t include “feminists” in your list.

lakie Says:

Agree with Margot re chrisford1’s remarks about blacks and lefties …
Did not expect it from him considering he comes across as a balanced poster most of the time.

lakie Says:

madmax,I love the way you support Federer. All respect to you. I haven’t been here long but it looks like you aren’t putting down other players, only supporting your man.
Why would he fear losing to Nadal now? His legacy will be unaffected.
I think it is sad that fans of other players make such remarks about a player who has rarely withdrawn from tournaments and is now almost 35. He is very frank and there is no reason to suppose he is faking an injury at this stage in his career.

Green Lady Says:

Lakie also agree, its not the first time though regarding this, i have a mixture of cultures in my family, hubby has jewish ancestors, im Anglo Saxon, the whole thing is indeed quite offensive ….

Wog Boy Says:

I just want to remind people that whole world was loughing at second grade actor, cowboy, presidential candidate, who happened to be one of the most successful American presidents, as for Obama, he is the weakest American President in my memory, my memory goes back to first catholic President of USA, you know who he was…?
As for CF1, he has all rights to express his feelings, whether they are left or right, he is an American and he votes..and it is true..lefties are buying votes with social benefits, votes of certain immigrants (I have all right to call them out since I am an immigrant), dole-bludgers, and similar folks, they (labour party) is hopeless with money, fact. When they leave the office, they leave budget in red, when conservatives leave the office, they leave the country in black, fact.

Wog Boy Says:

^^ “they leave the budget in black” should say in my last sentence.

Wog Boy Says:

^^also, “labour party” in Australia is equivalent to “democrats” in USA

assia Says:


Clinton left the economy with a budget surplus. Bush left the economy with a huge budget deficit.
Reagan was involved with a large number of disastrous projects and appalling foreign policy objectives which sought to impose military juntas on elected governments in South America. Remember Ollie North and the Contras who were illegally funded?? He also did a great deal of civic damage inside America cutting funding everywhere to local projects which helped the poor.
The republicans have reaped the rewards of fostering the tea party and trying to undermine Obama at every turn by creating a monster they now have no control over. Trump was too big to fail so was bailed out of his ginormous debts – a bit like the banking crisis a few years ago, otherwise he would have been declared bankrupt. The man is an incompetent misogynist bully.

Wog Boy Says:


I have to be more precise, I was talking about Australias Labour party and their results, you (if you are American) can talk about America, as for Clinton, he left my old country bombed to the ground, killing thousands of inocent people and all of that without UN approval, The Master of Ov(r)al Office..

lakie Says:

wog boy, just because somebody has the right to vote it does not give him the right to make offensive remarks about other groups.

Wog Boy Says:


I’ll rather call that “somebody’s political opinion” than “offensive remark” if he can back his statment with a facts, and I am pretty sure he can. I don’t think they are offensive since I can recognize very similar if not the same problems in Australia, I mentioned few them.

chrisford1 Says:

Lakie – sure it does. Leftists and angry blacks have been threatening to move to Canada if X Republican is elected since back when H. Walker Bush was running for reelection in 1992. It makes the BLM types and Hollywood libs threaten Canada!
The large majority of Americans say don’t let the door hit you on the butt on the way out.
Trump prevailed just as Bernie is making Ms. Establishment “Inevitable President” Hillary scramble. He just won Indiana by a decent amount. The key is how fed up Americans are with the inside the Beltway princes and powerbrokers selling out to Wall Street and destroying US jobs and industries.
And they are getting sick to death of PC run amok – of twerps ceaselessly running around bellowing about how they are Offended!! Shocked!! by opinions they don’t agree with.
My opinion is if you double Canada’s population with perpetually outraged lefties and minorities, 35 million of them from US cities…every town and city in Canada would be messed up by it.
Toronto and Detroit – a tale of two cities that went different ways, and everyone knows why.

Truthsquad Says:

Chrisford1 – when is the last time you were actually in Detroit, I wonder? I live in Detroit, and I have to simply counter the ridiculous, dated and patently untrue percetption you have painted of my city. tell you we are quite proud of the comeback our city has made. We have problems of course like any major city, but we also have an amazing citizenry who show great spirit and pride of place and are working hard to improve our city. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been invested in the city in the past decade form new Ball parks, hockey arenas, new hotels, major retailers, new high speed rail, and so many world class restaurants opening that it is hard to keep track of. We have major museums, opera house, symphony, jazz festivals, street fairs, farmers markets and an incredibly exciting arts scene. Developers can’t keep up with the demand for new and renovated housing in the city core, as more and more people (particularly young professionals) are moving back to the city because they love the urban vibe and opportunities.

So really – I would welcome you or anyone else who is interested in actually seeing what is going on to please come visit and see what’s going on. I think you would be quite surprised. It simply isn’t nice to insult large blocks of people or an entire region. I’m quite proud of my hometown, and my fellow citizens of all races, ages, incomes and backgrounds.

I appreciate the indulgence of everyone on these boards. I know this is a tennis site, and I think the conversation should stay on topic, but when someone seeks to perpetuate negative and offensive (and old) stereotypes, I feel someone needs to speak up.

Good day all and greetings from Detroit!

chrisford1 Says:

Please, US News and World Report and Forbes list of the lousiest city in America at #100 out of 100 cities was Detroit. Wallethub ranks Detroit 62nd out of 63 metro areas.
If Detroit is upset about that, there is a case that NOLA and Memphis TN are worst places.
It’s not a negative offensive stereotype if it is backed by facts. And it is old. Detroit has been at the bottom many years! Its a metric of safety , quality of life, schools, fiscal management. So Memphis, Camden NJ, NOLA may exceed Detroit in murder rates now and then, but the other measures of how good a city is keep Detroit on the bottom.

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